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List of all user-created chat rooms #64
Amsterdam Netherlands chat room [public] created by americanloverboy
For anyone that either lives in Amsterdam or is visiting here.
kakar chat room [public] created by ahmed143007
good may have a very short lifespan before they are removed from host sites. does not host, nor does it upload video files. Links are sourced and indexed only. For this reason, we cannot repair dead links. We do, however, endeavour to locate replacements as quickly as possible. We ask that members be patient and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience.
kateyu heaven chat room chat room [public] created by kateyu
hi to all.. hoin me in my house... id like to see you here.
191 chat room [public] created by sharon21
LA people, my sister is in LA, you want her??? ask me for info
freaks and kinks chat room [public] created by monkey210
weird shit,freaky talk and anything on your mindssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Chamber of love and marriage chat room [public] created by aloush1991
who want 2 marriage and love it is your room chat in it it is very nice
english speaking russians chat room [public] created by jk1906
this chat room is for people who r russians or who r in russia those who can speak english......
Cielo- Sinful Desire chat room [public] created by xXxSielouhxXx
A room to rp and do things that only a sinful person might dp
Lebanon Liban chat room [public] created by milaay64
This is for all Lebanese around the world to get together and share ideas, thoughts and experiences.
Southern cali chat room [public] created by dvshunter
Friendly Chat love, movies, music
for older generation chat room [public] created by biggeyboo
a room for older people who can come in and make knew friends chat with old friends ages 40 and up
READY TO BUST chat room [public] created by BAMGiO
If your looking to finish the night off witha a good nut THIS IS YOUR ROOM
Sharukh khan chat room [private] created by pigu1234
FOR chating, finding friends love and some other.
Macau and Taipa chat room [public] created by lighttramp
meeting room for Macau and Taipa
Rawr Nikkis room chat room [private] created by crazyravelady
My room! hah yay ^_^ only my friends can come into my room! Grr! but maybe if you ask nicely and your not creepy..
asmarinos chat room [public] created by sita1
Asmarions talk and be in touch all times
Too bad that you couldnt see chat room [private] created by xDangerxDemix
There is more than meets the eye.
Come to Germany chat room [public] created by CocoonDJ
Hello i serch guys to talk german xD
Fetish lifestyle chat room [public] created by CocoonDJ
sunz dubai chat room [public] created by sunzshrey
let us be firnds and chat in friendly way
VampiricMistressesManor chat room [public] created by MistressDesileana
Vampires, goblins,werewolfs, and humans welcome ;) all who wish to join just be good.
women that want to get laid in oregon chat room [public] created by newbrew
post screen name for action, arried or single ladies only please. must be 18
Bi or lesbian girl chat room [public] created by LunaBunny
Bi or lesbian girls ! Come Come come
us army chat room [public] created by aliajmee
for us solger they work in iraq and all american people
masryen bas chat room [public] created by gohanmy
3shan al msryen kolhhom have fun we blash klam wehsh pls
Wrinkled Soles and Webcam chat room [public] created by FootLoverNY
Anyone with wrinkled soles and a webcam want to show off your feet?
just be chur self chat room [public] created by LoriFREAK
talk!!!! i command u...... ;D.... (and now to make it fill up 30 characters ..iofsdhjsdhoslhdfsljizsl) =) done!
lonely in bahrain chat room [public] created by russianjor
for people who feel lonely on the island and just want to reach strings!
4Tanya chat room [private] created by jerry60
This is a private chat room for Tanya to join me for fun
4tanya2 chat room [private] created by jerry60
this room is for tanya to join me for fun
4tanya 2 chat room [public] created by jerry60
this room is for tanya to have fun with me
4tanya3 chat room [private] created by jerry60
chat room for tanya to have fun with
love azma chat room [public] created by vikas15
any one can chat.this chat is only for lover's points of view
MASTER for submissives chat room [public] created by HairyChested
Does the thought of being tied down, bent over and being used excite you? Do you find yourself dreaming of being an object toy a central theme in your fantasies? Have you found, during your past encounters, you enjoyed pleasing your partner more than pleasing yourself? Is there a deep sensual fire burning within you to be set free? Do you find yourself wanting it all the time? At the core of your being are you a tease? Does the thought of someone else having complete control over you for THEIR pleasure call to you? Are you often consumed with thoughts of being loaned or rented out to others for their pleasure ? Do you want to be owned? Can you let go of everything that you think you are in order to find yourself? Are you intelligent, outgoing and capable of learning? Does pleasing and serving others give you a strange sense of inner satisfaction? It's about surrender and submission. It makes you happy, delirously, ecstatically happy, to let go, to let another have all the power and make all the decisions. There's a curious freedom that comes from knowing you have no alternatives, no choices, and can only react as your own true self to the situation you find yourself in. There is alot to learn, to develop and to discover in this type of lifestyle, its traditions, customs, fashion, speech, etiquette, play, and practices which may include bdsm, punishment,guidance, surrender, control, pain, aftercare, sensation, spiritualism, respect, warmth, passion and love.
cholo pride 13 chat room [private] created by sadeyes18ST
chola's & cholo's talkin 'bout wutever
chat blaster chat room [public] created by missdee817
chating for friends family and yor peps
only lezz chat room [public] created by ayshecadii
welcome =) kjsdjs sjds gjsd gjdsgl ldgjg jjdgjk djkjgdsjgkl
LuB YoU chat room [private] created by HottBunz
Where You Come To Chill OUTTTTTT
Texas Lovers chat room [public] created by TexasGirl7
IF U LOVEEE TEXAS!!! <3 umm, greatt to meet pople tht love texas as much as u.
Roleplay teens chat room [public] created by babybunny01
Roleplay teens roles partner fun
SMS chat chat room [public] created by sweety101pie
anyone from the school sms go here to talk shit
Greeley People chat room [public] created by sweety101pie
hahahah come to talk shit about people
house of horrors chat room [public] created by halloween73
If you're a psycopath then this is the right place for you.Do you like talking about chopping people up with chainsaws.or dead shit coming back to life and eating people.then here's the right places for ya..Got you're ticket then come on in..? welcome to the house of horrors..
phone fun chat room chat room [public] created by runner20mm
lets talk about fun , come in and lets talk and then phone together
pie fight room chat room [public] created by luvrubber
a room where you can enjoy a good wholesome pie fight.
adult minneapolis chat room [public] created by fries30
A chat room for minneapolis people wanting to chat, meet and hook up!
people looking to shiz an giggzle chat room [public] created by allorall
come as u are as u must and i hope i are as is
india jaipur chat room [private] created by jitendrabhartiyan
log only india (jaipur ) pepole ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok
Inter chat room [public] created by iXet
International chat for all people of the world
sam 64 chat room [public] created by samu64
hello am samuel and am looking fo9r a soulmate
how about now chat room [public] created by eul
let's all gather around and talk freely on any topic u want!
matured minds chat room [public] created by georgefrank
looking for people with matured minds
hudanie chat room [private] created by spyg
hannah montana is my number 1 fan
lilyarose chat room [public] created by lilyarose
algérienne chat lilyarose algérienne chat lilyarose
mature conversation chat room [public] created by cvrn
for hose who are over 40, looking for conversation.
madhushree chat room [private] created by madhushree
hi i m madhushree, f/24 from india. I m completed my studies & now sharing with you. If u r interested chat with me. i m ready for chating any subject.
Gutarist chat room [public] created by akString
Common people EnjoY & LeTs RoCk....!!! ;)
saeed1973 chat room [public] created by saeed1973
cameroon chat room [public] created by sexybaby123432
all cameroonians wanting to meet new friends and chat love.
wiltonbaby chat room [public] created by wiltonbaby
i am a good girl looking for a man
lugansk chat chat room [public] created by RAPSTER111
For chatting with people from lugansk,ukraine..
Scene girls are Hott... chat room [public] created by Orlando801
If you like scene girls or are a scene girls who wants to talk, of have come here.
nandusam chat room [private] created by nandusam
hey i would like to frienship wht u
The Mosh Pit chat room [public] created by JeffHailey
for people who like all kinds of rock music, and were cool people can talk without the bullshit of stupid people just looking to start shit.
REAL VAMPIRES chat room [public] created by sexylittlevampire
bulldog69 chat room [private] created by lovelylucy
for the class of 2010...may all your wishes come true...even if they take a while...
iDiTARODStar chat room [public] created by iDiTARODStar
iDiTAROD Star chat room [public] created by iDiTARODStar
iDiTAROD Alaska FOR ALL who are interested in the Great Alaskan Iditarod that first started as a route in Nome Alaska for diphtheria serum run in the 1920's then presently used as the Great Alaskan Iditarod DOG SLEDDING RACE! Cheers!
GD Automatic Machinery chat room [public] created by SteveWilde
Technicians chat room. Technical help from the field.
TEXAS-canada chat room [private] created by UTcowboy33
general caht for friends and builders
Canda Tx chat room [public] created by UTcowboy33
room for friendly chats and building
Xbox 360 Chat chat room [public] created by Wwzdrgn
Need help with vidmaster endure in ODST
Xbox 360 chat room [public] created by Wwzdrgn
Need help with halo 3: ODST vidmaster achievement Endure
whispering eye talk chat room [public] created by purplecow12
talk about whispering eyes because its really cool and if you don't like it you should kill yourself
great man prophet mohammed chat room [public] created by Supermarket
This room name for a very great man prophet mohammed this man to much bad people speak a wrong somethings about him and drawing bad somethings about this great man this man it.s for all the world not just for muslims people
Snacker chat room [private] created by badsnacker
Come in here and let us scack together
cyber s3x and meetings here chat room [public] created by asahiuno
if you are h0rny come here jerk with me off
Single Bi GIrls chat room [public] created by babydas
Looking for single bi or lez girls who are up for anything.
LIL LOCKAS PLACE chat room [public] created by reyna1
motorcycle related chat room [public] created by kord
anything and everything about bikes
motorcycles chat room [public] created by kord
anything and everything to do with motorcycles
arkansas chat it up chat room [public] created by pktjacks05
ck lovk kfrvkgr;lvk;grlkv;rkvk
iraqi room chat room [public] created by deco99
what da miss big room big too big and big and big
there we go chat room [public] created by deco99
come on guys come on hffkffkighgkg rlklkl lklk lk diuuf i uiuidhhh jhjhj
Dirty Girls play here chat room [public] created by Zodiacstwins
Hot chat for adults who know how to have fun
Fornication station chat room [public] created by Zodiacstwins
Down and dirty adult chat for the truely dirty
Indie rock enthusiasts and musicians chat room [public] created by babsishere83
A room to discuss indie rock bands and other interesting rock bands that bring something new to the table.
montreal lovecake chat room [public] created by noel182
dirt talk with a twist of awesome
101 chat room [public] created by laidback09
any beautiful older women out there who want to chat
noypi chat room [public] created by goldenjade
searching a friends, dating men or women, for adult only
shelleygirl chat room [public] created by smoneda
Everyone is invited to be a member.
dubai happiness chat room [public] created by roshim
the life is always sweet when it is nice smile of secret
CHILLIN LIKE A VILLAIN chat room [public] created by KingsLair
A place to chill anybody welcomes here especially villains
aye whats up chat room [public] created by XxXJamieXxX
this room is for chiiling i made it afta going to a couple of rooms and found that u get dissed alot ect ect so yer the fighting or dissing ppl thats bout it aye anywaz otha than that just have fun lol
class of 2010 chat room [public] created by funhouse18
for all my freinds i wil miss you all so much and may all our memories last forever
davanchu chat room [public] created by davanchu
i'm searching are there??????????????
shemales wanted in dubai chat room [public] created by 33oldd
Bored in Dubai & looking for shemales to ****
hotroom chat room [public] created by lovelylucy
this room is where two people can talk...alone...
Jamaican Ganga Smokers chat room [public] created by babyboy3
This chatroom is specially built for ciggarrete and Marrijjuana { Ganja} smokers on a whole. In this chatroom smokers can interact with each other than getting disrespected by none smokers. ENJOY YOUR TIME HERE!!!!!!!!!
danng chat room [public] created by disturbedFREAK123
chill and do ur thing, meet sum new people, make friends or get outa here
Monkey Business chat room [public] created by Midlander40
Hallo, Bonjour, Merhaba und Welkommen
Tokio Hotel Rules chat room [public] created by bnb795627
Tokio Hotel is the awesomest band ever! Bill is soooooo hot!
Jrock and Visual Kei fans chat room [public] created by Fruitpunch
For fans of Visual Kei and Jrock. <3
DSFJSDFJKLFS chat room [private] created by e4rmdatrap
Rnobles chat room [private] created by nobels1
This Chat room is for me and my baby.
Newfoundland Canada Chat Room chat room [public] created by bigmanwalsh
come in have fun and relax .....................................................................................
Where the hot girls go chat room [public] created by 15122mollie
Where people can chat with other
17mga single and alone chat room [public] created by JeffyBoy
well the title should say it all
georgia chat single 17mga chat room [public] created by JeffyBoy
anyone from and in, georgia welcome please enjoy
Hot american girls chat room [public] created by pa3ned
what the title says yehhh? safeee Im english btw and i have msn :) nice girls?
16-18 chat chat room [public] created by BooBoo427
a chat room for ppl 16-18 that wanna chat or role play
Deaths Innocence chat room [private] created by AngelsDemise
He was the one source of light that could shine in his darkest hour.
the best friends chat room [public] created by moonskygetback
come and meet ur best friends and enjoy with them here every day
Friends of Boo and Star chat room [public] created by biggeyboo
room is just for friendly people who want to chat and be nice no cussing or anything like that just friendly chat with friends
fun with feathers chat room [public] created by ticklesadist
ticking and other fun tied tickled or tickle torture all welcome come in and bring your feathers
real taboo chat room [public] created by taboofreak
anything you can fantasis about animal family fun anything
single gay teens chat room [public] created by ForeverLonley
feetslave chat room [public] created by feetslave1
i love feet very much and i wish i stsy under female feet forever
Gay Bi and Curious Guys chat room [public] created by derek3000
A room for gay bi and Curious guys only .....girls create your own............
Walterbrent chat room [public] created by Priscajulet
Myn name is Walter Brent an i love making Friend i wish ot have good Friends out here
singapore malaysia asia gay chat room [public] created by admire555
come and join even if u are not asia country
gayalicious chat room [public] created by gydck
who likes to suck a co*k deeply and slurp a c*m from a great shot..
slavarussi chat room [public] created by Polina77
--------------------------------------------------slava russi------------------------------------
Turkishguy chat room [public] created by lickmegirls31
come here hot girls and lick my dick babes
9ja chat chat room [public] created by dotunadesomoju
watin 9ja people dey find go other.ake dey come here naa d koko master. make u na take the suaga suaga.and d giner d giner
wf wants black gbang chat room [public] created by ncpantyguy
white girl wants black men action
golden rain les room chat room [public] created by minka17
only lesbians who loves pee and golden rain
wf wants black men group chat room [public] created by ncpantyguy
white female wants group of black men for gbang
Mistress Room chat room [public] created by pprince008
Mistress and slave chit chat and may be we can meet prefer Egyptian people
cthusker chat room [private] created by cthusker
This is a private room for friends only
Steve Perry Fans chat room [public] created by BabymeBabe
for all those steve perry fans out there! ;)
111111 chat room [private] created by matunda
be free to commnunicate by exchaging ideas, customs, knowing one another by shering what we have, loving to help each other and so many
dads chat room [public] created by xxmrmomxx
looking for other dads to chat with
cafe de chat girls chat room [public] created by olcay21
only girls must come our room so ıf bad men come they will be block
cisco chat room chat room [public] created by 13ciscor
if you want to cotact me here's my e-mail
ana MIA. chat room [public] created by UNbeauty
for people who need to talk about eating disrders.i have bullimia
lovr chat room [private] created by sexluvrsa
anything goes in this room comeand play with me
GAYBOYHOME chat room [public] created by hornyharvey
A Chatroom strictly for gay boys under the age of 30 onlY!
MANNHEIM GERMANY chat room [public] created by renegade23l
Islandstyle chat room [public] created by Jazzvuer
Pacific Islanders socializing islandstyle
PodcastListenersChat chat room [public] created by iPodWitch
This is a chatroom set up for the mutual listeners of Drake's Get out of the Broom Closet podcast and Brook's iPod Witch podcast.
Houston Heart Of Texas chat room [public] created by exartizo
Must know what "guacamole" is to be comfortable in this room.
Montreal W chat room [public] created by lazara9
Quebec Canada lets have fun...
20.F.NYC. LO0KiN 4 REAL NY GUYS chat room [public] created by MORENAMAMi1989
anybody chat chat room [public] created by coreyuno7
this is for any one wants to chat and make new friends
Only hot ladies and gentle men chat room [public] created by TheMasterKing
come here and talk about any thing
hott lesbians chat room [public] created by dangtesstess
for hott lesbians who are looking for a good time.
dennis chat chat room [public] created by babydroper187
girl's only and dats it hayyyy girls wats upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
The KittyKat Club chat room [public] created by TheKittysMeow
Room for friends to play and have fun. No Watching No Spamming and ABSOLUTELY NO MEAN PEOPLE.
Private Speech chat room [private] created by xXxSielouhxXx
...a lot of drama and shit probably. god damn it all...
cutters chat room [public] created by alwaysbored
so people who cut themselves can socialize with other people that cut themselves they can talk about why they cut or other things too.
love advice chat room [public] created by blueeyezz
discuss your love life problems and relationship concerns
devilish chat room [public] created by jessejamesS
looking for web "fun" females, having a good time
juggalo fam chat room [public] created by thtlettebtch
4 the los n lettes out there mmfwcl
ladies are welcome xx chat room [public] created by Longslong9inch
open to chicks that wanna get to know me
Chitty-Chat chat room [private] created by AngelsDemise
Because AIM is freaking unreliable.
Hueco mundo chat room [public] created by HOLLOWxKiNGxHAVi
anime/drugs/retro scene juggalo cool kick back non jugdemental people
get started chat room [private] created by hotgal85
its my room.............for makin love...only lucky ppl r allowed in2 it! r u dat much lucky haan????
kefalonia chat room [public] created by yaya1951us
talk about greeks and familys . greek foods
emily chat room [public] created by mkhasim
hi i am khasimiuyyggghglkhgjhgyghkkuh
NAZI CHAT ROOM chat room [public] created by sillektis
Bangalore Garden city chat room [public] created by SmartBoy09
Bangalore people's come and enjoy... We ill We ill rock it....
ayeshsamee chat room [private] created by ayeshsamee
i m frm uae i m a student i want new frinds
Greenday Fan Zone chat room [public] created by Veez
If you love Greenday, do not hesitate to chat. You`re welcome
PAY FOR EX chat room [public] created by 808SNHEARTBREAKS
real love wanna have chat room [public] created by Bart282
to anny one who wants to find that one and only
Cuba Chat chat room [public] created by MmusicboxX
Ingles/Espanol. :D .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
the bedroom chat room [public] created by monkey210
for anyone who like to have dirty fun,and feel free to use my room.or to talk about anything u want....
Rio Hotel chat room [public] created by greatdanes77
M in Rio Hotel looking for Female to have fun with
23 M for MATURE WOMEN chat room [public] created by AngelDeLaMorte
23 M for MATURE WOMEN anyone ?
Star chatroom chat room [public] created by icegal789
where ppl should be LOL party in the house
lesbian 4 u chat room [public] created by saraanderson
for any nice girles ... we can to be good friends
MY room.... MY rules. chat room [private] created by virgochick101
this is a clean chat room. no exchanging msn or giving out personal email. you may talk about anything clean.
My room... My rules. No acceptions chat room [public] created by virgochick101
No ghosts. No hackers. No clones. You cant give out personal information. Including... email, passwords, msn, etc
yummy talk chat room [public] created by britt69
wanna have some hot conversations with a hot guy or girl??then is your room..
single bi chatroom chat room [public] created by sadibobadi
looking for a special lady for me and my hubby to spoil
Hot Rooms chat room [private] created by Tanya09
nice room created for some hot steamy Fun
lolicon lovers chat room [public] created by Perfectoddity24
for lovers of lolicon hentai! join and chat one on one!
KNrules chat room [public] created by Degroth
Just for my friends and those I allow.
Rude Jamaican chat room [public] created by daggarineMAN
This is a chatroom for all jamaicans WHO ALL KNO DEM COLORZ
cool biitchz chat room [public] created by 123baby
hot people waiting to meet other hot people so come in and chat with uss
Anime and stuff chat room [public] created by NekoMatt
japanese anime, manga, video games, anything like that!
disney lovers chat room [public] created by momrule1
just peeps who love disney cuse i no i do
My room... My rules. No acceptions. chat room [public] created by virgochick101
free to do almost anything. you cant give out email addies, msn, instant messanger, passwords, etc
romanc chat room [public] created by indyWisconsin
im lucking for a new chat room
H0T Emo boys chat room [public] created by L0V3Drunk
UH . . . wutever the title says :B haah
Weirdtown VIP Lounge chat room chat room [public] created by Adidas999
Hi All I Thomas is a new idear to all in this life for all, Seeing is believing as you humans would all say, to believe what is to come to all in any day.
random chating chat room [public] created by totalyawesome
this is a very random room i made up
rajada chat room [public] created by rajada
Tomex Chartroom chat room [public] created by Tomexx
You a welcome to Tomex Chartrooms enjoy
who wants it with 12 in chat room [public] created by 12iNALL4U
no bullshitting around....only com if u want it
who wants cyber with 12 inches chat room [public] created by 12iNALL4U
no bullshitting around....only com if u want it
lovers people chat room [public] created by kapaca
for lovers and people cherches for arelationship and can continue
Expatriates in Dubai chat room [public] created by minhazdxb
Well this room is created for those are expats in dubai from around the world
room for romance chat room [private] created by ksudershan
Do you need love & romance and feeling lonley, just enter and chat here.
Asian cutties chat room [public] created by Nzo86
For those who have eyes for real cute asian, come and see whether it suits your eyes or not....
everything chat room [private] created by hasanova26
this is a room where anything can be talked about not to be rude ofcourse... be respectfull
seeking friends in taiwan chat room [public] created by xinbaolou
for those who are in Taiwan and would want to meet friends around their area.
Queen Cleos chat room [public] created by SexyQueenCleopatra
This is just a room where u can be urself and talk about anything!!!!!!!!! Come have some fun!
snehithan333 chat room [public] created by snehithan333
hai.....all of u u welcome.....
he and she chat room [public] created by fufa123
anybody to get loved and approved by the society join this chat room and enjoy
syrian gay and lesbiansdating chat room [public] created by hornydodi
this is the chat room for gayes and lesbians who wanna date for having fun
Adeyinkles chat room [private] created by Adeyinkles
Nice and confortable for friends
tazzz chat room [private] created by tazzik
tazz loves chatting for fun. hiufhwjifhwelfkjhlksadjf
Puerto Rican n h0rn3 chat room [public] created by sw3tnbaja
Come talk dirty to me. im throbbing for it
Pu3rt0 RicAn n h0rn3 chat room [public] created by sw3tnbaja
Come talk dirty to me. im throbbing for it
GayyyTeens chat room [public] created by SexySingerr
For Gay Teens who wanna talk and find someone
Talk to Jenna Maria chat room [public] created by JennaMaria
Talk to Jenna Maria about anything you want, explicit or non-explicit
Single Teens 2 chat room [public] created by danthemanxe
This is for all the single teenagers 14-17 that want a good relationship and maybe want to meet someone on here :)
lets talk chat room [public] created by marcus46
if u want to talk about me thats fine by be or whatever u like too talk about
restyrjp chat room [private] created by resty052000
private room w/ my friends and its not visible to others.
Satu Hati chat room [public] created by Dycan
Perbedaan adalah anugrah dari Yang Maha Kuasa perbedaan bukan untuk di hindari tapi untuk disatukan karena tanpa adanya perbedaan dan warna-warni, kita tidak akan merasakan hidup semeriah dan seindah sekarang ini ayo gabung bareng kumpul di room ini buat tambah temen dan kita satukan perbedaan kita Bhinika Tunggal ika
girls only plz chat room [public] created by dawg12
LOVE girls looking for love chat room [public] created by dawg12
looking for love fghgfhsdfhgshgsfsdfFGTYHJIHJKNHDHFGHTRDFHJUUHTERTEHJHJ
Glamour photos 4 sale chat room [public] created by LickleLisa18
glamour modeling pictures for sale
EmoS3x chat room [private] created by xXLadyEmoXx
every one aloud no fighting and no stupid stuff aloud no making fun of people just awesome emo s3x lol i guess you could say that
chating for fun chat room [public] created by samira234
fun and enjoyable for anybody and is really fun andyou get to kno other people
Full metal alchemist FIN chat room [public] created by Hagane
Finnish fullmetal chat rooms suomalainen fullmetal chatti huone
Gothic Parenting chat room [public] created by GodScareDotCom
This room is for those who are Gothic and parenting at the same time. If your expecting, a beginner parent Goth or an old hand you are all welcome. With all your knowledge get understanding.
bobbys chat chat room [public] created by badboybobby1
sencible freindly chat no outragious bad talkin
Bicurious chat room [public] created by daydreamer627
for girls who are curious about other girls
giioviis room chat room [private] created by giioviis
only for cute single guys.....thats speak english or spanish....has to be frm ages 16-23
Looking 4 Lesbians chat room [public] created by justpride
All girl chat room. Meant to help lesbians seeking other lesbians.
AUS TEENS - Hot Guys - Hot girls chat room [public] created by stephiee6969
HOOK UP ROOM - for single aussie fakers or instant barring..
Lezbo Teens chat room [private] created by girlsrule2
for teen girls that are Lezbos
the sharim religion chat room [public] created by loveyu13
all people who wanttochange theworld, cometosharim
friends of star and boo chat room [public] created by starfire1971
just a place to sit and chat and make new friends!!!!
akatsuki world chat room [public] created by sasuya
akatsuki rull and have fun rping
Desi titbits chat room [public] created by sshulkrock
all abt desi gossips and glams
Shameless Rhapsody chat room [private] created by SweetxObsession
Nothing really matters in the end except the one you love.
BBW and admirers 2 chat room [public] created by Chaz30
a room for bbw s everyone is welcome as long as u respect the room and don't cross the line because this room is for people to be able to enjoy a clean chat with out trouble and problems !!!!!!
yemen1 chat room [public] created by Ammar001
conerning chatter come from yemen
LLickkMee chat room [public] created by LikeMe89
lets have a great time together,
nightmare on elm street chat room [public] created by smadden2007
I would like for anyone to join me in all kind of issues drugs drinking love moms womem who have been abused by their father. God bible I would to talk about almost everthing
lovelywith girls chat room [private] created by arun321
hi how girls, how are u ,lucky,lowely girls
lesbian lobby chat room [public] created by richrobin
A place just for us girls. To give eachother support and advise.
Jedex chat room [private] created by jedex
It is so cool and is for naughty 19 year olds to 22 year olds
I am a young girl chat room [public] created by PrettiKitty
Chatrroom for chatting :s its aaaawwwwwsssooooommmmee! come chat with me ;)
xxxx chat chat room [public] created by balu312
this is only meant those who want to chat about xxx and enjoy
HYDERABAD CITY chat room [public] created by sidiki1000
FootFetishes chat room [public] created by smellysolelover
For People that love feet, pantyhose
EMO KIDZ NEED LOVE TOO chat room [public] created by noonecares1
and tell it right there.....self explanitory...i need lotz of love
muslim wankers chat room [public] created by foxtrotniner
--------------------------------------------------STOP ISLAM / NO GRAND MOSQUES IN YOUR AREA-------------------------------------------------------
love world chat room [public] created by powerchris
it should be for adults with a sincere heart,ready for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.
for mature ladies chat room [public] created by alex46fl
for all mature ladies .older the better for anything
adult 69 female welcome chat room [private] created by pandubaji
dear girl or womens like just friend ship and time pass only not reayle this for life to relefe only
The hottest Event chat room [public] created by missinfo
The hottest pas or upcoming event in your city or a visited city
Aesirx chat room [public] created by PadrePablo
A private chatroom for the left4dead clan Aesirx!
Goth Girls Only chat room [public] created by BabygirlKristi
Were Goth girls all over can come here to chat and just relax with fellow goth girls
belilove chat room [public] created by belilove am Belinda by name, am beautiful am 5.7 foot tall
Ashu chat room [private] created by ashu1221
For only me and my friends chat
tazzik chat room [private] created by tazzik
Family Guy chat room [public] created by loganb73
For all Family Guy lovers and non lovers
Atlanta Love chat room [public] created by crazyswizzle
Chat room for ages 18-30. ATLANTA only. Chat, flirt, or hook up. Singles talk to other singles.
Melbourne friend Chat chat room [public] created by yogi12
For All guys and girls from melbourne who believe in friendship and love
for alex and lindsey chat room [private] created by superkamper
this is a room for us to be in
girl on top of girls chat room [public] created by dolliedip
lez or bi women only come and have fun and talk to be like you
5678lol chat room [private] created by AnnabellLee
SECY chat room [public] created by SEXYBiCTH12
only hot guy and chichs can came into
PEOPLE WANNA ACTUALLY CHAT NOT TALK TO THEMSELVES chat room [public] created by Pookie09
Simply Irresistible chat room [private] created by xUlquiorrax
I know I'm meant to say no, but he's simply irresistible...
holly chat room [private] created by dir12
i just to contact any man or women
Talkmusic talk shows-talk now chat room [public] created by sonGohanrocks
Wanna talk music, shows all in the one hit? No swearing though... The more people who come... THE BETTER COME NOW!
HACKERS ROOM chat room [public] created by Tasht
brisbane ppl chat room [public] created by bobinup
Any one from the city of brisbane wishing to chat with other ppl from the city
creatures of the night Chat room chat room [public] created by Vampireboy1462
its a vampire chat room for people who like vampires and mysitcAl creatures of the night
KOLKATA chat room [public] created by sonu21122007
jerry chat room [public] created by jerrybanks
i just want to say hi to you all.
Domination chat room [public] created by YougnGina
this is aroom fro dommes to find pet girls and use them
bdsmlovers chat room [public] created by misshacker
for All lovers of bdsm. slaves,subs,mistresses,masters,dom,domme,
khalid chat room [public] created by salimomars
i'm khalid i would like to know you me email
Ilovefannys chat room [public] created by hahaha1234
talking about s/x and what you like to do, talking about my hard willy in your mouth
PAKISTANIS chat room [public] created by UAMEMON
Fear The Dead Radio chat room [public] created by fearthedead
Horror Online Radio Talk with hot chicks, and dark comedy!
PUCCI webcam chat chat room [public] created by jmmariz007
any man wanna join on a show that will extremely make u hot as hell
tell me about your friends and family chat room [public] created by jasmineyvonnehayes
friends and family room of 2009
The Gamers Room 898 chat room [public] created by UltimatePOPinDanger
all who are the gamerz loverz out there heres a room available...
The Outcasts chat room [public] created by MrBigP2009
Have you been hated on? Have you been kicked from other rooms? So have we so join The Outcasts and just relax and have fun!!!
lesbians only naughty room chat room [public] created by sexybich64
only enter this chatroom if you lesbian and are freaky and down to talk dirty
hiiiiiii chat room [public] created by tadartallum
hi. i need your help. i m in crush with a chinese girl and may be u can help me
dustin chat room [private] created by stealth32ck3r
THE GREAT PHILIPPINES FLOOD chat room [public] created by Quata
Talk abouth.....................................................
O-town Gays chat room [public] created by Playtimeboy16
Orlando Fl. lgbt community com chat with us.
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