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List of all user-created chat rooms #6
women chat room [private] created by nasy123
wanna chat with some cool people
Something like Hot chat room [public] created by MissPuertoRican
All you Fashion lovers,beauty tips,Hairstyles discussion celebs gossip,latest Styles new technologyand much much more
pussykat chat room [public] created by tiff123
talk dirty and say wat ever you want how ever you want
FriendshipRoom chat room [private] created by tejanitagirl
A decent place to meet friends.
311 420 and friends chat room [public] created by ganache13
311 music and 420 smoking. 311 music and 420 smoking
charlyguz76 chat room [public] created by charlyguz
friends and others you can come here always with a good sense of humor
die chat room [public] created by sian1991
wanna die? someone died? depression? wel,wel,wel join the club
animal chat room [public] created by dadkristy94
what is your fauvorite animal ? Exchange toughts.
oldgits room chat room [private] created by oldgit
this is just for me for when i want a bit of peace n quiet
Boating Networks.com chat room [public] created by fashion1
Boatingnetworks.com is the Myspace & facebook of the boating world. for people interested in Boating and watersports, Surfing, Diving, sailing, Kayaksplus much more. Visit the website www.boatingnetworks.com
Northern Italy chat room [public] created by Superasky89
The best chat of Northern Italy
get to know u room chat room [public] created by mamasitalatina
just talk to get to now eachother
recperezcypruswoman chat room [private] created by recperez
I´m male from 51 years old I wish to chat with cyprus women from 40 to 55 years old I was experience with and in my opinion they are very sweet,nice, romantic and very good lover, I was in CYPRUS Island in the year´s 1995 and 2003 and part of my earth left there, if there are any CYPRUS women for friendly chat I´m waiting for her, repectfully Antonio.
GLASGOW RANGERS v GLASGOW CELTIC ROOM chat room [public] created by mrsbrightside1981
if ur a rangers or celtic fan come in and have some banter (craic for the celtic fans) not for the easily offended argue, use bad languge, slag each other to death whatever i promise i wont ban anyone, over 18s only NO DIRTY CYBER SEX SADDO BASTARDS and no adverts either come in it'll b a laugh!!!
Chat Lovers chat room [public] created by STANDARDPUPPY
Any one online chatting should love to chat, or you're just waisting your time. So if you love to chat, you've come to the right place. Boy's and Girls are allowed here. Enjoy.
Gay Iowa chat room [public] created by datboifly
Ya boi in dat iowa wut up?...For da sexi only!
intrnatoinal chat room [public] created by travoltapicasso
nice nyenddbdtebetdbdteedtdbdkddodhdjryrnfv,lldfghkmldfn,hkmldf,nkmlhfdnhklmfdk
smart and brave chat room [public] created by commonike
young people between the ages of 18 to 45 who will like to have friends all around the world.
Random chat room [public] created by foxxyfire911
It's about anything. I don't care what u say as long as it's not effending anyone
Elliot Minor Hardcore Fans chat room [public] created by Roxiie
For Hardcore Elliot Minor Fans
madogskennel chat room [public] created by SiRMADOG
howling mad ppl come and play if ur normal than stay away
Eurovision chat room [public] created by SweetSerbianGirl
Eurovision is the biggest contest in Europe, music festival, where all countryes, if they want, can be a part of this invent. Country which win, will be the host next year..
Hi im new i need friends chat room [public] created by LightKira
I just joined so if you wanna be my friend or just talk come here!
Ovarian Cancer Patients chat room [public] created by bellarose9939
Women that are going thru Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer
Super Sexy Pony Club Chat Roon chat room [public] created by Jaybert
only the sexy at heart, or sexy to the eyes, if you are sexy in any way at all, come holla at us!
Super Sexy Pony Club chat room [public] created by Jaybert
only the sexy at heart, or sexy to the eyes, if you are sexy in any way at all, come holla at us!
teen chat101 chat room [public] created by hfred
a room for teens to hang out chat chill
DAKOTA FANNING chat room [public] created by catman2
let's chat and get to know each other and discuss The Beloved Dakota Fanning! We Love You, We Adore You!
friendship chat chat room [public] created by Nanadiya
everybody can't stay alone, let share openion
hOT MIDDE EASTEN BABE chat room [public] created by Linaan
dis chat room is 4 only style lik me ..who want 2 mak friend ..nd hav gud tim get know different pplz round world..who lik hav fun..
Sex and Fantasy chat room [public] created by fantasyspa
WE are a group of modern world where we got a freedom to be happy when ever we need. So therefore this is open for every body. And we invite people who are sexy and like to associate opposite sex for pleasure.
Fun Stuff chat room [public] created by heartagramkid
Want to have fun WITHOUT the annoying pedophiles we ALL know lurk on Chat Hour? then the Fun Stuff Chat Room is for you. The only rule is: if your a pedophile you WILL be kicked out. enjoy :)
scouts chat room [private] created by egelestar
i would like to add all my freind in my chat room and to be away from all kind of unpolaite and violence discussion and
BDTzHouseOfPayn chat room [private] created by Juggoda
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....it'za secret
Jollys room chat room [public] created by manbo
Friendship room chat room [public] created by beautyinblack223
This is a chat room for people who are looking for friends online!!
coolchat chat room [public] created by myppchat
Welcome to my chat room. Express yourself and have fun
13years old people looking for love chat room [public] created by sgirl132
13years old people only.it is for people how are looking for love but it is only people who are in auckland(new zealand)
happy general convo no arguin chat room [public] created by sgrims2005
were people can come and chat, have a laugh and chat about general things. no arguin or ull be thrown out and band
Newcastle Chat chat room [public] created by angelise21
For those who want to chat to those near you for, friendship, love or just who are absolutely bored
Welcome Meeting chat room [public] created by Keiko911
Come and meet people, this chat will be monitored so if you have any dislikes, just tell me..x
rwanda is the best. chat room [public] created by bmike
feel free to chat !let give our i dea and sport each ether .
hyderabad chat room [public] created by jesse0232
for hyderabad aunties and girls
Msn Teens chat room [public] created by shabbycrabby
If you have msn and your ages 13-19 come in and chat :P
Britans got talent chat room [public] created by ABBAFAN
Who do you think will win britans got talent
Soulcalibur chat room [public] created by ABBAFAN
Who is your favourite soulcalibur character/s
FEMALE SINGLES ONLY chat room [public] created by ace29chris
single females looking for a relationships
Asian chat room [public] created by aznbeauty17
Any one and every1 iz welcomed in this room.
AUSSIE chat room [public] created by SH3R33
eAgLe ChAT chat room [public] created by ThErEbELaL
Piano Player chat room [public] created by iluvcatz
Do u play the piano join in here! talk about concerts songs that u r learning is ur teacher nice??? Let it all out in here!!!
Hippus and spiritual belivers chat room [public] created by iluvcatz
Do u belive in magic?? r u a peace lover? join in im 1 2!!!
Expgayworldchat 4 All chat room [public] created by Expedy
here is just for gay guys all over the world,especially the nigerians guys who needs kool play
security councel chat room [public] created by hyperfox
chat room for every bodyyyyyyyyy!
Manhood chat room [private] created by pjshood
For Chating and sharing with friends
lovesex chat room [public] created by sgxgirls
woooooooo n wooooo n wooooooo n wooooooo n woooooo onjnjhg
michealjuan chat room [public] created by michealjuan
male goodlooking ,in seeach for soul mate and friends who care about other peoples feelings
Pro Ana Mia chat room [public] created by SweetDarkPrincess
[PLEASE COPY THIS CHAT IN YOUR, BLOG, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, ETC, AND TELL TO OTHERS TO DO IT, SO THIS CHAT ROOM WOULD BE BIGGER, TY ALL] dont feel that you are the onlyone fighting to get that precious gold, beauty and perfection ...get support, feel that other people understand what you feel and what you are, say what you feel, noone said that be perfect would be .. Ana and Mia are more than names, are styles of lifes, and well... if you got an EDnos...just enter and get a look
Non-Offensive chat room [public] created by alemanji
This room is meant for those who are not offensive during chating. Here, we can exchange ideas, make new friends and why not meet that special someone
Sex Addicts chat room [public] created by BoredWife
A room for men to come and express their desires from women to a woman ready to make them come true
Unit Trust Investment chat room [public] created by nuaria
Know & Implement The Strategy Unit Trust Investment
Georgia USA chat room [public] created by suddy1
This room is for residents of Georgia USA. It is where people meet friends and potential sposes
Dogs shit chat room [public] created by RomanticGuyyy
its only for who want to play dogs shit game , and we welcome all who want to visit us it will be so nice .
middleast furs chat room [public] created by FurrieinKuwait
middle-eastern members of the furry fandom unite!
journey chat room [public] created by bientoi
welcome friend all over the world who like travel.
best chat room [public] created by hamade88
no bad talking just friends no cams no msn ...WE R ALL 1
lovers Africana chat room [public] created by ravine85
for all races, abuse language is not allowed. enjoy.
Pakistanis Everywhere chat room [public] created by aqeelkhan
join this chat room who are living in Pakistan or outside Pakistan. You can share your thoughts about ,Travel,Music,Music,Movies or what ever u wanna share.its not only for pakis also others can aslo participate.
meet in tallahassee chat room [public] created by cane999
any female want to hook for intimate encounter
sweet n hot girls only chat room [public] created by jsanthosh
hai anyone who are look like cute and hot
Azerbaijan Lankaran chat room [public] created by orkhang
orxan gurban-zadenin chat otagina xosh gelmisiniz
orkhang chat room [private] created by orkhang
orkhan gurban-zadeh (lankaran azerbaijan)
free chatcam sex chat room [public] created by vampirov
relaciones y amor y por internet
jays chillout room chat room [public] created by Smith388
erm thought why not make one :P
Sexxi N gay chat room [public] created by AntwainTasteGood
For all the sexxi nigga to come in lets get it anything gos on in here stays in here ya digg? Welcoming anyone
metalheavey metal and death metal chat room [public] created by saya16
come chat about ur fave metal song
Johor 3 chat room [public] created by herokahaku
All johorean are in here... dont disturb us while we all having fun......!!!!!!
BENIN-DURON CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by duron
montreal quebec chat room [public] created by abouzouzou
for people in montreal and around it
bajan chatroom chat room [public] created by 102115
for bajan nationals abroad or at home or just want to chat
the punk rocker chat room [public] created by KiribandYaminoYomi
emos,punks,and gotic can join here ppl
KENTUCKY chat room [public] created by coop47
Old Friends New Friends chat room [public] created by Lady44inMichigan
Only In Michigan chat room [public] created by Lady44inMichigan
This is Where People Come In Here Thats From Michigan Or Has Been In Michigan .....
comfort zone chat room [public] created by Peaceguy
welcome and enjoy yourself.........
anime pocky eat pocky chat room [public] created by pocky12
who ever comes to have fun.just to get away from the world just come and have fun in here. nothing else to say about it. noo there is no pocky here to eat
Fijiana Chat chat room [private] created by SUNNY008
Chat room maily for people from Fiji for pleasure and exchange of information.
The Jamaica Christian Chatroom chat room [public] created by Ryan1JT
This is the room for Christians from all over and none Christians aswell who just want a peace of mind and relax while conversing with people of clean pure thoughts...Indulge!!!
Rock STAR chat room [public] created by DeFT0nE
Whoever loves rock lets talk bands. =]
Holiday chat room [public] created by stuartlittle
Holiday is thetime of theyear where peoples are free. Find a Partner
erkans of room chat room [private] created by zalat
everyone come hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
keepin it simple chat room [private] created by nyvegaspd
people who want to help people learn how to use this chat room stuff cause i know theres lots of people like myself who arent to good with this chat room stuff
Teen Dating chat room [public] created by 3daStyle
It`s a room for teenagers who are in love,and who wants to find their love
Germany chat room [public] created by BerlinGirl27
For people, who wanna chat in a friendly - non sexual way
chicano or mexicans... chat room [public] created by trux3ladiazul
talk about gangster stuff.. age 16-30 the most have fun wit people you dont know
SOUTHERN UK chat room [public] created by jerseybean31
czech girls who want british men chat room [public] created by sovtits
for beautiful czech women who want british men for relationships and marriage
free chat room [public] created by HYBRiDVAMPiREX
say anything u please and pretty soon you will have a coversation
sexy chat room [public] created by sarwarnoorikat
sexy one l am looking for sexy woman for friendship hot ishot
samyrwhy chat room [public] created by samyrwhy
everything is respected here so u wellcome
poorprincess chat room [public] created by bigizzy
this chick is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ADULT chat room [public] created by REDROSE85
gay teenagers -18 chat room [public] created by XxDySsieDyCeXx
this chat room is only people under 18
lankaran chat room [private] created by orkhang
orkhan gurban-zade orkhang@yahoo.com
gulgulu chat room [private] created by gulgulu
salam orxan gulgulunun chat otagina xosh gelmisen gulgulu
bellas corner chat room [public] created by bellagrace27008
this chat room is about what do you love to do in the summer!!
india chat room [public] created by howitzr2003
young and energetic and looking for some decent chat
new jersey singles chat room [public] created by PrinCeZkisSeS
new jersey singles no gay or lesbians
AraB MetallicA chat room [public] created by reb7i
The is room for arab pepole how love Metallica
Lonely Chat Room chat room [public] created by m101
If you're lonely and just wanna talk, and just wanna let go
kwame chat room [private] created by kk2000
am glad to meet musician single ladys around the world even gay to make friend with.waiting to meet you all
Mar Mina and Pop Kyrelos chat room [public] created by Maccjackk
This room is for Christian Coptic Orthodox Church - Church of Egypt
Dutch Romance chat room [public] created by sirlord
Looking for beautiful girls who will join us and make merry-go-round. We are inviting all girls especially from 22 to 36 years and also well schooled to join us
I love John Lennon chat room [public] created by JohnLennon1940
For John Lennon and Beatle fans only.
Enjoy ur day chat room [public] created by thecrow13
Funny room for all good people all over the world,the room without violence,discrimination,racism,just cool time,fun,meeting new friends,have a great time here!
Just love chat room [public] created by georgehaleem
Love never die , try to love everyone.
pocky chat room [public] created by pocky12
its fun,nothing happens, no one cares about you, shit happen and you need it to go away forever just come
Funny day chat room [public] created by thecrow13
Funny room for all good people all over the world
OHIO-PARTY chat room [public] created by Hack99
OHIO chat room [public] created by Hack99
Smash Brothers Dojo chat room [public] created by MistaLeanWitit
From roleplaying to challenges (via wifi) or simply to chat, the SSB Dojo is here to meet your every need. SMASH. IT. UP.
el paso chat chat room [public] created by rolandomotadelcampo
looking to chat in el paso, here is your place to chat and meet new people.
PTVCHAT.TK chat room [public] created by AliOO1
arabic learnes chat room [public] created by catata
for who ever is willing to share languages al over the world
FIJIANA chat room [public] created by SUNNY008
A Chat Room for people from Fiji to chat and exchange information from the homeland.
HoUsToNsOwN chat room [public] created by houstonsown
everywhere u wanna b like visa
Earth First chat room [public] created by lazeye
This site is not for the follower's in the world it's for the Leader's, now is the time to take ACTION about Renewable Energy from Solar, Wind, Water etc... Come share at least one idea, it could help change the decaying time's WE are in.
one night stand chat room [public] created by long9solid
meeting like minded friends and having fun nights out.
SailorMoon chat room [public] created by UsagiTsukino
Come here to talk about sailor moon
up state ny chat room [public] created by hazeleyes2969
only for ppl in upstate ny or usa can come
Francais Romance chat room [public] created by ExTrEmS
.Bienvenue sur le chat Francais. Chattez en Langue Francaise, et amusez vous.
FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD chat room [public] created by jarrodsgirl
bgay chatter room chat room [public] created by dlh1953
member from bgay chat room coming in to talk about issue concerning bgay chat room
000 chat room [public] created by RittaSyd
talking aobut podcasting or podcasts chat room [public] created by lostinside
just talk aobut being podcaster and talk aobut you fave to listen to and talk aobut what make a good podcast in your mind
worldofwarcraft chat room [public] created by gamemaster21
who every like to play the game
altered states from plants chat room [public] created by welderr2000
cactus,detura,cypress vine,,discuse your garden or experence
14 year old girl wanna chat chat room [public] created by sobrittany
room to chat have fun no rules!
mexico 01152 chat room [public] created by Lachula21
bienvenidos al chatroom mexico 01152
XxHaPpYcHaTxX chat room [public] created by gorgousamanda
this chatroom is for teens that want to have fun nd just chat not for sexual activity
copper80 chat room [public] created by copper80
i am looking for nice frinds who is living in UAE may we can enjoy the time and we can make alot of nice things togther dancing and visit alot of partys
Superior School chat room [public] created by TheDistinguished
Superior School is Syria's best school /Location/ Syria - Lattakia .
Darkness and Death chat room [public] created by darkangel211
A room to talk about the darkness inside you and how mankind should be judged by Death.
Imsocute94 chat room [public] created by ludrita
Come and meet a nice peoplean we can share life and nice thing in our life
meeting in dubai chat room [private] created by ahmad12ali
have to meet your friend and invite him to swim?(*+_)
Bi and Gays Still at School chat room [public] created by Swordsman166
Anyone who is still at school and is bi or gay.
Leis place for adults chat room [public] created by Hawaiianhun
talk about anything mostly adult
Free-chat.org chat room [public] created by carolencolin
friendly room where people can chat and make new friends
Nath World chat room [private] created by Nathali
Only for friends.... to chat freely on the web
Backstreet boys fans chat room [public] created by jennafart
the backstreet boys fans are so cool that i can talk to any backstreetboys fans for hours
hot and sexy chat room [public] created by mastergigolo
who loves to talk about love,relations and making love :)
Sharp Acual Events chat room [public] created by Lifedream
Here you can discuss the largest world events
LIFEDREAM ROOM chat room [public] created by Lifedream
Here you may be free of you troubles and problems, no impediments to speak
randomness rocks chat room [public] created by fuzzums
umm this is a place where you can have a laugh and be as random as you like! : )
Bteenboy16s new friend and old friend chat room [public] created by Bteenboy16
come and chat with bteenboy16 and hope have fun with him
Always on online chat room [public] created by elenanic
this is a chatroom for anyone, but if you a perve, or ask too mant question, or say something fresh out of your mouth you WILL BE BANNED, and no rasict and no discrimination, this is a free room where everybody can pm and chat, this not a love room , and ESPECIALLY no anyyoing ppl, and you can you CAPS, HAVE FUN
indore chat room [public] created by piyushkumar
etge tv ryu 6inh fgr,j8 tnli.u5ne thk87ri ,h cx 56uy
Princess chat room [public] created by Princess888
Anyone willing to build a real frendship
spiv tattoos chat room [public] created by spivandnat
Genral day 2 day chat 4 tattoo artists and collecters alike
Afghanfun chat room [private] created by Jahani
Afghanfun for afghans all around world
Afghansfun chat room [public] created by Jahani
Afghanfun for afghans all around world
MEN GUYS BOYS chat room [public] created by shanaea
WARNING: GIRLS ONLY ALLOWED YOU WILL GET A $5 PENALTY SENT 2 YOU! anything you want to know about a guy or if your having trouble with something ask "LIL MISS LOVER" she knows the answer to all your problems! straight up no lies she'll cut straight to the chase! ask her anything!!!
Osmonds Rule chat room [public] created by Crazyhorses2
For all Osmond fans everywhere this is the place to be. Chat about anything Osmond related.
Nasty Young Girls chat room [public] created by Dorian123
A place where sexy, young girls can get their sexual frustrations off their chest.
boomboom room chat room [public] created by bluebirds14
this is a place you can do anything and take on the inner action in this room only my usrename is bluebirds14 lets chat and be friends
polish and english chat room [public] created by ummsam
For polish and english people to interact
hip hop heads chat room [public] created by Gair
talk about music related stuff along this line
Houston Tx Chat chat room [public] created by BbA11eR05
Everybody Frm Tx Come On in and Chat
single teens chat room [public] created by C4rrotbum
this is for single teens basically
silent gay room chat room [public] created by silentguy
this room is made for gays who have some descence,and you must be 18years+.
Karaoke Pubbers chat room [public] created by SMAT0301
A chatroom for all karaoke pubber lovers to date, chat, gossip, intro etc..
Ghetto Chat chat room [public] created by BayPri
Kool Teens,Not Geeky,Ricans,Dominicans,Blacks,Whites..ect Everyone can come JUST NO ADULTS... perverts not aloud talk bout fun stuff argue do watever... jus be havies
El chat de los cubanos chat room [public] created by Miamisouthside
pa hacer amigos ,ya que todos estamos separados
port harcourt singles chat room [public] created by ida4
Nigeria, River State, Port Harcourt.
cool peeps chat room [public] created by jack5775
this is a place for hott girls and guys to have fun and chat
Bi Girl room chat room [public] created by sammybi33
For girls who think or know they are bi to chat and share expeiences
Dj-Omega Mauritanie Lebanon All chat room [public] created by DjOmega
Welcom In LMy room DJ*s An Hi Life New Style Mer7ba
OnlineSportsFanatic.com chat room [public] created by dantheman4250
For users who have visited OnlineSportsFanatic.com!
dating chat room [public] created by jamesbond11
this chat room is where adults chat to each other to get to knoe each other, then if they like each other they then meet
dutchy chat room [public] created by jagofoort2
the netherlands and everyone who has any relation with it
Tampa latinos chat room [public] created by GYE28
Latinos deTampa, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg y Brandon
The Lounge chat room [public] created by ChubbyHubby12
Come here to chill, hang out, chat, listen to music, have fun. Have a beer if you want but come chat with everyone that likes to relax.
Indiana chat room [public] created by sweetkitty564
sweet and kind men or weman. haveing so fun in this room
Congo chat room [public] created by MuasiKitoko
Bana Mboka na bana ya ba environs
single black bbws chat room [public] created by mzfleming2009
bbws and their admirers to relax and have fun
WolfShinigami private room chat room [private] created by KiraShinigami
only wolf demon and I can enter this chat room
NEW YORKERS ONLY ALLOWED chat room [public] created by vicnyc
Chat room for new yourk people only
Politics chat room [public] created by irelandlad18
Where we can all talk about world affairs and politics, and accept everyone's opinions.
North Carolina chat room [public] created by eviljess3
come chat and mingle with other north carolina people.
American Politics chat room [public] created by longshot505
Discuss American Politics. Rules are no swearing no being rude be courteous to others.
Roleplay and Anime chat room [public] created by WitchiMimi
This is for all types of roleplayers! Have fun!!!
Racer Central chat room [public] created by Kim91
Were People who love racing can chat, or even who races
The Spinders.. They want me to tapdance.... chat room [public] created by HPGoneWrong
Avid HP addicts ONLY! This is to talk about fanfics, rps, or the books/movies!
Teens ROOM chat room [public] created by AHHGiRLL
for teens to chatt ! , no hornyys !!
wrestling chat room [public] created by weepingwillow1
the real chat room chat room [public] created by anthony0831
for all the people that want to chat and not sit there and be ignored
marry for any reason chat room [public] created by ROLMER
marry for any reason that not love. It's not a place to question people reasons. Its to find someone to marry for any reason that not love. It's not forbiden fall in love after...
Christ chat room [public] created by SasukeofEagle1
A room where you can discuss faith-based conversation no matter what faith you have
Nothing-Nothing Room chat room [public] created by RetroEevee
"Blech" Is that stuff you clean with. Not "Bleeeech", "Blech", like "Bleck"
hot chat chat room [public] created by littlebigirl
A room to meet new people, and have a little fun too!
Hot chat room [public] created by littlebigirl
A room to meet new people and have a little fun too!
Nacionalsocialistas de Mexico NS chat room [public] created by WaffenSS1488
todo mexicano afine al ideal , tiene el derecho de entrar y dar a conoser aserca de el grupo . personas ajenas seran expulsadas
hookups chat room [public] created by KatStradford16
people who have lost someone just come into this room and it will be the time of your life!!!!
Beirut chat room [public] created by XSilvermanX
<<>>>>><<<<>><<>>Lebanon U R ZA Best>>>><<<<<>>>>>>><<
business chat room chat room [public] created by selinatyc
if you wanna expand your business, come on and communicate each other, and get a best result to use.
Westside Puerto Rico Chat Room chat room [public] created by Chris22ElGringo
To talk with people from puerto rico butmore closer to the west side of puerto rico like lajas san german y mayaguez.
Suroeste Puerto Rico Chat chat room [public] created by Chris22ElGringo
to talk 2 people in the south east fo puerto rico para hablar con perosnas del sueoeste de puerto rico
protect the second ammendment chat room [public] created by longshot505
arabic countries chat room chat room [public] created by floridianman
20chat , 30chat, 40chat, love chat, muslim, romance chat
Business and IT Manager chat room [public] created by bayoademowo
This is to share knowledge on the contemporary challenges in Business and Information Technology Management. Good for students, researchers and professionals. Do not be left out in the scheme of things. Be part of the innovation! Be part of the Technology.
Toy Boy chat room [public] created by shummie
the sugar mummies paradise......look no further for that Toy Boy you want
GOD IS GOOD chat room [public] created by Shariz
I believe in God - Supreme being that is alive. Who created me so as to live for Him.
God is good. chat room [public] created by Shariz
I believe in God - Supreme being that is alive. Who created me so as to live for Him.
loxiez chat room [private] created by loxiez
tall, beautiful,intelligent, excertting,
EAfrica music production chat room [public] created by feishal
ddiscussion on how to grow our music industries
women - free chat chat room [public] created by david0090
i like to meet nice women, who knows it will be very good friendchip.
northen rock uk chat room [public] created by melvnboys
for people in the uk in the north east and around
Island Coconut chat room [public] created by SnowBinkie
Come in and chat with friends. please watch what your saying, or I'll kick you out!! Feel free and welcome to the Island Coconut room.
chuuk state dont h8 chat room [public] created by nemin07
chuuk state rezidents for family and friends alike whether they're from chuuk or not and just love to pop in, hang, and chill....who knows what will be on the table..bring ur flavor...everyone amuse eachother and vice versa
Hackers lounge chat room [public] created by donjassy008
here is a place where different types of hackers do meet
kempo chat room [public] created by kempo
You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
jamaican69 chat chat room [public] created by dajuice19
n e sexy singles who want to chat and meet new friends!
TheHideout chat room [public] created by VTG
4 the vampires,lycans and others to Chat
IVI S ROOM chat room [public] created by ivana2222
nice friend chat room [public] created by Xdch
If you want to make a friend with a chinese boy welcome to here
Khoomei chat room [public] created by throatsinger
Tuvan And Mongolian Throat Singing
crazy chat room [public] created by crazyclubs
crazy every is time every where the bigest crazy
rebaz black wolf chat room [public] created by PJrapeer
wellcome have good time for you are
Amateur Magicians Chat chat room [public] created by Randominnocence
Chat room specifically for amateur Magicians and people intrested in magic, Specialising in Street Magic and Illusions.
rebaz-black-wolf.com chat room [private] created by PJrapeer
chonn hawreyan baxer ben bo am chata am chata freeia chi aley bile hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bahiway kateki xosh
to got out wit chat room [private] created by mannydeath
have to be sexy n hot ya no n dont get to crazy about this chat room ok n if ya really like some 1 in diz chat room get to no them first before meetin them k
istanbul chat room [public] created by jhoco
wellcome to istanbul . we can meet here we can be frıend here
manila chat room [public] created by jhoco
wellcome to manila . we can meet here we can be frıend here
Meet and Chat with friends. chat room [public] created by millonbaby
Hey everyone in this room you can meet new friends and chat with everyone!!!!!!!!! Hope you have an excellent time!!!!
RomaniaChat chat room [public] created by CharlosRo
Welcome to RomaniaChat ( Have nice a Chat ! ) :D
friend room chat room [public] created by jakewinn
chat and crap and stuff like that
hawk of Manchester chat room [public] created by Hawkuk
welcome 2 all a my beautifull world
art dreams and philosophy chat room [public] created by dshazz
this room is 4 anybody who has interests in discusing art, dreams and dream interperation, and philosophy, so lets hope 2 meet lots of interesting pople here
Central Maine Readers Club chat room [public] created by Maehem
Read any good books lately? See an interesting article, poem, play and want to talk about it? Nostalgic about something you read a few months, years or decades ago? Come on in, get a cup of coffee, and let's chat.
mysery chat room [public] created by dshazz
this room is for all the myserable people in the world, not the boring 1s tho,just the extra extra myserable
LATINOS UNIDOS chat room [public] created by xPeLoNx
Todays music chat room chat room [public] created by hunter2006
Talk about your favorite singers of 2008!
love is in the air chat room [public] created by miraksam
it is for lovers the people who are in love or wana be in love
virginia chat room [public] created by divasistaa
life in the 805 chat room [public] created by 41Mfitsocal
life and activities for people in the 805, stop by say hi, tell us what your up to, anything and everything welcome. restaurants to nightlife, hiking to sleeping.
Workfromhome chat room [public] created by truitt661
U wanna know how you can make big bucks online from home check me out
don-villas .all are invited here chat room [public] created by donvilas
i really need new people here and love in and people who can help each other in all things
NorthWestOhioForumChat chat room [public] created by izzyForever
Come here to chat about anything...
Teenage Life with a Crazy Twist chat room [public] created by aDifferentReality
People that are regular, themselves, and want to have an amazing (hilarious :D) conversation. It might get weird, it might get dirty, but it's all just really about being a teenager. Bring it on! (not in association with the movie :P)
All about Dogs chat room [public] created by durdenslabs
Dedicated to all the dog owners, showers, hunters and pet owners out there. Talk about your breed, your pet, selling your purebred, or anything dog related.
ladies man chat room [public] created by kgo13
a place for ladies to talk with a man that knows what he is talkin bout
im finaly here ladies chat room [public] created by kgo13
a place for girls to talk to me
Random chat hour chat room [public] created by SweetPrincess666
are you a random person??? chat here, meet new people, probobly just as random as you, Keep smileing :)
Metallica Chat Room chat room [public] created by MetallicAis1
All MetallicA chat room for Metallica Fans and followers!
native american chat room [public] created by wolves0831
here you can talk about your indian culture
native american indian chat room [public] created by wolves0831
here you can talk about your indian culture
General chat room [public] created by BabiehBeth
Talk About Anything Whenever To Who Ever
ibraheem friends chat room [public] created by imrfree
friends and family to chat anf sharing every thing
Styxx River Park Concert chat room [public] created by DevilKing
Devil music -lust , evil , pleasur ,. pain,fun
PetroCity chat room [public] created by moonlight7379
Aonde a noite de Petrópolis se encontra??!! PetroCity!!
Cherry Chat chat room [public] created by cherrycandykorn
If you know me from school or somewhere else you can join....
video games chat room [public] created by KingOzombies247
come talk about games games and more games
Depression and Bipolar chat room [public] created by Possessionless
Join if you have a mental disorder, everyone welcome
Altruist chat room [public] created by Possessionless
Join if you have ideas on how to make the world a better place for everyone
DeKartel smstt chat room [public] created by DeKartel
for all trinidadians and most chat smstt ppl
lesbians 4 life chat room [public] created by shrimpy100
ts for lesbian girls who wants to have fun
Fruitloops chat room [public] created by Possessionless
For anyone with a mental illness, everyone is welcome
cam 2 cam chat room [public] created by michikosan
anyone who wants cam 2 cam chat ur most welcome here
random room chat room [public] created by Amber54321
just some random room talk if u want i could care less watch this room be the least popular lol
Atreyu chat room [public] created by maggotpulse
Hardcore, grindcore, black metal, dethmetal, nu metal... you name it. Room for metalheads of all kinds!
bifemales only chat room [public] created by bicuriousann
this room is for bicurious / bifemales only
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