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List of all user-created chat rooms #7
Nederlandstalige Muziek chat room [public] created by Lucas1
alle muziek van nederlandse bodem
UAE chat room [public] created by ammidubai
Public Chat room Every one can be join and
Muslim chat room [public] created by ammidubai
hello everyone enjoy this room very help full
HIGBEE CHAT chat room [public] created by HiGBEECHiCK79
sgChatroom chat room [public] created by SGguyz
cater to all singaporeans welcome to our small island chat
Talk about stuff chat room [public] created by Danny88Air
Talk about all thangs to all how just went to talk
Rochester newyork chat room [public] created by djkillerbee
ROC. chat clubs bars and what not hang out and chill
painting chat room chat room [public] created by kewang02008
show the lots of painting ,it's beauty ,welcome to the room
life in dubai chat room [public] created by husstus81
what kind of life you have in dubai?
tesoro chat room [public] created by sonobella
anyone is welcome as long as you are friendly.
Lesbians Only chat room [public] created by Janette40
If you wanna make friends with your own kind this is the place to be.
andaman island tourism chat room [public] created by anisharmapbl
all information about the emrald island ie andaman and nicobar groups of island . how to come, where to stay , where to eat, where to move, what is the cheapest way every thing i will tell u to come and explore andamans.
Korean Language Knowledge chat room [public] created by linguist123
Those who have information on the Korean language can share them here. Then, maybe thy can learn something in return from someone as well. Only chatters that are serious about learning Korean are allowed. I can throw in what I know as well, we can teach each other and save money on references. JOIN. Thanks :)
pinkeyefrog chat room [private] created by Erikcheng
Anything one can chat here everthing!!!
Miracle chat room [public] created by Miracle01
What can I say about my own chat room, except only to let you know that i'm interested in interacting with anyone who generally would like to talk about life and everyday circumstances. I'd like to talk......please feel free to enter.
Hot Gay chat room [public] created by rajuandhot
anybody slim and hot gay please call me
LILBONES chat room [public] created by mubarak4eva
Peace, Love,Respect and God fearing
Sam-urs chat room [private] created by samirurs
hello , wel come to my world , would u like to be invited for hot lunch or diner. Take this rose then we can chat . don't know if u like watch a film , or go nice resturant , I like to go to sea front and have some fun there , to go on jet-sky or boating .
friendship only chat room [public] created by littlelady88
this chat room is to find new friends not people to go out with
Ital-Eymi chat room [public] created by eymi
Parlare liberamente in italiano e conoscere nuove persone
Kitis Empire chat room [private] created by KitiDeluxe
private, private, private, private
ethiopy chat room [public] created by fanu
this is a room 4 everyone to participate especially those who r in need of frindship and dating relationship.
Basketball NBAfinal chat room [public] created by dingbert
Are you a fan of NBA,just come in,we could be friends!
Medical and surgical chat room [public] created by filyanto
In this chat room you can write about your medical problems in order to obtein advaces in what you need.
Gears Of wwar mass brawl chat room [public] created by Norrieaga2292
Get ready to brawl it out in the gears of war mass brawl chatroom
SYDNEY AUSTRALIANS chat room [public] created by LATE4ADATE27M
welcome to sydney australians where all australasia meet all in one room
Pinky chatroom chat room [public] created by superpinkyhorny
this a chatroom that any ppl can assist .if ppl get respcet the other ppl chatting ,this will be a very interesting one.
Gears of war mass brawl chat room [public] created by Norrieaga2292
get ready because the gears of war mass brawl is about ot start!
MILEY CYRUS OR HANNAH MONTANA chat room [public] created by DGDGCABC
cambridge ontario eroticfitness nude workouts trai chat room [public] created by eroticfitness
erotic fitness in home adult vary erotic position u learn in cambridge descreet private 1 on 1
Computer Talk chat room [public] created by compusoul
Chat and discuss pc problems, network trouble, discuss new technology, or just hangout and meet new friends..
MAN WITH FOOT FETISH-WOMEN ONLY chat room [public] created by king150
meternix chat room [public] created by meternix
mehmet chat room [public] created by heval6
nlışfWİ34İWO6 ĞP KqtkP4YO ĞP26OKTY43PY
looking for marriage chat room [public] created by yawyaw
How are you today, I hope all is well. My name is Kelvin Agyei, I am good looking perfect body kind , sincere and trusted, God fearing.And,I saw your profile and was delighted to contact you, I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring girl hope to hear from u soon take very good care of urself n stay bless.
ceejays bi room chat room [private] created by ceejuk
chatroom for broad minded people
hawaiian room chat room [public] created by CalmYONerves
love / realationship/hook up all your desires met in honolulu .
small world chat room [private] created by basemalsabbah
from any one,used to bee friendlly
TriniLesbians chat room [public] created by 123loveme
This is for all the ladies of T&T to chat and find someone.
Gossip.Confessions chat room [public] created by Amandiz
Ladies and germs, boys and squirrels...! Wanna come share some gossip? I don't know you, you don't know me, so what's the harm? come relieve yourself of whatever is bothering you, chances you and i are never gonna talk again!
eire chat room [private] created by irishbabe19
this room is for all those hot irish guys to come and chat to sexy girls from ireland
Madvibes chat room [public] created by LARi21
This is the chat room that you can talk about anything, feel free to be open minded and let us all just enjoy the fun of the chat room... If you are bored, this is definitely the room for you.
skateboard chat room [public] created by vagoshimo
this is a great place for all sk8ers 2 hang out .............NO ROLLER BLADERS!!
Blood Rose Tavern and Inn chat room [public] created by crowofthedark
yahells a b*tch so had to come here to make my room.... again, anyone who knew fayemistyramey on yahell- I know her. The name of the room speaks for it's self...
singels chat room [private] created by dude91
any1 single come 4 a chat and flirt
COPPERHEAD ROAD chat room [public] created by chuchaman
We cater to cool people everwhere!!! Anything goes!!!
nick carter chat room [public] created by shannon23
my name is shannon and i like nick carter from the backstreet boys
galigula chat room [public] created by asmuhas63
have you fantazys......?noooooooo.
rawr. chat room [public] created by grawr21
funness. any chatroom named rawr is fun
FOOT FETISH - WOMEN ONLY chat room [public] created by king150
Peeps who wanna chat join chat room [public] created by 987654321BLASTOFF
ppl talkin about random topics a group thats nice not innapropriate
friendly room chat room [public] created by prettyladyv
for peoples who want to meet new interest friends
up state ny 69 chat room [public] created by hazeleyes2969
hey whats up only ny & usa come to this room
Naruto Rules chat room [public] created by jonnyswayde
Awsome by me! nykkoa and her friends are welcome.=)
marrage chat room [public] created by sainu
Are you tired of living alone? Do you wanna be married? Com on here, looking for your love.
Random topic chat room [public] created by Angeliclayerfan
its just like any other chat expt its cooler!i dont care if you say bad stuff or not just do what u like!
Turkish room chat room [public] created by tooli
lets talk about everythihk..........sport ...love...people...animal....world....space.....food.....house....car.
Nc charlotte cool chat chat room [public] created by margeylicious
a fun place to make local friends and maybe complain about gas prices jk lol
Dallas room chat room [public] created by prsnprince
this is a friendly chat room for the people who live in dallas texas
All That Korea chat room [public] created by romchik1204
Chat for guys who live in Korea
all emo chat room [public] created by sammiemuchoi
a chat room for all emos to converse and share their interests with one another..
CN-music chat room [public] created by vlina
Chinese music.I hope we can meet friends here. Have a good time!
teen chat 2008 chat room [public] created by urchapstick
just chat thats it nothing more nothing less
Banned-A-Leros chat room [public] created by BrownEyedAngel1
Friends Joined as Chat Family, for fun and laughter
amys room chat room [public] created by amerrill
this room is just for bored ppl that can start of a clean convo
Sydney Siderz chat room [public] created by REMDOGG
locals only please unless your hot
This Is Halloween chat room [public] created by cherrycandykorn
A Chat For Friends And Lovers Of The 1993 Classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas
lebanese35andup chat room [public] created by Fatakat
lets chat, lets be friend, lets be repectfull please
Free XBOX 360 and More... chat room [public] created by jasonA88
You've heard those "Get A Free..." everywhere. Now it's time to see if there really is a site that actually does give away free gifts. Visit to find out for yourself!
sexy girls only chat room [public] created by princessozy
only sexy girls is allowed to enter this room !!!!!!!!!
newcomers chat room [public] created by xuen78
hello come come come anyone also can
Climbing chat room [public] created by KiwiGuy89
Room for rock climbers, boulderers, deep water soloists, anyone who directs their energy to climb up -or down/left/right/inside/outside/under/over/around- something. Passionate, motivated, obsessed, currently climbing or not, Welcome! Also for all activities asscociated, e.g Slacklining, Meditation & Yoga. Peace!
anime forever for all chatters chat room [public] created by SUPASLUT91
is all for anime chatters or people that just wanna come for chat thnx jordan
vendara chat room [public] created by MTHA
Those fearing GOD and loving the hail LORD king JESUS
Sialkot happy estate chat room [public] created by zafarjamil
chill pit chat room [public] created by mysterio015
this is a place to chill and meet new people
Palestine chat room [public] created by AlexGirl
Justice For Palestine... This chat room is for all ppl from all the world... to meet new ppl without bad chat... and all jews are out...!
Arabs chat room [public] created by AlexGirl
This chat room is for all arab from all the world to chat and to meet each other... dont abuse...
Superiorschool chat room [public] created by TheDistinguished
Chatting for the students in the superior school in Lattakia / Syria and other students in the world
Ih8pooh2 chat room [private] created by ih8pooh
Any Nationality chat room [public] created by serephimofisis1
People who want to talk of their home, country, and nationality...or people who want to learn of different nationalities...come and talk here, teach someone of your heritage or learn of someone elses's. If you have anything to teach someone else, come here!
WOMAN TO WOMAN chat room [public] created by PUGSUSA
teen chat room chat room [public] created by maruftherulerofdark
a room where teen agers can chat
The Haven of Kindred chat room [public] created by mystiquerayne
This room is for anyone but especially for the kindred kind and the dark Prince Julian's clan.
We Think Therefore We Exist chat room [public] created by DarkNexus
Open to anybody with enough brain cells to sustain a mature conversation. Any topic could be exposed on this chatroom, as long as harmony prevails. To all perverts, ignorants and small-talkers, THIS CHATROOM IS NOT FOR YOU.
south african chatroom chat room [public] created by Jovi42m
ALL YOU Saffa loving people come and offload your stories and meet fellow south african white,black,indian,coloured, even if you from durban!!!!!
CHRIST IN ME.. chat room [public] created by paulus2020
Chat to me about anyting chat room [public] created by XoXoCiaraoXoXo
woooo join;) lol hweheee
Teen chatt chat room [public] created by XoXoCiaraoXoXo
yay just teenagers ;)xxxxxxxxxxx
Agony aunt chat room Come to me with your problems chat room [public] created by XoXoCiaraoXoXo
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx x x
Over 60 singles in Az. chat room [public] created by ibkule
A place for the more mature crowd, who still have a wild side, to meet and perhaps get together for fun times.
oklahoma chat room [public] created by johnnyncc1701
anything goes in ok so come on in and chat and flirt and whatever else u feel like doing
Gay Arab men middle East chat room [public] created by orchison
I would like to contact only Arab Men from the Middle East
chill room chat room [public] created by cameia
come to the chil room have straberry drink and a maid
chillfullly acceptable room chat room [public] created by cameia
come to the chil room have straberry drink and a maid
cameia chily room chat room [public] created by cameia
come to the chil room have straberry drink and a maid
cameia chilly room chat room [public] created by cameia
come to the chil room have straberry drink and a maid
KaKa HomE chat room [public] created by kaka400
this room just for FUN lo0o0o0o0o0oL'z
SECURiTYGUARDS BUNKER chat room [public] created by TiMMYTiMTiM
a place where a guard can be a guard
Culture share chat room [public] created by benjiNZ
Would you like to tell others about your culture?
hockey chat room [public] created by alpena
just looking to chat about sports
12 Stones Later chat room [public] created by inalck
This room is for everyone.It is a place that you can talk about whatever and be yourself. Be polite and Respect Others.
The Monster Rancher chat room [private] created by Ryudo2002
Monster Rancher chat for the old peoples!
The Insanity chat room [public] created by EmoKitty
tubba tubba tubba tubba tubba i don't have any lines to put here so tubba tubba tubba tellatubbas,what,fellas,grab your left make the right one jealous
gangsters chat room [public] created by 1giggl3z3
Kerala Thattukada chat room [public] created by joindia
Hi, Friends.. Welcome to Kerala Thattukda..
Art chat room chat room [public] created by DavidNiven
A chat room for people interested in art.
Poets Chat Room chat room [public] created by BackStageStar
Got a writing talent ?. Join us and Share your work !
harryowen london chat room [private] created by harryowen101
my name is harryi am 26yrs old.
couples chat room [public] created by brittishbabe
for all couples to chat and meet up for all kinds of fun
Hype Muzik chat room [public] created by JenuineJ
A chatroom for Hype Muzik students, members and musicians alike.
J4U Chat chat room [public] created by vishal09
All Good and Sexy Woman Chat, All Sexy Girl Come On this Chat Room
girls and me chat room [public] created by coolbryan
chat room for people that are cool
Marks spiritual christian chat chat room [public] created by marky1717
Questions and answers about god can i prove
super super fun fun chat room [public] created by nekochan130
blesexy chat room [private] created by blesexy
i need frds all over the world
Chinese Princess Rocks chat room [public] created by wudanlucky
Hell No to perverts or racists,anyone who wanna join this room need to obey the rules of chinese princess..thanx
BaLLerz OnLy chat room [public] created by PiMPNainTeAsy007
This is a chat room for ballin shot callin mo fuckaz.
broken hearts chat room [private] created by shakira11
for people how have given love a chance and got hurt
katherines room chat room [public] created by PrincessKatherine
talk to people, get to know different people, poeple who you havent meet before
Boredom Room chat room [public] created by KissyNae
If you are bored..just come in and chat here. It'll be fun! =D
Heart breaks chat room [public] created by iykebaba
Hey, here is where to mend your heart. Lots and lots are daily been heartbroken. Come on lets talk here and find out solutions on how to deal with this........
Ushre chat room [public] created by oxkatiesmiles
if anyone like serioulsy wants to bang Usher, come into this chatroom right now (;
sexy party chat room [public] created by oxkatiesmiles
come talkkkk about sexy parties (;
Texas chat room [public] created by mickey1516
This chat is for anyone and everyone who lives in texas or just loves the state
donny osmond chat room [private] created by greenlanter1
fan club with all the osmond fans no profanity no offendsive word if you do ill ban you for good
nice people only chat room [public] created by lonelyss
come on in let chat any one from texas let chat
the new and im...just my chatt chat room [public] created by sentiyuri
if ya want i guess i mean doesnt rly matter but i am efin bored so it might help
The Darkness people chat room [public] created by JAMEL056
this my own chatroom is call all darkness people
Michigan Room chat room [public] created by nickster1946
For Michigan People to chat about hot topics
wolfys room chat room [private] created by sentiyuri
only and only the ppl i choice can come and thats a few
girl chat room [private] created by jhonsley
jk]]jh\f]./f/;]sf'[dg.dff'g.'g.df/'g.df;g,..d'f./ 'sd,,dfd'a;sd'[sa.f'sd,.fg;';d,.g;'df,.ghh;'df,;'h;'h.df'g,.d;'g.d'gld''fgld/fg'['sdslft[[fgtld[flsd;[fllsd;;fl;s''.lf';[s.lf.lfsd;'f,kd;gm,df;ghm,gh;dfmghh;dfm,gh;m,dflfgm;dmfl;dmflsdmflsdmf
Grown and Sexi chat room [public] created by sexappeal20
you could talk about anything you want whatever the fuck crosses your mind and maybe i'll throw a sex line on it for the addicts
chat room chat room [public] created by EmoKitty
mUsIc Is FoR pUnK aSs BiTcHeS wHo ThInK tHeY'rE sO c00L jUsT bEcAuSe ThEy kNoW HoW tO aDd MuSiC tO tHeIr ChAtrOoM.colors are for faggots who type like that and give their chatroom colors.don't hate,appriciate.pictures are for retards who actually take the time to save every picture they ever see.what now bizatches.
Addiction chat room [public] created by reborn311
Talk about open real conversations of life and addiction
GREEK LEARNERS ROOM chat room [public] created by keefyjoe
For intermediate greek language students.
Hot Hawaiian Girl Chat chat room [public] created by gialuv24
Aloha........welcome to my chat room wher we can talk about anything and have a great time.
love bird chat room [private] created by lovebird01
love bird for ever and every one 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
lovebird chat room [private] created by lovebird01
love bird for u 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
lil mama a.k.a. sexy mama on deck ya digg chat room [public] created by princesspooh4life
im the baddest bitch around so if u got a problem with me u can come n deal with it but dis b yo gurl lil mama a.k.a. sexy mama on deck ya digg
lil mama a.k.a. sexy mama chat room [public] created by princesspooh4life
im the baddest bitch around so if u got a problem with me u can come n deal with it but dis b yo gurl lil mama a.k.a. sexy mama on deck ya digg
hmmm eny thing chat room [private] created by vampier18
anything u want to tolk about lol
asain movie chat room [public] created by kellyp
anyone knows about new korean or chinese movie, dont forget me, i'm here everyone............... let's start our conversation
single world chat room [private] created by singlewoman
stay single , enjoy being single, find your matchable single soul.
merc mole chat room [private] created by mrmercury1963
cum see my moles and let me check out your moles
just sex chat room [public] created by ooohhhyyya
just girls that like to know and chat about sex any thing u ask u will find an answer
your kingdom chat room [public] created by uditima
u all can make friends here u all r allowed to do anything and be happy
ZAK and His Friendz and their Friendz chat room [public] created by zakmico
U Guyz can Just discuss and share bout any thing and eve thing u want to and u know about...Just make it Live..Lmao
master jack chat room [public] created by john405
mens jack off and some fun. they can do what they want as long as having cam is important.
SexySenay chat room [public] created by SexySenay
Only talk me...... Also may be ı give my .......
let loose and talk chat room [public] created by cdt
i dont care and neither should anyone else. we dont care talk and be your self
Fat man can not hunt chat room [public] created by lsnv
group of overweight Brits who turned their fast-food dependent lifestyles upside down to live as hunter-gatherers in the south africans desert. music and sharing ideas
Llamakeets chat room [public] created by Zootz
Grits smugglers from ferret gulch
smiles chat room [private] created by smiles4goodboi
a room to chat and relief people of their pain and put smiles on people face at the end of the chat.
girls for men chat room [public] created by bigboy1988
mayar chat room [private] created by raulcristie
this is for my one and oly friend
MS-DOS chat room [public] created by Treasurehunter
Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer Old things in computer
brazilian culture chat room [public] created by Francano
a chat developed to people who want's to know and discuss brazilian culture and make friends
STARS BITCHING ROOM chat room [public] created by starlitnite
Oddities chat room [public] created by DaisyDecay
Horror, Gore, Metal, Goth...it's all here in this chat room, join us (cackle cackle) pull up a chair and feel free to chat about all the wonderful and weird things in this world.
lilmama98 chat room [public] created by lilmama98
boys girlz both teens cute guys teens
ssexybitch hot bitch chat room [public] created by lilmama98
boys girlz both teens cute guys teens
tequilas room chat room [public] created by shineyshoes
general chat with ppl from other chat room where we can chat in peace
SydneyGayBoys chat room [public] created by TK80
Local gay boys keen to chat to local gay boys!
kosdostha chat room [public] created by Kirdost
people who love love are invited to these rooms
good ladies and gentlemen chat room [public] created by Kirdost
people who love love are invited to these rooms
otakus chat room [public] created by saikano
only can enter really otakus, and only yu need to talk about really animes
Naruto Nerds Chat chat room [public] created by hidanxme
Do you think you know all about Naruto? Well join my chat. If you can out smart me in Naruto, then you are worthy of some of my Naruto stuff. That's is you trust me with your address
anything u want chat room [public] created by Charlie2008
leteraly anything u want ;] if u know wat i meen
Transvestites chat room [public] created by SaraTV
Chat room for those males who like to wear knickers & make-up and their admirers.
broken hearts for teens chat room [public] created by farmer01
for teens who have had their heartsbroken
adult chat chat room [private] created by lch6972
talk about life ,career,hobbies,travel,love,eating habits
Anime Addicts chat room [public] created by ladycrotalus
Anyone who cant get enough of anime are welcome
dubai alone chat room [public] created by asifart
those peple want romance in dubai
kenyanna chat room [public] created by makonde
Anything positive that you've got to say about our lovely country? Here's the forum
las vegas chat chat room [public] created by kreddyfruger666
people from las vegas chatting
las vegas 30 chat room [public] created by kreddyfruger666
las vegas people over 30 can enter
suju fanclub chat room [public] created by icyrainy103
we can share everything about their music, drama and everything u can enjoy here if u like them..;)
morocco chat room [public] created by karim21
welcome to morocco room chat everytimes everyone " Marahba Bikoum Dar Darkoum Wa Alkhima Khimatkoum "
Abu Dhabi Gay Room chat room [public] created by topguyupstate
Room for guys in Abu Dhabi to meet.
ata s big house chat room [public] created by lyer01
every one come gogogogogogo asf s sfasf asfa sfaksfş
Suomi chat room [public] created by Finnboycjt
This is For Suomelin! Anyone can come and join! So dont be shy ya?
mumbaikars in dubai chat room [public] created by dilip100
this room consists of people who r from mumbai india working in dubai
chathavefun chat room [public] created by mike6667
cum and chat and have fun with me
Deepak Chat Room chat room [private] created by deepakkumar
HIIIII.....Its Me......Unmarried girls are wel come to my chat room.........please come to my room for have a fun chat/love chat/sex chat......
My Chemical Romance chat room [public] created by azzybabiee
chat bout music or wateva you want
Banana Chatterzz chat room [public] created by Lucy96
i dont care if yhuu dont talk about bananas its just a cool name =P
George Sampson Lurverzz chat room [public] created by Lucy96
PALE chat room [public] created by spanishlullabye
Chat room for English learners. Preferably Primary School Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, Psychologists and Counsellors who wish to learn English.
old women chat room [public] created by wimalasuriya
i want old women to chat sex matters
Nini chat room [private] created by Nini2000
Nini's private chatroom for speacial people
raulcristie chat room [public] created by raulcristie
a room wer its hot n cold.. evey can enjoy here
FlirtyChick08s Room Welcomes boys chat room [public] created by FlirtyChick08
Come on in, everyone is welcome especially boys:) But if you are sick or being offensive or being a pervert, then i am not afraid to kick you out of my chat room!! mmmk. thanx!
Gay Abu Dhabi chat room [public] created by topguyupstate
Chat room for UAE/Abu Dhabi Gay Guys
Fur Is Dead chat room [public] created by NoiDontEatFish
faux fur only please. skinning isnt cool here, or is it anywhere for that matter.
vienna ideals chat room [public] created by faisalxy
all guys and guls want to have good time in vienna with love, romance , travel and hangout
gangstas chat room [public] created by badboy722
Alexs Chat chat room [private] created by Magickal
Just a room for my friends!!! ^_^
Dark and light chat room [public] created by jaztitch
a chat room for friends where you may discuss anything Non-offensive
Party room chat room [public] created by rEkT
come in relax chat with friends listen to music and just have a great time no angry drunk abusive ppl accepted :)
Island DwellerZ chat room [public] created by 01EasyGoing
How is like growing up on an island? Whether you are from an Island in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean or where ever.... you are welcome to chill out with others alike and not so alike :)
emoXmonster chat room [public] created by emoXmonster
This is a chat room where you speak your mind, and not feel closed. its an open chat.I made this cause someone had the idea...and im like hay! so yea...be random...thats fun! :) so yea this is for emos, goths, scenes,skater!, and preps and...jocks...but yea! this is emoXmonster and im out! :)
The Love chat room [public] created by Guillermo80
This Is A Room Where Any Body Can Come In And Chat and Make New Friends, And Find That Special Someone In This Room. Thats Why Its Called The Love Chat Room. lol
The Chill Room chat room [public] created by Paintballer8791
A room to just sit bag and relax and chill and talk to other people.
black people chat chat room [public] created by tinkerbellbootie16
only for black people that have bomb personality..... in you have to have lots of respect ....
mreidain chat room [public] created by lilca
ummm.... its boering and im trying to meet people in m-town new here soo chat if your in tha area
super junior chat chat room [public] created by pair13
ELF. Super junior ELF. Super junior ELF. Super junior ELF. Super junior
BREAKZz PARTY WOOHOO chat room [public] created by XxBREAKtheRULEZxX
fun..fun..fun...cool...cool...cool...u will dance till u drop ... and if ur ass dont wanna dance then u r not fuckin welcome !!! !!!! !!!!! @#%^
The Diamond Palace chat room [public] created by Diamondone
You can come and chat with ppl and talk about days events weather how you day is going meet new friends and be at ease that no one will bother you no curseing
Emo-s chat room [public] created by AccessDenied
Emos is not a crime to humanity its not a crime of anysort its a way for people to express there selves by there emotions ..... i made this chat to meet oter emos and im sure you want to do the same so lets be openminded and happy and NO swearing is Alowed NO hate NO fighting ONLY love and friendship [:
Saudi Chat chat room [public] created by Jaj
This chat room is for all Arabic people whom are interested in sharing and communicating in decent way.
Love Seekers chat room [public] created by lovelymen
This room is for those guy and girl who are into making serious relationship and wanna find reall love with honest poeple so bastard stay out of this room ok
inayat chat room [public] created by inayatbaloch
new chat roo will be to meet new friends and to interact with all friends in the world .informations regarding music, culture,new events occuring from time to time in this buisy world.sharing local and internationalintresting achievments.
pensacola chat room [public] created by millerx
hi everyone. are there someone there living in pensacola. - so came and chat
No2No2 chat room [public] created by no2no2
Cool time, Fun Time, Meet new friend's
sydney chat chat room [public] created by 1guy4fun
For whoever lives in sydney aus.....
Meeting people and doing friends chat room [public] created by RJBS
This is a space for meeting people around the wolrd and to do new friends...
Connecticut Chat room chat room [public] created by Calli1968
Where anyone from Connecticut can chat and hang out and know what and where we are talking about.
gift shop chat room [private] created by sxy007
the gift shop in paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HEY SHORTY chat room [public] created by KiMMEZA95
Listopad chat room [public] created by MrLight
This room fans's music group Listopad (Leaves falling). The music of this group is very beautiful and lirical. http://www.realmusic.ru/listopadpiter
CRISTIANOS SIN FRONTERAS chat room [public] created by DiOSESPODER
bievenido a criatianos sin fronteras
Bisexuals chat room [public] created by ipodJessica
if you bi or lez or gay, come here. :D
rachid chat room [public] created by rechard01
share your smaile with every one but save your kiss for only on
chicago chatters chat room [public] created by chris1brown
this all about people from chicago or people from other people from other places that wanna talk t people from chicago illinois
F.R.O.G. chat room [public] created by ENOCH1
Christian based chatroom for teens, clean talk for those with a clean walk! Safe place for teens to talk!
San Francisco whereabouts chat room [public] created by chels7580
Whats going on there! Whos who and whats what. What is the distinction between this cities with others that makes it radical.
chocolate men and the white girls that love them chat room [public] created by CutieWithaBooteee
for all of the dark skin men and the white girls that are crazy about them!
groovy kind of room chat room [public] created by bern60
chat about all kinds of music from 60's to now
Auckland chat room [public] created by FabioKrauss
Guys from or going to Auckland
linlinzhu chat room [public] created by linzhu
welcome 很高兴认识你,呵呵,,,想学汉语的就快跟上吧。
friendship in calgary chat room [public] created by bigsexxie
friendly chat goes here always
Movie Chat chat room [public] created by j4m33l
Hollywood and Bollywood Movies
Oklahoma City chat room [public] created by toolbox4u2
Gay, Bi, Lez chat! In and around Oklahoma City! Set up the Hook Up!
peter147 chat room [public] created by peter147
I'm looking 4 a nice and lovely lady to chat with here. Peter
CHELSIEchat chat room [private] created by ENOCH1
A chat room for me and my friends to talk without having t deal with anything or anyone else
know your rights chat room [public] created by ichortrust
rights are property and posessions why not protect them under trust and contract law for 900 thousand million million
summer vacation chat room [public] created by 13love
I am so bored. I have school today but I am home sick. Its the last week of school. Oh yeah
Love Romance chat room [public] created by ricodlovedoctor
for those looking for lovers and for serious relationship
Lesbian Pleasure chat room [public] created by LesbianExtacy
For lesbians who are 21 and older
Naturist chat room [public] created by hendrix01
This is a room where people with similar views of naturism, nudity can talk freely about places to meet, how to be a naturist in a non-naturist society.
Turkish and kurdish guys for english girls. chat room [public] created by GemmaYvonne
for us english girls who like the foreigners
Anime Loverz chat room [public] created by LightKiraYagami
chat about any anime you want its a free anime chatroom. especially for new comers that love anime or anything that is japanese.
kamasutra chat room [public] created by dagdu709
erotic exotic chat for lone woman
Summer chat room [public] created by 13love
Last week of school for my town till summer Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!
May 09 Knotties chat room [public] created by NurseRapunzel
for all us knotties getting married in May 2009 :)
webcam room chat room [public] created by marcosx
share experiences, cams,ideas flirting
Movie chat room [public] created by j4m33l
Chat about Hollywood Movies and Stars
gay arabics chat room [public] created by hawken35
any gay arabs want to talk or more lets do it
DMC chat room chat room [public] created by wolfdemon
nothing but anime music chat cool friend
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