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List of all user-created chat rooms #204
Teen room chat chat room [public] created by cassiehottie
eneybody single up 2 15 and has a good looking ofnzjsdfzsdbvjzbvizjsdvsdbvizdjfvnjdzfbvzis;jdvbzhidjkvijxvzdij nzljv ;isje93qo
Chat room thats not totally packed chat room [public] created by DaydreamBeliever100
not totally packed probably and you can understand whats going on! YAY! :D
me and cutipiealways4u chat room [private] created by sexyboy998
iitiittjiutujhiuyjhuthhjv luv my girl
Me and Sexyboy998 chat room [private] created by CutiepieAlways4U
its only me and him<3 love him no matter what
emo and depressed chat room [public] created by deadkali
for emo people who are bored. just come and chat
company of heroes chat room [public] created by vodnik
players who play company of heroes
Ages 13-19 chat room [public] created by BayCheyenne
No place for nasty pervs No 23 year olds can talk nasty to Teens Teens can talk about anything they want
gamers chat room chat room [public] created by vodnik
gamers who play online using all consoles
bad company 2 online gaming chat room [public] created by vodnik
any player who loves playing bad company 2 online
cod-halo-battlefield-coh chat room chat room [public] created by vodnik
players who play games listed above
Freds Chat chat room [public] created by fred13
A chatroom for people(specially woman) to come and chat with me Fred13.
Americans or Europe chat room [public] created by Noraq8q8
Hey everybody,Im creating this chatroom only for Americans or Europians to chat with me! No asians or Arabs. Thank youu. [:
stacey19fhotcamgirlfor5bucks chat room [public] created by stacey19fny
wanna see me playing with my toys?
ueber ehestuten chat chat room [public] created by votzendressur123
reden ueber unsere stuten und ihre verwendbarkeit
marrage11 chat room [public] created by rahim777
m from pkistan and want search a good girl for friendship
Hobart chat chat room [public] created by HungPommyGuy
chat for hobart locals that wanna meet new people
tboy chat room [public] created by manasseh1010
Freestyle room 4 everyone 2 walktak.common guys what are u waiting 4.
CHAT ROOM 1020 chat room [public] created by SALiSE2010
true helping relationship chat rooms chat room [public] created by kayecute
This Chat rooms is for looking a true relationship chat rooms and for helping foreach other,,...cause i believe that A Lover and a friend Cant buy a money unless you have it!^^
twanssa chat room [public] created by oussama2222
room for anather people bhgytbg hnghf nvbhdy bvgts nbhsy nvbhsy nvjfuii nmvkviodf nhyhsdnds
hard to see chat room [public] created by deadalready777
come here and talk...vent....and listen to me do the same
spots chat room [public] created by SALiSE2010
is it weird to sit by myself for hours chat room [public] created by deadalready777
ya....idk...........? I'm sitting here alone.
Kvizovi chat room [public] created by someone2ql4u
Fanovi, od sada se mo?ete jo? vi?e dru?iti na na?em chatu (na lijevoj strani). Dok čekate neki kviz, mo?ete pitati jedni druge neka pitanja i tako se jo? bolje pripremiti. Upadajte na chat! :D
ballet for men and women chat room [public] created by jeffdan123
for any one who loves to talk about ballet or ballet slippers any age welcome
any question funny-remark chat room [public] created by hector321
what ever question o any funny question go for it chat awy
Pear chat room [private] created by yongoodoo
For pear....................................................................................................................
ballet slippers 101 chat room [public] created by jeffdan123
ppl who love ballet slippers wearing them where ever they go
Kurdish chat free now2011 chat room [public] created by Nadiry
Kurdish chat free now2011 for all body
The Cool Room chat room [private] created by Jbird524
only cool ppl can come! XD if ur not cool ur out
Isaiah and Me chat room [private] created by myuki13
Title says all.....................I miss you!!!
LOve Love Love And Relationship chat room [private] created by isaiah12
akjvb.diblkfsnbknkjbvbldfnb .jfdjlbikdnbsinbsd,jbsrdlbsd
me n u foreva chat room [public] created by myuki13
all who have relationships can enter
Me And Mikaela Chat chat room [private] created by isaiah12
Hey Hey Hey Ney ey Hey h hey Bye Bye Bye Bey
The Gamer Chat Room chat room [public] created by TheultimateGAMER11
this is a chat for gamers. you talk about games xbox 360 xbox live users and psn users it will be awesome.
Mother chat room [public] created by mizo57
Search sexxxx and niiiiiiiiiiiiiice Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl
Dragon chat chat room [public] created by Xibe17
a room for all dragons to come and chat
jenny23 UK for thug black chat room [public] created by jennyUK23
im looking to be owned by black
only hot chicks chat room [public] created by sexxymatt42000
new to this need some new hot babes
anyone chats chat room [public] created by micahhatesall
p.p ..................................................................................................................
for freak only chat room [public] created by shamario
every freak jus join this room
Chapel chat room [public] created by RioKamechika
The Wedding Chapel chat room [public] created by KitaPeppitaLolita
There are no weddings currently in session. Please contact KitaPeppitaLolita if you wish to set up a private wedding in this room. Thank you. :) While you're here, check out my web site
razvrat chat room [private] created by livevision
for sexy girls, this room is very nasty and horny, think abaut that.
san francisco california chat room [public] created by anonimobimbo
only people from california san francisco
dirty and dirty chat room [public] created by drcivan
Dirty talking between straight members
ZhouBoB chat room [public] created by ZhouBoB
Chat room for the class :-) We'll learn Chinese and sip barley
credit cards chat room [public] created by ms187
i wanna bye cc'.. anyone ??????????????????????????????
VIRTUAL SEX chat room [public] created by zubbz
Religion philosophy and all chat room [public] created by nzlines
Just serious talk on poetry, religion, history, human, love, culture, philosophy and all the good stuff.
Human and Life chat room [private] created by nzlines
serious talk on human, love, history, poetry, religion, philosophy and the good stuff.
masters slave chat room [private] created by facebook6
for my beloved master to abuse his slut slave
slutslaves chat room [public] created by facebook6
Belfast Single Teens chat room [public] created by CarolanneJ
Single ? Belfast? Teenager? Get Your Ass Here!
teachers chat room [public] created by Adamab
A place for teachers to share ideas
new kids on the block chat room [public] created by AriellovesNkotb
This is for all the new kids on the block fans! Backstreet Boys fans are welcomed to.
The Closet chat room [public] created by Karebear23
For those in the closet that they're almost to china, here's a room where you can sit and relax, even party inside and have fun. Those out and proud welcome too. Enjoy!
my me my chat room [public] created by SavannahLuvspickles
chat about sex chat room [public] created by madisonmcpherson
chat bout sex and have fun while talking about it
eric chat room [public] created by jeke232
need a gf ijnd vvvvvhvhvhvhvhvhvhvhvhvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Chat room full of PLUR chat room [public] created by Djdeathnote
A place where ravers cn chat with other ravers from around the edm world XP PLUR X)
i want sex room chat room [public] created by madisonmcpherson
madison mcpherson created this
hawaii boys chat room [public] created by mcdewey
gay/bisexual chat............................... ............. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My name Is Danielle Im 13 chat room [public] created by Danielle523
Im single live In the USA come chat with me
MatchMAKER chat room [public] created by francex3
Find your LOVE. No perv allowed. xD blah! Be nice guys. :D
Danielle chat room [private] created by Danielle523
Im 13 kfnasjohgfoASHGJNJKL:fdofjgldkjgfadk kdfjgAI)DJGmloAQ iwejgfakodnmgfoaEJg ekpgfAOgAKOM
smexi chat room [public] created by funnyguy24
this is were u can come and talk dirty and wat ever u wanna say
bored people who like shoutting out random phrases chat room [public] created by strangechild101
guitar talk chat room [public] created by fogle1234
talk about guitars, hang out, and just have a good time
the asian party101 chat room [private] created by jonjapan
talk with friends hangout and be cool
GregWithaG chat room [public] created by GregwithaG
Man for Woman. eye to eye, from a distance we may never know but ...
come and talk with me and a bunch of strangers chat room [public] created by Domolovesyou
if you are single and if u are a boy you should come and chat with me
13to15 year olds chat room [public] created by Jasmine98965
This is a chat for 13 to 15 year olds! Please no dirtiness.
tamil chats chat room [public] created by lokitha
who knows tamil allover can come here
happening chat room [public] created by arunpgk
for meeting and talking to new friends over chat hour
come and chat wirh 14 year olds chat room [public] created by Domolovesyou
be my friend and chat with me and a bunch of pple
Single 13-14 year olds-meet here chat room [public] created by cheyenne8269
Hey guys and girls if your single and want a guy or a girl come on in:)
gameraddicts chat room [public] created by xPADxSilenckilr
for gaming people oonly :D PWND
Single peeps chat room [public] created by Cutielexsy
All the single hot people may enter.
gamers4life chat room [public] created by xPADxSilenckilr
gaming for life or new gamers too :)
Want friends chat room [public] created by kittycat100
If u want friends that u don't know here's the place
Broken Time chat room [private] created by SyntheticMelody
join avon chat room [public] created by avonambassadrice5
Lets chat about Avon! this is the biggest company of beauty and joining it will make u very happy am sure!
Pregnant Teenages chat room [public] created by 15AndPregnant
Pregnant Teen's chatroom, is for any pregnant teen's to beable to talk to other teen's going through the same thing as them, & to meet new people.. Hope you's find it usefull.(:
shyyy and quiett people chat room [public] created by XxxColeenxxX
queit, shy at furst people, heres a chat room for yuh
just frends chat room [public] created by lovly143
This Is A Frends Room So Comeing And Just Enjoy Ok Coming & Talk Whith Frends
wanna see me naked chat room [public] created by bradon08
come in here if you wanna see me na**d
Gay 14-16 chat room [public] created by OceanBlueBoi
14 through 16 years old only please
Youngistan chat room [private] created by Vikas988
It's a chat room for adults who wants to chat with girls for enjoyment
VSP chat room [private] created by Vikas988
It's a chat room for enjoying, chating and making everyone happier, so that they would also enjoy
IDKO.o chat room [public] created by pwxx14
daraa chat chat room [public] created by ZZZZEDON
amercan chat chat room [public] created by ZZZZEDON
Young kids that love sex chat room [public] created by ilikeemyoung41
Young kids banging with fetishes
AndhraPradesh chat room [public] created by loafer2
For all Andhra people.. Welcome
welcometo-mine chat room [private] created by tsegaie
lets chat here pricately i am interested to discuss about ideas , cultueres and life ....
mature woman chat room [public] created by gigolo54
mature womannnn and young boy gigolo
Dtf girls in the area chat room [public] created by willroch7
15 or 16,yearold girls looking for some fun;)
girls in the area chat room [public] created by willroch7
15 or 16,yearold girls looking for some fun;)
rehaan chat room chat room [public] created by rehaan17
only hyd people is allowed to use this room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room
Love and Candles chat room [public] created by DonDoreid
For romantic men and romantic women to chatting and talking.....
kingdom players chat room [public] created by kingdomdill
if u play kingdom heart ur needd to come to the chat here
sex on deck chat room [public] created by lbailey2501
I am a loving and caring preson that loves evertone in some kind a way
Chatting Room chat room [public] created by RepeatedAnimal
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
Batman chat room [public] created by RepeatedAnimal
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
good firend chat room [private] created by hotboydelhi
this is the group of nice people
Forest Hot Spring chat room [private] created by Ayame08
Everyone welcome! Unless you don't listen to me or really get on my nerves.. then you get banned. Rules: 1. Stop starting fights in my chat room! I will kick your ass!! 2. Please try to relax.. it's a HOT SPRING! 3. If I allow fighting, no GMing. 4. If you cuss me out, act like a bitch to me, or are rude to me friends.. you're gone. 5. HAVE FUN! =D
Indian sex chat room [public] created by Nite4ride
All indian girls seeking for longrelationship,sex chat invited
Gifts and Talents chat room [public] created by Bones007
Any of you got a special talent you'd like to talk about? Well here's your chat room.
little boyz room chat room [public] created by boyblue15
little boys come here to chat for gay or bi boys only
kenyan guys chat room [public] created by mseti89
those ones who have interest with kenyans
If you 13-17 this room is for you chat room [public] created by xXDoDaDeXx
Im a lonely SINGLE gurl! so hook me up!
See me Cam chat room [public] created by Martin1991
Im a guy who will do anything on cam!
fun furry chat room chat room [public] created by gaurdianwolf
i'll tell everyone the rules once they come in
afrika 1 chat room [public] created by alinakstern
hig8 tvnzugvu zvvnzv7nigv tvnibtv7ntvnigv67dczu
Skype peeps chat room [public] created by komei123
any1 who has skype.. join this room- meeting new friends
Dating and Romance chat room [public] created by eoa1990
just for peoples that really mean have fun
Battle Ground chat room [public] created by VyseVonKessel
this is my rooom if ya wanna have a nice friendly fight go here ;D
hheheeh chat room [private] created by looseyourself
deviluk chat room [private] created by deviluk
this room for fo rme and anne to chat in
SinglezS chat room [public] created by mexican405
jus for the ones who are bored home chillin n single
Small Penis Humiliation 23 chat room [public] created by Tinywhitepecker
To make of guys with small penis
Small Penis Humiliation 25 chat room [public] created by Tinywhitepecker
To humiliate small penis guys. They deserve to be made fun of and teased
7hottie chat room [private] created by 7hottie
Hey what's up I'm 14 andlooking for a guy chat room [public] created by bukola123
This is room for lesbians.GAY lesbian friends and lovers.It's all about fun.LEZ GIRLS lets do it.
jacob666s room chat room [public] created by jacob666
jacobs room 13-17 what else am i supposed to say
Lets Sext chat room [public] created by mountaindewme
For people looking to find a sexting buddy TONIGHT! Lets playy
13-14 yrs chat room [public] created by taytay11
only if ur 13 or 14. Chat with people that aren't 32 for once.
Pro Self-Harm chat room [public] created by loveme8888
Talk to me or anyone about self harm. We are for it not against it.
lesbian chat in london chat room [public] created by londoneast
for lesbians looking for freindly chats
beastiality lovers talk dirty chat room [public] created by countryman68
chat for lovers of animals having sex with girls or to have sex with animals
Stuttgart chat room [public] created by JanusSmits
Alle aus Stuttgart gehen hier zum chatten... ;)
im sexi but emo chat room [public] created by loulou675
haha idk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
meeting point chat room [public] created by omkaizanandy
the station where we meet in words
Wolf Rp chat room [public] created by Skroy
well wolf/dog Rp. any level of Rp is allowed.
know you chat room [public] created by fatimarafik
to know about each other ,and information about us
Stray dog RP chat room [public] created by Skroy
a stray dog RP. you can be human and have a family but you must have other people be your wife,husband,child,ex.
trans gender chat room [private] created by tanyacd
for crossdressers..ssssssssssssssssssss
Stray animal RP chat room [public] created by Skroy
you must be some kind of domesticated animal. you can be human and can have a family.and you can adopt a stray or if you have a rock for a heart then you can abuse the animals if it really pleases you (which i hope it doesent) you can have litters of dogs or cats.
crossdressers most welcome.ccccc chat room [public] created by tanyacd
for horney guys and crossdressers
transgender chat chat room [public] created by tanyacd
crossdressersmost welcome to chat
BigBeautiful-Women chat room [public] created by MissHipz
If your a BBW or if you love them...Come and chat!
Need a gf or BF come here chat room [public] created by Hunnter69
Come talk to boys/girls and find your love
popular peps chat room [public] created by crombieboss
Cyber Sex 4 NON-couples chat room [public] created by AidenWuzHere030
You can cyber here as long as your NOT a couple.
very horny chat chat room [public] created by musiclover14
a chat where horny people can talk yo other horny ppl
willis chat room [private] created by willisbroken
malinki chat room [private] created by malinki1
Sinqle People - chat room [public] created by Yasminee14
Sinqle People Hook Up Here N Have Fun ! Luv Yasminee Dhe Baddest ♥ !
FFchubs chat room [private] created by exploited2010
ffmembers who need to find a new home
World of warcraft only. chat room [public] created by Kaelem
Hey guys if you play World of warcraft Join this chat <:D its great to meet people in wow and i love to get more people from wow on my ID friends Join if ur a wow fan wooott
Zombie Preparedness chat room [public] created by williambebb
A place for those people smart enough to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse.
Gay Vir chat chat room [public] created by Uzody
This the room for only gay.if not a gaY getout
german people chat room [public] created by walkerpet
wir sprechen uns Deutschen so alles zu ficken usa Leute ficken kann sie sich selbst
Online Orgy chat room [private] created by MrGerbil
Lets talk dirty, online sex, video chat and have a fun time ;)
Online Orgy123 chat room [public] created by MrGerbil
Lets talk dirty, online sex, video chat and have a fun time ;)
1 drsaji chat room [public] created by drsaji
i am from india, i chat with lady for serious friendship
funny xox0 chat room [private] created by nalin1621
For KSA Members chat room [public] created by Kiddy010
just for KSA members to gather
69 ADI chat room [public] created by Aditya69
lookin 4 a sugar mama chat room [public] created by swagg89
women over 30 only in this chat room
PINAY ROOM chat room [public] created by aiiika
kahiiit xiino kahit ano pede moshi moshi genki desu ka abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
c2c scype chat room [public] created by crispell13
c2c only not just one cam and my scype name is jacobygir3
lesbian and bi sexual chat room [public] created by pj598
for bis and lesbian girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mixed race lads for girls chat room [public] created by ashjackson
girls who like mied race lads come on in and chat away :)
Hideout chat room [private] created by BladedDemon
Just a Chatroom where We RP at least whos let in RPs
For Saudi Arabia chat room [public] created by Kiddy010
join for members living in ksa
Philpinas in KSA chat room [public] created by Kiddy010
This is to join philpinas in KSA
Dating 101 chat room [public] created by katie515
Wanting to find that special someone? Well meet them here!
Free money online trade urls chat room [public] created by moloho
people join together to make the most they can online, we are all stronger if we work together then by ourselfs and please no fakes
Wicca Chatroom chat room [public] created by tblac95
Talk about wicca and energy from the earth. Open group about sritual beliefs and other such things.
HYD TELUGU chat room [public] created by peralahyd
This is the telugu chat room for making relationship between telugu indian people
i like sexe chat room [public] created by addel72
sexe cam sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
arabic arab chat room [public] created by addel72
arbic and arabic ilike worldsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
salam alikoum chat room [private] created by addel72
salam alikouuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Destinee chat chat room [public] created by Destineeeeeeeeeeeee
im destinee, 22. Im from riverside, CA but i recently moved to Florida and im really liking it. Im new to this chat thing so if you want, go ahead and chat with me.
penang chat chat room [public] created by conny2170
any ladies in penang join here to chat
Demonic Wolf RP or Regular Wolf RP chat room [public] created by ShatteredDemon
For Demonic Wolves or Regular Wolf RP
alone together you and i chat room [public] created by daveyxxxx
for fun and games.....intimate conversations....
talk to LilJessy88 chat room [public] created by LilJessy88
hi come talk to me and ask me anything you want to ask me. i will answer them
gods own chat room [public] created by aloves288
no entry for fake people... be careful
A ROOM FOR MY DEAR ONES chat room [public] created by DavidJohn379
this is a chat room for my friends...
subashley13 chat room [public] created by ashley13ga
a room of mine that i was told to make so i did
under 18 nj girls chat room [public] created by mikm123
all under 18 girls come in. Have a real cool time in this chat room.
Hot People Under 20 only chat room [public] created by Kyrsten101
this is is 4 any1 under 20 years old tht thinks there hot or cute. No pervetes aloud or u will b kicked out of my room but idc wat else u do so its like a free world with only 2 or 3 rules!(:
malaysia freeeeeeee chat room [private] created by azmanahmad
log in now freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13-25 girls chat room [public] created by kristylovesgirls
girl chat -----girl problems, no guys alowed, or it would be called guy and girl chat.
into couples in PA chat room [public] created by supergirl1108
lesbians/gay/bisexual people who want to join in with local couples
erotic exotic chat room [public] created by sbang2011
good feelings for all who want to cherish each and every moment of their life... come on girls
Sapphires room chat room [private] created by ArcticVixen
My room just to hang about and jam with ppl
Tampa Florida chat chat room [public] created by Gcdnied
Meet people in Tampa Florida for whatever reasons you may have!
My other room... chat room [public] created by ArcticVixen
My other room where u all can just come in and jam about
countrygirl chat chat room [public] created by nicholestewart
you can talk about anything you want and ask questions
online webcam sex hot female only chat room [public] created by leejenshen
this chat room is only for horny girls
justin bieber 1092465 chat room [public] created by bianna1025
i love you i love you and you i want tforvern yooyoumrmtlfobe with you
People who are bored nd wanna jus talk chat room [public] created by Dimples54
teenagers only , hav to live in the usa nd no bein mean plz this is a no negativity room
Engagement advice chat room [public] created by gavriel77
I am not a person who asks for advice but I am in a bit of trouble here and thought it may be helpful
athletics chat room [public] created by nickaranda17
people who want to talk about sports
Any girls want a strip tease chat room [public] created by ladqwerty
Any girls wanting to see me get naked/ get naked themselves, talk on this or add me on skype -
nice to meet u chat room [public] created by smokinghot37
just come visit and meet new people to your liking haha and everybody have a good day
the dateing chat chat room [public] created by Deontez
find a person that u like online and get to meet them and ask the out and have relationship with them
hey nice to meet u chat room [public] created by smokinghot37
hey come on over and chat with me and annybody who comes to this chat room
girls only 2 chat room [public] created by smokinghot37
if u are not a girl then u are going to get kicked from the chat
4 single 10 year old boy to date me chat room [public] created by yayahey
SweetSoles FootFetish Room chat room [public] created by SweetSoles
roleplay, chat. foot fetish, sole fetish, footjobs, tickling, bastinado, foot whipping. every thing feet.
Cyberbully chat room [public] created by Tazo41
this chat is for people who are watching Cyberbully on ABC families
incees chat room [public] created by jerryalex2007
family relationship trouble you know what im talking about
carrali130 chat room [public] created by carrali130
open to new friend and good humor chat and meet
msn cam sex chat room [public] created by genderrome
cam sex on msn with me now sex se sex
Warp Zone chat room [public] created by F1R35C0RP10N
For the cooler club kids who want to converse about the good ol daze of what once was and at the same time may want to converse about the right here right now and what may yet 2 b!
wms chat chat room [private] created by comedian263
a chat room for my friends at waynesville middle school in haywood county nc
tool band chat room [public] created by psychoticdisorder
chatroom dedicated to tool fans
Call of duty black ops chat chat room [public] created by hunter23pain
talk about gameplay and all other stufgf like clan joining
I need a boy 2 hang out with and chat 2 chat room [public] created by Brittany82340
Love and talk about us any takers
Brittanyiam14andilivein nb Missouri me5733372373 chat room [public] created by Brittany82340
Txts me if u live in missouri newburg salem st. James any close places and i want cute guys i have brown hair brown eyes kinda short i love hollister cloth they r the shit lol txts me
pretty gurlz 210 chat room [private] created by lilshawtybrianna
just me and friends and cool pplz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIFE IS ROMENTIC chat room [public] created by ALONEBOY786
trainning chat room [public] created by armybarbie
for the people who wanna be good at English
anti bully chat room [public] created by HannahBandana
people can get together and talk about bullying
Needing to talk chat room [public] created by Papops123
Anybody welcome. Talk bout anything! Justwanna meet new people
FOR BISEXUAL GIRLS ONLY chat room [public] created by ilovegirlslots
Only HOT BISEXUAL GIRLS ONLY! You can say what ever just be nice and have funn!!
new room 4 new people chat room [public] created by littlejin
this is a room for new people who want to chat to others who are online. socome on in and have a chat :)
hot lesbian sex chat room [public] created by hotcandygirl123
all lesbians are welcome to join mine room
South America chat room [public] created by Tantrumf1
Chat rooms for anyone living in South America..
lover0001 chat room [public] created by lover0001
ppl wanna talk to girls or guys
Straight Uop talking chat room [public] created by Tritty19
Its a chat room that u can talk about anything but not to horny or sorry u will get the boot and ont be disrespctfull and if u have something to say say it it dosent metter to me
Straight Up Talking chat room [public] created by Tritty19
It having fun and talking about anything you want it dosent matter but dont get to far or you going to get the boot at the door and if u have something to say, say it because i udont care just dont be to rude or get the boot well have fun and enjoy yourselves
just this chat room [public] created by ashleyNnemesis
come meet new people and have funnn
sexpic chat room [public] created by sextmewhenever
only allowed to send each other body parts
toma room chat room [public] created by kingrican69
girls come chill ppls ................
only people who has skype chat room [public] created by americankittykat2012
, talk about anything, no racism! but you can talk about anything else. anything random, mostly for horny ppl
Xbox 360 Profile people chat room [public] created by BigReaper35
join if u have a xbox 360 :P :P :P
raider fans chat room [public] created by awesometacuar
awesome best team ever it is for raiders fans
demigods only plz chat room [public] created by thisizFREE
WE BE DA BEST demigod's around
random suff chat room [public] created by pinklava
horny girls only678 chat room [public] created by enziofromcanada
this is a chat room for horny girls
13-15 year old room chat room [public] created by thisizFREE
come on in and chilllllll we gonna party hard srry puttin all this stuff the description has to be 30 character's
DL AB Chat chat room [private] created by DaddyTiffer
Chat for Diaper Lovers to make friends and more. Email me for admittance.
hee chat room [private] created by randima12
Were are you from chat room [public] created by Caligurl3
About your culture and what you do for living?
Only 18 Plus chat room [public] created by BaitFaceRae
Olny 18 Plus Cam Sex Room, Females, Males, Its Gonna Be A Hugh Orgy
Late nite chat chat room [public] created by xXxHAZExXx
any cute girls (16-19) that live in jersey .
Princesssexytime chat room [public] created by princesssexytime
I yaah want to talk to mee. im bi so anyonees greaat! ;) .. so hoorny!..
The get smashed or pass chat room [public] created by BiGHOMMiE87
Room for ladies who love to have fun come and join me
It didnt matter chat room [private] created by PurrfectSerpent
LET GO chat room [public] created by READY247RU
This chat room is for the freaks who want to get rite down the point without holding back. the only rule is let go and find that one. have fun
For singles only chat room [public] created by Awesomchick13
For teenagers who are single and just wanna chat
Teddy chat chat room [private] created by lenxen
Just for u............................................................
For friends only chat room [private] created by lenxen
For my friends and all the ones who wants to be.... your welcome too
Lonely and looking for hope... chat room [public] created by ScarletRuby
For the romantics. The lovers. The poem writers...
Privet room chat room [public] created by amcool35
I want friend for busness between east africa
japanese korean chat room [public] created by wishheart22
only koreans are allowed!!!! ok!!!! understand!!!! exclusive for koreans only!!!!!!!!!!!
SCENE IS DEAD chat room [public] created by Jezzyinsanity
reated by Moi Lady Nogrady Jezzy Jealousy
s.f.v. chat room [public] created by ericmohawk
san fernando valley party seekers
TeH MuShRoOm RoOm chat room [public] created by GummyBearsDancing
raj035 chat room [private] created by raj035
22 male india looking for chat with indian people
if ur not invited dont bother chat room [private] created by amykins14
for friends only beats the main rooms anyday
kids 14 and under chat room [private] created by flirtygirl98
for us to have a place to talk thats not with nasty old pervs
Teen Chat No Creepers allowed 19 and under chat room [public] created by ReggieWright
Well self Explanatory if You want a nice chat with Teens then get in here it's poppin!
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