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List of all user-created chat rooms #70
lesbian 2 chat room [public] created by lessks
just less girl men,respect for all.
6WS chat room [public] created by BERNABE2010
gay C2c SINGAPORE chat room [public] created by daniel1605
for gays who wans to cam with each other...........................................
Fatilicious Chat Room chat room [private] created by BloodyXandra
yeah s a little bit self explanitory, but funny as always.
10 through 16 chat room [public] created by terrell139
for young people throught those ages like me im 14
Foot Fetish Chat chat room [public] created by marcuxx
A chatroom for anyone who has a foot fetish
Anon chat room [public] created by XxEmoxxPandaxX
Uhm... -shrug- Not much to tell.
Havens Garden chat room [public] created by DivineMadness
Blood stained fields lay under a blackened sky. The twist of a smirk masked with the smile of a lie. Forever they are hunted, cursed to never die.
crromar chat room [public] created by crromar
camdirty chat room [public] created by KiRiLLiONARiE
anyone thats wants to cam\dirty talks and all that king of stuff
BRISVEGAS HONEYS chat room [public] created by greensmokegypsy
Dee chat room [public] created by gbengamoses
I am moses, average tall, good stuture, need a lady for serious relationship and true love. contact me on i will get back to you asap. U're welkom
diapers girls chat room [public] created by partygirlshayne
girls who like wearing diapers
khmer people chat room [public] created by hengsokhoen
people who are khmer lets chat !
Handsome angel friendship chat room [public] created by Mandep
Handsome angel hello use this room for anyone
looking for love here it is. chat room [public] created by JAKEYBOY1
friendly people just looking for that person.
Damned Innocence chat room [private] created by xDangerxDemix
Andrews Single Chat Room chat room [public] created by Helvalis
Sit back, relax, and have fun! Meet others and have a nice conversation. *Chillax*
GIRLS WHO LIKE GIRLS PART 2 chat room [public] created by CeBaby
girls only.. no men girls who want a girl etc
BigGirlsDoItBetter chat room [public] created by MissLillie
A chatroom for BBW and the peole who love them.
Da big brothers africa chat room [public] created by Obinhovision
Here is for them who needs happiness call on me.
Chat room for adeliade chat room [public] created by raymond990
Looking for women from adeliade.
tampa chat room [public] created by tophondafreak
tampa chat room so people from tampa can chat
Very Dark Yaoi-gay- Role play chat room [public] created by CompleteUke777
this room is for yaoi role play that has to do with slavery non consensual forcing your will on me and anything else nasty you want to do to me
Cples fun chat room [public] created by hotessexcouple
for cples to meet cples for fun n freindship
handsome foot lover chat chat room [public] created by napalmbisque
Looking to talk to anyone about foot fetishism. Males can talk about what they love and hate about having this fetish, women can do the same. I am looking to meet a woman discreetly
couples room chat room [public] created by hotessexcouple
room for couples to meet and chat about anything
ladyboy chat room [public] created by Cutesally
Enjoy this room if you want a big dick
Mujeres y Hombres Casados chat room [public] created by amigoYamante69
Lugar donde encontrar mujeres y hombres insatisfechos con sus parejas
14 year old room chat room [public] created by natureboy15
Only 14 year old are allowd to join this room.
Curacao chat room only chat room [public] created by natureboy15
Only curacao people are allowd to chat in this room.
msn chat room2 chat room [public] created by natureboy15
this is a chat room where u can share your msn and chat on msn.
My friends chat room chat room [private] created by natureboy15
This is a chatroom for my best friends only!!!!
hot people here now chat room [public] created by lopy1
only the hottest people are here in this very room
YAHOO OR AIM CAMS OR SKYPE chat room [public] created by fun69xxx
if you have yahoo or aim a cam or skype come on in
Taijahs Friends chat room [public] created by taijahwinding
Taijahs chat room for friends only so if i dont like you then dont go to my chat room
curacao gey guys 14-16 chat room [public] created by natureboy15
anime luvers chat room [public] created by toshiro1
allmadonna chat room [public] created by madonna5
madonna chat fun and clean plz
if your turned on chat room [public] created by alexthecoon2
if your turned on and need a release come in this room to cyber some strangers and maybe take it further
oceanya56 chat room [public] created by oceanya56
lets see this is a room where anything goes...have to be 18 and up..... and thats about all i got..
evaki cd24 chat room [private] created by eva23445
u r welcome aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Echoes in the Dark chat room [public] created by BlackFog
Dear darkness Dear darkness Won't you cover, cover Me again? Dear darkness Dear I've been your friend For many years Won't you do this for me? Dearest darkness And cover me from the sun And the words tightening The words are tightening Around my throat And, and... Around the throat of the one I love Tightening, tightening, tightening Around the throat of the one I love Tightening, tightening, tightening Dear darkness Dear darkness Now it's your time to look after us 'Cause we kept you clothed We kept in business When everyone else was having good luck So now it's your time Time to pay To pay me and the one I love With the worldly goods you've stashed away With all the things you Took from us
Bondage chat room [public] created by guitarguy216
chat about bondage and related topics
Moe chat room [private] created by xXmoeXx
jus a room for me and my friends
teenage lovey love chat room [public] created by himynameisHOTT
this is where teens can find love with out old people barging in on our love lives. Teens be your self break free and meet other guys
chelseaVANITYs scenekiddroom chat room [public] created by chelseaVANiTY
All of you who are "scene" love MySpace, dancing, CRUNK muzzic, shows, cupcakes, etc etc etc come up in here :D
younger chaters chat room [public] created by zeldamaster448
this is a chat for like 9-18 year old and some cool 19-21 years
MaryLan chat room [public] created by marylan
Im just new here...and i hope you would like to join with me right here...
jones brothers chat room [public] created by kamasek10
u ya how like the jones brothers
12 -14 come now to chat chat room [public] created by SkKiTtL3Zz
where kids teens can meet and have fun
the south chat room [public] created by J39
for people that live around in the south
katesleung chat room [private] created by k8ts
its for me to know and for you to find out
only music chat room [public] created by jacc7777
this room is for people who know of music
HOPEWITHU chat room [private] created by hopewithu
girls that like bi guys chat room [public] created by joeynost
4 girls that are attracted to bi guys
mom son daughter son chat room [public] created by Jim0071315
Relations between mom son and son daughter
seniors adults chat room [private] created by ricks09
seniors adults rooms is only for elder females who is seeking romance and love in the life
lakota chat room [private] created by mikeos
any girls like to chat with an native american come here
Bidudes room chat room [public] created by samnava
this room is made for all bi males who love to make love affairs and relationship with other male.(love,,friends,groups and etc). This is now your time to get along with your own feathers..NICE CHAT!!
girls looking for girls chat room [public] created by mayg69
for woman only. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
CChat room -18 chat room [private] created by PearlBrownie
Soo noo ruless You can doo and say whatever you likee
americain adult room chat room [public] created by sweet56
this is adult room for all americain
chennai room chat room [private] created by sanjeev143
When this room turn into Public everybody wellcome to use this room BUT any chatters who post their email addresses or external links or insulting other chatters is strictly prohibited and any chatters that break the rules will get ban by our moderators
chat 69 chat room [public] created by buttfme69
one on one action or anything goes lol
darius din targoviste chat room [public] created by darryus
este un chat pt oricine vrea sa se cupleze
Michael-Jackson chat room [public] created by kylie18nicole
any fans from any country can talk and celebrate the king of pop!
in Chicago chat room [public] created by bud01
This chat room is for people who live in the Chicago Area
chat room 13-17 chat room [public] created by dnice654
fun,chat,love, cuties ladies only
Gay in USA New York chat room [private] created by Emilio5x
Here you do what you want only that no ofensive comments go on here
Chill and Thrill chat room [public] created by LoveisNeeded
come get yallz chat on!meet ppls or chat with current friends!Please be respectful at all times.Nothing inappropriate yall.they made the rules b4 i made the room...
jugglos and juggleets chat room [public] created by hacetman1991
if u hate icp and the juggalos f**k u and get the f**k out
twinkels chat room [public] created by twinkel11258
havin a banter wanny talk ta some body
bios chat room chat room [private] created by KELAiSHA
4 biosgirls nd boyz tlkn to eachother to get to gehter nd mo stuff
Knowledge chat room [public] created by poland13
Here you get to know new people. I invite you and recommend
The L Word show chat chat room [public] created by kdykkee
anyone who likes or loves watching the L Word! come chat :)
ezaz chat room [public] created by ezazalam
only my farends ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Any Metal chat room [public] created by deadbreak12
This is all heavy metal all the time. Come talk about your favorite heavy metal band.
snelawz chat room [public] created by seansamuel
gentility and politeness needed in here as well as you are welcome
tech connection chat room [public] created by kinard123
hi my name is natalye and i just wanted to create this chat room because i want to make more friends and that is all and bye bye bye bye.
live-streams chat room [public] created by brandonmurray3
Watch Free ppvs HERE for free online on this site
florida melbourneorlandopalmbaycocoa beach chat room [public] created by freakinbong
be in this room..if u live around orlando, palmbay, cocoa beach, melbourne, vero beach, cape carnival, or some where arnd...talkto ppl ...know your surroundin more good..discuss abt clubbing ...
Flirt for teens only chat room [public] created by Kate7948
come flirt, talk, act dirty, no fighting, girls & guys....
EMO PPL COME chat room [public] created by TheDeath0fMe
all emo ppl come to talk make friends and to hav a good time
Shutterbugs chat room [private] created by MichelleL
lkdfasmdnf ;sdfj;laskjdfl; saldkfja;slkdjfas sdlfj
ginfue chat room [private] created by ginfue
When hell freezes over chat room [private] created by Zrian
Things will never be the same.
DADDY CASPERS ROOM chat room [public] created by daddywscasper
IMMA G LADYS GET AT DADDY.....................................................................................................................................................................................
hotty chat room [public] created by majasaliya
Feel free to chat anyone. Post a links. Anything under the sun. Post nude picture or share videos.
pay for fun chat room [public] created by sw33tchocolat3
help me help in need of money so help me out and i will help make u feel better
family lovin each other chat room [public] created by KeepMeClose
just us talking about our "family ties" and the fun it can be
lucmon chat room [private] created by lucmon
only american woman 31/41 y.o.
love boy chat room [public] created by safawo
see and tell all of you who want join me you are welcome
Emo and scene love chat room [public] created by SexxiiScene123
Where all the emo and scene kids can come and find other emos and scenes to love. Please only teens here. 13-18 years old
B.S Industrial Engineers chat room [public] created by BVGLAM10
a chat room exlusive only for all bsie 1d
bahrain chat rooom chat room [public] created by guywithf
it for fun and enjoying ,chat etc
Sharing Wifes with other Man chat room [public] created by crazyhunk006
Husbands who like to Share their Wifes with other man and watch them
JUGGALO HOMIES chat room [public] created by FURiOUS702
ONLY xxx chat room [public] created by vins09
talking about allllllllllllllllll ............................................................................................
its ROXY99 chat party chat room [public] created by Roxanne99
Roxy welcomes you to her room n says THIS IS ONLY FOR TEENS if i saw a 20 year old guy in this chat room ill kick him out............HAVE FUN PPL!! <33
amateurchat chat room [public] created by annie16
for singles looking for chat mates
North Carolina Folks chat room [public] created by DarkWrath
Welcome to NC everybody wellcome to use this room BUT any chatters who post their email addresses or external links or insulting other chatters is strictly prohibited and any chatters that break the rules will get ban
tgirl admirers chat room [public] created by SuzanneTS
for those interested in TS girl-- yes that is shemales
Tgirl lovers chat room [public] created by SuzanneTS
those interested in TS girls or shemales
eastcoast canadians rock chat room [public] created by lucyfurr
where people can meet others from the east coast!!
smexii people chat room [public] created by ASiANproduction
anyone can come to this chat room even if ur cool hot or ugly! LOL
Bi girls only2 chat room [public] created by KEViNSBABYGURL
Girls looking for girls. They have to be kind and honest girls
h o r n y lesbo chat room [public] created by leshony
all lesbo meet me and outher tel s e x stories and get h o r n y
This Song Is Called chat room [public] created by DemosMorte
I am the speaker, but what is responsibility? This, I beg of you, build me, brick upon brick. High tides; waves of hypocrisy.
private1983 chat room [private] created by doubled1983
it is a private uncensored chat room
non perv chat room chat room [public] created by supernova08
if you ask me if im hot for you or ask for a pic, i will kick you out and shoot you in the face through the computer
GAY-AbuDhabi-Bi chat room [public] created by abudhabier
only for gay and bi guy in united arab emirates- abudhabi
Orlando Peoples. chat room [public] created by daniibbyboo
Teens that live in Orlando, and just wanna chat. (: No naughty talk or anything.
Miley Cyrus Is Hot chat room [public] created by MrXTC
wanna talk about how hot miley is? this is the place to come. anything goes
Behind closed doors chat room [private] created by xAizensPuppy
Innocence can be forgotten and the fun can begin
FLORIDA ROOM chat room [public] created by OCALAGiRL
FUN FUN FUN DIRTY chat chat room [public] created by Jennabella33
all about being dirty and for really FUN people
have fun chat chat chat chat chat room [public] created by maniiac
people that like to talk no scared to give out numbers and like to have fun
Dirty Pop chat room [private] created by xAizensPuppy
Do you ever wonder why, this music gets you high?
just for 15 chat room [public] created by elseed1994
if u r 13 or 14 or 15 join now
vietnamse chat room [public] created by sitophuy
by vietnamese,talk by vietnamese,writing by vietnamse
Randome chat room [public] created by xJessyxBx123
for randoms only you can cus and kill people and just be your self
theperthkids chat room [public] created by andrewperth
for all the perth ppl to meet up and chat or anyone else who wants to
bimale philippines chat room [public] created by cidex
gays and bimale guys.Are you bimale? Both bi guys and bi girls are welcome to chat here. If you're bi-curious, questioning, or bi-friendly, you're welcome too.
miley cyrus fans chat room [public] created by fannahmontana
hi every1 i am sara and i am a big fan of miley cyrusand miley if u r here pls chat in my room
Natillions Space chat room [private] created by Natillion
It's a place where all your intellectual senses will be tingles... actually, it's just another chat room :P
Sudaneses Online chat room [public] created by MeRiaNa007
Meet Sudanses Peoples and Friend Ship
Rp rprprprprprrrpprprprprprprprprpprprprpr chat room [public] created by HaruhiXFujioka
Rp chat chat..rprprrrpprprprprpprprprppr chat
40 and older hot room chat room [public] created by sneeze
people over 40 nice lookin and wnt to flirt
40 and older hot chat chat room [public] created by sneeze
older nice lookin people that want to chat
ts girl admirers chat room [public] created by SuzanneTS
chatroom for those who love us Tgirls, yes thats shemales
amr chat room [public] created by mystrey21
any country can come that room
Poly Mixahz chat room [public] created by 808shawnee
Dont need 2 (LIE) jus 2 kick it, nor do u have 2 (FAKE) da (FUNK) jus 2 fit in.... Be ya self & keep it (REALZ)... Everything will fall in line wen u do.... Have a Gud-1!!!!!
ROLE PLAYING ROOM chat room [public] created by Loni11
gay men only, role playing room. :>
Siloe Christian on Line chat room [public] created by pabloparamo
Radio on line from Argentina. Trasmiting at World World, Music, General Infromation about Mssion.
Siloe Christian Radio Online chat room [public] created by pabloparamo
Transmiting at Wold Mission. Music, General information. Mission and more.
mmm3 chat room [private] created by kel23
lets have fun, not too serious plz hald a horrible day yesterday and morning today...need something to get my mind off of it all ;)
Da Fit Pplz chat room [public] created by katy2k9
Ryt a dno wa ta ryt ea but onli entaa iff yu iz fit n lyk gud stufff lol (hate emoz :P) jkz jkz emo'z re swnd az fuk
Teen Fun Flirt Krazy Laughs chat room [public] created by TSimone
Tha place where we can be ourself and not be harrassed, && jus have fun!!!!
tattooing chat room [public] created by tattoomario1
looking for people in cali that are looking for good art
fine hot ladies chat room [public] created by marluc12
hot looking for u looking for you
teens that live in england chat room [public] created by mimiswe
if you live in England and is a teen than come in and hat :)
date town chat room [public] created by minigurl21
Any teens 13-16 looking for love have come to the right place.
Single boys 14 to 15 looking for single girls 14 t chat room [public] created by Donnisha
anybody 14 to 15 looking for a single or just sum1 to chat with.
Forbidden Destiny chat room [private] created by xSpyder
Who cares what the others think, through my eyes it's only me and you I see.
13 year old chat. chat room [public] created by Lachie1
chat room for 13 year olds only, general talk...
Teen-Chat chat room [public] created by TheSugarMonster
mmmm talk chat room [public] created by rd2009
just for pepole who like to talk
Thekoolkid chat room [public] created by TheYoung0713
yeah our clan.This is a clan for people who play cod 5 wii and wounld like to join my clan.PLease come into this chat and give me your friend codes to join.
wiseguy chat room [public] created by TheYoung0713
yeah our clan.This is a clan for people who play cod 5 wii and wounld like to join my clan.PLease come into this chat and give me your friend codes to join.
AUSTRALIA CHAT chat room [public] created by kalij0912
Gay Hookup C2C chat room [public] created by S3xiboi
Feeling hot? This is for anyone who wants to fool around.
rough black bang chat room [public] created by bootyhunter
how to be wild in bed ,how 2 make your man horrny and hottie
lets cam chat room [public] created by c1forlife
where men and women have fun talking or showing off what they got to offer now lets get wet
Scrubs fans chat room [public] created by alyssamarie322
this chat is for anyone who watches or loves scrubs
gay Brisbane 6pm onwards chat room [public] created by johno334
18+ men chat concerns issues of today being gay.
Guyana Chatroom chat room [public] created by Swades
All Guyanase People In Toronto Come Check This out
T33n chat room [public] created by TheSugarMonster
blah blah blah, mhmm thats pretty much what we do =)
Shikare chat room [private] created by wnowl
Best site Chat, Education, Social nwtwork site
OFW-Saudi chat room [public] created by medtrans
Pinoy OFW in Saudi Arabia........kahit sino pwede!!!
Private room for us chat room [private] created by mrdrumma
Just for you and I to maybe get to know each other a little better ;)
Chat room for ashlysensual00 and myself chat room [private] created by mrdrumma
Wanna get to know each other a little? Maybe be naughty together? Come on in! :)
gay Brisbane chat australia chat room [public] created by johno334
Brisbane Queensland Australia chat
12 year old dating room chat room [public] created by muleta30
If your 12 and need a bf or gf this is where youll find one
govinda chat room [public] created by kalonga
simple one chat room for people to have fun talk of whatever they like laughing ,amd what else but making their life a living hell no paradise
saadi chat room [public] created by abchiche
hello I want to know the beautiful girl, nice
weirdtwn 4eva chat room [public] created by langaz
any 1 can join in idc who joins
ye ye chat room [public] created by Xsir13Xs7
just talk bout what eva!!......................................................................................
habesha chat room [public] created by raki20
habesha chat room is for all people.especially for ethiopians who are scattered all over the here,share ideas.
chuhammar hotel for fecking chat room [private] created by chuhammar
room for fecking and sleep over til tomorow
chuhammar room for fecking chat room [public] created by chuhammar
hotel for free fecking n sleep over its totaly free
emarc chat room [public] created by emarc
I am a open minded person...nervous.. Smart.. Consider Myself intelligent.. Affectionate.. Caring. Respectful and Above all honest. I am not prejudge mental and do not choose my type of woman based on outward appearance/body types. Though it does matters but it can be very deceptive.. all look out for is someone who's lovely honest and serious. They is a saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but inner beauty is what am looking for as a man, I believe the personality and the soul is what makes a person beautiful, it does not always have to be the physical appearance
phone numbers anybody chat room [public] created by jessicahlms
give me ur phone number and maybe if ur lucky ill call you lol :)
Catfight chat room [public] created by BigButtLatina
bring all your frustration here ladies! lol
MISTRESS SLAVES chat room [public] created by BESTMiSTRESS
Romantic chat with girls room chat room [private] created by ganvan
Romantic adult talks only for girls and woman who needs lots of fun
Evil Room chat room [public] created by Mizudara
Those who want revenge, who have hatred, who wish to have a better life than every before, come into my world.
Bang us chat room [private] created by SophiieePerfect
Like thiss is for normal people, not the lesboss or the gayss. people who want to get fuc*ed
Black Moon chat room [public] created by Mizudara
Chat room for Black Moon. This chat room is about Black Moon.
Ninyas tavern chat room [public] created by Ninya777
A place for anthros and other fantasy creatures to hang out
Anthro tavern chat room [public] created by Ninya777
Anthros and other fantasy creatures welcome
good relations chat room [public] created by elias63
this room is for find good friends i hope it can help you to find best of your life
Fantasy rp chat room [public] created by Ninya777
Come in have fun and pleas no fighting^.^
general chat -specialy for BORED PPL- lol chat room [public] created by BeGentlePlz
if ur bored come an chat!! :D
shubair chat room [private] created by shubair
young ,lonman ,white complexion ..humour
msn addys chat room [public] created by jman2k9
girls wiv cam only and if u like black biys im your man fat girls turn me on sooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
rush city chat room [private] created by ruashvillefrankco
place to hang out and talk about everything
unnamed chat room [public] created by EmoAngel9
for singles who need to hook up
Southern California Cougars chat room [public] created by Flattered22
Cougars and the men that enjoy them meeting up
orgrimmar chat room [public] created by doxin45
just a room........................................................................................
gothicfaries123 chat room [public] created by kalynjorgenson5679
any teens interestid in talking about boys or girls and then starting to date? Then join gothicfairies123!!
Fun is not a problem and I promise that pleasure i chat room [public] created by kinkyjennifer
Fun is not a problem and I promise that pleasure isn't either!
dirty chat tonight chat room [public] created by bgiceman
dirty chat. anything goes. anybody welcome.
Teen Dating Room chat room [public] created by minigurl21
any body 13-18. no rules come on in.
emo cahtas chat room [public] created by xMiraLunax
for emos and other people s skemene e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e
Seattle Sea Hawks and Husky football fans chat chat room [public] created by Kiba2010
If you live in Seattle Washington and Love the Sea Hawks this is your chat to say whatever you want about them!
The bff chat room number 1 chat room [private] created by HAPPY2BME
hello best friends come on in and chat without other people cutting in. Its private for all those concerned parents. Thanks
Legacy of the Rose chat room [private] created by Blackroselegacy
This chat room is only avalible to members. To join you must be invited. The invitation contains the instruction to join.
furry or vore chat room [public] created by ArmyRaven
a place for thoes into vore or unbirthing or anything in that ally to be themselvs
Scene Emo ages 14 to 18 chat room [public] created by AmberOnFire
Uhh I dont really know why the hell i created this well uhh enjoy? e_e
Christian Teens chat room [public] created by countrygirl14
This is a place for Christian teens to come chat. Please respect each other!!
gay boys who love to chat chat room [public] created by jayson2037
for gay boys only no girls allowed
hablemos espanol chat room [public] created by holakevin
bablemos espaņol estudiamos espaņol de todo el mundo
Georgia Girls... lets catch dinner chat room [public] created by Lenny2009
Looking for a nice responsible lovely lady who love attention
BDSM02 chat room [public] created by pandora0713
you can be anyone you what from kids to master mistress and slaves subs or anything else you wish to be
singles in michigan chat room [public] created by car256
girls and guys looking for relationships
chat wit me chat room [public] created by jonathan4012
hot, fine girls only no guys pm me emails
matthew alex chat room [private] created by evelyn21
this private chatroom is for the use of matthew and alex only
love is my life chat room [public] created by irtazabhatti
chat freely in love language. chat to make love relations between any body else
PleaseVisit My Blog and one chat room [public] created by max345
plz visit my blog and if you could plz plz click the crap out of the google ads on the side. if you could that would be awesome, thank you so much
TONGANS ROOM chat room [public] created by FOiSUKA89
This room is for Tongans only..........reservated by thee one n only !
DUBAI T33Nz chat room [public] created by sonz69
for fun n meetin new people , makin new friends!!
IM SEARCHING FOR SERIOUS MARRIAGE chat room [public] created by torgay
family FUKKKK chat room [public] created by macos1
Loooove bug chat room [public] created by Tank666
Ily AmyFyegdgduzgbfgxudvx g h FCC fdg
Egy Emo chat room [public] created by TeRawLy
Welcome to Egy Emo's Chat room 3awzen ne3raf feh kam wa7ed aw wa7da emo masriien
child-play chat room [private] created by smerk6
this room is only 4 child lovers only real people
starsofturks chat room [public] created by starofturk
everybody can come the room. i am waiting everybody
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA chat room [public] created by HEMA90
Guyana to French guyana chat room [public] created by spice973
have fun in this room of gayana and french guyana guyanese forever
any 16 year old girls wanna chat chat room [public] created by hunglikeadonkey16
girls come chat to 16 year old boi from uk
blacks only chat room [public] created by BMinaj
black ppl who wanna talk and get to know each other then come here
garysoso chat room [public] created by garysoso1111
hello how are everybody im sofian 24 yers
Kens chat chat room [public] created by Ken099
Ken099s chat chat room [private] created by Ken099
This is my chat body enter unless i say
SceneKids chat room [public] created by XxRansomRachelxX
Where scene/emo kids can chat.
traveye17 chat room [public] created by traveye17
to flirt n have fun talkin to other n not get bored
emo scene skater music chat room ages 13-19 chat room [public] created by BMTHkid15
just somewere to chill and talk to one another. =] so enjoy
WolfieWolfsDem chat room [public] created by xXDarkWolfXx
All friends invited, just a place to hang out
JennyN chat room [public] created by JennyN
im sophmore and im 15 year old
Jennysweetgirls chat room [public] created by JennyN
im cool person and nice im sophmore im 16 year old
bubbles babble chat room [public] created by scenechickXD
chat about anything manly for meh frendz no rude ppl >:L ty <3 scenechickXD
emo scene chat room chat room [public] created by Rainonscenekid
boredd..... rain scene kid 1010101010101010101
emo scene chat room xd chat room [public] created by Rainonscenekid
boredd..... rain scene kid 1010101010101010101
mikekl chat room [public] created by mikekl
i will tell you about my self later
14-18 girls chat room [public] created by alekjensen
for them there likes a nude chat <3
Ayamis secret room chat room [private] created by xAyamix
SHHHHHHHHHHHH! no comin in without a ticket. Got a ticket? NO secret chatroom for yoo today then!
hollywood syle chat room [public] created by tattedjay1981
if your some piece of white trash move on...this isn't your scene
stifhmaster chat room [public] created by stifhmaster
that room is for nice peope who wanna get new friend...
LETS GET NAKED chat room [public] created by dekon08
alaska chat 907 chat room [public] created by babyballa907
from people who live in alaska who just wanna do it
Gay Teen Boy chat chat room [public] created by 2q2bstr8
teens boys chat together, make new friends, & meet new people!
emo and scene chat room chat room [public] created by theforgottengirl
idk what to say about thee new chat room besides meet other scene and emo ppl
want a relationship chat room [public] created by babalicios
teens talking to other teens to get to know those people and talk about random topics
wrestling... do not disturb chat room [private] created by NotSooinnocent
innocent vs corn. no pinching, no hair-pulling, no tickling, and the loser must play moonlight sonata on the piano.
girls that have yahoo chat room [public] created by airmanjones
girls that want to meet good looking guys with yahoo
Pic Exchange chat room [public] created by supaman15
Exchange hot pics with other users
420 Friendly. chat room [public] created by ChristinaMaRie27
Kickin it, chatin, trying to save ourselfs from a wonderful thing call boredom
the chillin spot chat room [public] created by qoodf3lla68
A chat room 4 everybody just 2 chill and talk bout anything and to get 2 know 1 another
ZOO YORK CONVERTION WITH CHAZ ORTIZ chat room [public] created by ChazOrtiz
yo this a chat room of zoo york skateboarding company with chaz ortiz ask a problem and tell good about zooyork skateboards hav fun :) Only this day
100 percent hook-ups chat room [public] created by Mofonus
Lets get a little ASL goin on in hurr.
GAY SUPPORT chat room [public] created by johno334
vijay5016 chat room [public] created by vij3
I like gals n women friendship
chrish chat room [private] created by chrishflec
hi friends come on lets enjoy.......................
flec chat room [private] created by chrishflec
sami chat room [private] created by samisami2001
hey any girl if u wanna to have fun and be more familiar with boys come here
chat room25-50 irish englsih wales and scotland chat room [public] created by irishgal25
ppl from ireland Scotland wales and england
HotHotHot chat room [public] created by rosenberger
picture swapping chat room [public] created by pompeyfc123
only join if your up for swappin pics and dirty chat
Ebony Ladies looking for WhiteBoys in Ks. chat room [public] created by rg469anytime
Ebony Queens looking for W/M's in Ks.
kerala chat room [public] created by lyricrazy
we are from kerala...n we wan to chat ....
redneck 101 chat room [public] created by bigjohnredneck
tha name says it all yall but i gotta do atleast 30 characters so now im just bullshitin
White Women 4 Black Guys chat room [public] created by FitBlackChris
for white women that are attracted to black guys
essa chat room [public] created by essa10
How are you doing?I do hope everything is going well for you and your family.Greetings from me to all the entered family in your country .My Name is Essa and i am 19yrs Old and i a student ,i Have family and i am living with my Family Mum and dad i have 5brother and 3sister ..well my friend to be honest to u i am looking for friendship and i do hope we can be friends as well and to be honest to each other . well Friend ,about the write to the pleasure is by my side,I am really glad to write with you and to know you,I hope we will get to know each other more better.
pic4pic and cam4cam chat room [public] created by hotmalewithphotos
fun for all that want to play ;)
heartworker chat room [public] created by lovelyymann
you have to do any thng by your heart not by your mind .theres awar between heart and mind end the heart winner
emo chat room to just talk chat room [public] created by srrytobeme
just talk and have a good time and make friend
webcam chat on yahoo chat room [public] created by truohioguy
looking for cam to cam on yahoo .
an angel chat room [public] created by ronynero
when you really search for polite relation
the angel chat room [public] created by ronynero
find ur love... can findtrue love join
You HAve Enterd NuNus World chat room [public] created by YAGURLNUNU
Fun People will get to no me and the others who come and go it will be fun you can be gay or anything and i love music so come right in.Everyone is a VIP here so if you are A VIP you will come in here
TRUE AND LOVE chat room [private] created by DARSHAWN1986
Rawr Chat chat room [public] created by Bunny1215
Where we talk about stuff..and ya.
Marylouise Chat chat room [public] created by Marylouiseox
Em this is just for like chatting and stuff, yeah lol.. i'm bored really
Emergency Chatroom chat room [private] created by NotSooinnocent
Chatroom for innocent and corn... because without each other, they are lost.
Emergency Chatroom 123 chat room [private] created by NotSooinnocent
Chatroom for innocent and corn... because without each other, they are lost.
anything about anime and stuff chat room [public] created by gabbieanimefan
talk about anime and random stuff...anyone can join!!!
MmMMmm chat room [public] created by MissDirty
Feelin like you really want some action
bicuriouse fun chat room [public] created by juicyfruit88able
hey whats im star looking for fun and friends
Brend s Chatroom chat room [public] created by Brend001
Brend's Chatroom , Girls who want to chat. Join here
In Pensacola this week chat room [public] created by youngblackneducated
In Pensacola this week for a conference, looking for hotpots and cool people
Clear Choice chat room [public] created by SuperSaiyanPhoenix
a place to have a decent chat with none of the bull shit from the asswipes of uncensored
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