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List of all user-created chat rooms #683
Michael Jackson room chat chat room [public] created by Dxrtydxana
ONLY for Michael Jackson fans. If you aren't a Michael Jackson fan you will be kicked off/blocked there will be no talking shit about Michael allowed.
Get Instagram followers.. chat room [public] created by Quaylat
Get Instagram followers and make new friends
moons with civilisations on them color photos chat room [public] created by shaneavery
this room is for the curious who feel that there is more to this picture, i have discovered a few moons that are inhabited and i have color photos to freely share.
Rising stars chat room [public] created by Quaylat
I'm a new lyricist and I'm looking for music appreciating
Alternative style chat room [public] created by Amyidk
Alternative can also be labeled as goth, emo, scene, punk, etc. and this is for everyone who is alternative and/or into alternatives. :)
Cambria chat room [private] created by Anubisath
Shits and giggles mainly. Pls no butthurt.
the sick-os room chat room [public] created by MybrosGFtribute
jus chatting and hanging out at home
Poly-Amorous chat room [public] created by HBear75
A place for individual in or interested in Poly-amorous relationships to meet and talk about loving more then one person.
Creepypasta fandom chat room [public] created by goodbyeagony123
If you love creeypastas, or generally all things creepy then this is the chatroom for you!
fun friends share chat room [private] created by maree380
private room for friends to share
selfsuckersarg chat room [public] created by selfsuckerarg
contactar con gente selfsucker
GEORGE DONAHUE chat room [private] created by GEORGE291
GEORGE DONAHUE29 chat room [private] created by GEORGE291
my chatchat chat room [private] created by RealHater
chat room for all put them on block. Perv's get banned.
Gay mormon world LDS chat room [public] created by henriquehss
For those that I still have feelings about it.
5434Lol chat room [public] created by Xxxtentacion
sugar daddy2 chat room [public] created by NorCalPoly
for girls that want serious relationship no prostitutes or selling anything
a room for the princess chat room [public] created by MybrosGFtribute
to be a cool a chat room and have fun
Quter dating room chat room [public] created by Jimkhan
All of the asin chat room and bangladesh
Late night hook ups chat room [public] created by TreeBurner
Nsa people only. Looking for people who want to have fun. Some dirty conversations and some nasty things.
Love room for 11 or older teens chat room [public] created by TimothyN
Talk about love and who u like
SpiceNsweet chat room [public] created by 0neN0nly
Females looking to have decent conversation with guy not perverted
An ok Guy chat room [public] created by 0neN0nly
Girls looking to have decent conversation without all the harassment and hassle of constant ignorant men who cannot control themselves.
FlirtNsmile chat room [public] created by 0neN0nly
A room to chat with guys who have a brain and respect to use it.
LUSTchatter chat room [public] created by 0neN0nly
theroom is a chat room. for people to chat. talk about what they want to talk about. say what they want to say like its a free country.
W3Troom chat room [public] created by 0neN0nly
Skype sex chat 123 chat room [public] created by RandomGuylol123
For those who wanna have a good time on Skype ;) ( i invite girls to join - i am a guy who is into girls lmao)
SKYPEfinder chat room [public] created by 0neN0nly
looking for others looking back to skype with ? or just chat and shoot the bs
cutebabygirl15 chat room [private] created by Mayacutee
am 15 and love chatting ages no metters and like chatting about all
need long relation chat room [public] created by michealmik
hi hw r u friends need long relation ship or secret serives
Broken Hearted But Strong chat room [private] created by Asuna101
Hi my name is Lyric and I'm strong
weim dog lover chat room [public] created by alliedog
love dogs and to talk about them
Furries chatroom 101 chat room [public] created by XZoeylol012X
This is a place anyone can role play a furry a fox a cat a wolf or even a human do come on in and join you're missing out on the fun later y'all!!,
Friendly only 121 chat room [public] created by xPriizyy
people just wanting to make friends and chat under 20s only
secret crushes chat room [public] created by BGBAdopted
this is where u can have a secret crush
The Pastas creepypasta chat room [public] created by HomicidalLiu00
This is a chat room for creepypasta fans/ real but anyone can join. This is mostly to chat or rp just to have fun bruh -_-
Lesbian Pride Chat Room chat room [public] created by sully1219
Lesbians only. talk openly about problems or thoughts about meeting other lesbians
Bored room for bored people. chat room [public] created by TylePM
Date,Talk, Don't get creepy or sexual please. No racism, sexism. Have fun, do whatever. No disrespect.
FOOTISH chat room [public] created by addiestars
Ohio tweakers chat room [public] created by Flossiefloss
Up at night let's talk when you have nothing left to do
Lesbian Teens ONLY PLZ chat room [public] created by KiwiGal06
If your a Lesbian and a Teen then this is the place to come. You can find people to date or just chat
EARN THROUGH PAYPAL chat room [public] created by addiestars
Earn through paypal with just simple steps :)
Dirty horny lovers chat room [public] created by riyaisriya123
For horny people, anyone too horny is banned. You can talk dirty but dont talk way too dirty. Have fun do with you like and talk to people
Bunnys chat room [public] created by Trixiebear1
Chat about Bunny's ask questions and share about your bunny
Love and Dating me chat room [public] created by Bree52726
Join if u wanna date me! I'm single and love sexual talk! I want to see everything! Just talk sexuallly, and ask me out, and I'll approve if I like u! For guys 2 join only.
Shemales All Around The World chat room [public] created by CrystalTheShemale
This is not a sex talk room, this room is for making friends with shemales getting to know more about us & talking but not sexual. chat room [public] created by jacob1324
lets talk together and maybe become friends
Kik fun bi female host chat room [public] created by MarineGirl94
Make new friends have fun. Be ready for pictures and videos possibly webcam action.
looking 4 bae chat room [public] created by youngkid45
if u looking 4 a bae join plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
TRYING TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS chat room [public] created by GEORGE291
teenchatroomforrandomness chat room [public] created by MCR1523
For teenagers to talk about any problems going on in their life. Or a room to just talk about random stuff. You can just talk about anything. Keep it clean
Socially retarded chat room [public] created by ReclusiveAm
For people with no one to talk to and have a hard time talking to others
adult breast milk chat room [public] created by fankypunka161
for women with breast milk only
I REALLY LOVE YOU LISA chat room [private] created by GEORGE291
i love so so so so very much lisa
Blackmailed Nun chat room [public] created by Renee36C
sister Emma blackmailed by gang to return into ehr previous profession wich was: pornactress, callgirl, stripper
Gay 12 year olds only chat room [public] created by Littlelou13
Just gay twelve year olds I'm looking for friends like me
Rolr play chat chat room [public] created by Renee36C
No romantic Role playes absed on rough sex
Computer chat room chat room [public] created by TheNinja95
For pc builds and fixes.... As well as pc gaming ..............
Any one who likes gaming anime and food welcome chat room [public] created by SimplicityOG
Anyone on that is into gaming and anime
sex skype chat now chat room [public] created by ivoivanov23
sexy girl from swe chat room [public] created by SlinkyMaj
Looking some guys for fun,i am girl with big hips and boobs come pm join i wait you :)
Curious about K9 chat room [public] created by flbeastlvr
Discuss your wants and desires about K9 play
Its LIT chat room [public] created by tyasia
a room full of fun people to socialize, entertain, and meet new people!!
insta follow chat room [public] created by genesisxdixon
get on if u on a follow spree and follow me on insta
Polski czat x chat room [private] created by honeybabylush
Chciałabym rozmawiać z polskimi mężczyznami w polszczyźnie x ładne i sexy miłe rozmowy tylko i prywatne rozmowy ...
684 chat room [public] created by marionettalla
new here,, just want to make friends, i am open minded to all ideas,, and suggestions,, thanks to all that will help me male, and or female,,
Chronic Illness Support chat room [public] created by ChronicGarl
Deal with a chronic illness of some sort? Come on in. Let's chat.
love in norway for 12 yers chat room [public] created by leefpanda
omg i love love love love love love love love
Animals United chat room [public] created by caramikaelson420
For anyone and everyone who appreciates animals
Canada over 50 chat room [public] created by marienb4
chat with deaf and hearing ... share chat or find your date or anything
sexy clitories chat room [private] created by chinnudinnu
Its for funny to have UA feeling about sex and about this chat hour
Ages 13 and 14 chat room [public] created by Maisie14
Ages 13-14 onily and stuff and stuff and stuff and ssssyshsnejidndhdhdhdhdnhdhd
Chilling at the beach with a frozen drink chat room [public] created by Rob69Cali
Enjoying the California Beach life, any pretty ladies care to join me and have some fun
Looking for Ladyboy GF chat room [public] created by jeffgandy
guy just looking to find a ladyboy girlfriend
hornyasf chat room [public] created by skyj1223
anyone bi straight anyone is welcome
childrape chat room [public] created by mcmagicpants
lets mingle with some sexy baby fuksluts
Dating Room 136 chat room [public] created by Brianna1005
This is a room for people to date in.
Mental Illnesses chat room [public] created by YigeR
People with anxiety/depression, bipolar, etc are welcome here
humma chat room [private] created by vougle
chat chat chat if you really wanna chat wanna know about world , people mostly if you love to smoke weed wannas share your exp then please common get in touch with me
makeup talks chat room [public] created by Girlyglanza
come talk and make new friends
LOVE Mature chat room [private] created by Rajnish1990
I want Mature ladies to talk and friend
daddy loves panties chat room [private] created by daddylovespanties
to talk about fun things and learn about things that we love to chat about here
talking about anything and everything chat room [public] created by annie97
you can talk about anything and everything with anybody
Positive peaceful Productive vibes chat room [private] created by Kellyneedsfood
This chat is for people who just want to escape from all the arguing and negativity of some of the other chats. Moderators (me currently) are always open for a one on one chat if you need to vent or anything :) Please no trolling or hate or harassment. If the moderator has to step into an argument, you can/ will be kicked out! Please be nice to one another and have fun! Curse words are allowed, just don't take it too far. Try not to offend anyone.
thesexroom chat room [public] created by kaylah16
It is going to be "fun" be free to be yourself
Amadeus x Kim chat chat room [public] created by ThatEnglishfox
Self explanatory it's me and my girlfriends room
i need a boyfriend plz chat room [public] created by christina132
i need a boyfriend who is kind and caring
Toronto Singlezz chat room [public] created by Shxnzy
if you're from toronto and single, looking for hook ups message up
black butler rprp chat room [public] created by cieliaphantomhive17
take sin to pm i need a Sebastian as my butler and also bring earl grey
SexyAdultRolePlay chat room [public] created by joostx
Adult sexual role playing chat room for those who wish to engage in fantasies together. Meet others who share similar desires, and then get together and play!
AdultSexualRolePlay chat room [public] created by joostx
Adult sexual role playing chat room for those who wish to engage in fantasies together. Meet others who share similar desires, and then get together and play!
Hafa Adai Todo Malik chat room [public] created by Chanmder
Chat room for Chamorros or Guamanians, or "Chamoulies'", or "Halfcasts".
Cyber Truth or Dare chat room [public] created by Sylva514
Play online "Truth or Dare" game.
Sexting chat rooms12 chat room [public] created by Bloodtiger64
For any body but meant for sexters
pat7 chat room [public] created by pat7love
am a nice woman, am looking for a good man who will take good care of me
hermaphrodite exclusive chat room [public] created by Raydon99
Serious discussions for adults.
Imeil chat room [public] created by imeil
Single .........................,.......................
babygirl16 chat room [private] created by babycutegirl
hii is anybody like chatting ages not metter to me
jenny15baby chat room [private] created by Jennnny15
hii am jenny from croatia i like chatting with all ages
Dissociative identity disorder chat chat room [public] created by Deciduoussystem
A chat room for systems to meet!
webcam model chat room [public] created by princess0789
I'm a webcam model on annabelle89. If ur interested, feel free to check out my page. If u have any questions or requests, let me know and I'll try my best to fulfill your request.
Dirty talk465 chat room [public] created by madygirl465
This room is for ppl looking for love and a home. blah blah blah
relationship experiences chat room [public] created by jbr007
To discuss relationship experiences between men and women
jeniicute chat room [private] created by Jennnny15
hi to all who like chatting about anything you like ages no metter
Jast Cause chat room [public] created by hottymcfee
just because. if you are bored and have nothing better to do. then this is the room for you.
MyFeetPhotos chat room [public] created by MyFeet
Do you want to see my feet? Ask me for pictures.
furry room only chat room [public] created by redfox14545
come one come all furries have fun role chill etc
cure to bordom chat room [public] created by AryanSkin88
just a place to chat and find new friends and make new connections
Panic At The Disco fans Brendon Urie chat room [public] created by Amandaccc
Keep it clean please if not, you will be kicked out
Proana girls chat room [public] created by skinnyhoe
just for proanas. not other People. just for proanas.
redandblackdragonblood chat room [public] created by rexblood2462
it is for everyone to see or talk to me through this room whenever they want to
maroc chat room chat room [public] created by rayan75
غرفة للزواج غرفة للزواج غرفة للزواج
diapers plastic pants chat room [public] created by duce88
where we can talk about wearing diapers for fun or need
funny lovable chat room [public] created by Heaven313
this room is to be as though you are talking to family! and if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend tell him/her to join in
Lebanese in qatar chat room [public] created by Johnhaddad
Foreigns in qatar, and lebanese are all most welcomed.
Big cock lovers chat room [public] created by Truiz169
For females that are all about big cocks
sex chat 12 chat room [public] created by pkern2002
Holly sex chat room [public] created by patricia0120120
Contact my sky_pe: patricia.055
Freshly 18 older women pls message me chat room [public] created by Newhere14568
Older women pls message we can have fun im young if u like that sort of thing message me pls
ShortysRoom420 chat room [public] created by Shay4200
Come chat...Just need people to talk to.. Lets have fun.. :)
Looking for friendship from men who like big women chat room [public] created by shmoozlebear1
Married, and looking for friendship
for my B T P chat room [public] created by MybrosGFtribute
a room to discuss politics and baseball
sex chat erotic chat room [public] created by abel123d
let us talk about sex here. asians, africans, westerns
our sara chat room [public] created by MybrosGFtribute
hello my Sara luv the princess
Looking for threesome chat room [public] created by Stephnlee
Anyone looking for a threesome!
tyler and josh lovers twenty one pilots btw. chat room [public] created by michelleluvstop
ehem, only for tyler fans or josh fans. NO SPAMMING PLES unless its about josh or tyler .
app to make money chat room [public] created by WOWAPP
woman only pig chat room [public] created by WOWAPP
only pig woman ninfomane forever
Help us chat room [public] created by GhostTownFan
You don't have to hate yourself. I'm not saying you have to love yourself but I've created this chat room for anyone who joins can feel free to talk about anything bothering them. I'm also hoping we can try to help each other. This can be for Guilt,Suicidal thoughts,anorexia\Bulimia\binge or any self harm or self hatred.
lgbtq acceptance chat room [public] created by arithewolf
Teens only and all lgbtq people are welcome even black people
JESUS SAVES chat room [public] created by stopbad
Everyone is welcome. This chatroom is meant for those who honour and appreciate the true God, His Son, and His precious words in the Holy Bible. Bad words are not allowed and users should respect this chatroom. Peace and God bless you as you abide by these rules
Middlesbrough chat room [public] created by Topmanutb
All welcome in here be nice no idiots
Lgtb muslims chat room [public] created by Jah786
:) chat room for lgbt muslims ...
roleplay of any type chat room [public] created by jordanlindsey
here you will be allowed to do any type of roleplay
this is my room 1993 chat room [private] created by darksoul93
its privat,noone else can more here, its for my own indulgement
Furry RP Room 420 chat room [public] created by Proud420Furry
Roleplay room for anyone and everyone
necrophilia discussion chat room [public] created by shadowfoxyboy
this is for information gathering of anyone who has this fetish as i like to learn more
Massage Therapy chat room [public] created by Mark742
for those who enjoy massages in real life
OLDER GIRLS chat room [public] created by H7867
the colorado chat room chat room [public] created by devonbrewer14
its for pepel in the co or r movinng or movd to the co
CASUAL SEX AND HOOKUPS chat room [public] created by Techiedude
Be-my-friends- chat room [public] created by iamaguy69
Its fun and it will be cool and other fake things #keepitreal
Jalalabad chat room [public] created by Eiman44
the Jalalabad chat room is one of the best chat room so please join us
kinky cam chat chat room [public] created by Joost2610
This room is for people who want to have some fun (no faces necessary) with cam of pics
Syrian iran chat room [public] created by kai4747
People from syria to know his culture and how people is there
FirehouseLady chat room [private] created by FirehouseQueen
This is a temporary room just for fun. :)
Chellu chat room [private] created by sretha
Only for chellu and me for sharing our love and fondness
Sarai69 room chat room [private] created by Sarai69
This is my private room for chatting with my friends
For any girls who wanna have sex chat room [public] created by Nudesreceiver
Must live in California near Sacramento and must be below 15
i want 16 yrs girl yo sexy chat room [private] created by yash54
ladkiyo apna no deyo cm on indian girls
Cat Loveing chat room [public] created by emilycutiepie
We talk about how much we love CATS!!!
12-13-14 year olds only chat room [public] created by 13Lucas13
this chat room is only for 12-13-14 year olds nor older here if i see a old guy you are a perv
11yearolddate chat room [public] created by Rosexangel
want a date get one here! its fun and amazing!
love and love and sex chat room [public] created by yassineta
li mt7bch sex ma8ir matodkhol etc no ignoring ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
suicicde chat room [public] created by BurntMyToast
its your choice and olnly yours take that how you will.
Paranormal Activity Club chat room [private] created by XinsaneSoulX
Come here to talk to other Paranormal Activists/Enthusiasts. This is a FanBased room off of the Strange Minds Team.
get horny chat room [public] created by crazydope123
do whateva romance sext and nude watever 14-19 only squaddbooyyy
Denver Singles chat room [public] created by Starlord19
Chat room for Denver Singles and anyone else who wants to chat!
Kpop Fan Room chat room [public] created by mandi4ever
Rant out your k-pop soul with other k-pop lovers! Fan fictions can be shared here,(but keep them to fluff pls :3), and ships are allowed <33 Who's your ultimate k-pop stan?
exocist chat room [public] created by searsmith135
akiihsdjhshsaola/;xhs uhssjhdjhsidhjsoihfoihfsoiahfosiifuseu8r7w89307
Ur desire Asian Girl Lexi chat room [public] created by lexi23sexy
If you are a distinguished gentlemen with an exquisite taste that requires the very best... just call me...Lexi I am a busty beauty, with a great smile and wonderful long legs!! 34C -24-34, 5.4ft silky, flawless skin, and great curves! I'm willing to accommodate for incall sessions... I understand the need for relaxation and great companionship. please dont hesitate to text Me....587-594-9925 100% Real Pictures Text ONLY 587-594-9925 come and ask me what ever U want. Edmonton Best Asian Escort service Guarantee
virus chat room [private] created by godfatherr
.jdsfhkdhfkdhfkhfk ffhjlhfljhf laj hflafh lah flah flaf lah flh fl hafl half hlahf l hflah fl hfla hf
Cool Furry chat room [public] created by DolphinAmbassador
What's better than this? Furries being furs.
No sh.t chat room [public] created by Chief1232
to flirt or date so people dont all have to at act rash when it goes bad
Newbies here .Ladies help me please .. chat room [public] created by Scanner2017
Hello ! I'm Newbies here . Just create an acc few minutes ago huhu . I'm looking for sex partner . Okay then now , Princess !! where are you dearr . I've been looking for you forever .
yourself chat room [public] created by vanished01
dont be rude or dosrespect a persons wishes
Say anything u want chat room [public] created by Olivia2018
Have fun say anything u like I'm new here so I'm looking 4 friends and fun
Talking for 10-13yr olds chat room [public] created by xStBenardLoverx
This is just a chat room to get to know other people in the 10-13 year old range
12 year olds chat room chat room [public] created by savannah2004
people that are nice and are intrested to talk
Masters breeding chat room [public] created by Masterofpleasure84
A place for lil sluts to please their daddy
Teen Dating for Loners chat room [public] created by louispaulson03
Just find your other half why don't you?
Naughty videos on skype for free chat room [public] created by Mitch2017
Marc8984 add my skype for naughty videos for free (girls only)
Transgender2017 chat room [public] created by Synaptic
for all those out or coming out ur welcomed here....
Family Vacation Fun chat room [public] created by MarineGirl94
Do as you wish all are welcome to talk here.
my daughters shameful room chat room [private] created by zeljkom
it is such a shame that she never listen to me, and lies to me
WantToRolePlay chat room [private] created by lindsayRolePlayGirl
Have fun ? ........................................................................
LetRolePlay chat room [private] created by lindsayRolePlayGirl
havefun? ..........................................................................................................................
Join here to rp chat room [private] created by lindsayRolePlayGirl
join omg im wet chat room [private] created by lindsayRolePlayGirl
Jersey folks chat room [public] created by fonto
Those who enjoy chatting and want to find others
come out and play chat room [public] created by oldbluiis
chat 4 age play/role play. come meet and greet open or discreetly
Cute girls and handsome boys chat room [public] created by Domthehot
For people that r cute. Hi
william and alyssas room chat room [private] created by redfox14545
for me and my bae xD only for him and me O_O
-Looking for some fun- chat room [public] created by bbygirl0101
Looking for older or married men
littlekitty chat room [private] created by jordanlindsey
hey little kitty want some fun
REFERRALL chat room [public] created by WOWAPP
insert your link for referral , no more spam please , good referrall at all !!
friend for ever chat room [public] created by walidfree
new freind from other countrey
Floor Tiles chat room [private] created by nicole4domfeet
Somewhere for special sisters to gather and play
sexy chat465 chat room [public] created by madygirl465
Just to gave fun with ppl and find love i guess
The flying birds - Lovers chat room [public] created by chutchamar
Join who want to find their love and express the holy loving feeling and talk about the love
18-26 years chat room [public] created by wikix95
Hey if you wanna talk you can join girl. I wanna meet some new friends from New York the most :)
Lisette 17 chat room [public] created by Lisettex
Lisette 17, Netherlands, bored and with the flu in bed ;D
Roleplay Fun Time chat room [public] created by JackArcherRP
Roleplay Fun! Girls, feel free to message me, I get on daily.
Making friends and having a laugh chat room [public] created by mrseward2017
This chat group is for making friends and having a laugh. No sexual comments at all please
only mature tops chat room [public] created by ANYMATURETOPS
this is for all manly mature tops with moustache
PRO ANA 1011111 chat room [public] created by ANASGURL
Boyfriend and Girlfriend Chatroom chat room [private] created by mattkamper
This only for my girlfriend. No one else is allowed.
Look what the cat drag in chat room [public] created by MickSlick
Sex sex sex lets have fun ladies sex sex
cockworship chat room [public] created by nastytalker
all men who worship cock as GOD. all COCK GODS who have their cocks worshipped
yaoi talk chat room [public] created by bangsum
A room about yaoi for everyone who likes Yaoi and even rp's yaoi or has yaoi oc's
Porn watchers 2 chat room [public] created by slojinPA
lets talk about the porn you watch
13 yr old dating or fourteen chat room [public] created by nighwolf
find the perfect someone we dont have to be loners any more!!!!
sexy ones chat room [public] created by arvi567890
come on lets have fun nd lets get to know us w=eachother
Older UK Guys chat room [public] created by Luke58
for ladies who enjoy more mature company
WHO HAS BIG DICK chat room [private] created by Joel6977
Belgrad chat room [public] created by Sorveyor
Nuru Massage erotic dans sex...... ............
Seaside Residence chat room [public] created by XxSeaSprayxX
(RP ChatRoom) Welcome to my humble abode ^_^ This is where I host my Bed and Breakfast house. The roleplay in this house is made to be chill, though games like Truth or Dare, etc, are welcome.
BiancaLopez chat room [private] created by BiancaLopez
Where I run when I am getting flooded with IMs.
Damien18 chat room [private] created by 55LoneWolf55
This is a private chat room for only select people. sorry!
pnp usa chat room [public] created by kazamie
BLOW BLOW BLOW cloud puff puff
FINDING A GIRLFRIEND chat room [private] created by DANViD2094
finding a girlfriend. chat room [public] created by DANViD2094
finding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriendfinding a girlfriend
Sissy for training chat room [private] created by DirtyPrincessPeeSlut
It's me piggy Brianna getting ready for all kinds of wild kinky hardcore fun and training
Sissy for training 2 chat room [public] created by DirtyPrincessPeeSlut
A room for sissy crossdress. Ale to be trained and punished in for kinky wet fun
Yay chat rooms chat room [public] created by Porcuping
I'm bored, just signed up, just do whatever
Ptcp chat room [public] created by sinkai
Anything goes, all ages are welcome, as long as you trade your welcome
Moving To AUstralia chat room [public] created by uala72
Are you planning top move to Australia?
1 nigth stand in PJ chat room [public] created by johndelacroix
life is so short lets get f***
hot guy 191 chat room [public] created by darknesshadows
flirting, 16 years only and females, hope to meet some pretty girls soon
brooklyn pple chat room [public] created by zootz420
brooklyn wats up.....let me no where in bk u from
LonelyJustin135 chat room [public] created by JustinWoolever
I have no friends whatsoever in reality and I'm gonna lose the only tfriend on media... so my social life's is completely stressful and empty.
Study In Australia chat room [public] created by uala72
Are you plnning to study i Australia?
jg chat room [public] created by joseph2128
Edmonton Chat Room Friendship chat room [public] created by blissfulsin
So I need to add a description but this room is to meet new people in the Edmonton Area and have fun talking to new people!
Suicide ideas chat room [public] created by Dannyboiiiiii
Need ideas to make sure you don't fail suicide
SEX CHAT ON WEB CAM chat room [public] created by phl1
skype, facebook,kik just leave you profile name so we can sweat and cum the night away
Bigs room chat room [private] created by Big1toshow
For jynx and I to chat privately
True Vampires only chat room [public] created by SerenaHeartU
true vampires in my opinion are vampires whom are truthful and honest about who they are and of course who is not pretending to be a vampire for attention. this chat room is only for vampires.
Adult playtime chat room [public] created by Funlovers813
Enjoy any and all fun sexualmor not
Sexy talk aloud chat room [public] created by Sextbeast24
Talk to people for fun and.....
German.Deutsch chat room [public] created by Beari
Sexy talk allowed chat room [public] created by Sextbeast24
Talk to people for fun and.....
Zambia chat room [public] created by Mwiya2014
Its for those who are looking for love, fun, friendship & relationships.
i need a bae chat room [public] created by officialarianagrande
I need a Bf who is 13-14 Who is sweet and loves sports and athletic
sexaul chat chat room [public] created by weatherwiz1
this a chat that you can ask for oovoo kik skype ect for sexting
Ronald chat room chat room [public] created by RonaldLindauer
hey im single ladies im 13 so yeah I got my heart broke if u interested see me
420 Chat Room chat room [public] created by whylive
Come here to chill man, talk about that good kushh
Fart Fetish Chat 69 chat room [public] created by Fartqueen69
For Womenand men with taboo fetishes (poop,pee,farts)
CuteChicks chat room [public] created by Glidergirl00
cute girls looking for boyfriends
Rosebud Vic chat room [public] created by Kwozzy
Anyone from the Peninsula - Free chat.
xSuicideRoomx chat room [public] created by TerrenceSantorski
Sucide room, meet new people like us
Join for some sext chat room [public] created by YourMan717
Join for some fun and some sexting
IndonesiaSharingGan chat room [public] created by cnbs18
Buat Indonesian People, buat sharing2 yang pernah keluar negeri atau yang pingin keluar negeri
Vore Roleplay chat room [public] created by VoreFan
I have a vore fetisch, and I just want some vore Roleplay; -)
the zombies chat room [public] created by mieszko
very friendly and creepy no kicking out people join this club if you play minecraft or not!
BBC4JoAnn chat room [private] created by JoAnn67
fun for hardBBC and myself to roleplay
Tony is very small chat room [public] created by littletony99
You may think you have seen a small penis before. Check me out and see if I'm smaller.
Sayitsallme Private room chat room [private] created by sayitsallme
A private room where we can chat about anything.
FERNANDA chat room [public] created by Fernandavii
I am looking for new friends who want to learn other languages as I want to learn english
Liquidheartkitty chat room [public] created by Liquidheartkitty
I wanna taste your heart suck your blood
its a roleplay chat room [public] created by batgurl4523
this is where everyone can find a roleplay partner
VIJAYAJITH chat room [public] created by ViJAYAJiTH1988
Couples playroom 1 chat room [public] created by KiittiieKandii
Bi-curious females and couples who want to have some fun on cam. (must have a cam)..
Couples play time room 1 chat room [public] created by KiittiieKandii
Bi-curious females and couples who want to have some fun on cam. (must have a cam)..
Hey Me and You CR chat room [private] created by CreepypastaRrEALaf
Hey, its just me and you. so lets talk it up easier thn IMs
katya.katya.katya chat room [public] created by bissane1999
couple looking 4 fun with a girl if u r her come chat room [public] created by annaran
girls looking for couple to have some fun with from time to time
sugarpuss chat room [public] created by sugarpussss
bored couple...looking for fun!
Hot College Girl chat room [public] created by rainbowsalltheway
Send $1 to this and you will get a teaser picture. My kik is massica90.
HotCollegeGirl chat room [public] created by rainbowsalltheway
I am 19 and 32G. Want to talk to me? I am fun and exciting.
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