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List of all user-created chat rooms #26
troyy chat room [public] created by troyy
naturalblackk the one and only
SQUIRTER ROOM chat room [public] created by sweetlilchix
i have my site which directs you to a door which if will you open, leads you to my ever so cozy little room which im all alone and waiting for someone to play with me and be my DOM, as im your SUB who will do as im told or else get a spanking as you watch me get fuck harder and harder while i leave the window of endless possiblities open for you to come on me and explore your most sexual fantasies to fulfill all your hearts desire, hmmm. ill wait for you. buzz me if ur interested so that i could send you my site.... lets have some fun ADD ME pussy_squirter08@ ya hoo dot com
im bored chat room [public] created by el777jonny
for people that are very bored lolz.................
ass wipes chat room [public] created by kraziereeree
if yall sum ass wipes cum 2 ma chat room
ravipati chat room [public] created by drravipati
only afro-americans and native whites of usa n canada
cool ppls chat chat room [public] created by kellybbz
this is 4 ppl who are cool and like 2 be who they want 2 be and we wont change 4 no one
phone friends chat room [public] created by gunee
this room to make pen pal and phone friends
venomouszombie chat room [private] created by VenomousZombie
be happy and stupid chat room [public] created by emiboo91
be good and happy and cool and dumb and who gives a crap
Colorado Chat1 chat room [public] created by stealthethunder
This is a chat room for teenagers who live in colorado
red cross memeber only chat room [public] created by emmagu
this chat room is ment for red cross members and friends of red cross
svenskasrummet chat room [public] created by snotiger
Välkommen till svenskasprċketsrummet! Vi kan tala pċ svenska om ni vill... ej diskriminera nċgon, snälla. Vi är alla familj, och lösa saker pċ bra sätt. Tack och välkomna igen! Hoppas att jag kan prata med er alla ibland.
vermont chat room [public] created by sovtsoxfan
for vermont people to get to know one another
hott ppl baby chat room [private] created by olivias
its the best ever hott ppl and otherstoo but hott ppl
chat 2 chat chat room [private] created by NMcrippleddropman
a place to chat not 2 be a idiot
houston texas chat room [public] created by nawfside
wats up where all my texas people at
Jacksonville FL chat room [public] created by philly18
Jacksonville florida 904 ... Whats goin on tonight?
mahdi chat room [public] created by hizb
i want all the girls to come and kiss me and have sex
Gangsta World chat room [public] created by 7ChiTown4
Ima Beast, Ima Dawg, Ima Motha Fu**in Problem, Ok your a good but whats a good to a Goblin!
hizb91 chat room [public] created by hizb
girls only chat to me but sexy one
H2 CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by h2enry
everybody cant get in not almost........gcast3107 HE IS A ASSSHOLE!!! LOL
CH1CAN0S Y CH1CANAS 0NLY chat room [public] created by MAlASURtRECEx3
msn cam chat chat room [public] created by singleguy691
hey come join just fun cam msn chat !!!!
ramigay chat room [private] created by ramigay
Business partnership chat room [public] created by timofon
Different thoughts and ideas concerned business
The Cookie Monster House chat room [public] created by whenimgone
theres no description to this room besides the cookie monster house
russia chat room [public] created by mertilhan
watchingporn chat room [public] created by sexylex
watching some sexy porn come join
MOSKVA200 LIGHT chat room [public] created by max2754104
teen work chat room [public] created by mcjane
This room is for the one who want really have a good friend and good relationship.
the fun chat chat room [public] created by Lisa2010
anyone can join my chat....theres music and fun...lol
bahram Room chat room [public] created by Bahraam
This is safe Room For Every Body
Autumn Rose chat room [public] created by autumnrose1107
nice & clean chat! Want to checkout my online store?
fall out boy chat room [public] created by emoxgirl
for people who love fall out boy ... like me .. <3 x_x
The Academy chat room [public] created by victor12
Thsi is a room for teaching young, men and women. All who wish to work hard will be accepted, but if you show now progress......you should know what happens next
Lonely expats chat room [public] created by loverghee
for people far away from their husband and wife while working abroad
love life you like chat room [public] created by alyssa1003
if you alone and you not have a love life come her and we chat ok so good luck and im happy to all of you mwahhhh:-*
Naasty Room chat room [public] created by lala15
you can talk about sex, or whateveer all you want to others
im like to real meet chat room [public] created by alyssa1003
if you like to real meet chat this and fun if you like to real sex meet chat and fun ok
show room chat room [public] created by wetkim4u2c
dont make me angry..so if u wanna see me on cam just join to my room and we will have a great fun..lol
philiphines chat room chat room [public] created by alyssa1003
if you like to chat a filifino chat this my room ok
teen ages room chat room [public] created by nani420
hi ppls cum and chat there in teen age room.and enjoy there.hehe haha
philiphines chat room [public] created by alyssa1003
chat this room ok to fun lol:-))
lesbians chat all chat room [public] created by sexxyravan
Heres a chat room for all the lesbian bi women out there. Here now is one just for the ladys. have fun
EmoLove chat room [public] created by EmoGall
Its for all the emos out there that wanna meet ppl like them and start friendships or rlationships
the talk to MERE room chat room [public] created by snook0824
its awesome. this will help me to find my special someone. i really want to talk to her.
NKOTB Twitter Girls chat room [private] created by Misty130
A room for NKOTB and Twitter fans to chat.
central florida chat chat room [public] created by peachie233
come and chat meet someone who no 's you mite already no alot of pple in here.
indiana chat room chat room [public] created by Dukeneff82
fun place for hot singles in indiana
Trolls chat room [private] created by Trolls
SHADESOFBLUE chat room [private] created by sHaDeSoFbLuE
darknessofshadows chat room [private] created by DarknessOfShadows
lalaland chat room [private] created by kiseki00
welcome to lalaland! this is where my closest friends and i talk about things we dont want you to see! haha! ur locked out of the chatroom!!! hehehe! thats why its PRIVATE, duh... ^O*
spazmaticnerd chat room [private] created by sPaZmAticNeRd
THICK WHITE GURLS ONLY chat room [public] created by youngmaccin
sexy long eye lashes and long black pretty hair with big sexy brown eyes
Whispering Willows chat room [public] created by rabbittracs
We Are About Friendships/Relationships, Our Room is For Ages 30 & Beyond, Come Join Us For Lots Of Fun & Laughs, We Are Good Friendly People, Our Room Is A Class Of Its Own...A Touch of Home Some Call It!
Aussie Pride4211 chat room [public] created by v360
Aussie pride 4211 is for aussies only
Some fuckin shit chat room [public] created by DoobieDoobieDO
just chat fuckers.................................................................................
Mizzou chat room [public] created by Kilo80s
any one from the MidWest r just live can come here and relate, maybe even get up together
papa chat room [public] created by 3pluscurl
all you cn say!!!say it!!!!!!!!!! ok??? understood!!!?? its my fuckin world,bullsit!!!
3kakulot chat room [public] created by 3pluscurl
all you cn say!!!say it!!!!!!!!!! ok??? understood!!!?? its my fuckin world,bullsit!!!
welcome to ma world chat room [public] created by naokoshi
wanna chat hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lynchburg VA. chat room [public] created by milles
only for people who live in lynchburg,va who just wanna chat and have a good time
513 nasty nati chatt chat room [public] created by klovbug
the ppl from the five one three
nude females chat room [public] created by kinj31
naked females please send me pics, i have a huge cock i will show you too
dirty chat room [private] created by wetnwild99
lesbianz only...................................................................................................................
dirtyxxx chat room [private] created by pinkaddict48
a place for me and you to have our way with one another with no interuptions
SCORES chat room [public] created by truwar
A Place to Score or Being Score
horny guys.. chat room [public] created by zandra88
well do and say whatever you want to..just don't be rude at me..ok?lol
number 1 singles chat only chat room [public] created by broken22oz
dont come in unless your single
Can u speak italian chat room [public] created by randomness99
is any1 can speak italian can you go it for a bit and translate italian phrases
Fuffy chat room [public] created by KittiexKat
This is a room for my friends to come and hang out in. Some place to escape all the drama that inhabits the main room so often. If you're wondering about the room's name, Fuffy is the common name for the pairing Faith/Buffy. (one of my favorite pairings ever.) If you've got a problem with it, then fuck off, you're not welcome here. Have a nice day ^^
darjeeling chat room [public] created by kyapchakey
circle of close friends who share every thing each other
chat rooms for 16 17 15 chat room [public] created by catrin2008
um only 151617 pll ar alowd hahahahaha plz use it
phone fun usa chat room [public] created by pfcpainter
phone fun were any one in the us can come and play
teen gone wild chat room [public] created by albal3ashe2
for teens who loves to be wild
TheEvilJoker chat room [public] created by TheEvilJoker
Mwha Mwha Mwha Mwha Mwha Mwha Mwha Mwha
kingplaza chat room [public] created by jayarajrajan
uc<hfkHXNIEFmcnvDhDVmnxcvcxvvbzxvczvcb b
clarodospocoes.com chat room [public] created by moc
Clarodospocoes.com - Bate-papo
bi girls in ri chat room [public] created by MiSSY678
for all bi girls looking for a good time and and chat with other bi girls
Baharda kar chat room [public] created by Bahardakar
aranıLan Kalbin zerresinde sonunda anladımki o zerremde olan kendiliğinden olan duygu düşünceyi mecaz aramamalıyım, sanırım umutsuzluk bu olmali.. Ben sana sevdalıyım Busra belkide oyle tanittin kendini,olsun demekle yetiniyorum.. belki ömrüm buyunca seni arayıcam fakat artık mecaz olarak seni arıyamıyacam dunya umutsuzluk diyarı sana dair zerre miktarı umudum kalmadı.. neye kendimi mahsum gösterdiğimi bilemiyorum... fakat seni arama seni dualarımda dilenmeme umutsuz kalmama sebiyetsin.. ALLAH için kendimce biriydim Nideydim sevdanla imtihan olmakta varmış.. Bin ruhum olsun yine senin olsun isterim, sensizliğin verdiği umutsuzluk ve daha nice duygular umutsuz hüsran hiç birşeyden tat alamamayı anlatamam sana.. nasıl dua edeceğimide unuttum bazen öyle düğümleniyorki boğazım dünyadan tüm güzelliklere mahrum bir kalple kilitleniyorum sana,.. benki ölümü dilenen birimiydim seni tanımadan evvel.?? ne acı içimde bir duygu ruhumu beynimi aklımı herşeyimiişgal eden bir duygu ölmeme neden teşkil etmesi..!!! Neyse.. ne denli ayrı dünyalardaymışız.. çok sevdiğin bu dünya senin olsun,elimde olsa aklımın aldığı herşey senin olsun.. öyle ümitsiz öyle derbeeder durumda bıraktınki anlatamam sana:(((( milyarca insanlar var her çeşitten kimbilir neler yaşıyorlar,bense neler.. züleyhanın yusufa olan sevdasını anlıyorum.. değersiz bi sözüm olcak sana.. senin için zerre kadar anlam taşırmı bilemem .. SENİ SEVİYORUM
st. louis gay chat chat room [public] created by crazyryan22
chat room for gay people from stl
Breaking Dawn chat room [public] created by Koneta
Like..this is a chat for people to talk to and stuff.
gay or bi confusion help chat room [public] created by windowsill6969
a place for gay or bi people to get answers and find out their orientation through the experience of already out gay guys and gals.
GayTeenCentralStation chat room [public] created by windowsill6969
a room for gay or bi teens to talk with other gay of bi teens.
bi girls only chat room [public] created by ShaneeD
For bi girls only ready to play and chat nasty
Auntie Scattie chat room [public] created by Scattie
Wenar wants to meet life partner chat room [public] created by wenar
just for people seeking life partners..
TokioHotel chat room [public] created by xtokiohotel
for anybody who loves to talk and wants to have fun
Personal for MKCTI chat room [private] created by m2032k
this is the place where only the persons related to mkcti can chat
connect2njakoy chat room [public] created by njakoy
the bet chat site for hip hop discussions
sex room for everyone chat room [public] created by sexyoo
anyone who wanna have sex come 2 this room
Pinoy Chat chat room [public] created by pinay604
All Filipinos! :) Welcome!!!!!!!
Love Lot chat room [public] created by lesbianteenager
Come and have a flirt and see if you can get a relationship out of it!
STEVE VAI FAN ROOM chat room [public] created by intellgent
amer4gay arab-brazilian men chat room [public] created by dalton3344
any gay arab/brazilian men who wants a friend for chat and more ..let me know..in gay room usually
Fantasygurl chat room [private] created by mrsfantasygurl
You must enter usernames of other members to allow them to use your private room. Only you and members you select can see messages in this room.
4 Bored Teenz chat room [public] created by MandyChick
Teens Who Are Bored... Chat Here!
hot dirty sexy talk chat room [public] created by ctusmc
you want to have some dirty talk let ur fantasies loos come in!!!
Hisamis japan emo waffles chat room [public] created by HisamiMew
this is my resturant enjoy!=^.^=
Kaylas Chat Room chat room [public] created by Kayla2013
i need people with myspaces, so i can add them on there!!!!
punchykid chat room [public] created by Punchykid
my room, knock before entering or else your rude
Roxbury Room chat room [private] created by JustSmile30
A place where you can just bob your heads like you don't give a damn!
Lovers and Friends chat room [public] created by coffeecolored
A room where people who want to become lovers can and where people who just want to meet a friend can.
Hissoka chat room [public] created by 123sd
Chinese knowing chat room [public] created by leeyu
anyone if who wants to learn about China please come in.And if you are interested about china,you can talk in it.
Qawada chat room [private] created by 123sd
flirting chat room [public] created by chriskuka
wanna meet hotties out there who just wanna have endless fun
Anime-Hentai Chat chat room [public] created by nekobabe1016
Talk about your favorite anime or hentai here!!!
older sex chat room [public] created by elnino1488
room for 40 and over to get together and chat or something else
FRANCAIS FRENCH chat chat room [public] created by 76361211
only those speaking french arev allowed
The Weird Stuff chat room [public] created by yuukiwithkaname
Anything that you think is weird.
Bostonclubnights chat room [public] created by bostonfisher
where party people meet have a good time and make new friends.
baltimore room chat room [public] created by wetgoatee
for people to meet near baltimore
hyderabad fun chat room [public] created by guywithf
hi for all who enjoys sex and dating
Gorgeous chat room [public] created by babesFace
nice and kiut people who want to spent nice and kiut moments
Gorgeous Persons chat room [public] created by babesFace
Kiut Persons Lol... From everywhere Here
38 years old and Looking for gay men over 50 chat room [public] created by Bruce6868
Str8 and curious guuy looking for gay me nover 50
GREEK CHAT chat room [public] created by PLOUTONAS
PAREOULA KAI KOUVENTOULA,giati i monaxia den antehetai.
GREEK CHAT over 35 chat room [public] created by PLOUTONAS
sintrofia kai kali pareoula gia na pername kalla
dh chat room chat room [public] created by gurdon
hey ya msg me! im looking forward for a serious relationship
...Moo chat room [public] created by DeadlCookiez
The Lovebirds Nest chat room [private] created by kiseki00
This is a PRIVATE nest!!! No entering!!! ^___^
rili HORNY GIRLS chat room [public] created by vojosrb
welcome and welcome and welcome
Corpus Christi chat room [public] created by Joshplayground
Join for free biatch. Nueces County/ Corpus Chrsiti 361
BUNNY POWA - - chat room [public] created by AlskarKanin
...can just come and make friends...talk about anything...u like...:).....but ....dont talk mean abotu anyone...NO Allowed....-_-"
phatblunts420 chat room [public] created by phatblunts420
ppl ppl just come and have fun i dear u
Married and Lonely chat room [public] created by lioness57
A room for people who are married and feel lonely a great deal of the time.
ishiwu chat room [public] created by ishiwu
Hey people, I am from Peru with a desire to interact with people of Australia as soon radicare by that country
Japanese chat room [public] created by Extelligence
are you interesting in japan ? I'm japanese. welcome!!
LATINO 01 chat room [public] created by EDWiN1072
Married But Lonely chat room [public] created by lioness57
For married people who feel neglected and lonely.
bona2010 chat room [public] created by bona2010
hi every one!!!!! hellooooooooooooooooooooo
PEOPLE WITH WEBCAMS chat room [public] created by nuckfut
any one can come in, grab a partner, and video chat ;]
NemoAndKittys Room chat room [public] created by NemoBby
Where all the cool emo,goth,skater,punk guys and girls come to hang out at! :]
APPLE chat room [public] created by tripsi
apple computer user, exchange the Macpieerience ,tips and tricks
naldignito chat room [public] created by MrGhost
who wants to sniff my underwear
girls with aim chat room [public] created by androoooooo
any girls with aim and want to chat?!
Surinam Lesbians chat room [public] created by bornlover
Gewoon voor even om te chillen en om jezelf te zijn of op zoek naar een Hot date???? Dan moet je hier zijn....The Surinam Chatroom..kom op meiden..tot gauw..
my house for sex chat room [public] created by CHEF35
welcome i hope you in enjoy you self in my house
koool chat room chat room [public] created by catrin2008
jnsjzncdszjkcndsjkcndjkhnfcjdsn cjdkncjkdnsjvcdsvdvdvdsvd
TIFA85LECTURE chat room [public] created by tiff4you
Everyone can have fun to chat with different kind of people worldwide. The main focus of this room is to explore our sexuality. I hope everyone is open minded enough to join this room.
Gay Only chat room [public] created by datbiboyz
Don't bother other pll with you stupid shyt or you will be out...
Milwaukee Chat chat room [public] created by Xkape84
Milwaukee WI Chat for Singles............................
Milwaukee WI chat room [public] created by Xkape84
Chat for Milwaukee WI Singles............................
duchie room chat room [public] created by RDBFVULTURE
dutch speaking room for dutch people
Texas2008 chat room [public] created by texasguy1989
This chatroom are for people that live in Texas only.
Caribbean Jamaican chat room chat room [public] created by pumpumwamer
mek wi talk bout nuff tings,boyfriend girlfriend type a tings.
- .Blondie By Nature. - chat room [public] created by Amannda
For the Blondes to get Together.. Its Random but for Blondes.. =]
lOVE CHAT COME AND HAVE FUN chat room [public] created by lesbianteenager
teen only 13-19 chat room [public] created by galmore
we love girls to the end girls ontil dead do us part
missississippi chat chat room [public] created by amanda11
must be people from mississippi if u are fom a diffrent state u must have been invited
Smexi high school chat room [public] created by pinKcUpCaKeS2900
come and join all the drama of high school!
serious cash chat room [public] created by canarcee
this room is designed for people who make money are about making money creating a fundamental cash networking forum everything is welcome to be brought to the table use your own good judgement to decide if a opportunity is good for you welcome to all from all over the world everyone is welcome
HAPPYY HOURR chat room [public] created by LiLMUMZY
mSsbooTie chat room [public] created by MssBootie
mS BotAyy Up Inn Heaa comMEInn Ann ChaT wiT mEe m BAweeD :(
FULL SMILE chat room [public] created by JOE1500
LINK VIDEOCHAT SEXY chat room [public] created by WEBCAMLiVE
england fans chat room [private] created by patricia83
for all people interested in England like me
aznsluv2chat chat room [public] created by urmymyzzteriouzlafs
=============azn chatroom========== =========>>>>>>>><<<<<<<==========
PA Chat chat room [public] created by Brandon918
Pennsylvania Singles only please!
MuEp chat room [public] created by KMFC
Florida State Sigmas having a meeting on line
Lae International High School chat room [public] created by david41duck
You know you want to catch up with your school pals now and before years from Lae International High School and find out what there doing now! Where in the world are they now? Me for example-year of 84-85-86...here is the official site, so what you waiting for?CHAT.
roxanne chat room [public] created by roxanne66
I would like to find a man who would share similar interests with me. Who is honest, loyal, loving, caring and wants to start family. A man of my life should be a real gentleman, sexual and willing to explore the beauty of life together. Someone who would put a smile in my face without even trying.
playroom chat room [public] created by KnghtNShnngArmr
naughty playtime come on in and lets have some fun
jonthan aroza gamma beta sigma chat room [public] created by roxanne66
I would like to find a man who would share similar interests with me. Who is honest, loyal, loving, caring and wants to start family. A man of my life should be a real gentleman, sexual and willing to explore the beauty of life together. Someone who would put a smile in my face without even trying.
dongpicks aroza gambets chat room [public] created by roxanne66
<table width="88" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td><a href="http://www.weirdtown.com/chatroom"><img src="http://www.weirdtown.com/ads/chat_town.gif" width="88" height="31" border="0"></a></td></tr><tr><td align="center" nowrap><a href="http://www.weirdtown.com/chatroom" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px;">WeirdTown Chat</a></td></tr></table>
Date Room chat room [public] created by MibuKiroshimu
Learn about this young bachalor and possibly start a realationship.
sexi mofo chat room [public] created by kconte
the best room in the universe chat room [public] created by 3m0pAnSi3
Um a description is not needed!!
sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chat room [private] created by shome
make love with xxy girls yyyyaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooo
dirty sex chat room [public] created by avenger73
all kinds of sex, tell your fantasies and maybe find someone to help make them reality.
fantasy chat room [public] created by avenger73
tell your fantasies and look for someone to help make them a reality.
Dont Laugh At Me chat room [public] created by KittiexKat
Don't laugh at me, don't call me names. Don't get your pleasure from my pain. In God's eyes, we're all the same. Some day we'll all have perfect wings. Don't laugh at me
SeX FliRT VIRT chat room [public] created by kotiara
u can do here what ever u wnt,so just get here and lets everyone hav lots of FUN
Tiesto Fans chat room [public] created by inSearchOfSunrise
In Search of Sunrise Power by Tiesto
WOMEN WHO LOVE SLOPPY SEX chat room [public] created by LVUCHEATRS
Meet people chat room [public] created by salynn
here you can meet people around the world
dash horse room chat room [public] created by dash4cash40
a chat room for my horse loving friends
Niks Peeps chat room [public] created by sportsboy101
For my friends only. Hannah M and Hannah F
fatima123 chat room [public] created by pimun
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
Mystic Shadows chat room [public] created by OnlyMystery
Time is relative to the Observer....Just like Love.....It would take ages to figure out what you really are......Ironically true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fluffy2da world chat room [private] created by FLUFFY2DAWORLD
it fluffy trying to find a friend
san francisco fun chat room [private] created by edgar2008
this is caht room from san francisco bay area how want meet people in the area,for fun times!!!
discreet fun in san francisco chat room [private] created by edgar2008
this is room from san francisco bay area for discreet fun!!!
thefuckup13chatroom chat room [public] created by iNTERNETRWHOORE14
kool kids klan chat room [private] created by ganam12
kome here to chill i dont get along with guys so girls only
gurls onlys cept me chat room [public] created by ganam12
hay i dont get along with guys so girls only sry
mysisandmeandleosroom chat room [public] created by EMOBiOTCHBiCHiCK101
i love them both so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
North Carolina BiWays chat room [public] created by SingNcpl4U
Bisexual chat for North Carolinians
st louis hip hop heads chat room [public] created by liljazz
For the hip hop heads in st. louis and a place for artists and fans to network.
delaware cams chat room [public] created by itsmw123
meet delaware cams and chat out side of the net work
only dirty chat room [public] created by sweetsexlover
British are invited chat room [public] created by allisunchild
i have a fascination with british people, and would love to talk with a few :) not creepily, but being stuck in America...not so fun.
Relationship chat room chat room [public] created by Desiree18
if you wont to hook up with someone then you would wont to come inthis room.
only if ur down chat room [public] created by urpissed
its just da shit =] swear there better b cute gurls no gay guys haha
cock in ass 30533 chat room [public] created by DEEPTHROAT9
This room is for male whores only especially drag queens and trans beautyfuls
Transgender chat room [public] created by tracy1285
For those who are and are curious about it. Or those who want to start a relationship or casual chat.
sex dates chat room [private] created by dd25
we talking only about sex......................................................................................
New Zealand rules chat room [public] created by wasupp
the best chat room fo all nzer
Swiftys Crib chat room [public] created by Swifty88
Swifty88's random chillout room, if youre a fucking tard, or cant take a joke, stay the fuck out, or you'll be removed lol.
SEX SEX chat room [private] created by Punkboy2
hotgoddest68atyhoo chat room [public] created by sexycrizzy
sexy nice girl here care to chat
bitch chat room [private] created by rehanamir
only UAE girls chat room [public] created by shahabe
its only for the girls who leave in uae
don keyete chat room [public] created by kilader
don keyote chat room [public] created by kilader
pag may pumasok d2 yari sken kantot kuyan jejejejejejeejejjejeejej
turkish chat room chat room [public] created by manisttr
everbody can talk here all over world....................................................................................................
the lover of the music and video and sites chati chat room [public] created by darkangel8007
for the love of music and video and sites
mz.spectacular chat room [public] created by beonca123
yea if your not gay come on in it's free jx longs u don't dock my swag
the good times chat room [public] created by 4angela4
peeple could talk to any one they could hook up anything u want to do its ur choice kome join the fun=]
sex independent chat room [public] created by 94theman
be nice by sex chatsaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
swingers in IL chat room [public] created by zirkey81
wanting fun with no strings attached in IL.
nzZ chat room [public] created by MssBootie
666snipe chat room [private] created by 666snipe
canadians chat room [public] created by Rhinox
all fellow cakers welcome leave your shoes at the door
music and hanging out with people chat room [public] created by andreawren
you can talk about anythin that has to do with music,sex,drugs,alcohol etc
relationship chat 789 chat room [private] created by mrsyounglady45
chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat!
Adult Playground chat room [public] created by meganmartin
Come one come all to my Adult playground chat room and have some intimate cybersex fun in here. I don't care if you are male or female. Gay, bi, lesbian or straight. Come in to my Adult play ground room and talk as hot, erotic, and and sexxxy as you want.
ambers room chat room [public] created by ambaxoxo611
all the guys that like me come here
CYBERSEX ONLY chat room [public] created by meganmartin
Roleplay Room Only chat room [public] created by meganmartin
This is for roleplaying lovers only!
Our secret place chat room [private] created by KnghtNShnngArmr
Our secret little place to run away to, to talk, and whatever else sutis us
SInful Chat chat room [public] created by Demongirl15
its not about sex in this chatroom its about people saying what the mean even though the truth hurt and just having fun. Point Period Blank
Oh Canada chat room [public] created by Daddy69s
A room for people new to Canada but all peoples are elcome
Emotional peoples chat room [public] created by LilEmoKidTyler
for Emos and non emo haters talk about anything you like
emo emo chat room [public] created by LilEmoKidTyler
for emos and people who dont hate emos or are planning on abusing them in any way
marilyn manson chat chat room [public] created by xXhathorXx
chat for anyone interested in mansons music or something similiar
calgary late nite chat chat room [public] created by flyby696
hello ppl pppppppppppsppspspspspspsppspsppss
calgary bbw room chat room [public] created by flyby696
i love the bbw girls zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
bbw calgary chat room [public] created by flyby696
i lloves zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the bbw girls zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
wonderguy0007 chat room [public] created by wonderguy0007
hii ,whats going on?? wanna frnd??
bidexual guys chat room [public] created by uuuhme1
who likes cum in there face while taking it in the but and fucking a woman
HORNY HORNY chat room [public] created by innocentaila
LEARN FOREIGN LANGUAGES chat room [public] created by AyChiL
become a couple chat room [public] created by storm2012
talk to single teens that want to hook up
hotties only chat room [public] created by tt4l13
full of delishous hotties that only are there to chat now praty people
pb002 chat room [private] created by pb002
Comic Lovers chat room [public] created by Tyberius
For comic lovers (of any genre) and film buffs (of any genre)
Honeste videre chat room [public] created by Ermand
Friendship and chilling room,feel comfortable sayin what u feel and dont bull.....here just feeling better adn make others feel the same thats what counts.
escape the fate chat room chat room [public] created by SmexiSmurf
were you talk about the likes and dislikes of escape the fate and for those who miss ronnie
ronnie radke chat room [public] created by SmexiSmurf
dejablue chat room [private] created by dejablue
serious talk chat room [public] created by shifuheilong
real questions real talk, if u have anything that u want 2 know about or inform people about this is the place
wow chat room [public] created by johno9920
chat with me chat room [public] created by Ken1125
im bored and theres nothing to do. so if anyone feels like chating heres a place to step in.
realestate investment chat room [public] created by quinn322
a place for networking and exchangeing idias or to ask and questions awnsers
Single girl for u.... chat room [public] created by MyskaFromCzech
looking for friends from Dubai.......
fLirtY caShmiR chat room [public] created by cashmir
usa .. canada and uk onLy no cam girl here ill check it to be safe room here all horny guys and girls come and join
everloving chat room [public] created by lonelyheart43
we must learn to love always to show others that we care and to be their for each other always dont matter what,love your friends always.
GO HERE chat room [public] created by 23sibio23
horny guys and girls chat room [public] created by hornyman420
dirty chating and horny people talking,cybering,and roleplaying
chat room for manga fans... chat room [public] created by akirahyuuga
chat room for manga fans! Everyone who loves manga can chat here!!
pvt091 chat room [private] created by pvt091
sniffmybutt chat room [private] created by sniffmybutt
wickeddreams chat room [private] created by WickedDreams
rain chat room [public] created by ajmalpvt
welcome for everyone to enjoy , enteriainment also make you happy, you get age back that will help you for more energetic .
paulex chat room [private] created by paulex
i have chose to crate this chat room for all the lovely women and girls who are interested in having fun and making friends
making friends chat room [public] created by paulex
i chose to crate this chat room mainly for the women and girls who are interested in having friends and meeting lovers
actors movies talk chat room [public] created by kittydekittyjp2
talk about aquisition movies,actors
pakistani hang out chat room [public] created by pleasurelacarte
a room for pakistani descent where they can talk to each other as pakistani
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