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    Bubbleh has just logged in
    Texaschimichangaz : hey blue
    LadyAphrodite92 : dash hahaha really? i learned something new lol :P
    Chubbymama1985 has just logged out
    Blaze50BMG : I was a "Mr" earlier lol
    BlueBalledBastard007 : Mr blaze?
    LadyAphrodite92 : blaze haha oh i see lol
    Auchterless has just logged in
    BlueBalledBastard007 : you could probably swing it blaze lol
    LadyAphrodite92 : blaze omg not again lol
    LadyAphrodite92 : bruise exactly turn off all appliances n chat lol
    Blaze50BMG : I make those mistakes and assumptions most when I fail to look at profiles ...grrr embarrassing lol
    Climaticus : so you are revising history and saying the british empire was because of rain??
    Texaschimichangaz : i just made cheese grits max
    LadyAphrodite92 : blaze hahaha i just wing it lol
    NoMax1 : makes perfect sense
    skoolgal4 : of course...the mad dash to sunshine and golden beaches
    Climaticus : damn bloody kissinger must have got in your brain lol
    BlueBalledBastard007 : you dont want to look at every profile
    Blaze50BMG : Hahaha Bruise
    LadyAphrodite92 : bruise i learned my lesson with hhup n i blame a certain person for that too lol
    Blaze50BMG : Especiallh some Bruise lol
    Blaze50BMG : Haha Lady
    BlueBalledBastard007 : is that someone me? lol
    Climaticus : well its a cute theory skool but may crumble under test
    mikeysmotherless has just logged out
    BlueBalledBastard007 : it's safe blaze dont have any dik pics on at the moment
    Blaze50BMG : Narrr Bruise Tis I! Lol
    Texaschimichangaz : eww hhup is a nasty old fker
    skoolgal4 : a freind from India gave me a book last year which was very antibrit empire
    mikedevo99 has just logged out
    Blaze50BMG : And it never will Bruise lol
    BlueBalledBastard007 : though I should hide one picture just to leave people wondering
    Climaticus : you must lend it to max then skool
    NoMax1 : sounds so 1940?s - 50?s
    Blaze50BMG : Brb
    Texaschimichangaz : lol bruise
    LadyAphrodite92 : bruise no not you
    LadyAphrodite92 : blaze hahaha
    Swallowfin has just logged in
    Samelcamel has just logged in
    NoMax1 : I may have written it
    N1ghtSurf3r has just logged in
    LadyAphrodite92 : texas yeah n his pics are ewww n gross
    BlueBalledBastard007 : oh come on lady, hw do you think I got to bbb007?
    skoolgal4 : it was by a vice presient of World Bank I think
    N1ghtSurf3r : Any lady up to IM?
    SweetTMB has just logged in
    NoMax1 : ah, a relative no doubt
    Texaschimichangaz : oh yea he had gross pics and he made female names too