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    SkripiChan : Me doing it, not about what you said
    Marethiew : what about it grosses you out?
    SkripiChan : Idk.. maybe that you're doing such things to yourself? Its hard to explain! its almost as asking why you don't like boys
    SkripiChan : And I don't understand why others need to do it
    Marethiew : I guess its just a way to subdo Hornyness, and the biological urge for sex maybe
    SkripiChan : I know its kinda hard for you to answer, but why do you get horny?
    Marethiew : I think its something the brain does to make people want to have sex more, It maybe something left over from oldertimes when humans had much shorter lifespans and need to mate quickly to keep the population growing
    SkripiChan : oml XXD
    Marethiew : what? on my profile I say that im Intellectual
    SkripiChan : Yeah you truely are XD
    SkripiChan : Do you have the urge to have sex often?
    Marethiew : Yeah, but that may be because of a combination of that im 14, and that most of the girls in my schools are scandly clad
    SkripiChan : don't you have dresscodes?
    Marethiew : we do, but they are that strickt, girls just cant show all of the butts, and can only have about an inch of clevege, but that second is enforced to much and some girls have 3 to 4 inches
    Marethiew : Then there is the unisex locker rooms and bathrooms
    SkripiChan : wow! lucky, my shcool is strick on only 2 genders
    SkripiChan : but my school is the governmen's property
    SkripiChan : *government's
    Marethiew : ah, mine is a private school
    Marethiew : it has two campuses primary grades, and secondary grades, primary is K-6, secondary is 7-12, we all grades share the locker room
    SkripiChan : But you don't share them at the same time?
    Marethiew : We share them with our gym class, so when I have gym, all the 7-12 graders who have gym at the same time as me change in the same lockeroom as me
    SkripiChan : same for us, but we have 2 locker rooms for the boys and 2 for the girls
    Marethiew : oh we dont have that, I change next to an 8th grade girl, a 9th grade girl, and another 8th grade girl has a locker below me
    SkripiChan : whait, you change with the girls..?
    SkripiChan : *wait
    Marethiew : at my school that put us all in the samelocker room and give us lockers via our last names, and we are split into sections of 4 people, and each section has a shower in it, we are force to shower
    Marethiew : forced*
    Marethiew : They dont split us up according to gender, just last name
    SkripiChan : wow, each locker room we have have space for 10-13 ppl with 7 showers, so we have to change in front of eachother, but not in front of the boys
    SkripiChan : if we had the same system as you, I would hav been changing with 3 boys ._.
    SkripiChan : *have
    Marethiew : wow, and each section is split of from the other, but sadly the showers in my section dont have deviders,
    Marethiew : So, I have been embarresed many a time by the girls in my section when we accendentily have turned toward eachother, and I have had erections
    SkripiChan : of course XD
    Marethiew : Tho the locker rooms arent the weirdest part its how far away the dorms are from the school
    Marethiew : there about 3 to 4 miles away
    SkripiChan : how..?
    Marethiew : I dont know but I guess the school used to have another campus there, but they changed into dorms
    SkripiChan : my school's rules are fucked up, but not the building XD
    Marethiew : lol
    SkripiChan : hey, it was fun talking to ya, but I have to turn off
    Marethiew : well my room mate just texted me that she will beback to the dorn soon
    Marethiew : so I have to go aswell, maybe we could chat again another time?
    SkripiChan : yeah :)
    Marethiew : well see ya
    Marethiew : oh and btw, just to add to the weirdness me and my roommate sleep in the same bed, Im really thankful that I have a girl for a room mate tho
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