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List of all user-created chat rooms #75
mq chat room chat room [public] created by mq1234
wanna chat with me please enter only in my chat room and i will gonna entertain you or making friends with you
Arts and Museums chat room [private] created by kinolangguhit
You can express extraorinary thoughts comes in your inner mind,but no strings attach give respect to each other as an individual person,Love and Kisses!!!
Please bring your prayer concerns chat room [public] created by KyraJacobs
A room to pray for prayer concerns that you may deem important to you at this time.
rocker goth punk death metal chat room [public] created by cheeseyman
any of these welcome and others
censored n uncensored chat room [public] created by deenique
hey come nd chat.........censored and uncensored talk
Blood Lovers Chat chat room [public] created by AjVaughn
For real vampires and humans who are blood banks to the vampires
lesbian girls only chat room [public] created by shurgerpie86
all bi and lez girls come on here
ADULT-HOOD chat room [public] created by MiLANO22
The adult hood chatroom is a chatroom for persons who are able to chat rightly
Lactation Fetish Chat chat room [public] created by MerryJerry4U
Find Lactation Irresistible! Right?? Here U Can Sharel Your Actual Lactation Experiences, or Fantasies
13 to whatever chat room chat room [public] created by emoqn13
its for goth who dont belong to the weirdtowns othre chat rooms and i love it!
best room eva only 4 singlez chat room [public] created by mizznooda
if ur a single person com 2 my room for other single
Avon Rep looking for New Clients chat room [public] created by AvonPrincessME
I'm an Avon rep that is looking to increase my online business. Please come talk to me and see about becoming my client. :) Everyone loves Avon!
Mobil al. chat room [public] created by luckybabe2012
for ppl who live in mobile alabama and wanna meet ppl in mobile alabama:)
Code geass123 chat room [public] created by ShirleyxxLelouch122
this is for code geass people and were is lulu aka lelouch
CrazeChat chat room [public] created by Shyder
This is a chat where you can communicate, chat and make new friends, start you're own topic! Remember No Argueing/Drama Allowed Here!
webcammms chat room [public] created by amo2k9
people who have webcams and like goin on cam with other people check this room out
Hampton Roads Virginia chat room [public] created by marleygurl
Anyone livng in Virginia, preferably around hampton roads. Virginia Beach and shit
Ayem26 chat room chat room [public] created by Ayem26
Lets talk about sports, music, anything!
Bi girls 2 chat room [public] created by hotBlonde20
just for anyone looking to meet bi in their area or beyond
wanna have fun chat room [public] created by th3gr8t0n320
anyone wanting to c2c or talk dirty
party chat chat room [private] created by YewknoOmeh
errvry here yew tawk to anyone one ew want no mather who it is... mostly hispanic and chet...
rien chat room [public] created by lydia77
rien rien rien rien rien rien rien rieeeeeeeeeeee
The Moon chat room [public] created by xXDarkWolfXx
we are flying weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! were here on the moon ^^
Wolfkens Den chat room [public] created by xXDarkWolfXx
a place to hang out be you and chat with others
hatchet fam-JUGGALO N LETTES chat room [public] created by missdarkness06
icp n fam-whoop whoop!!! so com n say hi n talk n fricken do what ever the hell lmao
Pass The Hatchet chat room [public] created by xXDarkWolfXx
Insane Clown Posse, abk, amb, blaze, twiztid
emo and scene singles chat room [public] created by alycraveslove
no fakes please. no one over 20. no meanies :(
16 year old guys and gals from ny. chat room [public] created by paulislol
come you all single guy and gals but you must be 16.
Mile High Room online chat room [public] created by ichimaru5200
Come with peace and if so bring some music plz we chillin and partying and yes this is not a smoke free zone.
king spot chat room [public] created by dre26
no emos or weird os or no of dat stuff
xBI AND GAY ROOMx chat room [public] created by XbabiXgurlX
La BLEH chat room [public] created by lmmaEatYou
Join, chat, raise hell for all i care, just dun get jizz on the couches mmkay??
i love u chat room [public] created by sandie143
any one wanna talk??well if so hit me up?? id love to chat with u
juggalette room chat room [public] created by younglettebaby
whoop whoop! room for ya family.<3 mmfwl. get the blunts rollin homies this is gonna be good
VampirasSlave chat room [public] created by VampirasSlave
Lonely unowned slave wants a vampiress to own me
Emo or Goth or Punk or Scene chat room [public] created by MyHeartisBlack01
Anyone who is emo or goth or punk or even scene can join this fantasctic chat room.
teen boys who want c2c chat room [public] created by flav18
for all boys under 18 who wana chat and have fun
cuckold chat room [public] created by tassie69
sharing your wife with others and watching my wife with hot guys
Bi woman Chat chat room [public] created by Naughtybistina69
Woman that just wanna have fun;)
Emo And Scene Rox chat room [public] created by XxLoveHurtsxX
for emo and scens only... if you are not emo or scene YOU WILL DIE!
PLAYGROUND ROOM chat room [public] created by brittanyclay
WPWW chat room [public] created by missworld14
WPWW chat come and chat about WP, 1488, Hitler, WW2, come chat with other like-minded folks
funny people chat room [public] created by MAnny45
comedy, jokes, laughs giggles for days,
ghetto style chat room [public] created by riayasmin
chill talk meet young people of all sort ur age
palestinian youth chat room [public] created by RULESMAKER
welcome everybody .....this room is created for Palestinian youth...if you are Palestinian so you welcome .....if you not you welcome too , and if you want to know about Palestinian people , so we think you will find your answer here...!
Thai na Ba ka samth chat room [public] created by Eannth25
Welcome ~To~ Thai ~chat ~room ~
miss.bae yong joon chat room [public] created by zizyy
they say ((((if you want something with all your heart than the entire universe will help you to get it))) love begin in dreams and live in reality and stay in our heart for ever
hyd chat room [public] created by rahul2koool
hyd guys n girls hve fun njoy!!!!!!
Belgium room chat room [public] created by Eannth25
Welcome to Belgium Room chatting
gedeb chat room [public] created by abiey
gedeb is the best site to chat with friends on line.
Magic chat chat room [public] created by LeeBanks
chat about all things magical ............................................................................................
dating chat room chat room [public] created by tbnasty
find a date on this chat room and chat all you want all night long
Emo-Goth chat room [public] created by emo34
come and chat if your ethier 1 ove those
jackking1234 chat room [private] created by jackking1234
i wanna chat with this person to make a friendship
jackking123456 chat room [private] created by jackking1234
i wanna chat with this person to make a friendship
Want to laugh chat room [public] created by sselhtaerb
fun chat for bored ppl and insomniacs
hot love room chat room [private] created by Tanya09
hot lil room for hot steamy fun to explore in
three some chat chat room [public] created by chazza09
come on in ans see if you are up for what we are
play with yourself chat room [public] created by bigfatcoc
shareing is careing .................................................................................................................................................................
dick sucker chat room [public] created by sexboy114
only boys that suck dick get in here now i need to suck something
wayne1z chat room [private] created by wayne1z
to meet girls in barbados r just to chat chat room [public] created by LaShawnna09
- This chat room is totally Free. No registration is required. - By entering your nickname and pressing connect, you agree to be at least 13-to-19 years of age. - No phone numbers, emails or instant messaging IDs are allowed to be posted in public. - Any suspicious activities relating to the exploitation of chat users, report it to a mod or admin immediately. - Do not flood the chat room or disrupt other users in any way. You will be banned if you do. - Although we do staff moderators in this chat room, they cannot be on every minute of the day. - Do not give out any personal information to anyone, no matter how much you think you can trust them. - Hack/exploit of the chat is a punishable offense by law. We have logs and will report to ISP/Police anyone who does. - PERMANENT server bans will be placed to users who attempt to exploit/hack our Chatroom!
i need a bf 15 or 16 that lives in the us chat room [public] created by francie13
he needs to be hot lives in oregon
4 U GIRLS chat room [public] created by ballera22
predator chat room [public] created by Pawnee
alliance chat between alliances on evony
MIA-YO 305 chat room [public] created by ballera22
lets do it chat room [public] created by bmthoss
anybody that is happy and wants to do it
pro miaana support chat room [public] created by skinnyk
tips tricks and friends we are here to help you and we understand you i have an eating disorder and i understand that sometimes we all need help
panama chat room [public] created by alexp78
only people who live or are in panama at this moment
TheBump chat room [public] created by AFWife1229
Ladies from who would like to chat!
xbox360 chat room [public] created by blackhacker12
talk about xbox360 only, bqkb kbvlbwfn
dirty chat chat room [public] created by sweetheart1495
this is for ppl who wanna talk nasty :)
.-.-friend.-.-.-.- chat room [public] created by star57
if your bored and need someone to talk to or want a friend...
Single Ladies Seeking Island Men chat room [public] created by ykethia
Ladies wanting a new and true flavor of love.
get off room chat room [public] created by diesel37
just a room to masturbate, play with your clit or rub your head
awesome room of awesomness chat room [public] created by Jaredk10
is a awesome room fun for teens and adults
lesbian singles chat room [public] created by booboo4111
a place for sinlge lesbains to talk
Gay Teens Online chat room [public] created by metami1
Ages: 15 - 19 years For All Online Gay Teens To Come And Talk or even find someone to ahve a relationship nothing is innapropriate so no1 will be banned unless they aren't between the ages of 15 -19.
extreme hardcore room chat room [public] created by mertm2453
enter my room u pussies or i'll hunt you down
CRYSTAL156 ROOM chat room [private] created by crystal156
for everyone :))))))))))) because its hard to answer reverybody sooo im in my own room...
Crystal 156 chat room [public] created by crystal156
for everyone :))))))))))) because its hard to answer reverybody sooo im in my own room...
crystal-165 chat room [public] created by jackripper55
male well build friendly and strong and a good guy
age dont matter chat room [public] created by Apleaser2
a room for people of all ages to hook up with men and women that are older or younger
alis room chat room [public] created by drby
my email
chocowalnut4 chat room [private] created by darkelf83
what's up have fun love ya blah blah
lesbians only baby chat room [public] created by sexybigassgirl
enter this chatrrom only if you are lesbian
chocowalnut chat room [public] created by darkelf83
hey talk have fun blah blah love ya
darksecrets chat room [public] created by bigbrother32092
things going a bit beyond the norm
come chat in roswell n.m room chat room [public] created by sherichave
chating with people in town for dating and friendship!
sk8er and punk chat chat room [public] created by sk8erATM
Avril Lavigne Rock chat room [public] created by Maryam7
Talk about these two, i mean avril or rock music, i prefer the first one myself!!!
welcome- ladies around FIFTY chat room [public] created by mathew00003
welcome- ladies around ''50". lets gooooo
Just Chat... chat room [public] created by ThePurpleConverse
Random Chat Room About Anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hip Hop Reggae RnB chat room [public] created by jennaz
talk music share music trade music listen...
i think im bio chat room [public] created by BlackRose342
if you think you're bio or gay
Vampire and Furry lovers chat room [public] created by NitarraKaiHusk666
:) this room is for anyone who loves vampires or furrys, Furries are ppl who are half animal... basicly like werewolves
love makein chat room [public] created by bcusick32
if u want to chat then chat.. dnt be scared to chat or anything.. if ur in the mood this is ur place to be!
Shizz chat room [public] created by immaeatyou
Theres no effin way ta describe a chatroom, i mean really? You wanna physical description of a room?
roleplay action chat room [public] created by naughtygirl1395
daddy and daughter/ family =) only =) lkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkgggggggggggggggggg
teenage love chat room [public] created by minigurl21
Teens can be in love too ya know
Lets Get Freaky chat room [public] created by samstyckiewicz
Time to get freaky :D Anything Goes. Anything can be said. Anything can be asked, just be ready
Black Gays chat room [public] created by cuteboii19
a place where gay black teens can talk
16 and younger chat room [public] created by cutie4evr96
pshh if u aint 15 or younger plzz LEAVEE!!! u aint invited..!! u 2 old ..!!
Japan Learners chat room [public] created by Lelouche
anyone wants to learn japan?chat in this room then but with ine condition:no posting external link or insulting other chatters.
harnii peeps chat room [public] created by goddehssbytch
you can say what ever is on your mine,exchange numbers && shit like that!!!!!!!!
rawr bi girls 14-18 please chat room [public] created by lyricallies
doesn't the name say it all? ;)
exstacy chat room [public] created by dannyt29
is there any friendly people left in this world
bigpiming chat room [private] created by bigpimpimping
hey whats up well this is my first chat rooom
girls join who want to send pics chat room [public] created by sexydude6652
well the name of the room pretty much explains it
Diana Issa - Cultures and Community chat room [public] created by dianaissa
Cultures and Community, Travelling, Religion Matters, Etc.
love to pounded by daddy chat room [public] created by nikkilust
tabo chat. talk about you inner naughtest twants and needs
ascdd chat room [public] created by gaurav143
only ................................................................ ..............................................................................
seekshot chat room [public] created by seekshot
chat hot with lesnians date etc
Canadian Weed and Oil chat room [public] created by ShitHawk
discuss weed, oil, hash, bongs, jay's,blades or just whatever
No more rules chat room [public] created by Shadowdarklord
no rules and you can talk about anything
cambodian folks chat room [public] created by JaylahBabe
cambodian, english, thai and laos
jumpen people only chat room [public] created by jumpen13
u got to be cool and 13 cuz im 13 and single and dont care what ur boyfriend dont care what he doses
jprivate chat room [private] created by jays175
my private room to chat with nice girls and flirting
Rakibb3 chat room [public] created by rakibb3
This will be excelent chat room
swaggahouse chat room [public] created by shawty2sweet
were all the thugs and chicks can chat and hook up
Cook chat room chat room [public] created by bloodywendy
I would like to talk to people who are interested in fishing,cooking and gardening,maybe even some golf
vicy202020 chat room [public] created by vicy2020
am a nice giril looking for a good man am a nice giril looking for a good man am a nice giril looking for a good man
vicky202020 chat room [public] created by vicy2020
am a nice giril looking for a good man am a nice giril looking for a good man am a nice giril looking for a good man
Talk Private chat room [public] created by JoseTheKing
Hey this is to talk in private with anyone you want to
Teen Pregnancy chat room [public] created by YiomeLara
Im a teen mother i just wan't other mother's to talk i know they will get along
BsC chat room [public] created by tania92
esta sala es para todo aquel o aquella que quiera hacer amigos o conocer a alguien
turkeyyyyyyyy chat room [public] created by HOTsWiZARD
Boise hookup chat room [public] created by WantnSome
looking for women in Boise area that want NSA
I Am Change chat room [public] created by foxxless
This chat is to recieve support for any issue. Eating disorders, cutting, suicide, family issues, peer issues, or low self esteem. Any issue is open here, If you come into this room please be RESPECTFUL, and SUPPORTIVE. No trolling. You will be reported.
msn and cam chat room [public] created by scouselad09
ppl with msn and cam and is willing to do ne thing
pre-teens chat room [public] created by browneyedgrlyy
11-14, just a place to hang for people who don't really fit into the kid chats or preteens, just hang back and have fun
gay bi bbloemfontein chat room [public] created by jvmylife
hony see to see here hot bi for fun
Emo Chat. chat room [public] created by DropDeadJames
Please only come in if you are Emo or Scene, English only, No spamming, And have fun (:
need a mann im gay chat room [public] created by coby8773
luv com find mii okay i need love here now plzz someone now i love people
Furry chat room. chat room [public] created by ShaXChan
If you are a furry, like furries, or love them, come and chat. Any trolls will be bitten...;3
older men 4 girls chat room [public] created by hornyguy34
this room is for girls and older guys who like them. also fun. flirt. chat and more
lesbien love to chat chat room [private] created by iamalesbo
it is for lesbo girls and bi girls for we can hook up and trade pics and maybe if u wannna see whats everybdys talkin about come in and see no men ar boys alould
babes chat room [public] created by spoiler190
i want meet honest person.....
tenessee or southern states chat room [public] created by hottie5467
this is for southern states only!!!!
nite fun chat room [public] created by deven1026
girls only ;) chat bout everything
new world order chat room [public] created by deven1026
talk bout the up coming and recent events of this planet
Rochester ny m2f chat room [public] created by m2f4u
Rochester NY M2F Transgender room to meet m2f for dating and More in the rocester ny area
mmm yummy chat room [public] created by mrangelarm
just uh girls yummy mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Te Ruu ni Mamaroro ao ni Karekenano chat room [private] created by tbrimon
Teingainga ao te kakariaria ni kakaitibo
Te Ruu ni Mamaroro ao ni Kakakibotu chat room [private] created by tbrimon
Ngkana e rawawata am iango ao ko riai ni kabebeteko
Idgaf wat teh name is chat room [public] created by Cydnie
idk? wat am i supposed 2 say? lyke for real??? im not the bossy type haha
anyone who wants to talk chat room [public] created by nerdhoe
idk.....all the other chat rooms no one is talking so i made my own
dog love making chat room [public] created by m13hot
every tihing about dog lovemaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pavo TiMe 2013 chat room [public] created by povo
anyone is welcome to come and chat as they pls
no name i suppose chat room [public] created by povo
blah blah blah nag nag nag who cares
SZEXY PPL ONLY chat room [public] created by 1sexylilmami3
3rabian chat room [public] created by shabtop
hot woman and men for arab only
candy yum yum chat room [public] created by sweetmilky
talk about anything anime, music, boys girls can say hello here
WHATS GOODY LOUNGE chat room [public] created by DonPrice
For good conversation or new relations and no hatin come chat it up!!
arabic sx chat chat room [public] created by ahmed41171
اتكلم براحتك فى كل ما يتعلق بالسكس وفنونه
People from NY who want to find someone to meet chat room [public] created by mikey1259
you live in new york and want to talk to others..,..come here
The MissSing Link chat room [public] created by lanena8elena
I live in sf ca and I am looking for two women who,like myself ,has a passion for music and are naturally talented and at this very same point in their lives want to join forces!?! Talk to me ASAP because my husband will pay for studio time!
The cornerstore confessional chat room [public] created by lanena8elena
If you are like me, lots of good ideas positive thoughts half the time and the other half I think I'd be great in a movie like Saw as the girl who makes it through everything and then goes after Jigsaw himself,putting him in one of his own boobytraps! And then I would hunt down all the pedaphiles, and then ...well I must confess, I am no Angelina Jolie but I dream big and crazy!!! This is the place where you can express or even confess!
only for girls chat room [public] created by MostchareL7op
Girls beautiful women only age from 17 to 20 only
Hola Kaohsiung Folks - JUST CHAT - chat room [public] created by moiloner
For those who came from abroad living in Kaohsiung and long to meet friends like I do =D
love to meet lady and mummy chat room [public] created by phati
am lady that know how to take of a man or any mummy that know how to take care of man
Gothic chit chat chat room [public] created by jason9800player2
A Room Where goths can come and chat
magnum chat room [private] created by magnum105
chating is good and have more fun you can enjoy too if you dnt have anythings to do at home
gay teens that arent just freaks aka hrny chat room [public] created by Kyller54
a chat room for lbgt teens that arent hrny freaks
girl power chat room [public] created by eBay15
this is a chat room for singles only and its just a room to have some fun!
I think I might be emo chat chat room [public] created by eBay15
this is for girls to express their feelings and come and have some fun and boys too
free money chat room [public] created by unleished72
for those who wish to make money by giving money away. Create lifetime income doing what you always do
over 14 chat room [public] created by alicia16
for people over 14 who want to add people on msn and talk
Hottt chat room [public] created by Nathalieee
room fore cuty,s Pleas come in and have a smile
ahmed fathey chat room [public] created by ahmedfathey
aa hmed fathey abdelfatah, 23 yearsold, single , i dont smoking
MEEZ CHATTERZ ONLY 13-18 chat room [public] created by BTWimShai
HOT BOX chat room [public] created by StonerJammies
stonerz,stonerz,and i think more stonerz
lover lanes chat room [public] created by dezzy94
talks about R&B and lover an how we meet
talkin about weird personal storeis chat room [public] created by MattF12345
welcome welcome come talk to me about your weirdest stories!!!
alamkx chat room [private] created by MattF12345
hey was up wats goin on? havin a good time?
south florida chat room [public] created by bballdh211
for ppl from south florida who want to meet other people age doesnt matter
gay and bi teen chat chat room [public] created by pepper26
a place for gay/bi teens can come and chat
feet lovers chat room [public] created by feetlover2010
female feet any feet lover
CUt3 GUyyS chat room [public] created by l0V3R0f420
UM iiS W3N Y0U JUSt tAlk AND G3t t0 KN03 PPlS N G3t t0 HANG 0UT n chaT
womans single peruvians chat room [public] created by azizzaperu29
chicas peruanas en busca de su media naranja
Jess690 chat room [private] created by JessRox90
my room meant for only me and the special people i choose :)
Fluffyz Plush Crib chat room [public] created by FluffytheDinosaur
For anyone who wants to chat. Except Racists! No racisim will be tolerated in this room. Have fun and try to play nice. (LOL)
Tippens chat room [public] created by johnathan6890
come join this room if you like
friends chat room.... chat room [public] created by johnathan6890
for friends and every one are welcome to come in chat .
Flirty Teens chat room [public] created by colbias
Teens Who wanna flirt.Have fun nothing long term just to haaang out
the cuddle room chat room [public] created by pinuppearl
good times only here you can be who you want and not get judged
Only Lesbians chat room [public] created by WhiteTornado
Women Only!!! Only interested in real people no bots allowed.
americans are important chat room [public] created by funkdoggy
talk about all the crazy stuff that happens here in america
LOVE AND MAGIC chat room [public] created by lilcittycat
for people who likes this two things LOVE AND MAGIC
HORNEY SIEX TALK chat room [public] created by single20male
hot peeps chat room [public] created by hoeforshow
made by me so its gonna be fun lolz
work chat room [public] created by manoninja
for the people who are looking or offering a job.
nanrd and element chat room [private] created by NaNard
yeah...what I said...I want private chat with like minded folk
hcct chat room [public] created by chippy420
bnfgnghrgjuuyyhjmuy35ehryntyktyujy357yjryj y yyyuu
melbourne catch up only chat room [public] created by smithbate7
for people who want to catch up in melbourne
rifain1 chat room [private] created by Rifain1
my name is khalid, I am here to discuss and change ideas in a cilmat confidence
Random Uncensored Drunken Bullshit chat room [public] created by BrittTheHawty
If you feel you have the qualifications to establish a wonderful sense of humor with the affects of alcohol on you then you are grandly welcome :D otherwise be merry.
Lolzzy weet d EMOzzy XD chat room [public] created by DarkenPrince
A *room* 4 Emo's sreamos... lolzzy!
oragams chat room [public] created by Quinnevans
For All Da Freaky and wet girls
Islamabad smokers hash charas weed chat room [public] created by mojo999
tell us your adventures of how you got into smoking the finest hash weed etc inlarging the network soon
SpinnUrWorld Chat chat room [public] created by GraySpinnYa
Lots and Lots of Chat and Fuuuun!
SomaliChatroom chat room [public] created by MunchingCakes
A room where somalis can chill out :)
hot girls and boys egypt chat room [public] created by adriano018
for hot girls and boys if u wanna have fun come on here
Flirt Chat chat room [public] created by Elliejelly
A chat to flirt with one another! Have fun x
ScEnE KiDs.... chat room [public] created by BlackPaperHearts
cookie chat chat room [public] created by newyorkgrl
in cookie chat you can talk about anything
bdfbdhbdbfbdshbfbfdsjbfdjvdjfkjdsbfjvdfkdsf chat room [public] created by cchad
who as a facebook or an myspace and is single
serious love no joking chat room [public] created by andy1786
people those who are really interested to find their serious love and get married to each other after knowing each other are jokes ,no fooling around.
romantec fantastek lova chat room [private] created by devnteuk
love and cearing if you dont have that you not welcom ,sorry.
Roc City chat room [public] created by alexramos
Rochester Local Singles Lookin For Love and adult talk
gals chat room [public] created by ninjaboy934
gotta be hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hottie
People of Mundelia chat room [public] created by vladM
All The people from mundelian illinois
virginia chatroom and love room chat room [public] created by keisha12
it is for virginia people and people can start a relonship on here
anime for americans chat room [public] created by mini3waffles
talk about anime (any i dont care) have fun !!~
lonely with a broken heart chat room [public] created by tame17
anyone need advice or needs to vent
winner members chat room [public] created by olalekan75
join this room if you love God and you want to get blessed by Him
be my slave pls chat room [public] created by grazellegordivilla
hello there ,, i like ur profile , hope we can chat more on Y*A*H*O*O my id is " grazellegordivilla@yc " hope to hear u soon ..:x
deasias chat room chat room [public] created by deasia890
for teens only and for kids that are under teens.
a young girls an old man chat room [public] created by dajos
you like young girls or like to older guys
NEW JERSEY 07480 chat room [public] created by vballchick07480
anyone from new jersey....prefer guys 19-29
talking room chat room [public] created by constancia
Is to talking about thems diferents.
Ottawa chat room [public] created by MuffinMcLovin
People from Ottawa Canada and near by
Ay-Ay-Aya chat room [private] created by SinisterSerpent
for the real vampires please enter i have question chat room [public] created by curiousboy20
for real vampires to enter this chatroom
Wanna Chat chat room [public] created by Andyrew666
This is a room where any1 can chat especially me and girls
Any1 wanna chat chat room [public] created by Andyrew666
hey any1 wanna chat wit me age 16 - 18?
KOREAAAAAAAAAAAA chat room [public] created by hyunjinJJANG
koreansssssss yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
rebels in gay comunity chat room [public] created by joshian
what i want is for the chat to be stricly rebels and gays i need it to be more like a relationship chat but just rebels emo,rokers,punks,etc
West London chat room [public] created by tomeklondon
For people living in London. Write to the people living in the neighborhood :)
xp2 chat room [public] created by xp2
for online freinships to more people online and make d world a better place
no guys haha chat room [public] created by 9inchat20
only girls plz dnt wanna talk to guys
ichigo chatroom chat room [private] created by harrypotter2
boner 1000 chat room [public] created by howqw
breath taking if only you are up to it
AnimEs chat room [public] created by Shondrake
Bored? Wanna know more and share about anime and manga? Trivias, news updates, suggestions, discussions, reactions or even just to make chat to everyone about the anime and manga you have watched, wanted to watch and curious about-let's have a talk about them here! Certified only for anime/manga lovers fanatics/otakus!!!:)
Arts and Shops chat room [public] created by kinolangguhit
Oil in Canvass,Pastel,Charcoal...
cam fun room chat room [public] created by legalstud
for all those who wanna get thier bit out on cam on msn or yahoo
HACKING... chat room [public] created by ar7unthehacker
Hi, wanna become a hacker, this is the right place!
St. Louis Chat chat room [public] created by stlproductions
What's going on in St. Louis as far as Reggae
Pregnant Teens chat room [public] created by EllieRose321
All pregnant teens any age to 12-16 can chat with each other.
couples.seeking.female chat room [public] created by BabyDii
I am 21 yr old F and he is a 28 yr old male. we want our 1st 3sum w. a F. We reside in NYC
Ohio Swingers chat room [public] created by September13
For anyone in an open realtionship. Post special events, meet others, pretty much anything goes.
DUBAI FUN chat room [public] created by bashour
youth bi-curious chat room [public] created by youngncurious
anybody that is bicurious and wants some fun join this room
Toms Bartresen chat room [private] created by tomsken
ein privater Chatraum nur für geladene Gäste zum Austausch von Sinn und Unsinn zu jeder Tages und Nachtzeit
best rooommmmmmm chat room [private] created by youngncurious
this is 1 of da best rooms ..................................................................
goths and emos. chat room [public] created by xoxbleedingheartxox
chat for emos and goths to get to know eachother :) and not to get judged. ><
coolest room chat room [private] created by youngncurious
Gay Flirt Room chat room [public] created by SexySingerr
This room is for gays looking to have fun and flirt
Lollipoplicker chat room [private] created by SexySingerr
Lets have fun with our lollipops.
Ireland 2010 chat room [public] created by cobraboy2
Irish Chat Room where irish guy and girl can come and chat
naughtylesbian chat room [public] created by ilovegirls1
for lesbians who wana talk naughty
nene vip chat room [private] created by nene4621
singles can meet, chat, and have private conversations
chat room for freaks chat room [public] created by tanisha123456
this is for people who feel they are freaks and who loves talkin dirty
sudanes sweet e chat room [public] created by devnteuk
this room only for sudanes models girl only sorry for un sudanes .
young girl like older men chat room [public] created by dajos
for everybody like older men or for young girls
ape verdeans chat room [public] created by bunitujayla
cape verdeans and people who wanna talk to cape verdeans
361 chat room [public] created by xtremeguy82
corpus christi and surronunding aread
Romantic Chat Room chat room [public] created by XxCecilxX
meet people and make new relationshipss (NO GAYS!!!!!!&NO LESBIANS!!!!!!!)
youngboy for older women chat room [public] created by 15lovesolderwomen
a little boy that has fetish for older women
rp room-roleplying room- chat room [public] created by hottie1001
u have 2 kno how 2 rp.and start the rp.
friends.... chat room [public] created by Cydnie
boobs chat room [public] created by pamey
come join in ..u will have fun 2 tha max of ur life... u can get ...and get some xxx here....come join in
boobs 2 chat room [public] created by pamey
come join in ..u will have fun 2 tha max of ur life... u can get ...and get some xxx here....come join in
asian boys chat room [public] created by asianboyisthebest
welcome asian boys hdsheugfdfveuydfudhfduhf
OGUG chat room [public] created by OGUG
This chat is for anyone who wants to discuss bettering the world.
Military Photo And Video Share chat room [public] created by ikaikadawarrior
For People Who Want To Share And Trade Non Graphic, Unclassified Photos And Videos Of Their Experiences In The Military Or To Just Liston To And Share Their Stories.
Cam2cam09 chat room [private] created by cayey09
People that have camm meet new people or friends get in a cam2cam relacionship.
tantra massage in dubai chat room [public] created by magdy18
Any Male Or Femal Or Couples Want To Relax And Enjoy Just Come To This Room
i want to find a sweet heart plz chat room [public] created by sexxxygirl12
im needing a emo dude thats hot
cam fun for everyone chat room [public] created by nick66okme
get naked and watch people masturbate on cam
True Friends of Meh chat room [private] created by SwiftlyMeh
people whom like to talk and whom are decent about it
only love chat room [public] created by osama786
When this room turn into Public everybody wellcome to use this room BUT any chatters who post their email addresses or external links or insulting other chatters is strictly prohibited and any chatters that break the rules will get ban by our moderators
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