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    Realism : my world
    joekin : u dont even know whos playing red
    robococck : Ramos is a bitch
    joekin : red go back criket
    Realism : yall can see it when i come here
    Realism : )
    joekin : red u dont even know ramos not playing
    gofa0007771 : pup daerling you look loveliy tonight in stetson haha john wayne garsie eat out haha
    Realism : yall jealous asf and cant stop typing my name
    ChillSeal : Sorry davina mcall
    joekin : u r not fit to commentary
    Kimboluv : It says Hot Girl... Shaun
    Realism : "GROWN MEN"
    Realism : not women
    BubbaBond : Sergio Ramos is a badass
    gofa0007771 : bravo butch cassady haha
    Realism : all n they emotions
    shaun618 : hmmmm...well done sis
    robococck : He’s good but he fouls alot
    joekin : segio is connor mcgraggor buddy'
    Kimboluv : Lol ty
    ChillSeal : Mish ya sister looks like Davina McCall
    robococck : Ramos = king of red card
    joekin : sergio looks abit val kilmer
    gofa0007771 : greetings kimbo darling orry for delay hot dogs in water haha
    TheRedMachine : Joe...know well than u and ur dad.
    gofa0007771 : sorry horney haha
    shaun618 : when you post the next breast you promised me you would make sure its that one k?
    robococck : Lol he kinda does
    Kimboluv : Lol hi gofa
    joekin : red go back to homo game criket
    joekin : u dont even know ramos not playing
    Realism : lol @ i said yall talk about sex because yall HAVE NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN
    Kimboluv : Lol always Shaun
    TheRedMachine : Joecunt , Homo is you. ! LOL.!
    Realism : that needs to be n private or n ya bedroom
    Realism : I AM COLD
    joekin : u shouting whole day real madrid looooooooool
    gofa0007771 : arr loveliy see my pink elvis tie on haha
    Realism : but thats right
    ChillSeal : Amy kinda also looks like her abit
    joekin : dont even know captinao suspended looooooooool
    Realism : yall have no respect for women
    Kimboluv : Left boobie foo life
    BubbaBond : Realism yeah people don't have manners these days
    shaun618 : what town you in kimbo?
    Oshunspirit20 : kimboooo
    Realism : lil boys
    TheRedMachine : Joecunt....Because RM is the winner. LOL.
    Realism : im the only Man here