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List of all user-created chat rooms #475
kingston people chat room [public] created by dentdem
?I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.?
INDOCHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by METHUSALA
siapa aja boleh masuk mau itu homo, lesbian, bisek, yang normal, terserah yang penting ngechat jorok,...
magashi chat room [public] created by bagazumta
this is a shared user created chart room for all interested
clean clean chat chat room [public] created by mhia02
no dirty talk is allowed , i want to invite christians !
Charmingheven chat room [private] created by Chantiktp
Well relationship for time pass and get knowledge about social things and funny and enjoy time purpose I am interested in both men and women
Regina SK canda chat room [public] created by Bicuriousgirl244442
A place where people can chat.
renungan malam chat room [public] created by ekoaz
sesuatu yg biasa berubah jd menengkan
14-16 single guys and girls only chat room [public] created by antan007
chat server to meet up, talk, and/or have fun. and NO REPORTING ALOUD!!!!!
Erotic4u chat room [public] created by nagugold
Share ur feelings about love, sex B4 and after marriage
papis chat room [private] created by digeniusjobs
hi how are u doing there?am Amado from the Gambia the smiling coast of Africa and am looking friends like u hope u wil accept my request
Sonic Fans Chat chat room [public] created by BlazeTheCatt
Only sonic Fans Alowed Guys!!!!
Gay 13-15 Year Olds and bi chat room [public] created by iamgay123455
this is only for gay 13-15 year olds who want to find people to talk to if you are bi u may joing and if u are straight you may not join so please have a great time
xRoleplay chatx chat room [public] created by lettyxx
Chat for anyone who wants to rp.
13-15 year olds gay and BI ONLY chat room [public] created by iamgay123455
RoomMadness chat room [public] created by coolmadness
come to ma room for Some MaDnEsS
Loving101 chat room [public] created by caring101
No King Has God. I want you to know that am new to this I want you to take it easy with me. Am here for serious relationship woman that are ready for relationship and want to move forward in life ...
krish chat room [private] created by krishgokul
hi, hw r u? wr r u? wh r u doing
Young Teens Chat Room Live chat room [public] created by CHEEZiT12
age range of 9-14. come chat with people YOUR age! please only come if you are 9,10,11,12,13,or 14
Kamarri Soul Graveyard chat room [public] created by Kamarri
My Home and Battle Arena if you wish to find me come here
soooo saxy chat room [private] created by toniayoub
wyoming234 chat room [public] created by kbweed
people from Wyoming who are 18 or older
takentime chat room [public] created by sunnyman407
doesn't matter what you do exept spams and haters who gonna hate and argue
Manila Chatroom chat room [public] created by steve21671
for philippines only please be good in the room
35dollar chat room [public] created by michelleNAUGHTY,45/join
me and monika chat room [private] created by eaddie1234
our room 4 fun 4 me and monika
RP Room... chat room [public] created by UzamakiKushina
COOL ROOM123 chat room [private] created by abbygriffin
use my chatroom please thank you so much
lesbians only girls123 chat room [public] created by ComeGet123
Freaky type if not a freak dont come if so come
Girl only 123 chat room [public] created by ComeGet123
Freaky types and if not donr come plz
REALLYCOOLROOM chat room [public] created by abbygriffin
awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome
Shy People meet chat room [public] created by Wiimaster86
Boys/Girls can come and join so they can see what they have in common
TheGamersRoom chat room [public] created by xStrikerVisonx
this room is for people who play black ops 2 wii ps3 and xbox360
Tennessee Folk chat room [public] created by TennesseeGuy1
Tennessee people only but others are really welcome, wanted to get to know the people in the area, i'm new here
pearl love chat room chat room [public] created by pearl444
in for some juicy and a loving relationship
the anime kings chat room [public] created by brenbren123
just to talk about anime and have fun no foul lang pls have fun :]
Hawaii01 chat room [private] created by spot67
this room is for social net working and not to caught up in the mass conver in the main chat room
women who like big dick and play on cam chat room [public] created by zigozigo2
women who like to play with big dick 25 cm and play on cam one on one
Woof bIches chat room [private] created by HikariUchiha
Woof B*ches .........................................................................................................................................
Tennessee Folk1 chat room [public] created by TennesseeGuy1
Just wanted to meet new people in the area and have some fun, pretty bored at the moment
yugiohduelnet chat room [public] created by Yugiohduelnet
Come join Yugiohduelnet in our chatroom
kamon123 chat room [public] created by kamonr13
all my friends leave here any msg or chatting rooms descriptions
Love and sweet love. chat room [public] created by Annabelle1822
No fakes only real people looking for love.
Letsget iton chat room [private] created by JohnAlexander
Young Mommy chat room [public] created by justamommy
This is for mommy's or parents and only parents who are going to talk about parent things should get on here...
no stalkers aloud chat room [private] created by fullmoonrunner
MATES ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Qc peeeps chat room [public] created by eddyin88
people from montreal ,Qc :), just moved here need to know what is there to do lol !
Texas Ft Worth Dallas and surrounding area chat room [public] created by Texasangel1
This Is a chat room for people to meet and make new friends. That aren't just interested in sex and hook ups
18 year old girls chat room [public] created by rebellious11
18 year old seeking a cute funny girl for honest relationship with texan
Superheros Nerds Only chat room [public] created by Sugarzone17
Come show your super hero side! You can be nerdy , geeky , funny, ect. I created a superhero on My name is Malachite :) Come Join! or Chat lol
Sexy rp chat room [public] created by SiNGLE1660
Come here when you want to chat to naughty people
Gab chat room [private] created by Gab4t
Woman in need of through love should chat with me,And by God name things might work better 4us
Swiftys house of fun. chat room [private] created by Swiftycat
Right, You are a lucky male or female and we are going to have a lot of fun :p
girls willing to talk about K9 chat room [public] created by PowerGuy123
if your female and intoo K9 i would like to listen to u please thank you
lipstick lesbiansxxx chat room [public] created by xoxobbygrl
beautiful femme lesbians looking for love(;
bulabog chat room [public] created by bulabog
trip trip wala magawa mambulabog lang
AntIlluminati chat room [private] created by monst129
Against the New World Order agenda and the AntiChrist.
AwkwardConversations chat room [public] created by HaleyLuvsYuhh
This is a random chat that anyone can join I guess cause Im super bored so... Yeah..
women who like strap ons chat room [public] created by ascot73
women that like to meet and dress men in panties and bend them over
k9chopper chat room [public] created by k9chopper
public room - anyone is allowed to use your public room.
Perth Represent chat room [public] created by dommboo
people from perth welcome home
SONU MAGIC chat room [public] created by sonutk
we can have anything good here please come nad join
SONU MAGI chat room [public] created by sonutk
come guys lets have fun of time
sexy slave chat room [private] created by honeybear61411
im youe slave and your mt master
Local NC Spot chat room [public] created by ShyRobyn87
This spot is for North Carolina men who enjoy bisexual tendancies.
dirty emo chat room chat room [public] created by smokeganja
kinky c; get down dirty whips and chains make it rough (;
Mahabubnagar chat room [public] created by munnajaan
Making new Friend's. Funny chat,, romantic chat.. sharing feelings
freaky sex chat chat room [public] created by tomcruise13
anyone who wants to talk about sex and to increase their relationships can com to this chat room.....especially girls
egyption man for chating chat room [public] created by K0Kii
i want to get friends from all the wold man - woman boy - girl iwant to chat with alf of them
angelgirl42031 chat room [public] created by angel42031
a friendly place to hang out and meet new people. everyone has to try to get along with each other.
Respecfult Chat chat room [public] created by sholmez
Here is where you CAN'T talk dirty to others without their permission. As long as you use KIND words and threat others with respect, I don't care what you do. Enjoy:)
Randeep chat room [public] created by RandeepSingh
Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
best friendsssssssssssssssssssss chat room [public] created by Ashish69
hiiii ..............................................................................................
love chat 1 chat room [private] created by Ajay27
koni mazashi sex chat karna ka only girls
siko3 chat room [private] created by siko3
humble sexy I am just the man you want always be what you are and desire what you need
new jersey mfm chat room [public] created by bottom1277
TEENS ONLYY chat room [private] created by pujaagarwal
anal lover only chat room [public] created by rick98765
People who love it in the rump
Tom Felton Fans chat room [public] created by ilovetomfelton23
Tom Felton and Draco Malfoy fans - REPORT HERE !!!
Pokemon Master chat room [public] created by sakurausagi87
gay parTy and play room chat room [public] created by collincopart
for gay men who like to party and play to discuss topics of mutual interest and to find friends for c2c pnp sessions
ped0philes and young boys chat room [public] created by boyblue15
welcome pedos and young boys lets join hands
MUSE MADNESS chat room [public] created by equinox111
Chat with muse fans around the world and talk about music and songwriting
south Carolina swinging chat room [public] created by Boogyman494u
people who love to cum and people who love to make people cum
Free minded room chat room [public] created by Creatorsoton
All of do you want on this room such as dating,adult chat etc
123telugu chat room [public] created by sreeni123
I LOVE TOM FELTON chat room [public] created by ilovetomfelton23
This is a tom felton fan chatroom .....
A Chat Room for Teens with No Explicit BS chat room [public] created by SniperinTheDark
Just a chat room for teens. Please don't join if you are just going to spam messages, it saves me the trouble of kicking you.
akiehmikage chat room [public] created by akiehmikage
welcome all anime fans?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
video don chat room [public] created by doncopeman
This is a room for video if you want
Just looking for people to talk to chat room [public] created by mcarlin
This room is for people looking for someone to talk to
Singapore Awake chat room [public] created by safehands12
Anyone who is lonely or bored or just looking for company to keep them awake
PEACE.LOVE and MUSIC chat room [public] created by arkim
PEACE.LOVE and MUSIC ..........................
handsome and gorgeous chat room [public] created by dadaph14
this chatroom is for handsome ous people only
12 year chatroom chat room [public] created by imSingleSoWannaGoOut
If you are 12 years old and want a bf/gf then this is for you.
Miss Chat chat room [private] created by richardo109
this is a chat room which is very interesting to all girls
Positive Stuff chat room [public] created by Sudarshan22
Talk about all the positive stuff
bondage for fun chat room [public] created by ustwo4fun
lets get crazy share what you know or what you think
pantysniffing chat room [private] created by veronicaabq
theblackwolfy chat room [public] created by mrwolfy
It's basicly for my website,so hope you enjoy! :)
SchoolChat chat room [public] created by 1supercooldude
merp sdfsdfsdfsdgsdfgd sdfdfasdfasdg
justwantyou chat room [public] created by singalady
a new room for singles!!!!! also if you need a friend or just a guy needing a girl!!!!
Acceptance chat room [public] created by PockyStick
Room just to meet and talk to people ~no spamming
eat my pussay chat room [public] created by Emily123xo
Poland chat chat room [public] created by Serkan325
Poland chat for fun poland Europa
bad girls welcome chat room [public] created by rompske
dirty talk just get your self hot and think of something 2 make em sweat
girls who want to send me their pics chat room [public] created by max3107
the name says it all really. i would really appreciate it
siva11 chat room [public] created by siva1522
hotman.mike67 chat room [public] created by hotmanmike69
nice chat here with no drama
Indian ladies7171 chat room [private] created by nik7171
Hi only female can add in this room
Urus room chat room [public] created by Urufu
my room...welcome ^^............
muslem singles chat room [public] created by capadona123
to link moslems who want to meet other moslems of differnt world and different cultures but one God Allah and to all make it easy to identify moslem on the network
no tension in my room every can share ur feeling chat room [public] created by sameerrrr109
hi frndzzz dis is sameer frm hyderabad.can u add me for sharing ur ferling .
hindu maratha chat room [public] created by sahilsip
hi im sahil m new here plz help me..
Furry Roleplay Chattie Thing chat room [public] created by Mazychan
Friendly furry roleplayers only please! <3
cassandra room chat room [public] created by cassandra08
for fun and looking for someone and getting to know each other
13 year old boys only chat room [public] created by mnkid
13 year olds13 year olds13 year olds13 year olds13 year olds13 year olds13 year olds
RVKorp chat room [private] created by histeria101
Business Solution in every Aspects
giantess role play1 chat room [public] created by jamesy1
Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.Anyone is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.any thing goes
Tennessee Area chat room [public] created by TennesseeGuy1
just want to meet people in my area and chat
Wii friend codes chat room [public] created by Hawaiii
Give ur friend Codes.......................................Have Fun
ughh chat room [public] created by tampagirl8234
hey im a 13 year old girl ive been trying to get an abortion and i need advice on what to do
Silence is Golden chat room [private] created by KickAssCake
If I am silent then I am not real But if I speak up then no one will hear If I wear a mask there's somewhere to hide
pretty room chat room [public] created by Prettywings93
here to have some real fun :P with some hot ppl
send me pics please of your boobs chat room [public] created by awesomeman122
send me pics of your boobs please
cha cha room chat room [public] created by slam999
shall we dance? or shall we play around?
Warrior Cat Fans chat room [public] created by Aurorastone
Chat room for all Warrior fans! And please before talking to anyone, tell us your warrior name so we can address you like a clan ;) aha By the way bring in some epic warrior knowledge ?_? lol
Giant Roleplay chat room [public] created by 100ftmark
Giants and Giantesses are invited to discuss their love of the giant fetish.Role playing is encouraged.Tell us your giant and giantess fantasies!
Swiftys house of fun chat room [private] created by Swiftycat
On to days list of fun,... well we shall see P:
date jade chat room [public] created by kittycat1999
u can date jade day if you are 13-16
suicide room 1 chat room [public] created by Jermakis
Anyone gonna do suicide?ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
KPOP chat room...... fighting chat room [public] created by shimjeung07
annyong haseyo :) who love KPOP music??? :)) lets support KPOP :) i love KPOP fighting :) gomawo :)
Transgender Folk USA chat room [public] created by MistressCharlene
If you fall in the umbrella term of TG then come and chat...
suicide room 2 chat room [public] created by Jermakis
come here if u want to kill urself. ): ssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccciiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddeeeeeee
Microsoft chat room [public] created by DarknessReaves
Discuss Microsoft business about new updates and hackers!
Hetalia Forever chat room [public] created by MapleMaddie
So just because this needs a description... If you're a Hetalia lover, then join in! If nobody's there, leave a message after the beep! *beep*
Pony Roleplay Chat room chat room [public] created by bloxxman978
pony roleplay ONLY!!! anti bronies will be loved and tollerated
Chill Talk chat room [public] created by GabbyGabby17
u can talk about watever people. ok? lol
phone hot chat room [public] created by lina20lina
only phone talk karti hun main.uskeliye aapko meri ac pe 3025 diposit karna month tak bat karsakte hai.din me 9 bjese ratko 9 bjeke andar bat karsakte hai.ek din chhodke ek din bat karsakte month tak.agree ho to call me my no-08984767263
12-16year-olds-only chat room [public] created by britishluv99
Chat about anything but only for people 12-16!!! If you are older or younger you will get kicked out!!!
anyone-anything chat room [public] created by britishluv99
Anyone and anything can be said and/or done in this chat room! Enjoy! Spam will be blocked btw. Bullying is forbidden!
Fire Fighter Connect chat room [public] created by rainlilly11
Connect with FireFighters or, if you are a firefighter, connect with others
konglish chat room [public] created by swooshinn
casual and care-free Korean/ English chat area for Koreans and interests alike.
New world chat room [public] created by ShadowKing2
C4Msh0w chat room [public] created by cattycatty310
anyone would love to show off please provide to me and we are going to have fun though
purgatory playhouse chat room [private] created by PurgatoryWrath
welcome to the playhouse, you're lucky to be here
Talk about Makeup chat room [public] created by JenPhilo
A room for women who just want to chat with other women (not sexually)
Helpme RENT NEEDED chat room [public] created by Cloverlee
I need money for rent any kind person out there will to help?
relationship advive chat room [public] created by destinyalisia
help with your relationship any type of advice you may need or want .. come one come all!!
be with me chat room [public] created by kadeeja4kadi
Everyone please stay with me, Never leave me if i didn't come online once in a weak
sanjay111 chat room [public] created by sanjaysrinivas
Iam very cool and waited to my chat friends
Gingers only chat room [private] created by quassan123
This is a place where gingers can chat and have fun talking to other gingers
2 week wait chat room [public] created by kendrahwhm
two week wait, trying to conceive
People are Awesome chat room [public] created by ChAcHi97
talk about talents, things you do in life, and just meet awesome people
long relation chat chat room [public] created by maheshpatilhmct
any 1 can chat her and find love for whole life
emailclub chat room [private] created by Sailboater
Private chat area for members of the international emailclub.
For Love and Freedom chat room [public] created by FreeLove4Mind
I wish to find people who want to do something about the wrongs of the world...i want writers, painters, idealists, poets all of your'll. I wanna chance to belong in your world
GirlsLuvGirls chat room [public] created by RHCPluvstream
Girls who appreciate expression and beauty of other girls are welcome here. Chat can go anywhere.
Concord California chat room [public] created by XnTrik
Room for local people to chill
teens get away chat room [public] created by iangiebear
13-18 only! be nice to one another and no spamming, disrespect or any type of stereo typing.
sexy couple wanting skypes chat room [public] created by scorpioslaves
if you want to see a sexy girl with long blonde and pink hair and an italian lover go at it on skype for paypal chat to me=)
wellcome to jeddah chat room [public] created by mazhar786
wellcome to jeddah room...............
tHe Co0l PeEpS chat room [public] created by AshleyKayla
Well....let's just say, when I get bored, I must get amused, and when I get amused, it's party time ;p
tchamba1988 chat room [public] created by tchamba
i want some ladie to make my live
LOVE BAR BAR chat room [public] created by laraibhasan
meet other new lovers and chat about love &lovers, contacts, current chart users,
hot gay room chat room [public] created by localyokel
no sex chat room for 18 and over
wants to have some fun chat room [public] created by cjameswon
kalyan chat room [public] created by kalyan7858
hai friends i am kalya from hyd i crt my new act in chats room
bi cam chat room [public] created by youngkid21
horny young 18-20 teens want to cam
Dom.sub chat room [public] created by Areos
Male Dom seeking female sub leave me a msg if I'm offline
want horny women im 19 male from uk chat room [public] created by hotmanforu
hot and hard really looking for cam 2 cam but video and pic swaps welcome
First class chat room [public] created by fd303
chatting with female. so no males please
Only Manila Girl chat room [public] created by seungyong
come in live manila and girl Under 30 age
lust69 chat room [public] created by lustymale88
here for every straight relations looking for someone to make some love.....v all love each other
Open To All chat room [public] created by rhaj88
i just want to create a chat room for the people who has always a problem..
boylover16 chat room [public] created by boylover16
talk about boys stuff and share with other boys but
Sex in brisbane chat room [public] created by CHARLiEBROZZ
Yo I'm 15, come on in, I'm cool, if ur from brisbane great, and just to fill in the 30 letters sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy
SkypeDATE.......MEET NEW SINGLES chat room [public] created by jay6guns
Book translation chat room [public] created by AdelaJelinek
I need native brittish people to help me correct my language mistakes. I am translating a book for my friend and need some native to look at it. Anyone willing to help?
mohdhaikal chat room [public] created by mohdhaikal
im waiting....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
game games chat room [public] created by memozs
neeeeeeew flasssssh gamesssssssss
penang folks chat site chat room [public] created by apache211
for people from or in penang island, you can join in to and chat about whats cool in the island.. see you guys
RIGHT ISLAM CHAT chat room [public] created by SCOFiL010
know about islam and its rules and its history ,you may love it
rodeo peope chat room [public] created by rodeogirl5
where country people can go and talk
KentAndSophie chat room [private] created by KentATL
this is just for us and no one else :)
Cleveland Ohio Gay Chat chat room [public] created by Littledago
A room for gay guys in northeast Ohio to meet other gay guys
me kent chat room [private] created by sophybabyhunny
meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and kentttttttttttttttttt
metro manila chat chat room [public] created by ecAce
hanap usap deal haha lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala
milfs and toy boys chat room [public] created by tommyh86
for mature ladys to hook up with toy boy x
treat women with respect or get lost chat room [public] created by Thatgirl199
this is a lesbain chat room . With women who want and needs respect anyone can join if you are repsectful. if not get lost
xxx room class chat room [public] created by andraxxx
just for chat.... and this is free room for everyone with high respect to the other...
xxx room class chat.. chat room [public] created by andraxxx
free for all with an high respect to the other...
pregnacy chat room [public] created by esperanza21
What causes pregnacy can I be pregnant is it stress
garry chong chat room [public] created by garrychong
i want be acquainted u all ....
Talk about self harming chat room [public] created by Bearbear42
Just to talk about whats going on about you without judgement
letsgetcrunkwithjuju chat room [public] created by jujubaby666
Scene emo and wierd kids here so like rawr and stuff
Female-Led Relationships chat room [public] created by EdTomolta
A place to chat if you are in an FLR. Many guys like me love women who take charge. I married one! Come in to chat if you are a dominant lady or a man that willingly submits to female authority in your relationship or marriage! Please be respectful and let's keep it friendly. We are here for mutual support. Welcome!
Volunteers Abroad chat room [public] created by Aaron727
This is a chat room for any volunteers overseas or anyone wishing to become one
Roll play Chat chat room [public] created by Lane101
for those of you that like roll play XD
Ninja Only chat chat room [private] created by KyuHyuga
come in if u r a ninja stay out if your not then stay the hell out or ill kill u ok? Have a nice day :3
big love chat room [private] created by 29112511
Love is the mst wndrfl gft of God, bt i blv it also nds sm clsns, b mne, i wlnt brk ur trst, i nd a g.f,
love T chat room [public] created by Tofyr
The Snoring Girls Chat Room chat room [public] created by Tonytrevethan2013
You Can Only Join If You Snore And Your A Girl
about facebook chat room [public] created by Kostis133
be friends on fb and more................................................
angel group chat room [public] created by urnewmaster
This is a group chat room for playing with angel
members-only chat chat room [public] created by jstansell09
Please be courteous: Don't be a douche, or you'll be banned and the chat log with be sent to your mom.
hot room hot chat room [private] created by amanjhim
you guyz can talk here about what you want .. so enjoy the room is all yours :)
lone life chat room [public] created by lonewolf777
chat whatever you want, life sucks
elemental release chat room [public] created by graciesecret16
where i can let loose the elements
Kayennes chat room [public] created by datgirlagain
Open for friendly chat. Meet new people. Connect and network.
Ciels office room chat room [public] created by CielPhantomhiveDemon
you can role-play and cosplay please come and have fun
bf ang gf a bff chat room [public] created by dreaka15
eberybody come join my chat plz plz plz join
Kids get in free chat room [public] created by Ambersmith123
For Kids Really good chat bla bla bla... Nice chat.... Get band by Spamming Bla Bla Bla...
dreaka chat room [public] created by dreaka15
only teen can join come on and join the fun
Singles room for girls chat room [public] created by Jordan1901
Girls you can chill here and wait for the men
logo926 chat room [private] created by logo926
this is for me and my friend so no other people
logo926s chat room [public] created by logo926
this is for me and my friends only so yea... :L
oyoyo obimba chat room [public] created by obimba
bisskey thosel chat room [public] created by muaazht
cara grtis nonton liga eropa forum bisskey liga eropa
Hip-Hop Germany chat room [public] created by MrPlanavoy
Hook up with cool people who love hip hop music!
Dsouza chat room [public] created by himanshuminz
my attitude makes people ignorence so plz be chat me like a great buddy..
himanshu chat room [public] created by himanshuminz
i wanna be in relation wid sm1..
I choose you pikachu xD chat room [public] created by KyleeCupcake
This is NOT pick up room, go to Adult Chat for that. This is a chat for casual conversation. If you have a problem with someone, put them on block. Perv's get banned. Spammers get warned. If you continue, You get banned. No role-play. No caps. No spamming. And no disrespect. Again, You will get banned.
Naruto Believe It chat room [public] created by LightingBlade
Let's talk about naruto what ever pops up in your mind. Do you have anything to say then please share.
skys chat chat room [public] created by skylark1708
for people looking for love, friends and just good chat.
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