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List of all user-created chat rooms #464
Just come and talk chat room [public] created by ataricore
I'm new to this, someone come keep me company!
Learning Circles chat room [private] created by TSM58
Hey guys! Welcome to our chatroom!
Female Dominator chat room [public] created by WhiteFacedClown
You deign to consider yourself worthy of serving this PVC wearing Goth you pig? I highly doubt it. If you wish to try your luck then feel free to lavish m with your cash, slave. Who knows, miracles do happen... with ropes and chains first.
moneymaker777 chat room [private] created by Ptetteh22
I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone who is responsible, respectful, can take care of themselves, and who is employed.special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows.. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime of passion
people who want to date age 12 to 16 chat room [public] created by jams2117
date here age 12to 16 no one older come and date
sizzling Ash hot room chat room [private] created by sizzlingAsh
hot room for hot people, no abuse , just fun , enjoyment... cool and hot chat .......... !!!!
cobosogo chat room [private] created by cobosogo
lets just talk and have some fun ;D lol
Lesbian Bi Girls Teen chat room [public] created by roslaline
lesbian or bisexual teeen girls looking for a relationship or cam time ;)
Larry Stylinson chat room [public] created by SoFckingDone
fck just some freak out about how larry is real
Missouri Hook Up chat room [public] created by David573
A room for people in MO. to chat/hook up. 18+ Only Please
new pro ana chat room [public] created by trixiixirt
for all who want to talk about ana, boys and girls :)
Great Party chat room [public] created by Caleighkerns
Anyone that wants to have fun!
Awesome Ireland chat room [public] created by filmreel
I want to move out there and get to know more about it.
gay teens milwaukee Wisconsin chat room [public] created by Alexanderr722
Made for gay teens 14-19 who live in Milwaukee wisconsin.
hellotoyou chat room [private] created by frndsandbnfts
hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello
talk dirty girl chat room [public] created by MrHugeD
talk dirty girl ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
ohio hook up chat room [public] created by DJMADBT
a room where anyone with the right size or bustyness can have sex with me
Blabla000 chat room [public] created by gobege2012
talk abt everything and anything :))))
-Job Opportunity- chat room [public] created by davidcoel If you are looking for a small job to keep you busy, follow the link to review music for a payment. It's simple and anyone can do it (even 13-16 year olds)!!!!!!
Dah Qraizy Room chat room [public] created by Qraiz
Chill out and talk to other people without being completely stoopid.
buaty chat room [public] created by jackmess29
Fav.anime chat chat room [public] created by AkatsukiDemon13
Talk about favorites animes and why or something like that. Just for a normal anime conversations. Roleplay is allowed. Pervs. will get banned. No cursing please!
bottom wanting sex chat room [public] created by bottomslut1978
i am in baltimore, md and very drunk and horny
Taiwan people chat room [public] created by DollaJoe
I want to get to know about this country! Is there anybody who wants to show me something!
gode spelin teeens chat room [public] created by darthmaulyou
you have to be over 10 and under 16
come in boys chat room [public] created by shailon09
Wanna try something naughty to spice up your day
SexMobil chat room [public] created by dirty33x
Sex chat for smartphon hot hot hot
Rainbow Room 2 chat room [public] created by looking4theright
The place for LGBT persons to get together and not care what other people think. talk to others just like them
Singapore fun chat room [public] created by wattsup78
If youre in singapore, pop by for a chat
lesbians only fingering chat room [public] created by bridgtte55
lesbians lesbians lesbians lesbians
were did u want go this summer chat room [public] created by blackbrother22
tourism is one of the best thing that you can do your self to feel happy so we are all here to chat tourism your plan and take time some information about the nations in the world
Fun for us chat room [public] created by Herb69
Chat, flirt or whatever u want!
mmmm my horny silver chat room [private] created by walkingstream
private room for my horny silver <3
Silversbaby chat room [private] created by TaylaSilver
A chat for my awesome baby stream
Get ready im naked chat room [public] created by Sietsu
anyone wanna see me naked? well here's your chance!
Supernatural Dean and Sam Winchester chat room [public] created by LeahTR23
Talking about Supernatural. what you like, dislike.. etc.
guardian meeting chat room [public] created by animeprincess7
saw RTOG? (rise of the guardians) then your in the right place we will do role-playing or just talk about the movie.
Mixstr chat room [public] created by wants2play85
Join it :) --> #music #socialmedia #chatrooms
Fun 4r friends chat room [public] created by Aravind163
Hi if u chat u can get enjoyment and just try it
Fun 4r friends of all types chat room [private] created by Aravind163
Hi if u chat u can get enjoyment and just try it
who wants to date a model chat room [public] created by savann
get to date a model ksjdscnsdbcdsncklmsdjbcsdl;cmnvsdjkvhjsdlkmlncosidhnvlk
all u want chat room [public] created by liljaymaster22
yeaaa babyb bhehuvebuvbgeucvqeibsgyuvbhyvyucv
roleplay marox chat room [public] created by marox999
welcum to chat world chat room [private] created by barbiequeen
hey add me ,, and letz chat guyzz
indan chat room [public] created by sharmapriya
hi am priya am frm delhi join my chat site friends
FANTASIIES chat room [public] created by xSoLoVely
I'm bored! If you like to Roleplay share your fantasies then JOIN this room (: If you got a problem don't bring your ass in here kay.
COMPUTER SQUAD chat room [public] created by Geekneuron
bi females and lesbians in virginia beach chat room [public] created by lovelyva21
a place for females to hook up in virginia beach
sexy porn chat chat room [public] created by Ahmedheshamsexy
talking about sex and put your dick profile pic
Suck the chat room [public] created by KURTkurtKURT
Gay Relationship chat room [public] created by GayKyle
IF you are a gay and interest in looking for a long term relationship regardless of your true love appearance. Then welcome
hit her ass chat room [public] created by Ahmedheshamsexy
hit her ass i love that sound
Swalif chat room [private] created by Robertobebeto
Private chatting with friends no more
Guys sexy abs chat room [public] created by Mm42799
Click on this to see sexy abs of teens ... And maybe nudes
friendly and sosial chat room [public] created by aswinryan
can talk about anythng you like for example you can talk about sex also. your wish
sex and sosial chat room [public] created by aswinryan
enjoy your chat and be happy this is the time to enjoy sex equal happy
lesbooo chat room [public] created by aswinryan
lesbian enjoy your chat find your partners happy chat time happ fi
make money online free chat room [public] created by khall
kampagan room chat room [public] created by yan12
pra sa mga gusto sumali sali kyo dito masarap dito sma kyo
pune chat ffffffffffffff chat room [public] created by rock707
hi MITRA who can share all things (like emotion,happiness,problems,alonness,)
Add me on skype boys and girls chat room [public] created by GokuSSG
Hey, guys and girls, if you're bored and want to add people to talk on skype! then come to this room and share your skype id's!! make new friends and enjoy!! live life to the fullest!!
everlasting love chat room [public] created by waloma
The love is like war easy to start but its hard to end.
kharryl chat room [public] created by kharryl11
this room where love found and you must join to this room
QueensChat chat room [public] created by queennia
for queens and queens only , . no men ,
12kharryl chat room [public] created by kharryl11
spanking for bad teen girls and parents place chat room [public] created by formerrattler09
if a teen girl has been bad ur gettin a spanking and advice to parents too
Fun and rok chat room [public] created by chinurk
forget the world and rock the world
Milla89 chat room [public] created by Milla89
I'm Raymond by name, looking for friends
mojish chat room [public] created by mojish
hiiiiiii frnds......... welcome..............
Open Minded Please chat room [public] created by falloutPO
just looking to talk and get to know some people im a really chill person i like quite places to think, and im a hard worker and i just want to make some friends cause im new here and im looking to to get to know some people
bored and horniiiii chat room [private] created by liknurpussi
general chit chat bout anything/everything...
jeddah lovers chat room [public] created by taimurboy
jeddah fantasy club! for girls, ladies and women! ! A place to meet the like minded and free spirited!
ravindran chat room [private] created by rvdn75
hi, any gays from chennai come to my private chat room
girls dtf chat room [public] created by koolaid040
And girls that want a man to treat them good come in and talk and have a good time in this chat room
Aubreys room chat room [public] created by Aubreyshideyhole
You might say Aubrey's Hidey Hole ;)
KPOP LOVERS UNITE chat room [public] created by moonlightgold
chat1234 chat room [private] created by srinivas123
good decent and bad chat sdfklksdfl;ksdlksdsdksd;ksd
Minsk Chat chat room [public] created by on80
for all who is in Belarus now. in Minsk or else.
HD chat room [private] created by fivestarrocks
IRAN VS. ISRAEL chat room [public] created by moon1101
Discussion on Iran and Israel.............................................
slavelooking4humiliation chat room [public] created by livingnebula562
I'm a new slave looking to be humiliated.
looking for cebu girls chat room [public] created by kwangnamko
I'm looking for a girl in cebu city
HowtopickgirlS chat room [public] created by ValGreeD
This helps you pickup girls in public
SEXY-PEOPLE-ONLY chat room [public] created by SexyAllDayLong
well basically its for sexy people only xD
Talk to the British chat room [public] created by RosieW123
Talk to People from the UK, but only if you're from the UK too..
13 year old boy like girls chat room [public] created by sindrevk
This is a room i make because i love girls and are single girls from 10/11 to 18 is great <3
For all pervs under 20 chat room [public] created by sindrevk
this is a perv chat <3 so here u can find horny girls and boys <3
lezbo chat room were people can date chat room [public] created by Faithspeicher
A place were alllezbeinds can find a date like me so talk to faithspeicher it my bd
asheeparadise chat room [public] created by asheesohot
i will bring you to heaven with me im so horny now
Gay Werewolf Den chat room [public] created by charlie1190
To all the werewolves in the world who is alone and wants to meet the right Mate. Come into the den and see if you can find you Alpha in one of our many bedrooms.
GICHOHI chat room [public] created by gigadity
MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the world is sweet
Sweet RP chat room [public] created by OoREALoO
Sweet RP mean Sweet Real People is no phony wanns bes
jawad chat room [public] created by jawadalikhaskheli
bewithus chat room [public] created by annamae18
be chill. not so hot.... topic is on the way... go to the lustful thoughts............
furryland chat room [public] created by GalaxytheCoyote
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah not trolls
mississippi only chat room [public] created by Jermakis
dc kcnjhcbidbwhlcbjweacuhejvfufsyrfvhreiuhvfu
sexxxxxyyyyyyyyyy chat room [public] created by chandu999
sexy xhat d ewd dqwdhh iuhui huh ojoihjoj hhjui
country must be country wide chat room [public] created by whiskeygirl93
a room for country boys and girls
sex slave chat room [public] created by Kearby20
cyber sex roleplay for all u horny men that want a sex slave, Kearby20 is ur girl
jean pierre chat room [public] created by anita4life
moi c est jean pierre je suis beninoi comme vous le voyer je parle français mais aussi anglais
turtle chat LOL chat room [public] created by jboy11787
older4younger skype chat room [public] created by flskypeman
younger guys that like to skype with older men
anime chatroom fan chat room [public] created by Hector559
we will be talking about anime no cartoon network chating
HOT SEXY NAUGHTY LESBIANAS chat room [private] created by mzzinnocent
it for all the sexy lesbians girls to come and chat amd meet there soul mates
vishal940 chat room [public] created by vishalarorasharma
Jaanviji but Fuji gyr gfhj fdjjjjggdd lucid bvffg
telugu sex chatasdasdasd chat room [public] created by saradhimo
hai any females and aunties please chat with me..
gay pedophiles only chat room [public] created by Jermakis
wolf role playing chat room [public] created by dracoo119944
if u like role playing as wolfs
Parlez Francais chat room [public] created by Oklahoma121
Y at-il des filles qui parlent français? Parlons: D
bst frns chat room [private] created by meribemo
Anything about good but not bad
Fav. Anime chat room [public] created by AkatsukiDemon13
Talk about different types of anime. Anime role-players are welcome. Pervy Sages will be banned!
AnimeTalkShow chat room [public] created by AkatsukiDemon13
Talk about anime. Pervy Sages will be banned! Anime role-players are welcome.
long skin chat room [public] created by masoklaus
long skin to cut long skin to cut
single love fun chat chat room [public] created by nathalylove123
cool, fun ,for any age and single ppl
bangla dustu chat chat room [public] created by maichosachele
Ekhane bangla dustu chat kora jabe.Dole dole jogdan korun.
LOL TTYL XOXO CHAT chat room [public] created by nathalylove123
eye on eye chat room [public] created by PAPA85
where people meet and share what they have from there mind, country and experience.
German Love chat room [public] created by Lecken83
Alle sind herzlich willkommen die Deutsch können oder lernen! :)
single ladys only chat room [public] created by bulrich16
party time come on in there will be weed booooos more weed and more booooos and me and hot ass women
nimm mich chat room [public] created by Lecken83
lecken, ficken, blasen...alles ist erlaubt...nichts muss licking, f..., blowjobs..
sex on webcamm chat room [public] created by stevelad128
sex on cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cam cams cam cam cam cam cam cam cam
teen chat all chat room [public] created by fay12
come on in and chat with friends and have lots of fun
Soul eater or DWMA RP chat room [public] created by RokoSythe
A Rp form teh ANime show, Soul eater, you can make up a char or play one idc, In teh rp, Im Roko, Black hiar, Crystal blu eyes, black lethar jacket with a skull of it,ontop of a red shirt, with ripped black jeans, a Wepon.
canada frederiction chat room [public] created by delow420
people from canda frederiction
forget him or her chat room [public] created by desireesanchez
it's getting over your old relationships quickly
Where nothing gathers chat room [public] created by Thelingeringsentimen
Evening those who have joined us
bay city michigan chat room [public] created by boredmale22
anyone from bay city or the tri cities online and wanna talk im so bored
lovers for u chat room [public] created by kevinloyal23
you cant find your true love here
dammynas chat room [public] created by victoriaploharz
i am looking for a lovely,caring,kind,Open minded and God fearing woman that we will both live as one happy family.
Join This - chat room [public] created by ddude508508
A place to chill with other people and be yourself.
any one with a oovoo aroung 13-15 chat room [public] created by kpetr
any one with a oovoo aroung 13-15 only and u have to be clean nothing durty
Good looking people only Talk first chat room [public] created by 102DSG
No jumping into that rude talk! Chat, meet and see where things go. The art of conversation isn't to be overlooked. Challenge yourself.
EdwardBella chat room [private] created by FireFairy127
AdamantiumVampire so people leave us alone XD
Teen 14-15 Lesbian Chat chat room [public] created by katelynn10167
This chat room is not for respectfulness or BS
moet56 chat room [public] created by moet56
Friendly n will try anything at least once, very outgoing open to any an all types of conversation,
Vampires12793 chat room [private] created by FireFairy127
AdamantiumVampire FireFairy127
arkansas babes and hunks chat room [public] created by cupcakelover22369
a chat room where people chat from arkansas
chat67 chat room [private] created by wen234
my friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
the match chat room [public] created by charmgirl3467
you can find you right girl or boy here
Youngsters34 chat room [private] created by Beatz23
I am young have lots of energy and I'm looking for girls my age
Pookie chat room for ever chat room [public] created by makenzipoo
chat free about any thing ;) no matter what :) i really dont care what you talk about my chat room free and good
Creepypasta Fans chat room [public] created by BernieBadger
This is not a adult chat. Don't spam. Ya.
BellaEdward chat room [public] created by FireFairy127
For people who just want to chat and be friendly nothing more.
VampireLove chat room [public] created by FireFairy127
For friends who want to chat, and be friendly.
Anime roleplay1 chat room [public] created by EmoOfDarkness
naruto next gen, inuyasha next gen , any kind of role play you like :3 <3
Malaysian Gay Chat chat room [public] created by arry91
Talk here, lepaking here, fuking here, enjoy urself..
Malaysia Gay Chat chat room [public] created by arry91
lets get some fun here, lepaking here enjoy here and be fun here..
hory girls and guys chat room [public] created by pmogloc
guys and girls with uncontrolable hornynesss
gays and bi people chat room [public] created by thenamebemarley
all gay and bi and straights are welcome here. no haters.
friend zone chat room [public] created by BlueDiamante
for people who just want to chat with friends and no pervs no sex stuff any thing like that would be forbidden... this is just for nice people who want simple conversations for once
Shadow Vampires chat room [public] created by NyxxScene
this is a chat room where only Vampires that roam in the shadows can chat. if you have a Daylight ring,necklace, bracelet etc and go out in the day that is fine too.
blk guy room chat room [public] created by sexyash93
PicSwap chat room [public] created by Drago956
the chat room for anyone who wants to talk dirt and swap pics 12-18 only please
hornyfunnnn chat room [public] created by Nated1197
for horny people, need help come here :)
H.S.B chat room [public] created by booboo3045
Im a lover not no hater if i found me the one girl i will never loss her or hurt her i will treat her as a princesses nd always
Bi TG For Friendship chat room [public] created by MelanieDelano
TG and bi curiosity, interested in friendship, possibly more.
ex wife chats chat room [public] created by wic1
chatting bout my ex wife shes 43 plump ex
My Chaty chat room [public] created by MindBlind
It's my chat room (duh) :) but come and chat if you want.
Metalhead chat chat room [public] created by LycanDeathMettle
If you like good music or cool shit, enter!
bored as freak chat room [public] created by Mokalove
anyone whos bored come and talk
minecraft game lobby chat room [public] created by boutdatlife
search for game and have fun with ur friends and meet girls hahahahaha
i need friend benefits.... chat room [public] created by curldash
i need friend benefits... and i want some naughty fun :D
Wiccan teens only chat room [public] created by Wiccanstar
for wiccans or people who wish to become a Wiccan. No Christians if all your gonna do is insult us. We don't worship the devil so no satanists
Have sex with random people chat room [public] created by female8257
Come roleplay and join others in sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sexting all the way chat room [public] created by Pielover123
Sexting straight forward. I like that kind of stuff
Sexting all the way sir chat room [public] created by Pielover123
Sexting straight forward. I like that kind of stuff
Find a friend in Yangon chat room [public] created by guelph
A Korean Guy wants to make a friend
LEMA YES chat room [public] created by lemafamily19
This chat room is base on issues of God so if you a intrested about this matter please follow me.
Youngers chat room [public] created by WhiteGurl123
only for young people 10-17 to have fun and not worry up grown men or women bugging us
ngentot chat room [public] created by firman123
cari kenikmatan di sini ajah.....bagi janda tante yang butuh ke hangatan hubungin aku yahhh
minecraft game lobby bang chat room [public] created by boutdatlife
Dream Chat room chat room [private] created by soniaraj
looking for richest person , who can help in financial a good life time friend to settle m life
masoom chat room [public] created by mohsinaliawan
hi me salman only good peoples cnt me 03465315275
SEXY ROOM for EVERY1 69 chat room [public] created by honeysinghjay
anyone can join this room. No exceptions...
friendssssss chat room [public] created by labs05
just for fun. to meet new people. no violence and sexual or illegal activities
kannadachats chat room [public] created by talkforfun
kannada chat roomkannada chat roomkannada chat room
DEEE chat room [public] created by 232385
I am mohan singh simple and straight forward ..............................................
traveler and nomads chat room [public] created by nomadder
Lets share traveling stories and maybe if our paths cross we can have a pint or two.
gold prospecting australia chat room [public] created by goldfields
anyone that wants to chat about prospecting for gold
no idea chat room [private] created by jamesDreger
**** off unless you like 1D. why do i need 30 characters long to start a dam chat room. im a racist **** and i like emo girls. i love music preferably rock or metal i like girls muscle cars. sun tanning. i love sex but then again who doesn't ummm and LOTS of pot i have lots of stress and my life kinda f***ed up so dont judge. but you wont ;)
Brisbane Hookup chat room [public] created by Radpinsy
You get the Idea................................................. ;)
Sexy gals chat room [public] created by SexyAlvez
Jux wants friends all over the world
Why is LIfe so stupid chat room [public] created by jamesDreger
ther has to be 3o and this is stupid blablablablablablablablablablablabalbbubhrequgfnbwurbfuwbfhjrbflw
CHESE CHESSE CHESSE chat room [public] created by OneDirectionFanGirl
Independence room chat room [private] created by Justinjazz
Here you can chat anything about sex and related topics.
aliya chat room [private] created by aliya23
perth MILFS chat room [public] created by play1982
anyone for good time can join this chat room
sexxxxing chat room [public] created by cronicolas
A fun place to share stories and pictures
Orlando1 chat room [public] created by LaurenNc
For people who live in and about the Central Florida Area
MbilMbul chat room [private] created by mekhong
Bercerita,Bercinta,Berindu-ria,Bersua,Berpelukan,Berciuman via chat...oh,nasip LDR
Job Hunting-Philippines chat room [public] created by LaraMontecarlo
We are in urgent need of Sales people (callcenter agents) 18k with commission
facesitting chat chat room [public] created by saahil008
this room is basically for male and female intersted about facesitting. facesitting is a process in which any female girl or woman sits on the face of a male .she puts the guys nose totally inside her as*s ho 8le and forces the guy to lick her ass pu**sy with his loung.she puts her complete weight on the male face and suffocates the man. believe me guys its the best experience aguy can ever have. man has the privilages to lick the ass material , smell her fart ..yeeeeeeeepiiiiiiiiiii
Kissers chat room [public] created by brain90
This chatroom is for people who are interested in true romantic chat,educational chat and all kissers.
the real times friend chat room [public] created by loverrap
only those person are invited who knows what love means
wolf pack role playing chat room [public] created by dracoo119944
fun chat role play ( of all kind ) and more
Joyful chat room [public] created by emma08063817387
just for sincere and serious individuals, who are looking for life partner, and who is not self centered but are Godly and caring.
hydap chat room [public] created by kaltel
all telugu people can come together to chat
wishing chat chat room [public] created by tisha2012
everyone can wish other on her/his birthday or new year or friendship or etc.just wish
indian catfight chat room [public] created by varshasexy
girls using bad words on another girl
girls fighting chat room [public] created by varshasexy
girls using bad words in hindi to another girl
omoyungbo chat room [public] created by omoyungbodotun
i need a girl for my lif ooooooooooooooooooooo
Shangri-La chat room [private] created by chatninja
◄♥► An ancient place of refuge and comfort hidden a midst mountains beyond a "Lost Horizon"...where the chat ninja goes to escape the world-net to rest, relax, and meditate in peace. ◄♥►
sex chat with aliya chat room [public] created by aliya23
wanaa chat with a single girl then come
hiiiiiiiiiii chat room [public] created by Hellodollface
anyone looking for fun ;) anyone who is looking for a good time this is an adult chat room
blackmauntain chat room [public] created by blackmauntain
am looking for a good friends.
all sex chat chat room [public] created by Kevinwood
where u go hav chat or phone sex flings
forum indonesia silaturahmi chat room [public] created by indra95
forum silaturahmi orang indonesia di mana pun berada
indonesian bersatu chat room [public] created by indra95
forum silaturahmi orang indonesia di mana pun berada
tony06 chat room [public] created by tonyruai
Iowa Teens 13-16 chat room [public] created by sweetrainbow2000
Where 13 to 16 years of age teens can chat.
Webcam funn chat room [public] created by Joeyboy63
Any one Looking for some safe fun. Somebody to Skype with come check out this chartroom to meet some new ppl
Thundermang chat room [private] created by thundermang
This room is for Adult fun and sex chat. If any lady want can join
indian fun chat room [public] created by blcklund8
do fun and join me
boredome kills chat room [public] created by inokseven
I am so darn bored nobody to talk to
Holidays in city Kazan chat room [public] created by innessa13
Rest in Russia, city Kazan, about places where to go, museums, restaurants, parks, etc.
E.D Chat chat room [public] created by Chesca95
If you have an ED come for a chat
yadav chat room [public] created by yadavps
looking for sxy girl, from india to have fun and sex... etc
luv u all chat room [public] created by Luckey425
Rise above fight n lets start love...u all
menage a trois chat room [public] created by char4d
Chat on threesomes or more, fantasy , real life experience. Adults willing to talk & available 2on1.
PRETORIA singles chat room [public] created by PTAwolf27
A Place to make friends,,,fall in love,,, get hot,,, drink sum whiskey or wine...
bi-curious gay lesbian chat chat room [public] created by KayeAndAndrea24
this is for you people that dont know if your bi/lesbian/gay yet.. we accept all old young, cute girls or boys.. :) have a fun time
Lovesex123 chat room [private] created by sachinpatil
all about love & sex.................................................
fightfight chat room [public] created by 420you420
cuss some people out, lets fight till the death of the internet.
hanging chat room chat room [public] created by Bella5753
only for those people who just wanna chat. no negativity plz thats all i ask of u. stay wild
Skype Gurls chat room [public] created by Jallan10
Lokking for any girls that want to skype
The Hobbit chat room [public] created by Mysteriaa
The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings fans
Chat and Stuff chat room [public] created by Shadow00Stalker
-.- don't be a jerk and come in here and annoy people, i mean it will just waste everyones time, anyway, come in chat and stuff find a friend and all that :)
hi ryan chat room [public] created by movation
just for ryan and other cool people
MARK REX MILES CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by markrexmiles0001
Lovers joint chat room [public] created by Dewaarrow
This is a chat room for sex and other adult conversations.Find love here and also hookups.
schwazer chat room [public] created by peterkofiantwiboasia
love is so interest to singer of happy life style
Trail Riders chat room [public] created by woodsrider43
People interested in riding motorcycles off-road
gay chat room kuwait chat room [public] created by stronglund
im hard fuucccker .im verry cool guy skype nimbuzz yahoo mesenzer
fugson chat room [private] created by blackmauntain
am lookinf for a good friends.
Sexcam4free chat room [public] created by SexCam4Skype
chat room for hot peaple who want to get hurny with other by webcam!....
gay mississipians only chat room [public] created by Jermakis
For Man only USA area chat room [public] created by franzicole
hi come and see me!if you want hahahahahahahah!
Rodeo People chat room [public] created by SageCreekCowgirl23
Only People Who Rodeo Can Join.!<3
west tennessee bi and gay chat room [public] created by shorty69tn
for those of us in west tennessee that want to come togher
Whatever you want to talkabout chat room [public] created by babygirl026
This chat room is to get your questions answered, meet new people and please no disrespecting. If anyone continues the harassing please do block them.
pleasure and desire chat room [public] created by Luc001
this room is for all who want to share their desires
venezuela colombia chat room [public] created by SergentGnole
i admin FRANCE go chat venezuela or colombia <3 HUGO CHAVEZ I LOVE YOU ! i from FRANCE :)
kitty room34254365463 chat room [private] created by LovelyKat143
kitty room 58239085384 chat room [private] created by LovelyKat143
SOUTHAFRICANS chat room [public] created by florenceone
southafricans people are welcoming
red love chat room [private] created by ferry123
lets enjoy..girl welcome to my room
red love123 chat room [private] created by ferry123
lets enjoy..girl welcome to my room
Horny23 chat room [private] created by feedcum
whoever wants to chat sex and get wet join
mature crowd ONLY chat room [public] created by thatgirlmia
serious people only 18+ just to talk about fun immature crowd ALLOWED!!!
meowmeowmeowmeow chat room [private] created by LovelyKat143
djflsdjfkldsjfklejioweuirouweioruwerowue34823057438957n cmz,nc
makout chat room [public] created by dodgepoelman
Where do u want to meet to makout
hard and wet chat room [public] created by feedcum
if you want to talk sex get wet and horny come through
Shallowater tx chat room [public] created by luv2forever20009
Looking around for anyone that knows a Ryn Ann Garrett,or a Ryn Ann Furgerson.i need help finding my some she gave up back in 1979.
Lonelyinlife1 chat room [public] created by Lonelyinlife1
Singles come to chat connect flirt
Just a room. chat room [private] created by Anrolith
Still just a room. As always... Just a room.
recovery chat room [public] created by gunny25
chat wit cklean &sober people looking four 2 chat with in recovery
Riddles chat room [public] created by LittleXJX2000
so yeah riddle contest lets fight!
mOnkeybidnus chat room [public] created by mOnkeybidnus
Flirt, Joke around with friends and potential friends. What you say is not taken seriously and you can just be yourself or whoever you'd like.
New mates chat room [public] created by zakariyya
fun in dubai and enjoyment if your ready let try.
The Dragons Lair chat room [public] created by AuburnWing
My home, where I invite company of all sorts and allow fun to be had. Trolls and drama starters Will be banned!
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