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List of all user-created chat rooms #17
hot chicks chat room [public] created by bigboy14
for any single huy or girl to chat to eachother
DragonsPad chat room [private] created by DragonSpirit2
Anyone DragonSpirit2 deems worthy to talk to the Dragon!!! lol
the football room chat room [public] created by garrybhoy67
a room for all yous ppl who love to talk about football and your team all welcome hail hail ppl
indiaexpress chat room [public] created by feesha
to go where no ones gone before!!!
gizli chat room [private] created by KaJMeRaN57
ROCK4LIFE chat room [public] created by Mik90
best friends chat room [private] created by cutieangle
this room is just for my best friendssss, not rude pple or mean
eva hype talk chat room [public] created by carmenchat
hype eva hype neva flap just rememba dat
west aussie chat chat room [private] created by aussiedreamweaver
peacefull room where there's no agro just good conversations
The Gym chat room [public] created by miguelx
there's a fighting rink here!!!!
Fuer deutsch Sprecher chat room [public] created by Loewe777
Fr deutsch Sprecher Sprechen Sie deutsch???? Komm Hier!!!!
Advanced RolePlay chat room [public] created by XSayuriX
This ISN'T a 'chat room.' It's for people who wanna Role Play and are "decent" at it. So come in and give it a shot! It's fun! =3
Advanced Role Play chat room [public] created by XSayuriX
This isn't a "chat room" so if you're gonna come in here, expect to RP! =3
THIS ROOM IS AWESOME chat room [private] created by brittney86
This room is for awesome people.
sex all the time chat room [public] created by lqqking4men
come get in all the fun and chat about what is on everyones mind
tonganchat chat room [public] created by foilolegurl
loving and nice also friendship n to get to know each other.
ISLANDER CHATROOM chat room [public] created by KOKOA44
MatSu-Men chat room [public] created by Alaska7
Adult MatSu Alaska Mens Club for discrete and open encounters. Adults over 18 ONLY.
Cam Party Chat chat room [public] created by Stevecam
anyone who has a webcam and msn/yahoo meet here to link up with other webcam users!
ROYAL PEDIGREE chat room [public] created by simple1
!!! for high respected unique minded people... !!!
Lonely people chat room [public] created by iLR30
Lonely people looking for companionship
KINKY ROOM chat room [public] created by JUiCY143
addi chat room [private] created by cutieangle
hay el room li ahla ensan beyfhemni be hayati ahla ensan beyfhmani wa yas3dni be kell shi, shukran kteer addi 3ala kell shi, wa thnaks alot u saved my life men ertkab jareemah, shukran
CRAZZZZY WOOOOOOOT chat room [public] created by Ukash21
Are u crazy? Like meeeeeee? :o !
cool kuwait people chat chat room [public] created by cool4rocki
cool people are welcomed here and dont forget it
webcam chat room [public] created by josh10110
wana talk bout sex or go on webcam go in here
West Indian Island chat room [public] created by SassyGirl25
People oFfEast Indian descent. Westernized Indian People
Trinidad and Tobago chat room [public] created by SassyGirl25
Indian People In Trinidad-Old Fashion Indian People
jam rock chat room [public] created by mickel25
a PlAcE WeRe u CaN JuSt ChAt AnD RoCk AwAy
girls who like jamaican guys chat room [public] created by sexydiana52
girls who like jamaicans can have fun here and meet real hardcore jamaican guys
Learn Mongolian chat room [public] created by unadira
hmmm lets c. u can learn about mongolia, and learn to write in mongolian if u really wanna.
ANOTHER EMO CHATROOM chat room [public] created by emojesus112
another emo chatroom lets only emos in anyone who wants to leave harsh remarks can just go get a life (again emos only)
emos rock like gods chat room [public] created by emojesus112
Only emos allowed no haters get by into the emo room created by emos for emos
THE HORNY ROOM chat room [public] created by marshall33
Musicians Exchange chat room [public] created by alkai
Place where Musicians and Music listeners can relax and chat.
Anything and everthing... chat room [public] created by Venkoshu
Just come and chat if you'd like.
grace chat room [public] created by rachilarde
I want to have friends who are friendly
women watching men on cam chat room [public] created by naughtyUS
if you want to play with some hot guys, come on in
kik ass chat room [public] created by estrella01
just for anyone than wants to make a kik ass conversation
DO YOU LOVE chat room [public] created by ghoghy
shemale lovers chat room [public] created by tsmarian
this room is intended for the people who likes transgendered people and wanted to know them.
hornygirls114 chat room [public] created by chinovalleyguy18
hot horny girls com chat to me in justin 18 live in arizona
girls looking for mexican guys chat room [public] created by jazzyabc
hope these new people that want to look for a guy there here is ur chance
alaska chat chat room [public] created by akbboy
for people in alaska that want to chat
brisbane sex sene chat room [public] created by purekaos2008
place to meet people for that intimate or discreet sex romp!
ClevelandLadies chat room [public] created by CANiTASTEU
Cleveland chatting only. This is for Clevelanders so we can meet and greet other locals. Please respect it we just want to talk to people in our area.
indian sex chaat chat room [public] created by SATANLEO2511
It is a room where all indian woman n man can have sex chaat
Edged Chat chat room [private] created by EdgedSoul
Just for those chosen by EdgedSoul to enter
After Hours Club chat room [public] created by GrnEyedNavyDiver
Come here if you like, no spamming please or you will be kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AUSTIN TEXAS chat room [public] created by Dawgman23
aryans chat room [public] created by AJiTSHEKHAWAT
touch the sky with glory.i am proud to be an indian.
Djibouti People chat room [public] created by houssdialo
Cette chat Room est destine a tt les djiboutiens et Djiboutiennes
soilders connected chat room [public] created by edwinedu
we in millitary are special, anyone? let get togther . any one interested can enter though.
IIANO50 chat room [public] created by iiAMO50
the earth ppl chat room [private] created by littleJune
You like chatting?Come on!!As long as you are not aliens from the outer space,welcome in and chat with us freely.let's make friends with ppl around the world.Finally you would find out that the earth ifself is so small!!
Precious chat room [private] created by Nicolejbs
I'm so precious and beautiful, and I'm giving permission to those who want to chat with me, and you can just chat with me about anything, because I'm a very good listener, and I learn very quickly.
AMSTERDAM XXX chat room [public] created by weedaniellexx
teen pride101 chat room [public] created by thelordsprotector
hi ppl i created this chat for anyone that has probalems or just wants to talk an full around!
vampire chat room [public] created by fanticygirl
for ppl who would like to become a vimpire or are ;)
Cleveland Ohio chat room [public] created by xxxbizzlexxx
A chat room for people in Cleveland Ohio
latino lover chat room [public] created by cookrudy
chat for all souht america lovers
NO IDIOTS chat room [public] created by Missy918
fun only, no haters or cloners or child rapists
joke chat room [public] created by megaa
only cool peoples, to frienship,to laugh, to shout, and smile...
juggalo and lette hangout chat room [public] created by EMObiCHik
a place for juggalettes and juggalos to chill and talk about fam in their area
MuslimMarriage chat room [public] created by Dreemer88
If you are Muslim looking for a Muslim spouse. This chat room is for you.
Wrestling Chat chat room [public] created by ViolentJ98
Chat Bout Wrestling And Bout The PPVs Cummin Up
-18 chat chat room [public] created by lyes06
all person under 19 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove
LETS HAVE FUN chat room [public] created by iLR30
my place newfiechick chat room [public] created by Newfiechick08
anyone who wants to talk about any thing
The Crazy Room chat room [public] created by alissar26
If ur cRAzy and a freak and need help u are in the right place lol come in and have a look at my ROOM!!!
welcome to my place chat room [public] created by Newfiechick08
anyone can talk about any thing newfie on board
18 to 25 chat room [public] created by sirsteven
COME CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
weddind2009 chat room [public] created by americanchopper9411
where brittney and scot get married
TALK DIRTY chat room [public] created by CALiKiNG
wet and wild chat chat room [public] created by CALiGUY44
for people that get wet and wild
horny69 chat chat room [public] created by CALiGUY44
for horny people that want to get wild
ANIMENGA chat room [public] created by Yuki1995
Anime r the best thing to talk about
Lonely souls chat room [public] created by MakeAWish86
This room is for lonely they will be not lonely anymore :)
kuwaiti oo bas chat room [public] created by khalidmutawa
this kuwait chat room is for kuwaities and non kuwaities are welcome
Designer Fashion Lovers chat room [public] created by Fashionlovinchick
Anything to do with Fashion, chat about it here!
sex sex sex chat room [public] created by lukin4sex2nite
sex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sexsex sex sex
Syria Room chat room [public] created by AslanSeerka
Join us in the new Syrian_Room Viva Syria
abudxb chat room [private] created by tlmdxb
jus for,,serious,,,bi/gay,,,35/55 old abu dhabi/dubai.....
taken chat room [private] created by akpofure4real2000
my football club is chelsea the blue for live on top and never lose
donworld chart chat room [public] created by donchimos
to all that is interested friends so get to all people
Arizona chat room chat room [public] created by KoWVCAirHead
fiesta279 chat room [public] created by alfred279
am a cool and a gentle hansome man if u want to know more abt me come closer to chat with me byeeeeeeeeee.
Houston Tx chat room [public] created by pagemichael
For People That Live In The Houston Area
Scenarios - adult only chat room [public] created by TabbyTab89
Use Imagination, Role play, Private Messages welcome Have fun, be safe, be 18
travel to morocco chat room [public] created by memus
free site web to travel to see morocco
your chat chat room [public] created by sexygrl2011
chat about whatever you want to chat about!
Arab Lounge Party chat room [public] created by ArabianBeautyQ2See
Arab Lounge Party Chat Woohoooo
Trip to Italy chat room [public] created by roxychik1
Planning a trip to Italy. I have some questions about the places I should visit or what is there to do there .
Flirty chat room [public] created by Ziggyone
Just Get Flirty. Girls talk to guys and chat. The best place to come and get Flirty.
Ashley Hiltons room chat room [public] created by AshleyHilton
Poker De Risa chat room [public] created by ConsenTidaTimida
Es una sala donde pueden relajarse la sala de la risa o sea ahi pueden contar chistes o algo de risa en fin Disfrustan La sala ESta super cool
Late Nite Sessionz chat room [public] created by KhaliHmoobMacc
open to any individual that is just looking to make friends and have a great time and share their most and inner feelings without being shy.
hotchatter chat room [private] created by yummydare
auckland style chat room [public] created by chrisyeah
come on in everyone, and have fun and talk
SExUAl chat room [private] created by hottbabYxD
loveindheair chat room [private] created by hottbabYxD
LYNX BABY chat room [private] created by SALAWUDEEN
west aussie room chat room [private] created by aussiedreamweaver
private room for cyber sex or intamey chates with friends
aussiedreams room chat room [private] created by aussiedreamweaver
qiuet place to chat no agro just qiuet chats with friends
kool chaters chat room [public] created by naughtynomi
hi me nomi wanna join me and u see alot of fun there believe me and must try it ok
u ask-I tell chat room [public] created by stj801819
privately personalised,one to one, chat with me on any subject under the sky, even yoga , meditation astrology to mutualy accepted chats
hornies... chat room [private] created by wildcehryl4u
to all hornies and shit out there!!!
hey buddies... Female here chat room [public] created by wildcehryl4u
hehehehe... please come in....
Silly chat room [public] created by catman2
This is the room to act Silly! A good way to blow off some steam and make some new friends! Come On In Let's Have Some Fun!
DRAGONSLAIR chat room [private] created by DragonSpirit2
let's talk about sex, meeting up, hooking up, and just in general having fun!!! GIRLS ONLY!!!
DRAGONSLAIR2 chat room [public] created by DragonSpirit2
let's talk about anything and everything, dating, meeting, sex, generally just fun stuff
dragonslair3 chat room [public] created by DragonSpirit2
TALK privately with the creator of this room about anything you want, dating, relationships, getting to know each other, sex, and generally other fun stuff!!!!
aussie dreams room chat room [private] created by aussiedreamweaver
eay going no agro just good people having fun
teen emo chat room [public] created by xXxXLAURENAXxXx
its for teen emos i have to fill the space so argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
sex lounge chat room [public] created by princesslatonya
for anyone who just want to chat nasty
DOCTOR MAT PSYCHOLOGIST chat room [public] created by Matlock78
attack of flies chat room [public] created by emmaway
beware of cruel flies that attack you
lov... u..girls chat room [public] created by cena951
aussiedreamers chat room [private] created by aussiedreamweaver
freindly room for good people who enjoy good conversations with no agro
Ballet Fetish chat room [public] created by balletdude
For men or women who share a fetish for ballet.
football chat chat room [public] created by ucbears
talk football like you never talked it before
OLD WOMAN ONLY chat room [public] created by BiTEMEBABY
chat with a german chat room [public] created by germanpimpin
Every gurl who wonna holla at me come in this room lol cause nobody wonna talk in the other rooms lol
fantasies chat room [public] created by carrie30
tell us urs and we tell u ours
johnedwards08 chat room [public] created by johneriki08
Life is good when you dream so think hope and pray for the best....
any1s chat chat room [public] created by jeremyth1992
u can chat abolut anything in this chat hop 2 meet new people
PrincessYuki and PrinceZerosroom chat room [public] created by PrincessYuki
U can do anything u want other then abusing users
miami chat room [public] created by michael212
meet people in miami tonight....................................................
TalkTalkTalk chat room [public] created by KenjiT
Well anyone is welcome ^>^ So please come join me and anyone else that is here ^.^
lezbians come here chat room [public] created by ashx46
only girls that r lesbian......................................................................................
chatonline chat room [public] created by juanchi
chat de esta web this is the webchat
diey n friends room chat room [public] created by princessdiey
hey.. friends.. Lets come into my room.. I made this room only for you.. so lets talk in our room..
Bussiness chat room [public] created by edwardub
Advertise product online ranging from Diamond, gold, Timber,Ivory
russian chat room [public] created by abderrazak
this room for russian girls and all can catting in here by nothing and it s forbeeden for man to open this room
sexy roooom chat room [public] created by leilynsuarez
sexy and so hot room so enter here and atlk about anything
bi girls chat room [public] created by hot3049
girls who like boys and girls and are bi
FEMALES TEACHING FEMALES chat room [public] created by boxernblue
Bi-Curious chat room [public] created by boxernblue
Where people who are curious about thier first time experience with the same sex, can chat and hook up!!! And those who have the experience they might need!!!
Bi-Curious Females chat room [public] created by boxernblue
The Band Stand chat room [public] created by alkai
Musicians, come on in and lets talk music. Music listeners are welcome also.
CHIJIOKE chat room [public] created by chijoeman
Just for everyone chat room [public] created by kelse
This is a chat room for every teen that is straight bi or gay it matter weather your a boy or a girl this is just for everyone to have fun and talk to people about the stuff you wanna takl about.
roanoke area peeps chat room [public] created by alilnaughty69
people from the roanoke virginia area looking to have some fun
normal people chat room [public] created by zzzCHRiSTiNAzzz
This chatroom is ment for people who does not searching for sex or dirty talks. Be my guest !
sex nud chat chat room [public] created by kingofswim
give your email , mak on your cam ,and have funny with sex
com2com chat room [public] created by kingofswim
give your email , make on your cam and have fun with sex
portability chat room [private] created by akpofure4real2000
if u know that u are a good boy close ur eyes and count upto six
silverlongbeach chat room [public] created by silverlongbeach
?????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????????????
azeezatsmith chat room [public] created by azeezatsmith
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"
smith chat room [public] created by smithyy001
i need a woman caring and loving
cam to cam no need chattering chat room [public] created by seliin
cam to cam need really hot sex and cum
Bil Chat chat room [public] created by pbjtime0
im hungry for some pussys it dosent matter how old u r but hurry im really hrny
sexcam2cam chat room [public] created by tuglifex
only for hot pple they have cam sex for free cam 2 cam no gays here pls
BISEXUAL- Chat chat room [public] created by TcHnOGrL
BI CHATROOM...................
lesbian girls chat room [public] created by lesbian2010
only for girls sorry boys dont wast ur time here
victoria BC chat room [public] created by profase1
!!!!!!!!if your from victoria chat here!!!!!!!!!!
MAJAL chat room [public] created by zimphee
Barry manilow Fans chat room [public] created by topanga2
people who love Barry and want to meet new friends
taIwAn fEVeR chat room [public] created by shemae
fOr thOSe wHo liKEs tAiWAn mOViES..tHiS chATrOOm iS fOR yOU..!
gay men in idaho chat room [public] created by mexican18
for gay men in idaho to meat and hang out
latinaz chat room [public] created by J3NNiA
juzz bored n ya im a latina from puerto rico
Funtube chat room [private] created by scsweet
this is only for the ppl who i add or ppl who i like can be in this room it private
melbppl chat room [public] created by melbshaun
a place for melbourne guys n irls to chat
J3ST SW33T chat room [private] created by scsweet
this room is only for ppl that i add or i like and trust it private
HORNY HOT GIRLS chat room [public] created by MiKEATC2000
kaylabanksroom chat room [public] created by kaylabanks
im all out of love , i am so lost w/ out you i know you are right biliving for so long , im all out of love wherever w/out you i kjnow you are _________ to say that i was your love
Keyra ownz -teens olny- chat room [public] created by tornapart
The chat room where teens can colide and talk...sorta lyke me cuz i love to talk
caty chat room [private] created by rubalraj
hai i m from india, i leave in dubai, any girl in dubai.
MUMBAI chat room [public] created by Reddy1982
Abu Dhabi sex chat room [public] created by callboy4ugirls
just put ur cell number for satisfaction
cocapascola chat room [public] created by ZBZOB
fell good with cocapascola yahhhooooooooooo
dark funeral chat room [public] created by roussanda
its a room for fun u can talk about everything u want on here but in limits lol
hey chat room [public] created by sueya
hey this is a ocol hang out LOLOL
Come to my Cam Boys chat room [public] created by margarettemiles
Want a piece of me?.. Come and get me..
teens chatroom chat room [public] created by portisha
this is for teens that would like to chat with new people.
saifi chat room [public] created by jaib
hi welcome this is your room u r most welcome
mybedroom chat room [private] created by edwinkelly
hi i am Eddy as my friends call me.i think i am just the bes tto fit any romantic life of a woman,no matter her age.i am a guy who loves to be loved by women.Are 'nt you gonna be the first into the life of a guy of my nomencleture?i'm right here waiting .come and feel the spirit,of a serious romantic relationship.WOW! PLEASE IF YOU THINK YOU CAN CARESSE ANY MAN INTO ORGASM,PLAY ON HIS LAPS WITH U'R BOT,SCREAM HIS NAME WHILE MAKING LOVE,SPENDING ROMANTIC TIMES WITH HER MAN,THEN U ARE JUST THE IDEAL WOMAN I AM LOOKING FOR.THEN DO NOT WASTE MUCH TIME.JUST MAIL ME EITHER THROUGH MY or through my yahoo massenger=edwinkelly2002
malatya chat room [public] created by uykuluprens
hi everywhere ..........................................................
kool chat chat room [public] created by bluestorms
kool kids can chat only in usa
tellmecrazyonemoreti chat room [public] created by tellmecrazyonemoreti
One of the rooms that you are supposed to relieve your thoughts,lol,if not bother it more!
YOUNG PEOPLE ROOM chat room [public] created by Carriebaby
this is for young people like 14-16 year olds ONLY
videogame chatroom chat room [public] created by ska8teremogrl
love videogames come on in dude wat r u waiting 4!!!
Tickle torture chat room [public] created by ticklish50
for those of you who love to tickle or be tickled to be able to share with others and meet people intersted in the same thing.
Malawi chat room [public] created by precio
chat for buddies from malawi or southern africa
amsterdam date and CAM chat room [public] created by amsterdammale
naughty chat for people in amsterdam or visiting amsterdam
Grand Rapids MICHIGAN ONLY chat room [public] created by wmcrunner
GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN chat room [public] created by wmcrunner
single lonley man chat room [public] created by goonyson
i looking for my better half she must be atleast 17
geordie chating chat room [public] created by geordiefrayabear
talk geordie and every 1 else does n all
sex at night or day chat room [public] created by ashgooo
hi everybody u r welcome that what i love to know from eveyone
mazatlan mexico chat room [public] created by rpo1951
trying to find information about mazatlan
Monica2020 chat chat room [private] created by Monica2020
Out here for real friendship/relationship...Joker Buzz off
ivo chat room [public] created by Colombiano86
ja maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
northern ontario chat room [public] created by tomm1983
well this is for people from norther ontario singles are very much welcome and so is everyone else
Newark NJ chat room [public] created by infamous2393
this room is for anyone from that 973 brick city area
spanish chat only chat room [public] created by guache
para la gente que quiere chatear en espanol
LEILYN SUAREZ ROOM chat room [public] created by leilynsuarez
where we can chat all about anything and have fun as well
12-15 teen flirt chat room [public] created by Mitch456
just flirt with people between 12 and 15 years old
Gay adult chat room [public] created by youngboy33kid
Gay mature chat, only 18 and older... Blah bbgrgthyeb6trr6iy'ji.ynh4o6 bu jinekv fgbgg v5`
Anthro chat room [public] created by keeton52
a place for anthros all ages and shapes
Adam N Steve chat room [public] created by albyboi85
For homosexual men from all over.
ChAttiNq 14-17 yEAR OldS ONlyy Nd NO PERVERtS PlZ chat room [public] created by xjENybEybEhx
dis for the teens no nasty azz perverts like in deir 20s or 30s well come chat here !!
milkway chat room [public] created by milkway
ne zaman gol diye arkamı dnsem,elinde ofsayt bayrağıyla bekler hayat....
Punk and Metal chat room [public] created by Celero
This is for people who like metal bands and punk bands!!!
FLOWERS chat room [public] created by destity
Life 91 chat room [public] created by DiViNe91
You can talk about everything in here.No problems.
ELBER SA7LI FOREVER chat room [public] created by elber
Overwhelmed chat room [public] created by justme595
for people who feel that life sucks and can't deal
Rayhans Own Den chat room [private] created by rayhansair
A simple chat room for some friends..
ARYAN BROTHERHOOD chat room [public] created by SerbSkin
ONLY FOR WHITES!WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE!!!! COLORED SCUM,FUCK OFF!!卐herpes was a genetically altered weapon of mass destruction created by coons to wipe out all aryans
lusterfers nasty chat chat room [public] created by lusterfer
this is a chat room where u can talk as nasty as u want and u can meet women and men around the nation so come and join if u dare
girls room only chat room [public] created by terilyne
this room is for girls sharing anything. lez and bi's welcomed
cool bar let partay chat room [private] created by souljboy
her girl this hardcore room get ready for fun
hot teens chat room [public] created by will25
if ur hot and ur a teen or ur just hot come on in
Genesis chat room [public] created by spanishguitar
es una cnal variado, to alls countries, imagine a world without loveeeeeee
Milwaukee Gay Chat chat room [public] created by tonybudz
Milwaukee Gay Mens Chat Room Gay Bi Friendly Chat
Milwaukee Lesbian Chat chat room [private] created by tonybudz
Milwaukee Lesbian Chat Area for all lesbians State Wide!
tattoo body modification chat room [public] created by placidspirit
any1 wanna chat tattoos, peircings ,scarification ,branding etc.
arizona lovers chat room [public] created by cactusseed
cactus,native americans,all you love from arizona
Milwaukee Gay chat room [public] created by tonybudz
Milwaukee Gay Chat Room
Milwaukee Lesbian chat room [public] created by tonybudz
Milwaukee Lesbian Chat All Welcome to come Stay and Chill
Ruins chatroom chat room [private] created by Xero215
Ruins rumored to be home of Zangetsu, one of the most powerful swords crafted. Few have trailed here, all have perished. What dangers are contained is unknown.
LebAnOn xX UnTouChaBlesXx chat room [public] created by 1SwEeTthAng
(F)`.."f hv th? 2 d 4 th wht d hv 2 ?v fr?`.."(F) !!!! EveRy OnE WeLcOmE!!!!
selena gomez paradise chat room [public] created by selenamariegomez
hi im selena gomez this is my chat room and i hang here sometimes ill be on as much as i can mk i love all my fans posers or haters -keep rockin~selena marie gomez~
D OG7 chat room chat room [public] created by playmaker7
chillin chat room 4 everyone...
videojames chat room [public] created by allan1064
this room is to talk about videogames,,,,,,,, all you are welcome
new brunswick room chat room [public] created by nostringsatach
people looking for afairs with no strings atach
Creatures of the night chat room [public] created by xXAlexandraPlagueXx
goths, emos, punks, scenes, awesome pplz! lol
Lookin 4 a good time chat room [public] created by sxyshawtii07
get at me right here baby. just lemme know whats up
chat room 41 chat room [private] created by Giovanni456
single and looking 2 chat room [public] created by dudeidk2
hello and welcome to the chat room for singles and looking i hope you have fun it you time here please come back to see all you singles
Netslum 321 chat room [public] created by Marc2008
Gaychat for ex 321 users and others who are interested
etiopppianking chat room [public] created by destity
the king of the world emenate fromethiopia
Hooking Up In Cali chat room [public] created by 1ART
This is a place for all those California People Looking to hook up with someone on a late Friday or Saturday Night, Boring, Lonely, why not find some company for the night?
Just talk chat room [public] created by JojoLove
This room is for chatting and meeting new friends and doing whatever you want.
40 and over chat room chat room [public] created by nostringsatach
horny married 40s and over people
Mika chat room [private] created by raniraj
Only friends are allowed in this room.
Soul Base chat room [private] created by TokyoDreamer
sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private sorry private
Homi3s ChiLLing SpOt chat room [public] created by CrAzYBlaCkCoBrA
Chilling spot talk about whateva
ASSOU55 chat room [public] created by sahara55
I don't know how many sweet words I have conjured into your mind, But, tell me, do you remember them all? Relentless of what you do everyday.
Frankfurt Chat chat room [public] created by irishguy210
Frankfurt Chat room for people in or going to frankfurt
dont ask chat room [public] created by henyouinuyasha
yeah...this is the room where you talk i have to at least make it 30 characters long or it won't let me create it so..there!!!
People Who Are Single chat room [public] created by ZainaMusa
This Room is only for people who are single.So good luck foe finding your true SEX mate.
bhxyyz chat room [private] created by bhxyyz
This is a special room for Sam to chat
Travelchat chat room [public] created by Kaiserkrieg
Travel freaks are welcomed. You can shar your experience with us. How was your travel or what are you upcoming travel plans
Oliverkahn chat room [public] created by Kaiserkrieg
Oliver Kahn trifft in seinem letzen Spiel mit den Bayern auf die DFB-Elf.Oliver Kahn ein letztes Mal in der Mnchner Arena im Bayern-Dress zwischen den Pfosten stehen
Fanta Fuk And Never Talk Again chat room [public] created by Kaiserkrieg
You like Fanta kind of love ? I am that kind of guy too. Just like to play with a lots of girls. So if you are like me and wanna share feelings...welcome
nighttwister chat room [private] created by nighttwister
have fun,party all night long and drink
edward cullen chat chat room [public] created by raggedkira
talk about the books twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn
room 786 chat room [public] created by ayesha013
relax and enjoy each others company
my place called ayesha chat room [public] created by ayesha013
a place where you can kick off your shoes and relax
girlsok chat room [public] created by lalo295
jmfdskmd ijfmni fmd icmjm jmxjcm jcmjmxj jxcmjxcm
Gay Korea chat room [public] created by kcweaver
A room for gays in Korea. Not limited to one particular race or nationality.
Relationship Advice chat room [public] created by FyresAngel
OK peeps... heres the deal. Me n my friend theamericandream are willin to kinda give u some advice on relationship problems. If u need help, feel free to ask anything. Or just talk about random crap lol
maroc chat room [public] created by razoki
bonsoir tou l mondes soyey l bien vens au salon maroc vien vite
manga chat chat room [public] created by raggedkira
talk about anime like naruto and death note and stuff
boy friend chatroom chat room [public] created by greta510
talk to your bf's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gayboys chat room [public] created by kev13
for gays what ever u like.....any bullying and the ppl WILL be kicked out....other than that u can do whatever...have fun....
girls sexy rooms chat room [public] created by karthikanu
sex room is only for girls this rooms require id of girls of sex doing
sepehr chat room [public] created by sepehr38
dost irani !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ibiza chat room [public] created by daziBiZA
chit chat room for people who live in ibiza
irani chat room [private] created by sepehr38
salam be shoma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Metal uproar chat room [public] created by garnage
Hell the Legion!! I'm crying out loud the tears of blood i bleed so Fuck the world i'll go now i don't care ! who cares?
love n caring chat room [public] created by marryaddo
hope u can cooperate with me cos i love 2 chat n make more friends around the world pls caht [with me ok
Very Cool Room chat room [public] created by Linnis
Any one can come on here only if they dont swear.
Flirt in the Hot Tub chat room [public] created by raymray
match-making, love-making, destiny search
Coldplay chat room [public] created by arrent
coldplay fans only !!!! Coldplay are : Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will champion and Guy Berryman
GosProject chatroom chat room [public] created by GodsProject215
this chat room is made for 1 and 1 reason only to have fun
wonderland chat room [public] created by uku22
you dont get a second change to make a first impression
U.S.A Chat chat room [private] created by rick100
For persons living in the United States.
US Gay Chat chat room [public] created by antonio121
For persons living in the US (Gay/Bi/Lesbian)
jk chatroom chat room [public] created by jazh
do wht u want to when u want to
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