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List of all user-created chat rooms #393
idklawl chat room [private] created by imppy
Plymouth PA sex chat chat room [public] created by hothardone1970
For anyone in Plymouth, PA looking to hookup for hot sex
woman to woman talk chat room [public] created by duckyntim
This is a chat room for woman to vent
Spank chat room [private] created by SpankMeBaby1
It is a room for me and petgrrl!
Special People chat room [public] created by SpankMeBaby1
Me and petgrrl! ...................................
no man is an island chat room [public] created by jaime6283
anything goes... anything is fine... anything is ok...
Nice4chat chat room [public] created by Londonboy117
only Nice chat, people who want relationship, and good friend,
tattoooo chat room [private] created by tattoo782002
femdom-strapon-kinky-weird whı likes so come to my chatroom and let's cum together
shomat chat room chat room [public] created by ahmad456swager
dddfghhhhhhhhgggfffffggggggggg fffff
Lil Miss Swagg chat chat room [private] created by LilMissSwagg
People who want to talk to me.
looking for my eighth grade graduation dress chat room [public] created by mysteryone5
any websites or pics plz i really need help finding the perfect dress!~ so if u can help
Lil Miss Swagger Jagger chat chat room [public] created by LilMissSwagg
People who wanna talk to me. boys, girls, friends. I don't care. No CUSSING!
alone forever chat room [public] created by ninetail
where you feel alone....ill try to help you
date room for teens chat room [public] created by Dakota3033
where teens find other single teens to date
The Sanctuary chat room [public] created by ColdGold
A nice quiet place for relaxing and discussions.
R0lePLay chat room [public] created by WaterinAGlass
Pass through the gate to a place where there are no rules. you can be what you've always dreamed of, or face your worst nightmare. It's your journey, and it begins here...
cam site for free chat room [public] created by jessica19872323
you can watch the owner of this chat room if you join
anime mmorpg room chat room [public] created by cronoslayer
join this chat club if you love anime or mmorpgs or rpgs in gen
anime and RPGs chat room [public] created by cronoslayer
join this chat club if you love anime or anything rpg like including mmorpgs
Friendly Chat room Girls chat room [public] created by Dragontig
I am 15 and male. I am a kickboxer and now finished training so i just got in the internet and rather not go on facebook. so il just go on here as first time seen. Any girls want to talk.
Friendly peepz only chat room [public] created by Magicorb123
Only come if your nice and friendly...If your gonna be rude and mean dont join at all...
im very hot chat room [public] created by matthockeystud
this is a chat for horny teens who wanna sext
indian soul mate native prnicess want brave chat room [public] created by sweetsouls
i would like to chat to native indian man hopefuly creat a friendship mayb more im lax kwa laam from port simson bc i live in calgary just got my statis no games head games im way past that if you wanna chat lets pow wow
Just want to Talk and Comfort me Im a MALE chat room [public] created by vandorcz016
you are welcome here,, if you interested we can be friends or more than that =)
kannada girls chat room [public] created by srinivasbn
dating channel chat room [private] created by jakethesnake1999
mallick chat room [public] created by mallick007
loking for some special who caring person and romantic
All dressed up. nowhere to go... chat room [public] created by moontrance
Hmmm alone... I feel it. Chill we all are.
lovemania chat room [public] created by prockzg
Come here enjoy,,,females ,males of all ages r welcome
16-under gay chat chat room [public] created by 15yearold15
this is the place for teens to talk to each other
poke it200 chat room [public] created by pokeme30
so random its crazy chat room [public] created by hateyouloveyou
don't cur if you're gay bi straight but don't be haten on dem gays or ill kill u
filipinoy gay chat chat room [public] created by unknown2112
people who wanna have fun are welcome :)
13-14 Year Olds Chat chat room [public] created by iloveyou2468
Just to talk to 13-14 year olds. Have fun and just chat! This chat room is so AWESOME!!
14 to 21 year old chat chat room [public] created by mattboy14
any one can chat here just dont be over 21. do what you wont in the chat. just dont be a dick or some shit like that.
SAREN HERE chat room [private] created by kooncds
PRIVTAE. only for mine and sarens use.
newA chat room [public] created by pandupandu
dgsddsg gfg g rgre rtht rtt rth t t tr tr
making new friends and gfs or bfs chat room [public] created by Dakota3033
meeting new people or to find ur love of ur life
Horny Kinky Sex chat room [public] created by enriquec1234
Send naked IM'S, dirty talk ect...
viveksinghxxxxxxxxxx chat room [public] created by viveksinghxxxxxxxxxx
i am sexi boy,plz chat me ,mai sex karne ke lie hamesa tayar rahta hu coll boy ke liy sampark kare
Austin date line chat room [public] created by Naughtyman1969
Austin singles getting together.
Mmmuuaaaaccchhh....... chat room [private] created by Eksan
Come In...................................................................................................................................................
aussie xdressers chat room [public] created by SESlade
a place for Aussie crossdressers to chat, and more
India Blore chat chat room [public] created by sanjukr222
People from Blore for fun and friendship chat
RUSHING HOUR chat room [public] created by SHELARA
looking for nice sex in dubai chat room [public] created by sweetinsatiable
this room is for the handsome sexy rich guys from dubai who are looking for a nice date with a nice lady
Yuri hardcore or romantic chat room [public] created by Bloodynekorose
*blushes dark red* I-i guess i-i shall try to m-make a chat room...hehehehe *blushes and has my ears down*
edwards roleplay room1123 chat room [public] created by edwards123
only girls and lady are allowed to this room and requested to boys plz stop to enter here okay
Keyyyl33333 chat room [public] created by KeyleeBi
i love to chat to anyone but i am looking for Lesbians and bii people <3
Not Dead Room chat room [public] created by AidPhil
teen girls wanna have fun says money chat room [public] created by mrfatclock85
adult indian fun chat room [public] created by chodbahan
have u ever had any sexual relationship with your family member.. lets start some adult fun.
Adolescent Gay Chat chat room [public] created by jman10081995
For teenagers only. Gay or bisexual orientation
my sexy girls chat room [private] created by secretsex200
sexy chat with my girls..... friends... this is purely a sex chat.... no regrets
Casseys Room chat room [public] created by cassey021
Welcome to my chatroom! Let's talk anything under the sun!
savage chat room [public] created by Tchidibright
i will do that later i will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that lateri will do that later
Naruto6923 chat room [private] created by Kittythethief
come and roleplay using anime characters
MaKe LoVe AlWaYs chat room [public] created by lindanie
Welcome To The World Of Love If You Really Want To Enjoy Your Time Hop In And Pop In And Have A Blast Of Ur Life
Bulimia Support chat room [public] created by DesperateMia
A place where you can chat about your struggle with bulimia
prasath chat room [public] created by prasathsathya
tamil girlThis is a shared user-created chat room for anyone to hos
sextalk247 chat room [public] created by jamieg16
where you can get laid!!!! or if thats not what your looking for just come for the convosation :P
Bahrain sex chat room [public] created by ichara
This room is to gather open-minded people who are willing to explore their bodies limits.....
hatchet cutter chat room [public] created by yngm4yngf
hardcore killers room no puusy bitches,girls only please
play pusy and dick chat room [public] created by ManPro
warmup to play game ay nigh man and woman plsynshmsj
MLP FIM SEASON 3 chat room [public] created by MoscowTheLoli
andreeamg chat room [public] created by andreeamg
wanna explore chat room [public] created by mrgoodenough
this is for people who like to talk dirty and explore their sexuality without being judged!!!!
Sex Video Sofia chat room [public] created by sofia99usa
Welcome Here you will find all the sex videos professional education and practice Gender correctly and enjoyable
jamaica1901 chat room [private] created by lindsay1901
this is a chat room that i made for my friend and i to not have to im is that ok
Adult game for all continue the story chat room [public] created by 21cheryl21
I start the story- then someone carrys it on and then the next person and so on...
Emo Bisexuals And Gays chat room [public] created by TellMeYouLoveMe
Come Here And Chat With Me And Other People That Are Like You. ^.^
Roleplay 98 chat room [private] created by BaileyStyles98
hey superman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spain unlimited chat room [public] created by storyofO
Mainly for English people living in Spain
need a guy chat room [public] created by BaileyStyles98
hey i need a guy with a tiny chat account for webcam fun plz a white guy 16-21 plz
Sexy older Bi ladies and their friends chat room [public] created by misscurious47
create for older ladies and others that enjoy their company for chatting and friendships
Its not gay if its a threeway chat room [private] created by cocoa667
Sex. More sex. 3 way sex. More sex. Sex. yum.
Furry friendship for all chat room [private] created by DaltonD97
A place for furry friendship. And sometimes furry love.
pokemon role playing chat room [public] created by pikachugirl452
anyone who wanted to roleplay pokemon can come here
5tuff xxx chat 1-2-3 chat room [public] created by brookxxx
have fun and talk about anything
minecraft server room chat room [public] created by vinceblocks
if you want to make a minecraft server with me join and we will talk
teen Free open chat chat room [public] created by Jasso18
Everybody can chat gay bi straight lesbian who cares pervs allowed just if people ask u to stop bothering them STOP. ok? ok! thx and enjoy
chat herefdsfds chat room [public] created by ThelocalDrugDealer
The FullRide chat room [public] created by ewalth
Where anything goes chat with people from all parts of the world. Talk about love,life and what turns you on.
game invite chat room [public] created by mgsplayer2
talk about games, invite people to games do whatever!
My other Kingdom chat room [public] created by CosmosThunderball
Welcome to my kingdom where I'm the ruler of this kingdom. And your allowed to have fun here. Just remember these three simple rules 1. No fighting in the castle. 2. Have Fun and please remember this is my kingdom and other kingdoms will be created outside. 3. All hoildays are celebrated here so come in and have fun and celebrate. You are welcome. There's so much to do here and it's got it's own things so come one come all come to my kingdom the kingdom of fun.
For Koreans chat room [public] created by niceguyind
This room I am creating to get some Korean Friends. Pls join if you are from Korea.
Croatia - Zg chat room [public] created by Bjzoggy
People from Croatia ...People who are living in Zagreb or they have close connection to it.. :D
sex 4 girls n boy chat room [public] created by harry990
for sex chat only girl m boy .. any girl do can chat with me
SEX IN UAE chat room [public] created by flirtyboy18
Guy friendly chat room [public] created by cuddlebuddie14
heyy guys come and talk to mee <3 preferably ages 13-18
Sooo Hornyy chat room [public] created by torri310horny
For all those horny females like me who are looking for pleasure(;
talk about your problems chat room [public] created by bubblegum4878
come in and talk to each other about your problems:)
Bi Boy-Gay Boys chat room [public] created by ChristianElmo
Any bi/gay male 14-21 No being ignorant and cyber bullying be nice and make new friends.!
poopy diaper chat room chat room [public] created by SecretDL
did you fill your diaper ;3 come here and so we can smell it together you stinky boy
Nowaki s house chat room [private] created by NowakiKusama
this is my home and well i guess you are welcome in it
Masons room chat room [public] created by MasonBlaine
12 & 13 year old girls and boys if you want to mingle
Vancouver Bi chat room [public] created by howesound
A room for Bi guys to chat and meet
gay and bi chat chat room [public] created by iwannayou
it is for gays and bi to chat and meet and talkhorny as much as they want
filipina Girl chat room [public] created by waafy
I love filipina girl ammmm I love filipina girl ammmmI love filipina girl ammmm
11-13 year old webcam chat room chat room [public] created by garrett1121
have fun its cool come and lets chat
Love Bored room chat room [private] created by ChasityLove
fun a blast u will love it promis
Bully Victims Stories chat room [public] created by wymaricle
This chat room is to tell if you were bullied and how severly, just know people are out there who have been bullied as well and can listen to you
only indians yar chat room [public] created by Azzy30
only indians are allowed intrested guys and guls plz join
Lets talk about sex Ladies chat room [public] created by Angelo1969
When it comes to Sex, I want to know what ladies want, but do not get and how can I help.
Advice-Chat chat room [public] created by BeautifulDream1
I can help anyone who is having any problems with anything. im available on the weekends 1-11 pm :)
Design or Evolution chat room [public] created by MurriAl
a debate environment where users express their opinions on evolution theory and creationist suggeestions
NormalPeople chat room [public] created by Londongirl4evs
just Normal People talking about normal everyday things. THERE IS NO CLIQUE.
Apple orchid chat room [private] created by shadowdrago
the Room for the TITANS these people are The Most ruthless Most Dangerous beings ever So I Dare you Cross us and watch what happens
sexual chat room101 chat room [public] created by threeway101
talk about sexual content and turn people on
Need sex help chat room [public] created by rubygirl1990
i really need sexual advice can anyone help me please
butch and fem room chat room [public] created by green464
this is a chat room only for the true lesbian woman out there come one come all.
Teens 13-17 no pervs chat room [public] created by guitardude461
chat room for teens ages 13-17 no pervs!
miami room chat room [public] created by green464
for miami lesbians butch and fem
anime bi Room chat room [public] created by manny1998
gay and bi teens looking to talk toother teens in the san diego area
Demigods Chat Room chat room [public] created by DemiOfPlague
Chat room for any God or Demigod, i'm interested in talking with you.
single honest guy looking for a lady. chat room [public] created by cma72
ladies come chat and see if we have anything in common
The World Anime Dimension chat room [private] created by stormraven201
if you don't know what it means then theres no point in entering...-_-
IF YOU LOVE BLACK COCK chat room [public] created by danieldwaine
SeXY lady .... chat room [public] created by Erzal
Chat about anything and everything also ..if you wanna go on youtube to get a lugh out of life check this chick out ..aussiebellshum!! She is on utube dont forget to subscribe and she has really good advice
sexi ppl chat chat room [public] created by Cassieeeeeee
this chatroom if for any one who is sexi :) if ur over the age of 25 u will be banned, if ur a perv u will get banned, just have fun :)
forbidden forest hotsprings chat room [public] created by shadowdrago
The Yard chat room [public] created by NowakiKusama
this is my yard and so you are welcome in it/
Horny In El Paso chat room [public] created by 1Hardguy
want to chat with females that like to make guys cum for them
35 and older chat room [public] created by sofia373737
wine sex ....experience...friendship
CologneGermany chat room [public] created by HunterCGN
einfach chatten hier in kölle und umgebeung
angels broken heart chat room [public] created by ninetail
where my sister and yall can come and try to cheer each other up
TV Mistress Victorias chamber chat room [public] created by Mistressvicky
A room for all of you sissies, T girls, men, girls or couples who want to serve a TV Mistress.
talk about anime chat room [public] created by KotaroFuma
Come in and talk and have as much fun as possibly but be very not behave
JeremysRoom chat room [public] created by JeremyBeans
Its my room for my friends and to have fun in this awesomenous room
King Chat chat room [public] created by BlackPrettyBoi
Very fun room, there will be no violence, just friendly talk and make some new friends
videogames rule chat room [public] created by wayup90
this is no pick up room this is a video game room 4 those ppl who like to play or want to make video games
Boyfriend stuff chat room [public] created by gege334h
Well, my boyfriend promised he would stay up late role playing with me since he had to work. Then he went to the super long Skyfall movie. I just don't think he understands how excited and how much this rp meant to me.
love advice for u chat room [public] created by choco1110714
having problems with love or any personal issues best way it to chat here
teenss who wanna try an older guy chat room [public] created by mrfatclock85
Can u handle it.Don't be scared. I get alit of teen girls contacting me yo be hooked up with guys in their 20's and 30's
call of duty chat and 1v1 no noods chat room [public] created by callofdutyplaya
gamer to gamers have a friendly chat and fighting on online on call of duty or what ever
just talkin chat room [public] created by Ashzz
just casual talking no rudeness
RecruitingForClan chat room [public] created by EOGinvictus We R Recruiting 4 Black Ops 2 Competition Players Only.
X box 360 LIVE chat room [public] created by imAgoodboy1
Anyone who has a 360 get in here.
bangladeshi sex chatgrup only for girls chat room [private] created by shubho2013
this grup is only for girls.its a open minded grup
Talking To The Moon -R.P.- chat room [public] created by MajorXena
An R.P. derp! Description: No clue...
aleem chat room [public] created by aleemskzr
Assalamu Alaikum, i new one for this chat room any join the room so we can share of options for new deals.
woo eat me chat room [public] created by katieJohnson
for everyone who wanna have a dirty chat
TeluguChat chat room [public] created by vrahul
This Is for Hyderabad Ppl, Come and join have a fun..........
Have a friendly chat chat room [public] created by KotaroFuma
I cant belivie u wont com ein and talk with ur friends
Games with marie chat room [private] created by Edgeofdestruction
to play games with my friend marie on here
Hookah Lounge chat room [public] created by imAgoodboy1
Smoke hookah? COME ON IN, chill talk about vases, flavors,or just to chat
leles 12-34 chat room [public] created by llv9899
12-34 only no pervs please its not allowed
Role play Mike and cam chat room [private] created by Edgeofdestruction
Role play time lol lets give this a try :P
fun and sexxxx chat room [private] created by sajvis83
fun and sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Horny men chat room [public] created by 21andsexy
for horny people who r horny and have nothing they can do about it at that moment so u can chat dirty in a way of having sex
american girls for english men chat room [public] created by ceras23
american women looking to chat with english men
Zoey talk chat room [private] created by Zoey38220
Xandria Hybrid chat room [public] created by AngelOfDeath15
you stand in my way. ill push you back.
ariana room chat room [public] created by rheaariana
anyone can join this room......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
WolfRp Packs and Loners. chat room [public] created by Martiziah
Realistic wolf rp. For pack and lone wolves.
only for banglore girls chat room [public] created by kennyredbull
ply guys stay out from this Bangalore Karnataka girls housewives can chat her
horny teen bi girls chat room [public] created by kimberlyZ
i think it explains it self ;) it;s a free for all. you can do ur dirty chat in public ;)
chat room for normal people.... chat room [public] created by DexieBaby13
talk, hang, anyone is welcome.
Serial Killers and Mass Murderers fan chat room [public] created by nobody93
for ppl like me who has problems with mankind and society..
alia room chat room [public] created by rheaariana
edwards roleplay room123 chat room [public] created by edwards123
no boys allowed only girls and lady are allowed to enter in this room
edwards roleplay room12345 chat room [public] created by edwards123
no boys are allowed to enter here only girls are alowed to come my room
13-19 teens chat room chat room [public] created by jsava39
teen chat room onley so i hope u like it.
Emaratians chat room [public] created by Memexq8
Everyone is welcomed , respect needed ^^"
dirty daddies chat room [public] created by lilbabee
Ever want something u shouldnt have?
cute teenage boys chat room [public] created by ej16
if u are a teenager boy and u think u are cute ,please chat in my chatroom
Fruits Basket Chat chat room [public] created by xXKyoXx
come join Kyo he is very bored
me and u alone chat room [public] created by edwards123
only girlas are allowed to enter in my room so boys be care ful otherwise u will pull out or kick ouit
hanap ako ng gay chat room [public] created by darkro
Harry679 chat room [public] created by Harry679
Best chat room...!!!! I m new to this site... plz join my chat room....
mastifree chat room [public] created by Remixlover
full tiem masti and fun nonstop...
bangalore singles romance chat room [public] created by romanticrahul4u
for single who are bored n tired can have fun here
Sex on the Go chat room [public] created by vhoknoi
Ready to have sex, just come and let's start!.. HHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY
i want a slave chat room [public] created by lucasmcginnis1
any girls who wanna be controled by a dirty minded guy please jump in :P
well endowed friend chat room [public] created by sarahjimmy
Am well cool endowed and am good and nice girl that have careing and well faithful person nice to meet you
Manda-Panda92 chat room [private] created by amandajoy92
For Manda-Panda's friends only
bundy sweet massages chat room [public] created by likkerpal
free oil massages, erotic tongue massageand whipped cream. tell me ur erotic adventures
Sex contact chat room [public] created by vhoknoi
Philippines. Ready to Go.. Just enter the chat room.. Enjoy.. Share your cellphone number for private call and txt maybe :))))
Steamy Sexy room chat room [public] created by skypeCumShot
Get your sexy on ;) 18+ only. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect.
jjjjjjjj chat room [public] created by kyhn06
SEX ROOM 4 PIMPS chat room [public] created by PiMPiN4LiFE
this for room is for me and all my ladies to come and have a good time ;) <3
tamil frently chat room [public] created by veeramani123
hi iam in gulf......................................................................
Liberal Essex Chat chat room [public] created by bensjammin
Chat room for East of England based gay, bi men and sexy ladies looking for fun
mv chat room [public] created by mvmvmvmv
i would like to make best freindship with female i hope i should gets here
room for bi and lesbians all around the world chat room [public] created by CathrenPhantomhive
its a room that pretty much lets us bi's/ lesbians talk without getting bulled about it. :)
The Emo party room TEENS Only chat room [public] created by xxxmissbhadd
Every Teen is welcome no body 19+ sorry
bengaluresweet 20 chat room [public] created by pinku66
sweet 20bengalore room for fun
family consultancy chat room [public] created by zidanalone
to all ladies out there without solution e mail me papamama2933@ gmail .com (malaysia only)
push my boobs chat room [public] created by jeeyapareek
this chat roow for who intrest sexy talks only mans allow
masalah keluarga zidan chat room [public] created by zidanalone sila emailkan saya segala masalahh perhubungan yang anda miliki insyallah dgan izinnya saya boleh menyelesaikan semuanya yang tersimpan
zidanalone chat room [public] created by zidanalone sila emailkan saya segala masalahh perhubungan yang anda miliki insyallah dgan izinnya saya boleh menyelesaikan semuanya yang tersimpan
msn cchat room chat room [public] created by david9393
anyone thats has msn can leave it ere
lonely vampires chat room chat room [public] created by nobody93
for hidden vampires in this world who cant come out this is a room for you vampires of darkness
13 year olds looking for someone chat room [public] created by charliehopeful
same as title vhophjiojii[ofgouiy ji
upper Peninsula Michigan chat room [public] created by escanaba44
For fellow Yoopers in Escanaba Mich looking to get funky LOL while the wife is away M or F lets have fun
blackArabianchat chat room [public] created by mikameralez
chat room for chatters who like black belly dance girls ages 19-24
aaaaaditya chat room [public] created by AAAAADiTYA
qqqqqqqqqqwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooodd chat room [public] created by kbeans1
jinx chat room [public] created by j1512
any ladies from Broward county Florida ?
Baby goths and Manga chat room [public] created by PepperTea
If your a baby bat and you like manga come here
1 boy 100 girlz chat room [public] created by lewish13
i am lewis ime from britan and onlygirls can come in this room
sexonthebeachtonyt chat room [public] created by boomdevil
only horny girls aloowed ;) chat hour suck big time :P :P
The Vast Ocean chat room [public] created by Zalden
this is my home where i love to be come and join me
hornylesbians123456 chat room [public] created by Bayleeboo
Horny lesbians or just to talk
Aqua Dirty Chat chat room [private] created by aqua400
Shia Chat chat room [public] created by Anumrizvi
Azadaran-e-Hussaini & only for Shia peeople.. otherx not allowed please
The girly chat room for girls chat room [public] created by KillingLove
For girlies only! Chat about girl stuff, if your bad you get BANNED
come and party 2012 chat room [public] created by jasmin201221
Need a bf or a gf come here and you will find one
Geek Heaven chat room [public] created by lilmsjester
Come inside and just let yourself go - let the inner geek out!! :D
save88 chat room [public] created by save88
gvadafhbvuigfdughtughrhihyphihiohgethpokhatihjpojp chat room [public] created by Ssesanga
You must be 18 and above.lovers and friendship .come and we enjoye
13 through 18 chat room [public] created by iwuvyewxox
just a room to get to know eachother
jaz chat room [public] created by shiju76
hi welcome to jaz its for anybody for fun
loverboy chat chat room [public] created by harsh05
come dirty..have fun..with love..u'll surely njoy..m waitin fr u ol..
Middle School Chat R.P. chat room [public] created by MajorXena
It's a chat for 14 and under! Have fun bros! R.P. IF NEEDED XD
gays 13-17 chat room [public] created by bcupcake2759
for 13-17 dfssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
swisspeople chat room [private] created by domenic40belp
for all who speak german from switzerland
niky luvs yhuu chat room [public] created by nikyluv1
i luv yhuu so thiz is for ppl wit a huge ego sexy smart not to mean or to sweet so injoy urself
anorexia chat chat room [public] created by MilaRo1
for girls and men who are pro ana
Lesbian Trini Chat chat room [public] created by SecretLesbo
for lesbians from Trinidad and Tobago
adult xxxx chat chat room [public] created by hombrefresco
come play here for web hook-ups, phone fun, c2c,nasty chat
Put Your Skype Names Here chat room [public] created by xoxoAlaynaxoxo
Bored? Put your skype name here! Have fun skyping with new people from around the world!!
Find a Skype Name chat room [public] created by xoxoAlaynaxoxo
Come here and find a good friend to skype with!
Lesbian Chat -Dirty Chat- chat room [public] created by PrettyBiGirl
Talk Dirty An Have Fun Invite Everyone That Is Wet And Or Horny Girls Only
lietuva chat room [public] created by knopke
Loving Chat caht room chat room [public] created by tlee741
OOOH just fouling in Love with? any ONe?
stl bi chat chat room [public] created by sexydiva67
Any one want to chat or meet in stl
Stl ladies only chat room [public] created by sexydiva67
want to have adult chat enter at own risk
nashville downtown chat room [public] created by chance113
50ish Nashville downtown scene ,getting there and getting away from there .
FRIENDLY CHAT ROOM 2 chat room [public] created by KotaroFuma
Come in to talk to friends and ask the owner for his friendship
Funnnnn crazzy teen chatttttt chat room [public] created by 2preddiandpaid
This is a chat were teens are to get away from parents and just chat live with other teens
chat chat chat 8888888 chat room [public] created by britt75117
Just chat Chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chhat
chat chat chat 88888889999222pp111pppp8893 chat room [public] created by britt75117
Just chat Chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chhat
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