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List of all user-created chat rooms #49
teacherMALE chat room [public] created by teacherMALE
Here you can talk about frienshipand ralationship
Lesbians Hangout chat room [public] created by ThatDeal82
No men harassment allowed. All women welcome. No matter where ur from, fill freee 2 come n an chat awhile.
TGIF chat room [public] created by sxyems
fun and games xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
the sexy people chat room [public] created by kissable1234
for the sexy people.. and for people that like to chat!!!
The Cuban missile crisis..... chat room [private] created by RedX11
an rp chat room/ chat room for friends........only......
english room chat room [public] created by romanticman42
welcome to this english room for practicing your english
Werewolf chat room [private] created by Karibe
any werewolves out there other than me...? i just wanna know whats so specal bout vampires....
french chat room chat room [public] created by ariess11
pour tous les francophones, on vous attends ici pour s'echanger les interets et faire de nouvelles connaissances.....................
Eating disorders chat room [public] created by callingoutforhelp
for people with eating disorders.
bi-bi girls onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chat room [public] created by kitcat222
only for princess bi girls and lesbo girl.... this is top life of women
Werewolves chat room [private] created by Karibe
all werewolves,or anyone who likes or decended from em...i want werewolf friends,im just wondering who decided vampires were so great....but theyre welcome too ;)
Talk About Whatever You Want chat room [public] created by kellehergirl
People come in and talk about whatever they want>
HaintiXSkyles chat room [public] created by Deathskyles
Just us, being blah talking, ranting, being retards, Talking bout Mcr and Wwe and other random stuffz
16 years Chat chat room [public] created by brain93
only 4 relationship....................
sex lovers chat room [public] created by savannah92
u can share emails here to piss of da people/creators!talk about sex!
Girls talk chat room [public] created by rina001
Girls can talk here about anyhting
LOVEN YU chat room [public] created by LaNiDuBz
chat room for peps wantinting sum love..
send nude pics chat room [public] created by tanner26
have fun and talk about sex and pussy
Come in or die chat room [public] created by SearchAnAngelx
Everybody is welcome! No drinking allowed.
Single 13-14 year olds chat room [public] created by RandomlyEmotional23
if your 13-14 and single please join this room
the early sat room chat room [private] created by chillywillyoffl96
this is the early morning saturday room
The Best Lez chat room [public] created by LilMami2009
for lez gurl and bi gurl but Please no guys or they will be booted
Im a Lover chat room [public] created by LilMami2009
for lovers any kind and good friends if u come in here please add me
culture exchange chat room [public] created by szuper
for those who feel at home talking about interesting stuff
FRNDZ chat room [public] created by friendiyoung
hi love is life is a honest n friendly people are join i hope we enjoy here
Do not come into this room chat room [public] created by szuper
everyone can come in, but no one should
relaxing room chat room [private] created by chillywillyoffl96
this is a room built to relax in at night
tong chat room [public] created by totong
for serious type of lovers one is allowed to use your public room. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.
oahu hook up chat room [private] created by thisSolame
a place 4 you 2 hook up,cool easy going room for wild sexy freaks
Anything you want to talk about chat room [public] created by RandomlyEmotional23
you can talk about anything u want
Naraku665 chat room [public] created by darkjinto
Demons...ghouls whatever may enter
Dark room665 chat room [public] created by darkjinto
......emos....and whoever may enter
JORDAN CHAT chat room [public] created by gemma123
Room for anyone in Jordan for chat, lets keep it clean in here, there are adult site if you need to have "fun".
Bi or lez girls only chat room [public] created by Tiffsxticklish
A place to meet attractive girls to chat with :]
Bi and gay room chat room [public] created by dudefromspace
come in if ure bi... if u dare
70s rock room chat room [public] created by splosh
heavy music from the 7os deep purple, whitesnake,van halen, and so on
CrAzYwOrLd chat room [public] created by CrAzYiNsAnEbArBiE
The Craziest Place To Be! Come On In And Make Some Awesome Friends! Share Your Websites!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk About Anything And Feel Free To Cyber!
men who love pigtails-chat room chat room [public] created by darthbane
down braided pigtails,pigtails up and to the sides,french braided pigtails,its all good!
Chat Live with the Oficial Miley Cyrus chat room [public] created by OFFiCiALMileyRay
Miley and i have a bunch of connectins so she comes here some times on my account OFFICIALMileyRay
Roblox Chat chat room [public] created by NintendoZACHERY
The official Internet Robloxer Chat Room.
HELPING ME TO GET CLOSER TO GOD chat room [public] created by WALKBYFAiTH
Palace Of Dasy chat room [public] created by DaisyWhoo
Come chill out and keep it clean...pref people into indie/rock music, but anyone cool welcome to come in and make new friends!
Tenacious-D chat room [public] created by chocolatemonster956
if u have hers of tenacious-d and you like the movie and the band this is the place 2 talk about it =]
Talk about ur problems chat room [public] created by theone14
Feeling bad need to talk about ur problems then come u have friends u can count on.
Bi couples chat room [public] created by luvoral
Bi couples looking to hook up, good times and hot sex
o yay chat room [public] created by mrmaples
if u wanna fuck and u are 16 to 17 this is ur chat room
anime fans hangout chat room [public] created by fallenXangelX
anyone who likes anime. anyone who hates it don't come
Death metalx chat room [public] created by deafmetuls
DDDDDDDDDEATH METAL! just chat about your favourite underground death metal bands, deathcore and all that crap isnt really welcome, but legit genres such as thrash black metal and all that is cool!
Judith Sheindlin chat room [public] created by AK47venom7
This is a place of worship for the great Judith.
lord judy chat room [public] created by yolly
come praise and worship our heavenly god
the lord judy chat room [public] created by yolly
come praise and worship our heavenly god
Vampire Coffin chat room [public] created by VampyreKitty
vampires, vampire lover, or watever come and chat
Hellogirl15 chat room [public] created by hellogirl15
talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk
funky room chat room [public] created by princess2love
all people funky and ready to have fun inter
Conversation chat room [private] created by Zeno215
Just for friends to chill and actually talk for once
Pinstripes and Lace chat room [public] created by onelove4you2009
Lesbian ladies,leave the children and come enjoy adult conversation while getting to know other lesbians.Enjoy this room filled with our rainbow atmosphere and comfort of meeting our rainbow family.When you look to the rainbow,Love just might be at the other end.
Symbols chat room [public] created by xxDarkRavenxx
Join my room its cool, like my name up there which is cool xD
the lesbian chat room chat room [public] created by brandister
tlk all u wnt nd no gay dudes allowed bi girls r doe..o0o
basic chat chat room [private] created by maverickdaman
just a chat for everyone to have and chat
Hangout Room chat room [public] created by Michaela101
You can just talk to normal people.
lesbain chat room [public] created by brandister
no gay dudes aloud...but lez girls r
tweerps garden chat room [public] created by twerpp
a garden of paradise where you can explore everybody's desire.........CHECK in!!!!
the outrageously bored people chat room [public] created by SaraAlisha
idkk. tlk if youre bored?? idgaf :D
online fun room chat room [public] created by hotdude802009
people invited who blieves in having online fun
travel chat chat room [public] created by linda20402
share your travel experiences, find parters who can join you in the next trip, learn from people from a diversified background, all possibilites
haircut chat room [public] created by hchat
All related to female haircuts
for ladies looking for a gf chat room [public] created by israelromania
no guys alowed tht r gay plz and thank u ahaspihsdhiadfuiodsaf
ladies looking for a bf chat room [public] created by israelromania
fghgheheasrtukky6tjrhweukjk ghsgdhsogiohdfiodfhgiuhouhd;
ask me chat room [private] created by ozanbrs
hello ............. ....................... .....................
body mods. chat room [public] created by JeamsJitsu
for anyone who has or wants body mods. piercings tattoos branding scarification implants. and stretching.. all welcome
msn people chat room [public] created by EMOtionalysad
Everyone with msn or windows live can chat and add each outher
single teens find a boyfrend or a girlfriend chat room [public] created by sexyvampire23
hurry and please come, im looking for a boyfriend!
single teens find a mate chat room [public] created by sexyvampire23
hurry and please come, im looking for a boyfriend!
guitarlovers chat room [public] created by theguitarist12
all guitar and music lovers come here:))
Miley Cyrus chat chat room [public] created by Miley1Cyrus
hey guys chat to miley and you can talk to her al day if you wnat
Mikes Pleasure Palace chat room [public] created by MikeyTheDJ2
Talk about anything especially how you like to give and recieve pleasure and have fun... All kinds of fun including but not limited to concerts, shopping, clubbing, movies....etc.
juju chat room [public] created by jugurtha120190
Emo-Goth-Punk-Scene chat room [public] created by AimeeManson
A place for all thses types to just hang out and chat to others about whatever they like. Meet new people and even new lovers.
Scene Kids chat room [public] created by AlyssaAFTERSHOCK
A place for scene kids all over the globe to come together.
always sensual chat room [public] created by strongslong
dirty talking to get you off in the most exciting way possible, explore your creativity in a room where anything goes just speak your mind and tell when you climax
stokholm chat room [public] created by adamskiv
gangstaz chat room [public] created by zoe954
any1 ready 2 tlk cme and tlk all u please about anything this is the chatroom 2 b @ yessir
Gor chat room [public] created by Admins02
Role play Counter earth based on books by john norman
japanese conversation chat room [public] created by Arko77
meeting japanese to learn about japan, language, culture etc
Girl On Girl chat room [public] created by ShayChristine
Girls only please i need some lady love
Random Anime and RP Room chat room [public] created by Kana4
obvliously you can talk about anime, manga, and stuff like that, as well as RP-ing. Please be considerate of other chatters, but this place is PG 13+. No offensive or derogatory words or phrases please.
New Orleans Finests chat room [public] created by DaBodyOfDaGods
Do Wut U Do !!!!! Be Who U B!!!!
SpAins S3xy r00m chat room [public] created by Sn0wiee
People in Spain Chat here. Girls & Guys Welcome lol
asian love chat room [public] created by jayayemoh
for all those asian guys and girls looking for romance and fun, come and join in!
Irish Huck Up fun chat room [public] created by Rubberballsbru
For all those people just looking for no strings "FUN" in ireland come on down
very horrny chat room [public] created by johno1990
if your wanting to let every 1 no that your horrny then come on in
Anything and Everything chat room [public] created by Ronak2323
Male or Female Are Welcome And You Can Talk About Anything You Want To Tal About And Female i Love Phone *** So it Would Be Great If You Like It Also SO We Can Have It
wantin a good time near u chat room [public] created by TheKing19911991
lokkin for a near u for a good time or for a relationship so come chat ill be here waitin
hott she males chat room [public] created by riverhawk5590
any hott shemales who want to chat up talk here
so damn hot chat room [public] created by lilmiss25
la la la i like cookies they taste good in my stomach yeumm eyumm
I LOVE DOGS chat room [public] created by CaptainFuria
if you love dogs then this is the place to be @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Cinci Teens chat room [public] created by Conin90
nice chat for Teenagers in cincinnati to meet new people.
If U Like Thick Chix chat room [public] created by thickbaby11
this room is for Thick chicks only jeje
BI - LESBIANS chat room [public] created by iizsa
for all the laidees who wanna meet and chat with other laidees!!
music is an art chat room [public] created by 90sBaby
Talk about life,music,and art . You can make new friends
Mumsgirl chat room [public] created by mumsgirl
Its cool, funy,funand a hole lot more come and chat to me plz
peeps looking to talk.. chat room [public] created by gtaluver330
awesomeness room ever... you talk about everything and anything....nothing nasty...
friendschat chat room [public] created by chethan1437
entry only for friends and friendship
ToNGaN Ro0m chat room [public] created by TaaHiNeTuTuaNGaKaVa
if you tongan dis da spot to chat on....lol
masih chat room [public] created by masihdesigner
art & design chat room. u can use this chat room .
feelfree chat room [public] created by rajatcs
Just a relaxing chat with free and friendly manner for all topics no taboo for anything
goth or emo room112121 chat room [public] created by 1996gothchika1996
well you gotta be goth and or emo... to be in here and not cursing in here!!!
hackers rooms chat room [public] created by olurobert
any real hacker in here?...................................................................................
ken4ken chat room [public] created by ken4ken
i am ken, i need a real friendship with a wonderful woman
home chat room [public] created by venkatraman
only youngladyes and gentilmans
FOR FRIENDS chat room [public] created by naveed8515
For girls of 16_36.... who like fun... and friends...who who want to live life not to spent life.... my mail address is friend_of_you2@yahoo.com or naveed8515@yahoo.com... love you all hot girls....
Gobi81 chat room [public] created by gobi81
i'm currently working in sharjah,U.A.E,looking for freinds
SEARCHING FOR TRUE LOVE chat room [private] created by teddybagual2009
Sonic Party Room chat room [public] created by SonicArtist3000
I am Daniel Peter aka SonicArtist3000. I run a website called www.2006.summerofsonic.com and we are trying to fix it. I have a buisness called Daniel's Sonic Drawing Service a club called Daniel's Sonic Drawing Club. I work with SEGA and I am soon going to be working with Archie Sonic comics. I am Sonic's Number #1 Fan and I have made 28 books 10 comics of Sonic my buisness number is 515-520-0588 Our hours are 6-8pm. I can also draw ever single Charecter out there. I know everything about Sonic. (Feel free to ask me any questions) Also being origanally created as the first and many usages of Sally. She was the best girl for Sonic being voted as 854 votes for Sally and Amy 465 votes. Sonic and Sally (Forever) *?.(*?.♥.?*).? * ♥ SonSally ♥ ..?*(.?*♥`*?.)*?.. Copy and Paste this on you're channel on youtube or profile if you like SonSally Keep on juicin! ~SonicArtist3000 Age: 12
privates chat room [private] created by friendsbenefits
anything goes, and be yourself
navajo girl chat room chat room [public] created by lala51charl
all navajo only lol .............................................................
Feck The Drama chat room [public] created by jurriaan92
Enough of this shit going on in Adult meant moving to L&R. Too bad they are coming in L&R too now.
Comedy Chat chat room [public] created by QueenEngland
this room is for everyone who is fu n to be around funny and know hows to be positive no negativity here its like a group that everyone will have fun in i bet u lol!!
Comedy chat room [public] created by QueenEngland
this room is for everyone who is fu n to be around funny and know hows to be positive no negativity here its like a group that everyone will have fun in i bet u lol!!
pic messaging chat room [public] created by sillejustin
give your e-mail and show off your hot!! pics
adult chat pics only chat room [public] created by CountessDemorte
only for 18 and older ppl with cam or picture on profile . no harrassment and/or nudity in public
4 the peeps who need somone chat room [public] created by gtaluver330
this is an awesome room to go to when ur single ro to find new friends and stuff...its for all and you can say anything...no perves please!
SoCal chat room [public] created by kraze03
cali people come and join for more close fun....
juggalos chat chat room [public] created by vladfreak666
this is for the down juggalos and lettes to just kick it
i think I am depressed chat room [public] created by AAGothDepressed
Hot Room chat room [public] created by Loverboy454
For people who want to have a dirty time
made it just for fun chat room [public] created by ojsledge
just for fun really, hope you will enjoy your stay...
meet with singles chat room [public] created by dylanCB
meet singles from all over the world
TUCSON AZ FUN CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by Dimondgal
Davenport Iowa chat room [public] created by SoccerPlayer23
This for anyone and everyone who lives in Davenport Iowa, Join!
lesbian bi adults chat chat room [public] created by CountessDemorte
adult room dedicated to lesbians and bi females
DarkRavens Den chat room [public] created by xxDarkRavenxx
Welcome to my den, I am a werewolf so be careful entering my den
DarkWolfs Den chat room [public] created by xXDarkWolfXx
Welcome to my den be careful I can smell a human's scent from a mile away.
No Boredom aloud CHAT chat room [public] created by libby12ojh
This chatroom is very fun and you can talk about anything and everything.
bi n kewl ppl only chat room [public] created by kamirasofresh
its only for bi ppl who are lookin 4 there special someone or sumone who they like tew kick it wit
Pinkyana chat room [public] created by Pinkyana
Make a cool chat for friendship.
never get kicked chat room [public] created by skaterdom13
never get kicked oijiaosdfaisfjasofhjausdfhasidufhausdfhiaudshfisdjfiasdjfoiasdjfoiadjfiasdjfoiasdfiasjdoiadfoiajdsf]
juggalo room chat room [public] created by skaterdom13
family counts __________________________________________________
OTA main area chat room [public] created by Roachie01
Since its Hard to chat with people around the world, i've entrusted Weirdtown as a good global chat room since i had use it for more than 4 years!. Here, members can talk about Anything concerned about Magick and other Experiements. Rules: No swearing No Spamming No eating
Pak Room chat room [public] created by BaBuJaAn
For all over the Pakistani peoples chat's... share our feelings in Pardes.
Japanese Main chat room [public] created by imamura
One who looks for a friend without faults will have none. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out
xxSCENE-EMOxCHATxxx xD chat room [public] created by xxSKiTTLEZZxx
for scene/emo TEENS only.! [[age 14-19]]
Ukraine chat chat room [public] created by SkalinD
am... come in and talk to me please
Mootzies Talkitive chat room [public] created by Mootzie1
This is a chat room for friends or others to chat in. I hope you enjoy!
S3X FUN FOR LIFE chat room [public] created by babykrizia
you can say anything explicit here just dont fish in strictly no CAM GILRS..
gentlmens club chat room [public] created by xrracer99
all must be 18 or older come meet ppl and have a good time
familyfun chat room [public] created by ronfogg
for family members who enjoy each other
live goes on chat room [public] created by heroon
live goes on we all goner be dead
The Vatican chat room [public] created by ramothorne55
Just to rock out hang out and just chat til ya go crazy!!!
Filipino chat room [public] created by jayayemoh
chatroom for Filo guys/girls that looking for relationschip , friendschip , ect
blondygirl. chat room [public] created by blondehottie45
Come join me and have funn we can talk and get to know each other.
sweet people chat room [public] created by BrokenDeathAngel
sweet boys & girls only this is for people,who treat people rite,say beautiful thing,& talk rite to girls or boys,a little kinky is okay,but never over the top,if your ver dirty then get the hell out of here >.<
Pre-teens and young teens chat room [public] created by LilKatieRose
this is a chat room for pre-teen and 13-15 year old teens.
Jumeirah Friends chat room [public] created by dukeo
All the friendsin jumeirah dubai who likes fun and care
Satisfaction Iz always da answer chat room [private] created by lilnikky932
Americans and Hmong chat room [public] created by Newcherry
This is for Americans and Hmong people to chat because to be friends...
lala chat room [public] created by Eleve94
Kyle and Olivia Prom chat room [public] created by saya16
Have a nice time at ur prom when u were a couple
MeganHarperBBFL chat room [public] created by meganxdrawing
dont go into this room unless u r harper or megan(or rayna or katelyn or tanner)
Luv is all ppl culd ask for chat room [private] created by lilnikky932
gay teen boy love chat room [public] created by mike15nj
this is for gay teen boys who r looking for love or chat or wanna get it on
country lovers only please chat room [public] created by crazyhickchick123
for anyone who is looking for their truck loving, marb smoking, deer hunting, four wheeling other half....
roshawn chat room [public] created by roshawn
karan chat room [private] created by karansharma1157
karan room is only for karan belonging
quimbinatorchat chat room [public] created by Quimbinator
Talk to me!! I am coooooool! :)
familylove chat room [public] created by Familiennutte
for everybody who have ... in their family
Otaku-hikikomori Chat chat room [public] created by PsychoOtaku
for all otakus!! come join if you love anime, manga, and/or video games
DominationX chat room [public] created by DXHeatMan
Fear The DarkNess Within -DX- ChatBox
...SQUIRTING........PEEING.... chat room [public] created by andkarp
.....looking girls only for that....... .......................................................
Maybe Im Just Out Of My Mind chat room [private] created by Ryou17
It's a damn cold night. Trying to figure out this life. Won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new. I don't know who you are but I, I'm with you~
colorado single chat room [public] created by terrdomilymm
place for people to chat from colorado for the single people
death note girlz chat room [public] created by emilythestrange365
u only need 2 things for this cat room to work. #1 you need to be a girl #2 you need to love/like death note. hope u like it :)
poker love u chat room [public] created by poker1987
i love u ,my name is poker .i want to talk to everyone ... but pls be polite in my room ,i dislike ruders
shewit chat room [public] created by shewitG
nice chat of shewit gebremedhin
mom son dad sister chat room [private] created by incestcraver
I am sure that there are many boys just like myself out ther that had encounters or perhaps sometime or the other seen our mothers naked in the shower getting dressed or undressed maybe even masturbating herself.and we tried to look away cos shes your mother.but deep inside you lies a raw carnal animal desire for her hole.that your came out off.and the more you see her naked the more you begin to fantasise about her... the more you want to enter your own mummy.for those lucky boys who has had the previlage of getting a full close up of his mothers cake the smell of her nest how he manages to surpress his desire to resist her is beyond me. what if deep down our mothers rub their lips and have dirty l thoughts about us their own sons ,all grown up and if she propably had a glimpse of your rock hard tool everytime you stroke it and crave your mummys love hole.. i am sure she must be licking her lips and soaking up her panties just of the thought of feeling you her young son inside her hole.they say you have not eaten a vulva until you suck the juice out of your own mother.the best entry a man can get is from his mummies hole and no one can suck you like your very own mum.. cos mothers suck with love.passion love and greed.
Gay lousiana chatrooms chat room [public] created by CC2009
for people gay or bi can have fun and meet new people
metroski45 chat room [public] created by metroski45
emo and scene chat room [public] created by sceneforlife
for emos and scene :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <333333333333333333333333333333 >.>
hot girls who want a guy with almost an 8 pack chat room [public] created by 3pk
i am single looking for a girl 18 or under i am 15
Hot Nasty chat chat room [public] created by belevin
The dirtier the better....Come on lets get dirty!!!! Come on fellas...Gotta big one!!!
Footfetsh chat room [public] created by demetrius27
smelling licking feet wiggling toes
toronto123 chat room [public] created by italianguy123
4 all the toronto ppl ages 16 to 50 asl whem joining in thanks
North Carolina Chatterheads chat room [public] created by Cbax819
Chatters from North Carolina Every one welcome!
Dubai love chat room [public] created by Dartanian25
This room for guys and girls, gays and straights to chat and show the world how open minded and cool UAE is,
Il Gondolieri chat room [public] created by ramothorne55
Is this the real life is it just fantasy? Caught in the Landslide thought escape from reality. Open your eyes look up to the skies and see.....Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
LA SAD3Y3Z chat room [public] created by SADEYEZ18
Rappers club chat room [public] created by victor12
This is a chat for people who like to rap and want to spit a rhyme
Elvis chat room [public] created by elvis213
elvis fans that are crazy about elvis
michaels room chat room [private] created by Michael444
private room this is a room set up for private conversation where only people that Michael invites can enter
Single hot asians teens chat room [public] created by KarizmaOo
Hey you hot single asian teens lookin for some amarican love come and chat.
TEENS ROCK THIS chat room [public] created by risapooh
CLUB HOUSE chat room [public] created by ACE313DET
Bored4 chat room [public] created by AshleyMarie2011
come and chat when ever your bored
Gay T33n Chat Room chat room [public] created by S3XxXyBo1
Room to meet kool gay teens and just hang out
Gay T33n Ch4t Room chat room [public] created by S3XxXyBo1
Room To Chat With Other Gay Teens And Just Hang Out
candy room chat room [public] created by chocolatebas
welcome to my chat room , come if you want :)
13-16 YEAR OLD chat room [public] created by caliey
have fun but plz only 13-16 year olds in here....thank you
single miltary chat room [public] created by Brighteyes1989
singl miltary or non miltary looking for miltary love
black gurls chat room [public] created by kbmb22
all the black people in this room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
EMO PPL ROOM chat room [public] created by imissTheCaupCake
ALL EMO's welcome , please no emo bashing in here!
Kittys werewolf chat room [public] created by XXXsmexykittyXXX
were me and my werewolf family go to hand out and chat!!!!!!!!
gay chat 16 bellow chat room [public] created by gaygaga
please that 16 bellow join the caht
M-ain chat room [private] created by CainHargreaves1
the room with the best view chat room [private] created by chillywillyoffl96
this is a room that has the best view of all
mervin chat room [private] created by jahiz
i wanna talk to you i wanna know you more i am algerian i am student and working on my own business
m4mUAE chat room [public] created by aniiss
meeting nice people and having fun
Random.. chat room [public] created by Chelsea2013
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Adult for UAE chat room [public] created by lazeez
This is an adult chat room for lovers, gays, friends and hangout
in the bedroom chat room [public] created by SexxyMitchyy
hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
louisiana baton rouge chat room [public] created by arsan
movin to the city lookin some friends
2 GIRLS 1 CUP RULES chat room [public] created by darthbane
Badboys Party House chat room [public] created by huggablebadboy
A place to hang out and have fun. NO DRAMA!
Pro Ana and pro mia chat room [public] created by iWish4it
For buddys, advice help tips and tricks.
Computer Lovers Welcome chat room [public] created by compgeek1
Please be appropiate. If you desire to be inappropiate I will kick you out. So I advise you to exchange info and do it somewhere else. This is meant for computer lovers all over the world to come here and talk computer talk that normal people would call boring. This is an outlet if you will! -THANKS.
bahamas chat room chat room [public] created by pumkinbabe
all bahamains but non bahamains are welcomed
the greens room chat room [public] created by biggOsO
if u toke this is the room for you
Players chat room [public] created by June09
The Players Bar and Grill, Under New ownership with all new bartenders! All new crowds!
h o r n y r o o m chat room [public] created by ashlyyacid
just go to it and have funn and chat dude
asianchat room for teenss chat room [public] created by kbby
any kind of asian person can chatt only if your a teeennnn
The PLayers chat room [public] created by June09
PLayers Bar and Grill is Under NEW OWNERSHIP and all new Bartenders TOO!
4juggalos by juggalos chat room [public] created by Bluddhound216
for the ninjas to come together in the onlne world n yap it up
detroit red wings convo. chat room [public] created by dylanCB
brag about the wins and losses of the past series or years
InuyashaXz chat room [public] created by inuyashaXz
talk to friends about any thing about inuyasha or any thing else
tattooed and screwed 2 chat room [public] created by TattooedAuzzi
... and tell olle's grandfather to stay off the road....
haydens room chat room [public] created by EMOHayden
a cool place for people to just hang out and be themselves
16 years old chat room [public] created by playercj42o
come on in if ur 16 or 18 come in and talk
juggalos 4 life chat room [public] created by skaterdom13
come my juggalos 949493049309234093493434343434343434343434343433333333333
lady 2 lady chat room [public] created by lilmizzgemini
thiz iz a room 4 lez only no me bi and lez only
the guys room and girls chat room [public] created by skaterdom13
for guys and girls+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++=
hot time chat room [public] created by skaterdom13
come girls and chat with guys 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Mumsgirl chat chat room [public] created by mumsgirl
You can chat to me mumsgirl it is cool funny and silly and really cool
avril chat room [public] created by mudafar1
alot of people avril lavigneddaassdasdsaasdsadasdasdsdsdsadsad
tyty chat room [public] created by tytydog23
Kool Kids Klub chat room [public] created by Burtonnn
Desciption Desciption Desciption
turkeyy chat room [public] created by omer068
turkeyy from in cappadocia ... commeee
gothic chat room [public] created by lildee43
a place were any gothic teens can chat and talk
werid things to talk about chat room [public] created by innocence14
you can jsy talk about things that are weird and other thing ! XD hope you have fun talking about werid things !!!!
Parham chat room chat room [public] created by parham20scooter
for iranian that hope to meet me and have best relationships with me.
Dubai Friends rooom chat room [public] created by fancysiraj
Room for people in dubai who0 can chat,then may be have a chance to meet new people
LOVE N LOVE chat room [public] created by MUBASHER
iranian girls whit Parham chat room [private] created by parham20scooter
iranian girles , want be kiss to kiss with parham scooter in Tehran
My Bangalore friends chat room [public] created by akashb4u4fun
The people who can communicate with me only from Bangalore
hit me up chat room [public] created by Joe0889
on yahoo at thejoker0889@yahoo.com or msn at thejoker0889@live.com
TzT chat room [private] created by edza1188
nu pilniigi nekaada apraxta :D:D
GVG Society chat room [public] created by GVGSociety
Sangkai Pag urusa kitA!☻☺☺☻☺☺☺☺☻☻
okokbe chat room [public] created by okokbe
Hookup in the 805 chat room [public] created by Metljakt
For men and women that want to hook up in the 805.
XxBoReDxX chat room [public] created by xxSceneGurlxx
idk i wuz bored when i made it xP
ong boring chat room [public] created by innocence14
oyu can talk about anything like yeah but it has to be fun NOT boing !
OMG BORING chat room [public] created by innocence14
you can talk about anything you want but it has to be fun NOT boring !
whereisthelove chat room [public] created by parastou
where is the love ?can u show it to others?
jo1sat chat room [private] created by smadi63
منتديات الاردن اولاً www.jo1sat.com
for hot girls and hot boys chat room [public] created by geekstephen
Whats Up My Name Is Stephen Michael Kuharik im 19 Years Old from Parma Hts Ohio I Was Born August 13 & What i Look Like is Dark Dark brown Hair Blue Eyes 5 Foot 71/2 Athletic love To Go Out With My friends & i Iove To Play Hacky Sack & GuitarHero & I Graduated Form Berea High School & I Have Diabetes & If You Want More About Me Just Ask Me
ashlieqhs room chat room [public] created by ashlieqh
no pervs.lairs.or players. lol jk but dont be a perv.. just tell the rwal age thoughh well hope you like my chat room(:
VERY NORMAL PEOPLE chat room [public] created by ENZUCCiO1926
FREE ENTRY FOR ALL PEOPLE!!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
new age chat room [public] created by Lenea
Life, love, and hope. we are our own authority. When will we belive and change the world around us. magick - Is the sience of the mind. Each one of us is born with special abillities. Our intution has no explation of resean so why should anything els?
12 year old chat rooms chat room [public] created by faithabc
it is for 12 year olds and sososnchndbhvh
Asian Women for True Love. chat room [public] created by David39
Do you like Asian Women see if you can find True Love here??????
Miss Orange FPM chat room [public] created by miranita
As you all know the FPM are smart,intelligent,leaders and sure the most beautiful persons. so this group is organizing a competition between all beautiful ladies to compete on miss orange crown. to all ladies, you are required to upload you photo and every month we will choose a photo of the winner and we will put as profile photo. رسالة الى العماد عون أنت لست عماد التيار الوطني الحر ... بل أنت عماد اللبنانين شتى أنت لست صاحب الإصلاح ... بل أنت الإصلاح نفسه أنت لست الخيار فحسب ... بل أنت الخيار والقرار و صانع الأحرار أنت لست زعيماً للمسيحين فحسب ... أنت زعيم اللبنانين جمعهم
the gree room chat room [public] created by biggOsO
for pot heads for biggines and for pros
Arabic chat room [public] created by DomTickler
chat for arab as well as non-arab people
GOOD MORNING UAE chat room [public] created by jaboor
serieus relationship chat room [public] created by zourise25
And made you into nations and tribes that you might Tarefo Othagakm truth of God's Aledeim
Orlando Fl chat chat room [public] created by Jayslick86
this is a chat room for all those who are in orlando Fl or in the areas near by
Rock Fan chat room [public] created by Rockerboy363
Hello and welcome home to rock u never call Metallica the worst band or u get hurt
Emo boys not in a relationship chat room [public] created by emoluvers134
for emo boys that need a emo girl to have a relationship with. Im a emo girl who needs a emo boys.
just wanna chat room [public] created by athena939
talk about anything and everything
atakeurbanoradio chat room [public] created by elboogie
la casa del rock mexicano el mejor sitio para cotorrear
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