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    diona25 : <<whispering him dnt puts back that stuff loool
    johnsback : lol
    johnsback : well its hot
    diona25 : same here but thnx today all snow r melted
    diona25 : pass some degress here pls we need that
    johnsback : <<< seen snow for the 1st time 12 months ago
    johnsback : in new zealand
    diona25 : yup this year s worst snowing badly daily
    johnsback : brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    diona25 : is winter in NZ s really cold?
    johnsback : in winter our worst day temps are around 53f
    johnsback : in newzealand it does get cold
    diona25 : hmmm whats that n celcius.. seems not minus
    johnsback : i live on the west coast of australia
    diona25 : we have today minus 2 degs
    johnsback : dammmmive been coverting everything to f just for u lol
    johnsback : 12c worst day temps at home
    diona25 : haha ahhh no need i know ur math same mines worst :)
    johnsback : where i work 23c worst day temps
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    diona25 : omg 12 celcius? thats our sommer
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    johnsback : thats ascold as it gets in winter during the day
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    diona25 : <<plan now to move where he lives haha
    diona25 : <<noted coast of Australia
    johnsback : lol
    diona25 : haha
    diona25 : s Taty also from there?
    johnsback : i workin the north of western australia and live in the south of western australia
    diona25 : nice swaping lol our winter season s sommer season n Australia
    johnsback : the state of texas would fit intowestern australia 5 times
    diona25 : haha s that an info so i change my mind?
    diona25 : <<stick to coast Australia loool
    johnsback : Western Australia/Area 2.646 million km²
    diona25 : haha k John coffee refill brb
    johnsback : Austria/Area 83,871 km²
    johnsback : hb'
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    moonlitknight : greetings
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