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looking-for-geek chat room [public]
Hi my name is Kara. I am searching for that special someone. But that is very hard for me to do because I can?t find anyone who meets my interests and believes me when I talk about what I am looking for. What I am looking for is someone who shares my love of gaming, anime, art, comics, reading, fantasy, sci-fi, computers, animals, RPing, LARPing, table top games, D&D, and more. I am also looking for a virgin, someone who has never even been kissed. People think I am weird about that but I am just really intimidated by experienced overtly sexual people. Not that there is anything wrong with sexuality, that is just my own personal preference. I don?t care what you look like I was never into looks at all. I am looking for a friend as well, male or female. Btw, I am a cutie, so visit my myspace and friend request me if you want to see more pics of me:

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