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List of all user-created chat rooms #118
NASTY TALKING chat room [public] created by bby22
freinds chatroom chat room [public] created by odeth1234
hi im new here and i dicided to make a foamos to be chat rom
donuts are good chat room [private] created by markstang
lets talk about how good donuts are because im hungury
donuts are good111 chat room [public] created by markstang
i like donuts alot because i like to poop it out
STAROFTHEPARTY ROOM chat room [public] created by STAROFTHEPARTY
for anyone who that wants to chill and likes to party!!!
KATIEJOHN23 chat room [public] created by katiejohn23
HI,myy name is katlyn im 14...n have no idea what this is
Ibotsa chat room [private] created by ibotsa
here are all welcome^^ bla bla bla blalalalalalalalalala
best friends room chat room [public] created by sweet4thesweets
here is were if you guys are turned on you will come and get help so you guyts will havee fun
chatten chat room [public] created by firebounder07
I want to talk to someone and and i'm really lonely young guy.
h o r n y 22 room chat room [public] created by Buckweed22
only for the h o r n y and single people
s i ngle and lookin room chat room [public] created by Buckweed22
<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="*xJmx*PTEyODAzNjM*MDU*OTMmcHQ9MTI4MDM2NDYwNjEwNyZwPTE4MDMxJmQ9Jmc9MSZvPWY5ZTdiMWYwNjg5MTRjZjk5MzRh/NjU1Zjg3N2IwOWRl.gif" /><center><p style="visibility:visible;"><embed src="" quality="high" wmode="transparent" flashvars="mycolor=00c234&mycolor2=0d0d0c&mycolor3=3ce622&autoplay=true&rand=0&f=4&vol=100&pat=11&grad=false" width="240" height="165" name="myflashfetish" salign="TL" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" border="0" style="visibility:visible;width:240px;height:165px;" /><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Get Music Tracks!" style="border-style:none;" alt="Music"></a><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Create A Playlist!" style="border-style:none;" alt="Playlist"></a><br /><a href="">Music</a> <a href="">Playlist</a> at <a href=""></a></p></center>
north carolina bi chat room 4 girls chat room [public] created by erica0723
a place to chat an meet new people from north carolina an is able to talk to down to earth type of chicks
dedication chat room [public] created by wuerro
having fun everthing is allowed in here
cheesehead chat room [public] created by mimmy101
chese mozarella cheese american cheese
im looking for an affiar chat room [public] created by tomc23
i am tom c im 6 2 i lift nd such
paranormal anything chat room [public] created by paranormalrealm82
Where people can talk about the paranormal and their experience. And not be judged for it.
Gir fans chat room [private] created by CloudStrife5454
room 4 only Gir fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivias Peeps chat room [public] created by OliviaMyers
hot teens 15-19, no SKANKS, i will banned you or block you if you try to get in. soo all the hotties (boys/girls) come on in, have a good time and chat to other single teens.
breezey chat room chat room [public] created by chelesa
this chat room is for 14 -17 year old
ilovemyroom chat room [public] created by ilovedinah
This is just a simple chat room that is purely for fun..conversations....and talking about words is strictly prohibited
georgia USA no drama chat room [public] created by sexcbytch69
just fun and games no drama, im from calhoun anyone close?
Ibotsa2 chat room [public] created by ibotsa
fayetteville nc weed chat room [public] created by mistystar
alwkufjhbansrilugh bghl lkuh kljb iug kj ukh iuh b uh kjbukh kjb khb ukh kbnkjhuih kjbn kjkhu
girls tht will snd me nude pics chat room [public] created by firecathing
MICLKO chat room [public] created by miclko
Bi-Females chat room chat room [public] created by LatinMami7887
where the bi women in this world can talk freely!!!
13 year old girl chat room [private] created by lchanc
hot girls only hokrdophkirkekroy9io[weto056i
just for couples chat room [private] created by baaaabbbeee
this is a room just for couples and u can talk and do all of that other stuff that u want to do w/ ur babe
flirt teens shit chat room [public] created by 13sexy
talk about stuff and flirt with other teens. find a bf or gf (must be between 13 and 17 to enter)
my virgin cult chat room [public] created by mbkesecker14
anything u want to do in this room will be fine with me
BABYGURL CHATROOM chat room [public] created by babygurl1987
RawrImmaDinoRawrs chat room chat room [public] created by RawrimmaDinoRawr
Come here and chat, were all family, so enjoy, and thanks fo coming
thebestchatroominthehistoryofchat chat room [public] created by iCstarss
the best chat room to ever exist .
get a bf or gf chat room [public] created by imadinosaur123
skool sux chat room [public] created by digidax
flirt,chat,laugh do wot ever...dont give a shit bout swearing but if u try to bully other u will be kicked
MOVIES . chat room [public] created by iCstarss
reflect on some of the EPIC movies of all timee .
Running fanatics chat room [public] created by chrisholman21
This room is for those who have a desire to speak to those with a passion for running both track and field and cross country and tell there experiences with everyone. Anyone who loves the sport is more than welcome to join. Run on!!!
single boy and girls chat room [public] created by sumsum123
people can get together and have fun
FOR DA KIWIS OUT THERE chat room [public] created by digidax
if ur a kiwi or ur in NZ this room is for u flirt,chat,joke do wot eva
CyberWizard chat room [private] created by DigitalWizard
Adult fantasy and Cyber chat, lust is a must!
Wet Teen Chat chat room [public] created by bigboss010
any randyy peeps. that wanna Spunk and Spunk harrrrd.x
JOHNNY DEPP discussion chat room [public] created by marjon509
If you like me find this man compulsive to watch and a fascinating personality then join me and we can discuss his films, where he is right now, premiere dates and if you like me live in england maybe join forces at a premiere
indianfriends chat room [public] created by nancynancy
love allllllllllllll.. this is nancy from india .. this is my personal room.. knock it and come to me
11 to 13 year chat room chat room [public] created by mexicanplayer4
11 to 13 years old chat room it cool and awesome and add me imm 11 and looking to talk to a gurl so come peeps
nancy is alone chat room [public] created by nancynancy
hii this is nancy from india...have a good chat with mee love all
11 to 13 hook up room chat room [public] created by mexicanplayer4
youll could hook up talk be frineds meet sumone new have fun so come ight peace out people
got a myspace chat room [public] created by mexicanplayer4
Fine Bi Girls Only chat room [public] created by missbadass97
only bi gurls allowed no bs allowed leave all crap behind thxz
family f..king chat chat room [public] created by daddaumomsis
who want to chat on between family members can come to this room
Anyone interested in Singapore chat room [public] created by snow90
Anyone from Singapore or visiting singapore :)
banglore guyz only chat room [public] created by chakram03
fun fun fun, all guyz here are crzzzzzzzy n roockzzzzzzz
naughty her chat room [public] created by toonaughtyx
c'mon lets party...................................................................
gay Maine chat room [public] created by goodbuddy69
maine guys lookin to hookup and meet
brown chat room [public] created by ricket
public hjeqhfdegtlhgsjohsjlthjut
sxlounge69 chat room [private] created by LovemasterV
were the master gets his groove on.
x5 chat room [private] created by LovemasterV
what can i say tell me................
hot for loving chat room [public] created by LovemasterV
a room to stimulate what you have in your shorts
kenarc chat room [public] created by kenarc85
I am Mr. Mohamed Dangote from Nigeria; an accountant by profession. I work with central bank of Nigeria. (CBN) as the chief accountant officer
Take A Stand chat room [public] created by TakeAStand1123
Say Anything U Want So Go Free
For everybody chat room [public] created by gigglesbug
this place is for everybody and when i mean that i mean everybody just have fun and chat
Room for Poets and People to express themselves chat room [public] created by BelliaWillow
hey im a poetry junkie lol i love to write im still young and my english could be alot better spelling wise etc but i love my work and i love to hear others poems so hey come for a chat and enjoy your poetry lovin time
Singles4now chat room [public] created by briannebi
Get to know me and maybe it will lead to other things;)
scene love chat room [public] created by scenegirly33
for anyon whos not gonna judge or hurt us about who we r<3
18 year old girls and older men chat room [public] created by blondeaj
girls- 18. Men- 30+ ! basically what is says in the description :)
Do u wana be my m8t or my boyfriend chat room [public] created by jordz123
hey my name is jordan, ium 13 and im single... i have creaded ths because i want a boyfriend
Chat Room For Gamers chat room [public] created by Corc45
Hey, any and all gamers join this chat, Btw, also for dating other gamers, remember, straight only, unless the chicks are bi. thats ok. thanks
boyfriend or not chat room [public] created by jordz123
come if u r hot, because im single and im 13
xxx uncenored chat room [public] created by eazybreezy
xxx chat and f***** ............only 13 and 14 yrs old allowed
Youg and Reckless chat room [public] created by ninjasasquatch69
chatroom for teens to hook up and make some -nice- new friends
fun with the rocker chat room [private] created by briannebi
me and rocker are going to "rock"
Romance Room chat room [public] created by SavannahLSiggers
people that firlt around in this room
bad touch chat room [public] created by awesomeness123
love to party but im bi so all the b****es tha is laughin lookk at u
Malay-asian chat room [public] created by Aiera
luangkan masa boring kiter dgn chatting...... Jomla sembang....^^
h0rny teens chat chat room [public] created by Boomyy
room for h0rny teens trying to find someone to have fun with. any age under 18 is accepted
lesbian room 2033 chat room [public] created by nikki2033
u can say any thing about how u like to make love to a girl
passover dates chat room [public] created by ichatu
12tribes New Jerusalem trinity women society
phone number room chat room [public] created by nyholas
just tell everyone random phone numbers and see if that phe number works
Funn CHat Room. chat room [public] created by Jizzy12
u cn say anything and everything. and have fun.
MaturegirlsandYoungguys chat room [public] created by nero2012
this is for mature girls and young guys only
LADIES ONLY-NO PUNKASS DUDES chat room [private] created by mandingo99
vincent chat room [public] created by myfuture900
nice tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo all of us
Pantyhosebrian chat room [public] created by Pantyhosebrian
Pantyhose chat women that love men in pantyhose
The K001 chat room [public] created by xxKMOTT18xx
u can be free and chat with friends family and people from acroos the world
COME ERE TO TALK TO HOT GILZ 13 thru 15 chat room [public] created by KiZz3z4y3wW
only guys and girls 13-15 ar allwd u will b kiked if oolder
Jabrina Room chat room [public] created by BlingGirl16
If yall starting have a problem...i will get ur butt out of my room
BLACKAFRICAN chat room [public] created by bekouze58
where the HOTTIES are.. chat room [public] created by SexyySlimm
hotties,hotties,hotties, chat with hot guys&&girls..who knows what might happen..
13-17 Chat Room chat room [public] created by misty96
This Chat Room Is For The Younger People I Guess.
meetNscrew chat room [public] created by artc77
anyone who is down to meet and screw gay straight bi whatever cause i know im down ;)
ecrin chat room [public] created by eecrin
sohbet, chat buyrun sohbet edelim
i search to my love chat room [public] created by neky222
HAWAii 808 chat room [public] created by L0LE
WEA ALL DA KiNES HAPPEN, and where all the freindly people are at
my panties chat room [public] created by bonniespanties
room for people who want to know about my panties!
DRAMA ROOM chat room [public] created by KASONOVA
pilly room chat room [public] created by pilly1991
room to chat bout wat ever any1 want
sashapurple chat room [private] created by sashapurple
for friendly conversations....
Fun girls chat room [public] created by liLSissy
Only for bi girls Looking for a fun time . you must be hot and you must have bid boobs
your S E X room chat room [public] created by cjacksonthecool
here is werid all the pron nakedness everthing is from naked guys to girls
Adventure2001 chat room [private] created by itfkhazan
this chat room only for the public ho like the Adventure and cultural events
Muscle Chat chat room [public] created by Musclemaria
Female Bodybuilders! Talk about Our Passion For Bodybuilding and stats
Female Bodybuilder and Fitness chat room [public] created by Musclemaria
Female Bodybuilder and Fitness
14-16 guys chat room [public] created by buddielove87
guys welcome im buddielove87 looking for a nice hot guy.dirty talk ! im opened for anytingg!
Female Bodybuilding chat room [public] created by Musclemaria
Female Bodybuilder and Fitness!
having funlove chat room [public] created by egyption232
dating,love, any one can come on it
colorado springs chat chat room [public] created by dizzydan09
for us peeps for girls and guys. meet singles and talk about whatever the hell you want to talk about ha
nikki11 chat room [public] created by buddielove87
boys onlyyy i dont want girllllllss
My own awesomely cool chat room [public] created by masterbaiter123
Iambored chat room [public] created by Maggie3
Anyone who`s bored come and talk to anyone
naughty stuff chat room [public] created by 2packid
up for cam on msn for me x im reli burstin to have some fun
strickly buisness chat room [public] created by bb2010
lookin for a thrid or looking for a couple for some fun
ft. myers florida chat room [public] created by itxendstonight7
anyone who is from or vacationing in ft. myers.
intercourse chat chat room [public] created by PKWHEEZiE
this is a chat room for lonely people.
what du you wanna talk about chat room [public] created by sakurahimesama
何デュはあなたが話をしたい what du you wanna talk about its fore anyone who like japan anime,manga,design,anything come and have some fun
tinkrock chat room [private] created by babytink123
just have a good time and make sure you can breng friends to this room thats why its called have a good time
have a good time chat room [private] created by johnboy9613
have fun boys and girls talk to polple like you and have fun
are you good chat room [public] created by johnboy9613
have a good time talk to polple like you
Cougar Chat Room chat room [public] created by CougarLover69
A room for people to chat with cougars
BAY AREA CHAT chat room [public] created by irunthebay
girls only allowed chat room [public] created by cody444777
hey i like girls a lot i hope they can come in my chat room
ahle sonnat chat room [public] created by abdollahn
sonni world ..oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
the HORN Knee room chat room [public] created by babyaa10144
i wanna talk about having secs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New England NJ NY love chat chat room [public] created by LilRhodey
Local Hook Ups in New England, NJ and NY or close by states.....hopefully for meets and greets or more.....
Phantom of the opera chatroom and rp chat room [public] created by Feliciaty111
This is my first chatroom be nice! Make your own rp or chat!
bi-girls chat chat room [public] created by sweetpea22
room were bi-girls can go and not have to deal with guys butting in on the conversations
Straight up nuggahz chat room [public] created by Mun3kita
if yu gna tlk here..fukin tlk...dnt say nada..ya feel borin ppl plz
flirtalicious chat room [public] created by MMBNiYA
People who like to flirt come to this chatroom !!!!!!
Les-Bi-Gay chat room [public] created by dollfacexbite
chatroom open for just about anyone(;
FallenLeaders chat room [public] created by FallenLeader
My, chat room... because i'm bored & i wanna meet someone :)
Find Singles In Here chat room [public] created by RawrimmaDinoRawr
Dis is fo you to find love, and friends.
Singles Belong Here chat room [public] created by RawrimmaDinoRawr
Dis is fo you to find love, and friends.
vampire chat only chat room [public] created by XKatieXlove
a chat room for children of the night.
myroom33 chat room [private] created by paul20010
chillend d djbbdhjew dej wed ed e;whde ddeh; w;d ehd ;weh;de w;e
les chat 2 chat room [public] created by sexyone244
slaves and masters chat chat room [public] created by smallslave
this a place for submisive people to met domanit people
The awesome chat room chat room [public] created by charliem21
this is a chat room for whoever just wants to chat
DMONEY CHAT chat room [public] created by DMONEY27
DOMINIQUE CHAT chat room [public] created by DMONEY27
Jamies Chatrooom chat room [public] created by Missunaztud
Chat about anything here! No breaking the rules! Rules: * No spamming, advertising, flooding, or scamming * No illegal talk * No inappropriate content
studz and femz chat room [public] created by babygrl4lyfe70
for studz and femz and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gay teen singles chat room chat room [public] created by gayloteos
im single lol so come and chat im bord every day
hot boys and girls chat room [public] created by cutiegirl789
fun u can have a bf or a gf bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
02money chat room [public] created by 02moneyman
no rules at all in this room anyone is allowed
03moneyman chat room [public] created by 02moneyman
no rules in this room at all anyone come join in
K9 hotttt chat room [public] created by pinkboots123
anyone who knows what this is and is interested please come in
singlepplz chat room [public] created by sexypapi4u
any1 single and looking for a beautiful girl to spend time with
pe do room chat room [public] created by durante1991
for all the kiddy lovers out there
stranger chat room [public] created by ahnsong
just comfortably talk about some personal life in dubai .
beginner chat room [public] created by ahnsong
i'm beginner in dubai. i'm alone. um so boring. anybody to talk about something here. and teach me english..
ahmed chat room [private] created by sweden2010
Fr lång relation mellan vänner
hello dubai chat room [public] created by ahnsong
i'm invited to you who is interested in just talking about our's daily life in dubai
The true relegion...ISLAM chat room [public] created by man898
I will represent ISLAM....and you represent your beliefs.
famly home chat room [public] created by sandra102
come and join the family respect themom and dad
17- 13 chat chat room [public] created by xlolo99thehero1x
only 17 years old down to 13 years old lol
all age chat room chat room [private] created by sree555
people of all ages can enter the chat and chat with anybody online**************
indian flirt chat chat room [private] created by sree555
njoy unlimited flirting with indians
13 and 14 year olds chat room [public] created by Vicky97
Only people who are 13 and 14 years old can enter this chatroom
frnd maker chat room [private] created by JustinCyrus
this chatroom is specialy created for miley evry one cn chat wid miley is special for me...i luv u miley as a gud frnd...plz be my frnd!
NORMALY PERSONS chat room [public] created by sandy36
i dont undestand why ppls say my picture are fake sry
Mature Gay man chat room [public] created by neverknew
look for someone to have se x with tonight
cute emo guys chat room [public] created by darkstwaberry
for cute emo guys and girls but only for emos
Single girls come to this one and talk to me chat room [public] created by ChristianCoffey
im a guy named christian and im looking for companionship. im 15. girls from 14-19 are welcome
Classic Adult Film Talk chat room [public] created by Duane420
For Fans of Adult Films Golden days (1970-85) Talk about our collections,Fave films and industry news.Hosted by an ACTUAL industry Insider
Cooki3z chat room [public] created by xXCooki3MonsterXx
this is for ppl who r OBSESSED with cooki3z if u r=arent OBSESSED then dont chat in here! TY :DDDDo and u can only b between the ages of 11-13
bro and sis room chat room [public] created by stot
for the discussion of relations between brothers and sisters or other family members
10 Year Olds chat room [public] created by Gezz100
If your 10 Then Join this Chat Girls and Boys are Alowwed xx
My Awesome Chat Room chat room [public] created by Alisha1038
if you are 11-14 only u can come if not please do not come and no bad words or nasty ness
Keralam chat room [public] created by dhanush7
the talk chat room [public] created by spartan12345
any1 can go in this chat so peace
only the hottest girls can get in chat room [public] created by dboy143
there must b hot girls that r single and freaky o and girls only
hottetest chat room [public] created by mrlifeoftheparty
hot and the baddest girls come n tell me bout them selves
domination room chat room [public] created by jen7and7juice
this room for ppl that dominate other ppl
older men chat room [public] created by cutie9pie
younger girls Looking to chat to older guys... ;)
im looking for gf chat room [public] created by loveherforever
all girls except me the looking for a gf with a myspace so i can get to know the girl
for lonley chat for singles chat room [public] created by sweetmeat1976
chat room for people who are lonley
masda chat room [private] created by hxxxny
gay and shemale chat room [private] created by buckalt
gay chat and shemale any ome can talk
elllliii chat room [private] created by hxxxny
hela chat room [private] created by hxxxny
Dublin and Dubai teen chat room [public] created by 94Badboy94
Priority for Irish and dubai people to chat and everyone from anywhere is welcome
Jersey Shore chat room [public] created by Francheska12
This chatroom is for people who watch Jersey Shore if you just want to come in and chat go ahead So have a good time!
middle school chat room chat room [public] created by bomb13
this only for the kids in the middle school not adults there not trusted
lesbain only in this room chat room [public] created by abby911
come and chat lesbain's and have fun get emails get cell phone numbers and more!
SLUTS JORES SWAPING PIX OH AND RIPPED2THEMAX chat room [public] created by ripped2themax
chennai Guys Guls alone chat room [public] created by guru24
Those who are alone and need a partner for some action join this room
gays in billings montana chat room [public] created by hung2long
talk about whatever guys balls 69 u got pix videos numbers e-mail
smartb chat room [public] created by hkoshish22
hey do l luk like sum1 who realy cares !!!!!!
lesbain in this room chat room [public] created by abby911
come lesbo's and chat all day long idc
Advice Column chat room [public] created by abzzie
tell people ur questions n see wat different answers u get
AwesomeRock chat room [public] created by Nadx
all you pretty much do is talk about bands you like music blahblahblah and all forms of rock music
any naughty girls come in chat room [public] created by shaner16
were all naughty girl can have fun with me
THE F-ING PRIZE ROOM chat room [public] created by ripped2themax
THE WINNERS AND PRIZE ROOM COLLECT chat room [public] created by ripped2themax
RIPPER AND PALS chat room [public] created by ripped2themax
supermac18 i love him chat room [public] created by hayla1234466
come chat with me im 10 blah blah blah and and and im really really realy funny and and and and i lovve supermac18 so much make morevids and and and and thats it i lov u spermc18
BDSM Story of O chat room [private] created by hispleasure101
a place for like minded friends to chat
teen tlk chat room [public] created by charity50
were you fkirt n yea yea ye yea yea yea yea yea you get the poioun
Lesbion Uk chat room [public] created by louieeeee
this is for lesbions who are from the uk only!!
any girls for a wet chat chat room [public] created by sugarknight
Get in here girls, im alittle horney hehe.. wanna solve problem along with me ? :D
Anime Manga RP chat room [public] created by booboolittle
Here you can pretend to be who ever you want.
Locker Room Nudity chat room [public] created by ryry15
Who has done that, I just did for first time
Needs a gf room haha chat room [public] created by gabeack95
try and find singles around your area
bi lez gay ppl only chat room [public] created by cuteandsweetgirl68
no bashing gays, fighting, cussing, or any drama period or you will be booted out!!!
man and women love chat room [public] created by mohamed7007
i want man love women and pls in my room i want pice and love all time
for the generous only chat room [public] created by sizzle69
this room is for people who are generous and like cheating on married one's with some one who will satisfied there ever need
love romantice chat room [public] created by mohamed7007
i want all chat in room love romantice
Hockey Player Chat chat room [public] created by HockeyGal
hockey player from all over jus can chat!!!
some one to talk to gay teens chat room [public] created by nemey
It is for teen that is having a hard time with being gay. It is for teens how need some one just like the to talk to. it was hard for me buy I got over it
endless fronter chat room [private] created by ragnabloodedge
a land where anything is posbilible
singles that r looking 4 an person chat room [public] created by isiahamyers15
just 4 ppl that want an gf or a bf
kitsbara chat room [public] created by KronosKitsbara
my thing because wii won't run flash D:«
lezz email me naked pics chat room [public] created by hotttey
emaill me nakeed pics
Bodybuilding chat room [public] created by Musclemaria
Female Bodybuilding Chat and Fitness Chat ! NO MALES ALOUD!
14 to 16 chat room [public] created by adom08
WisconsinTS chat room [public] created by MilwTS
a place for TS's in Wisconsin to chat and mingle
people who care chat room [public] created by topofthehill
for those of us who just wanna chat civilly about things that matter
The Nazis chat room [public] created by zachary007
Anyone who like things about Nazi??? Then come here.... Long Live Eternal Germany
check my swag chat room [public] created by exvontej
Check my swag if you got swag like me
yeah chat room [public] created by sotough
chat what ever u want it is simple
meXchris chat room [private] created by VlRusGAYMan
this is the room where we talk secret things and where we decide who to be trashed or banned
chiillin V.I.P chat room [public] created by 101julie
a place where you can chill and have a great time
HOT-CUTE Peoples chat room [public] created by Lunercrest
come on in ONLY if ur CUTE or HOT :) u might even find u a gf/bf
Akatsuki loverz chat room [public] created by tobisgirl232
i love tobi. i has a secret to tell yew in the room >_>
narutoo XD chat room [public] created by tobisgirl232
I love the akatsuki.i has a secret to tell you about tobi >P>
praveen12room chat room [public] created by praveen12
i would like chate with new teen girls
priya 123 chat room [public] created by ashu02yadav
this rooom contain all the community of world and they will chat together hi all o fu
Sac- CA singles chat room [public] created by coryvas
Im from Sac, CA, maybe you are to, but lets talk maybe kick it
gay ohio chat chat room [public] created by kside44
for gay or bi ppl who live in ohio
clothing optional...cams chat room [private] created by frank8459
no clothes allowed......must have pics or cam of self to share
facebook chats ..x chat room [public] created by sadieandcaitlin
add people on msn but no funny bu!sness
dirty chat with me chat room [private] created by sexyblonde332
For people who want to talk dirty!
dirty chat with me now chat room [public] created by sexyblonde332
For people who want to talk dirty!
Zelda fanz chat room [public] created by TwiliMidna
for all zelda game fan luvers :D
DOMiNiCANS chat room [public] created by lamenol15
DOMiNiCAN CHAt..any aqe any dominican can join
tops for bottoms chat room [public] created by elasticanus
international gay chat room for chat & meet with like minded younger & older top & bottom gay male for fun
mom son hardcore chat chat room [public] created by dirtymind26
uncensored hardcore family relationship chat
CATHERINE chat room [private] created by cathseye101
they should treat me as a Princess/Goddess...LOL..I have account on collarme to prove that i am real....come on
pinoy males chat chat room [public] created by truesuperhero
for pinoy males! welcome! ...........................................................
Pivate Eye chat room [public] created by huzi88
HEy friends Only 16-19 years old boys nd girls r allowed here nd muslims of any age
lez and bi people only chat room [public] created by happybunny2121
u have 2 be lez or bi because i want 2 meat some one 2 go out with in porland oregon
bi or gay or lebins 123 chat room [public] created by Louise124
this is for people who are bi or lesbin or gay
looking for play chat room [public] created by bramptonhookup
young good looking toronto or gta people looking for intimate connections
dating room 2 chat room [public] created by hottie12345679
alot of people should be going on and dating noly 14 - 19 can be one this chat room
Lesbian Biches chat room [public] created by LesbianSucker
were Lesbians can talk with others
Anything goes Chatroom chat room [public] created by Playin971
Chat about anything you want in this chat room
single 13 year old boys come here chat room [public] created by xkoolgirl14
Nasty Play Room chat room [public] created by sweetshy2009
People talk about the stuipedest things.
full xxx only for girls chat room [public] created by waqas777
only girls are allowed.full xxx chat n many more about xxx
Itx PARTY TIME chat room [public] created by Honey952050
Hey ppl please come cuz itx party time!!!!
michiganChat chat room [public] created by michguy12345
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
fuj chat room [public] created by padmak
fun loving people pl join to have some real entertainment
Naruto room XD chat room [public] created by tobisgirl232
fun fun fun fun X3 i knnoww who toobbii iisss >_>
ottawa gay chat room [public] created by biboy4biboy
Chat and meet local Ottawa gay and bi men
Only Teenns Chat Room 13-17 chat room [public] created by josse100
Forr Boys & Giirl aged 13 - 17
Polish Chat romm in UK chat room [public] created by kris27uk
Dla wszystkich polaków mieszkających w Wielkiej Brytanii.
for me chat room [private] created by aziz4jibola
u re goodoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ppl wtih pics chat room [public] created by BlondyChick
if u have a pic come on in and talk!
AdultBaby mommies chat room [public] created by DiaperBoy19
for all AdultBaby mommies and their babies
emo and goth chats chat room [public] created by kelsey69
peopel talk about anything be free exspress how ya feel
Adult babies room chat room [public] created by DiaperBoy19
for adult babies ad mommies and daddies
kids 11 year old chat room [public] created by SKYLOR1334
the kids who has to say they're a age they'rer not
Realflav chat room [public] created by Realflav
I'm fun,caring,socialable person and out gone i stand 5'11
kids whos not the age they have to say they are chat room [public] created by SKYLOR1334
im a kid 11 year old and the chat is for pepps like me
people that teach how to speak other languages chat room [public] created by SKYLOR1334
i need to no how to speak spanish can someone teach me
Stud Lover chat room [public] created by Joker1993
Only girls that look like girls can join. No studs. Yes I'm a stud i just don't like other studs it starts too much conflict.
tees party room chat room [public] created by maiajane
do wat evea you like and please this is the place you dont even sneeze hahahhahaha _:) hahahahahahahahah
KASHMIR 1 chat room [private] created by RAJPOOTH
Max Adult chat room [public] created by ajdory2002
here it is for max adult hi's and bye's...but more than that..we go into details..we go bad and good ride up!!
allie and abby chat room [public] created by alliesweetheart08
its only for me and abby only!!
likes doing stupid shit chats chat room [public] created by 1425367
basicaly talks bout stupid shit you do that sumhow fun
Hawaii M4M chat room [public] created by jfern12001
Chat room for men who lives on the island of Hawaii
The Dirty Room chat room [public] created by ASEXYBEAST
People that send dirty pics and wanna have some action!
Chatting place chat room [public] created by kristwen
Finging girls and boys andd having a good chat
women who love men in lingerie chat room [public] created by bonesmk
a room for kinky guys whol like to dress in s slips and silky nighties
CYBERSEKS chat room [public] created by nickosla
hot cam fun lets get it on chat room [public] created by bonesmk
naughty cam fun for people who love to get naughty on cam!
AZ CHATROOM chat room [public] created by JimmyF3rnand3z
Those who seek the truth no matter what chat room [public] created by Greenlee3
People with a desire to expose wrongdoings and flaws in our society. Those who are true to themselves. People who fight for what they believe in. All truth should be exposed. no matter how much it may hurt. Unveil this world.
Lezbianz N biz chat room [public] created by datstud17
no guyz, grl hv fun without weird perv guys
freakys playhouse chat room [public] created by freakygirlnyc
come and get freaky at freakys playhouse
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